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Average: 9.7
Comments: None
AvatarThe definition of 'Must-Have'
Written by GlaceonGuy on Jul 22, 2014
“Borderlands 2 is an absolutely amazing game. One thing that puts a lot of people off buying the game is the cartoon-like graphics, leading some to believe that the game itself is cartoony. This is simply not the case. The cartoon-like graphics actually make the game more fun, and fit the game perfectly. The sharp outlines on everything really gives the world more life, and as such you have a lot more fun exploring. Another main selling point of this game and the series as a whole is the sheer number of guns available. The game jokingly says that there are 'Over 87 Bazillion guns', which of course isn't true, but the number still stands very high. The number is well over 10 million, and each gun has unique traits and features, meaning you will never get the same gun twice. The game has a lot of gameplay to offer. You get the choice of one of four (Six if you buy DLC) characters: Axton the Commando, Salvador the Gunzerker, Maya the Siren, or Zer0 the Assassin. After you choose your first character, you...”


Average: 7.3
Comments: None
AvatarAbove, beyond, sideways, backwards
Written by Taake on May 28, 2014
“The Introduction: It's a tad odd to review what would appear to be a generic sci-fi themed third person shooter two years removed from its original release. After all, don't these kinds of games become irrelevant by bigger games like Mass Effect 3? However, even in the murky, murky depths of 2012's video game catalogue can lie the occasional gem. Besides obvious ones such as Sleeping Dogs and Hotline Miami, there does lie a sci-fi third person shooter that may appear to be generic, but carries with it a surprising amount of promise. It's like that worker whose energy and dedication to the job makes up for his numerous minor mistakes – you just can't fire them, even if you really want to! In that same sense, it's hard for me to dislike Binary Domain, despite every inkling of my body suggesting that I ought to. It plays like a dime-a-dozen shooter, but it does place emphasis on hitting certain parts of the enemy's body to disable and otherwise kill them. Its story switches between having the depth of a...”


Average: 6.5
Comments: 2
AvatarIs revengeance even a word?
Written by Aevers on Apr 9, 2014
“Raiden in Metal Gear Solid 4 seemed like an unmitigated badass, cutting up all of those guys and armored vehicles like nobody's business – why not make that into a game? It was actually quite a good idea to make a stealth game where you played as a ninja, especially if it seems to play like Tenchu if Tenchu took place in the near distant future, and it allowed you to demolish entire structures and make it look like an accident. Somewhere along the line, Kojima gave up and almost cancelled the game until Platinum Games came to the rescue. They were pretty busy beavers in 2009 and 2010 making Madworld, Bayonetta and Vanquish as well as co-creating Infinite Space for the DS, and then they became busy beavers in 2012 and 2013 with Anarchy Reigns, The Wonderful 101 and this game, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. What came as a result was a surprisingly ho-hum action game that had some cool features and great boss battles, but not much else that really stimulates the senses. The biggest offender is the story....”


Average: 8.0
Comments: None
“After a couple of years wondering what kind of hurt Master Chief was going to lay on the Covenant brazen enough to remain on Earth, “Halo 3” finally exploded into the market. Yes, I was one of those “weird” guys waiting in a line of 50 or so other “weird” guys at 11:30pm in Wal-Mart, one of them was even playing a harmonica; all of us watching the clock tick a bit closer to midnight while we waited to blast our real experience away with the virtual. I still had to drive 45 minutes back home to finally see how the trilogy was to end. In those first few punch-drunk hours of gameplay, while I still contend I immediately didn’t like it, I was willing to look past all of the shortcomings and just hope that I would get used to it. Despite my initial response, I’m going to start this section by qualifying that “Halo 3” is by far my least favorite of the series, including “Halo Wars”…yeah, I’m that guy. I’ll expound upon that in a bit but, first the overview. The Evils of Capitalism: Out of all of the...”


Average: 9.0
Comments: None
AvatarYou're Death. Need I say more?
Written by Shave_ya_Head on Jan 13, 2014
“Summer 2012. I'm sitting there bored in front of my PC. My games have gotten ever boring and I'm drifting into sleep. I open up Steam on my PC and see the latest releases. Up comes Darksiders II. I remember a few years back, Darksiders was always a game I'd wanted to pick up but kept getting shunted down the list by other priorities or games. Here before me was the sequel, and it looked too good to ignore. So I took a chance. I downloaded it, installed it and fired it up, not having a clue about the game, nor what to expect. What followed was one of the most memorable gaming experiences I've ever had. First and foremost, Death is fast. He's very quick and nimble and, like the Grim Reaper of lore, favours Scythes as his main weapon. I get put up against a couple of robot things and mash 'X' over and over to attack them, killing them. Death pulls off some darn cool moves, all on his own. I play the game, going through it, enjoying myself but not seeing anything that dramatically stood out. Was I in for a...”
Diablo III


Average: 5.8
Comments: None
“Ultimately, Diablo 3 is a good game. It’s obvious that time and effort was put into this game and while it’s not a complete masterpiece, it is quite easily one of the best ports of the year and one of the best games to have come out originally on it’s original PC release date. It has it’s flaws that make it lack luster to the demographic of players who enjoyed Diablo 2 so much, which is ultimately why this game is seen a failed creation even though it’s far from that. The reasons listed above that are detracting factors in the game are things Diablo, as a series, NEEDS. Diablo 2 thrived for well over 12 years because it had replay value, it had the ability to farm, and it didn’t take 12 years to make. What easily could’ve been the best game in the last 5 years fell short because it didn’t appease the demographic of players that it needed to be a successful game in their eyes. Given that, Diablo 3 is a very solid game. It excels at being a good Hack and Slash with a gripping story, excellent gameplay, and...”


Average: 9.6
Comments: 3
Written by Solid_Snake_4Life on Jan 4, 2014
“The vault door groans to life and rolls open. You have just enough time to say a heartfelt goodbye before security is on your ass. A small tunnel lies ahead of you and at the end you can see light peering in through the doors cracks. You open it and step out into the world for the first time in your life. The sun is blinding. Your eyes aren’t use to the intensity of the natural light but they soon adjust, and you begin to make sense of your surroundings. You think you can make out an old radio broadcast tower against the horizon but it’s impossible to tell from this distance. You know you should be on the hunt for your dear old dad but that tower is tantalizing, teasing you with the secrets that it may or may not contain. Luckily deciding what to do is entirely up to you. Welcome to the Capital Wasteland. Its scenarios like the one described above that has allowed Fallout 3 to captivate a generation of gamers. The house that The Elder Scrolls built is no stranger to creating sprawling worlds that...”


Average: 8.7
Comments: 3
“Overall Call of Duty is an average first person shooter franchise, and Modern Warfare 2 is no exception to this however this game is notable for having a story that not only attaches you to the characters but leaves you on cliffhangers, wanting more and more. With memorable experiences, a story that albeit short, incredibly satisfying and consistent, active multiplayer that till this date still has a following, Modern Warfare 2 is clearly unlike any other first person shooter. The game is fun, enticing, enjoyable, and anyone regardless of their tastes can pick up this game and have a blast even if it's not with the multiplayer experience. Simply playing against your friends can cause hours of entertainment and enjoyment. With three modes, the fun train will take a while before it comes to a complete halt and how you decide to ride that train is completely up to you. Whether it's battling missions and foes with a friend on Spec Ops, or delving into Modern Warfare's single player and fighting with Soap...”