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Average: 9.7
Comments: 4
“Introduction: Ah, I never would have believed it if I haven't seen it with my own eyes. If I haven't experienced it myself. But here I am. Finally, after many years of simply hearing about it, I have finally played Xenoblade Chronicles. And finished it. I have heard many good things about it so I came in and I was indeed coming in with a healthy amount of skepticism when I started playing. Because I felt like maybe people have been exaggerating on how great this game is. After playing through it, what do I think of it? Well, let the review begin. This is going to be long. Full review: Before the story of Xenoblade even began there were two great titans known as Bionis and Mechonis. They engaged in a long and battle that spanned for a long time. Until it ended up with both of them dying. And then many years later. Their corpses have became lands inhabited by living beings of many different races. Such as Homs, Nopon, High Entia, etc. But the Homs in particular had colonies that were threatened by an...”
Super Star Wars


Average: 4.5
Comments: None
“Super Star Wars is a side scroller/3rd Person shooter/Race game that was developed for the SNES by JVC. The game attempts to capture all mayor scenes of the movie (EP IV) and succeeds in doing so while creating unique content that can be related to the Star Wars universe, a sort of expanded version if you will. The game does a perfect job at luring you into a false sense of security during the first stage, it makes you think it's easy, it's nice that the game is not really hard... it's a scam. As soon as you finish the first stage you will feel all good and roaring to go waiting for your next challenge wondering if it's going to get harder. Well if you want blood... You've got it. You see the second stage is a driving stage, and a terrible one at that, you need to kill a number of Jawas before proceeding to the Sand Carrier to rescue Artoo, the controls suck, there is no rapid fire function you are stuck in a rear view position with a slowly moving camera and you need to dodge or shoot random enemies...”


Average: 8.2
Comments: None
“It's been a while since I played Elebits, released by Konami in 2006. I was quite young back then but I still remember spending hours playing the game. I always loved the idea of being able to rift through all the little details of peoples' houses and public places as much as I wanted to in some kind of alternate, albeit similar universe. I went back and replayed it recently, the first time I'd played my Wii in a while. I don't know what it was, but I got a sudden urge to pick up the capture gun again and play as little Kai, a neglected kid looking to capture all the Elebits in the world. The Elebits are, by definition, small, adorable creatures (how Kai can dislike them I don't know) who provide electricity for everything in the world to run. They supposedly came onto the earth when a bolt of lightning struck the planet, and Elebits and humans have been close friends since. However, a recent power outage has sent Kai into a mission to use his fathers' Capture Gun to capture all the Elebits and put them...”


Average: 8.1
Comments: None
“Red Steel 2 is a game that had to compete with it's older clumsy brother, Red Steel, while Red Steel is not a bad game it's sword play mechanics left much to be desired, Red Steel 2 steps up and is a massive improvement, the sword play is much more fluid you do a left, the cowboy samurai will swing his Katana to the left, you swing to the right, he swings to the right, the controls are a bit stiff but it has not a lot of bearing on the game itself. The town looks desolated thanks to somehow the cowboy samurai clan has been massacred and you are the only survivor, the story starts with our mostly silent hero being dragged through the ground by a crazy band leader eventually he manages to free one of his hands and get his trusty revolver, which you can proceed to use and shoot him so his motorcycle blows up hollywood style, you proceed then to shoot every mook in your path to get out and get your friggin sword back, which is not until later so Jian AKA grumpy sensei lets your borrow his. Sadly this is...”


Average: 8.9
Comments: None
“Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the ridiculously delayed third iteration of the beloved series made its way to the Wii in March of 2008, and to almost universally positive ratings. This critical acclaim came from its tier towards the casual gamer who had never experienced a Super Smash Bros. game before; that meant toning down the speed and fun of Melee to a slower pace for people less familiarized with Smash Bros. Given I was raised on Melee (but I've played all three games), I was so used to the super-fast pace of the game, and was able to plow through the game pretty fast getting all of those characters and stages. But here, it was a lot more time consuming just to unlock all the characters, mainly 'cause to unlock all the characters (SPOILER ALERT TO ANYONE WHO HASN'T PLAYED THE GAME), all you need to do is play through the entirety of the Adventure Mode (the SubSpace Emissary). But to unlock all the stages, you need to complete challenges programmed in; complete a certain challenge, and a window will break...”


Average: 3.8
Comments: None
AvatarA Quiet Party
Written by Austin on Feb 17, 2014
“As I am typing this up, my sister and I are playing this game together. Say what you will about this game not being like the older Mario Parties, but it is so much fun to play with your friends and family. So you start this game in the shining Toad Road. Nothing noteworthy really happens in this stage, It is actually rare to land on a minigame space. There is a boss battle at the middle, and ending of each stage. Most of them are creative, I do wish that one of the stages has both of them being luck-based. The only "good" thing about a luck-based stage or minigame is watch your friend's mini stars go down in a flash. It is... satisfying to watch it. Online play would have been an amazing feature, or at least play with Friend Codes. You can know that the people you're playing with won't rage quit or disconnect. However, I can see why Mario Party is meant to be played in the comfort of your home. About the roster of this game. Most of the choices are pretty good. With the ever-popular Mario, Luigi,...”


Average: 9.0
Comments: None
AvatarPerfection described through Webs
Written by dilute on Dec 6, 2013
“The game consists of Spiderman, who has the ability to swing around the city of Manhattan. In this game, he gets the ability to switch onto the Black Suit, which is a Symbiotic suit obtained from Venom, a character in the game and the series. Spiderman gets the ability to battle on the ground, on the walls of buildings, and the air. The Black, Symbiotic suit of Spiderman is powerful and destructive whereas the Red-Blue suit is weak, though fast and agile, suitable for weak enemies. You get a special move, called the Web Strike, which is a pretty interesting move, and is sometimes required to use in certain battles. The Graphics are pretty detailed, and are stunning to look at. During the Symbiotic wave, black tendrils are creeping out from the sewer lids, and on buildings, and they give you the creeps, when you look at them closely, due to the graphic detail. There are a few Easter Eggs in the game that I managed to find out, such as the Activision and Marvel posters around the city. The voice...”


Average: 7.8
Comments: 2
AvatarA Game that People Wouldn't Sell
Written by Keymoshy on Aug 19, 2013
“Ready for some exercise? When my children here that, they groan. They say they want to do something fun. Well, Wii Sports does that all. Wii Sports gives your children and friends exercise, let's them be better at sports, and lets them have the ability to have fun at the same exact time! This is an appropriate game for any age, (but teens might not like it, they like Call of Duty and Halo better). This game is flawless in every way. Oh wait, I should tell you what the games about and stuff like that, shouldn't I? To play, you can create your own Mii which is like your account. You can decide how your Mii looks and all that. Then you can select a sport to play. There is a variety of sports, they have Tennis, Baseball, Bowling, Golf, and Boxing. Choose your favorite! To play Tennis is simple (like all of the sports). You automatically move. All you have to do is when the Tennis ball comes toward you, pretend your Wii controller is a Tennis racket and swing your Wii controller. To serve, swing the...”