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AvatarA different kind of Final Fantasy
Written by Hell_Fire on Aug 2, 2015
“Note: You can watch the video version of this review at the bottom of the page. It’s good to see that after all these years of Final Fantasy games, there’s still something new for long time fans to sink their teeth into. Final Fantasy Type-0 is a prime example of this. Originally released in 2011 as a Japanese exclusive on the PSP, Type-0 was finally made available to western audiences 4 years later though a PlayStation 4 port. Type-0 is a solid RPG and offers many fresh, innovative mechanics while still staying true to many of the staples that make up a typical FF game. Type 0 begins in brutal style. The opening to the game presents a young soldier’s bloody dying moment with his loyal chocobo. This immediately sets the tone of the game, and I welcomed this more mature style with open arms. Type-0 is all about war. The game starts with the Militesi Empire attacking the Dominion of Rubrum by suppressing the power of their crystal which grants Rubrum the ability to use magic. This is when Class Zero...”


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AvatarWorst Yu gi oh game ever
Written by Duncan_Idaho on Jul 18, 2015
“I picked Yu gi oh! 5d's Tag Team Force out of curiosity to see how good or bad this game is compared to the DS games and the Forbidden memories game, sad to say this game sucks. The first problem is that my character is a generic red jacket guy who looks like the super deformed cousing of Terry Boggart of KoF, I can only pick my name and thats it, unlike the WC games where I am free to pick my character design and customize him or her as I please with the options presented. As soon as I get through a very tedious prologue where characters behave like the 4kids dub and not the sub (Pro tip for readers, dub in yu gi oh is worthless, go for the sub) so I go out of my apartment and I try chatting to a guy, turns out chatting means 'lets test your yu gi oh! knowledge!' answer a random guess about the character that you see in screen. Next option is about asking about stuff in general but in reality you are telling a joke. Yes as you can see this game suffers from a bad translation. So I challenge...”


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“Megaman Marverick Hunter X is peharps the most unexpected of the remakes we saw ever produced, and boy oh boy its a great remake. You take the role of the little brother of the original Megaman, the last and latest creation of Doctor Light the first Robot Master designed to freely think and have free will much like a human actually. He is found by one Dr.Cain who opened his capsule and learned of his name X, as a variable, an incognita, a very powerful and unique name. The gameplay revolves around dashing and shooting things while treading the stage and surpassing the multiple obstacles it has. One way is by dash shooting and an other is by walking, being this the first game remake Capcom sought to not mess too much with the original formula which is fantastic. The stages are a good part of the challenge, they offer different obstacles and there are multiple ways to clear it on top of the changes that happen by defeating the bosses, a good example on how a stage changes is that Flame Mammoth's...”


Average: 2.0
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AvatarHow to not make a game.
Written by Duncan_Idaho on Jun 12, 2015
“Grand Knights History was one of the most hyped Vanillaware titles, after all we had gems such as Odin Sphere, Muramasa, Grim Grimoire, great stories, great gameplay, great everything... but this game is what happens when vanillaware wants to compete with World of Warcraft and forgets about americans. Allow to explain, the game features three modes, Solo where you recruit, train and send knights to the front lines, War, self explanatory you go and conquer territories for your kingdom (Imposssible to complete using without online) and community (no idea what it does) The game has 0 story, yes thats right, a JRPG without an overreaching plot, crazy no? But sadly it is true, this game is little more than a bunch of random encounters mashed together with beautiful art and thats it, thats the main core mechanics, you recieve quests, perform them, go back to base, train some more, go into another quest, kill random foes, finish a quest, rinse and repeat. The movement system for the overworld is rather...”
Nayuta no Kiseki (Import)


Average: 9.8
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AvatarInfinite fun.
Written by Duncan_Idaho on Jun 12, 2015
“Nayuta no Kiseki was a game produced and published by Falcom on 2012, its a wonderful blend between a JRPG and a Platformer. In the game you kill enemies in real time combat for EXP, cash and food, destroy the local envriorment for items to donate to the museum and generally be awesome at it. Nayuta starts as an atypical JRPG Hero, nine out of ten heroes are dumb as a brick and do not move on from it. Our blue haired protagonist is not one of those, NAyuta is both a swordsman and a dedicated scholar, yes ladies and gentlemen he is an astronomer by default and his sister examines start shards. Rocks that when exposed to light in a certain angle it creates an holographic 3d (despite being 2D in game) representation of whatever was inside. Think Ocean's 12 and the Faberge egg scene to get a good idea. Later on you get access with the help of Noi to arts, unlike Tales of (insert game name here please) these are not attacks performed by the protagonist, but noi and often function as magical spells, always...”


Average: 9.9
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“Naruto Ultimate ninja impat started shaping up as another run of the mill game that attempted to adapt in game form the manga or anime of Naruto, as AVGN often shows, the results go awry more often than not, however this game is a subverts the trend. NUNI goes and instead of becoming a cookie cutter figther game it becomes a beat 'em up much like Final Fight is. The game starts at the very beggining of shippudden and goes all the way to the five kage arc, but it also covers Sasuke's and Jiraiya's parts along every other character in between. Part of what makes this game so good is how varied the movesets are, Naruto and Sage Mode NAruto are different as day and night, one is a straight up brawler, the other is a precision combo spawnin and spamming machine, and I mean it Sage Mode Naruto can use a combo follow it up with an Earth Splitter and thus creates an aerial combo that timed right ends up with a Giant Rasengan that makes his foe bounce and you then can follow a combo to start a Rasengan...”


Average: 2.5
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“After playinf Chains of Olympus I decided to give GoS a look, I will forever regret that I did so. Ghost of Sparta starts with Kratos suffering a nightmare and for some reason going to the city of Atlantis, where once he lands he proceeds to slaughter yet again his way trough the city killing civilians, soldiers or monsters, all because he is now pissed for a random reason. Once we find Kratos mother we learn that she knows somehow that his never before known brother Demios is *gasp* alive! But for telling that to Kratos Zeus and his pals transform her into a monster that Kratos has to put down, essentially mercy killing, but after doing the deed turns out there was no mercy, somewhere between the cutscene and the boss battle Kratos flew into a beserk rage... ok? This is a case of where show do not tell needed to be applied because the scene ends with Kratos horror, you fight and then he realizes he went into a rage, it's that bad. Oh then later we learn that Athena tells Kratos that Poseidon is...”


Average: 5.9
Comments: 5
“I have heard several times how good and great God of War is, how awesome it is to go killing Greek Gods and Beasts. Sadly the entire experience is hampered by a poor narrative, a poor gameplay that attempts to be edgy and radical but it's not fun. Regarding the Narrative we have our protagonist Kratos, a spartan and General Ripper who made a deal with Ares in order to win a battle he would lose, but then Ares manipulated him into killing his own family and now he serves as the Gods personal hitman on speed dial. Kratos is less than heroic, he is an asshole with few redeeming qualities, he is all about revenge and killing things, oh and more revenge, did I mention the anger management issues and the revenge? Yeah, thats all Kratos is over several games he gains little development, simply switching the target of his hatred from Ares to the Gods then to himself, all in all a boring character. Athena serves as the omnipotent narrator of the story but it does not adds much beyond pointing the...”

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Avatarre: Worst Yu gi oh game ever
Commented written by Duncan Idaho on Aug 2, 2015
“You still can beat enemies, and bosses and have some sort of feeling of progression. Tag force robs you of any feeling.”