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Murdered: Soul Suspect


Average: 8.0
Comments: None
“Murdered: Soul Suspect is basically CSI with loads of supernatural stuff. It's sort of like the Dean Brothers from Supernatural teaming up with the NCIS team to solve a case involving a bizarre series of murders. The difference is that one of the Dean Brothers is dead and only the other brother and that brunette chick from NCIS can see his spirit. Now, in a perfect world, there would be more of the Bones type of stuff than all of the Charmed shit, but what we got was cool in its own way. It's the kind of game that you play through and fall in love with despite its flaws and promise yourself to play it at least once every year, but not a moment sooner. It's a game that, despite being about solving a murder mystery, doesn't jack itself off to its plot twist. No, it has a stiffy for its excellent assortment of HBO-esque storytelling (particularly the beginning and end scenes – hot damn), decent supporting cast and a neat setting. The gameplay is as obligatory is all get out besides the stealth segments, but...”


Average: 8.7
Comments: None
Avatarends with a bang
Written by Watain on Jul 24, 2014
“When I heard that Naughty Dog were going to make a zombie game, I figured that they would make a zombie game with tons of cool shit and it'd be a ride through a fun zombie killing game. I mean this is Naughty Dog, people – they don't *bleep* around. When they commit to something, they get it right or die trying. Their motto is “go hard or go home – no exceptions.” Every game developer – indie, AAA and even middle market alike – should apply this philosophy to their games so there won't be so much mediocrity on shelves. Maybe then, software sales will increase, rather than dropping like they've been for quite some time now. But yeah, Naughty Dog doing a zombie game... what does that mean, exactly? Well, think Uncharted with some survival horror elements, a few cups of stealth and there you go – The Last Of Us. If you've forgotten what a survival horror element looked like since you didn't play ZombiU and it's been a few years since the last survival horror game that anybody played was released, simply...”


Average: 9.0
Comments: 2
AvatarGrand Theft Auto V Review
Written by Minds on Jul 21, 2014
“Ah, Grand Theft Auto, a game that contains everything for everyone but remains stupendously offensive at the same time. I got this game on launch day, got up very early in the morning to pick up my copy and get a couple of hours in before going to work and I was pleasantly surprised with how the game delivered itself to me. The graphics are amazing, very similar to how Rockstar's other games Red Dead Redemption and L.A. Noire look and even play in some aspects. The opening mission is a very strongly put together tutorial playing as Michael and Trevor in the past performing a heist, switching between the two to get each other out of situations. A great way to show off a new feature in the heist that goes wrong with their other partner Brad getting shot and killed and Michael getting shot. Michael is taken into witness protection and is funeral is staged. Cut to the present day with Michael trying to keep his family from doing stupid stuff and keep himself from going insane. The other playable...”
PayDay 2


Average: 8.5
Comments: None
“Payday is a pretty solid game, it's not "OMG need to play" material and it's not something I'd recommend leaving to one side and ignoring. It's a 4 player co-operative game about scoring money and other such goods, there are four characters; Dallas, Wolf, Chains and Hoxton that are playable, each have their own personality but really it doesn't matter which one you choice to be. The game has a strong emphasis on co-operative gameplay and really this is the best way to play! Get three friends and start the heists and work together to get as much loot as possible. A very simple structure and one that doesn't hold up so well in single player which like most games that are designed to be co-op (Left 4 Dead, Dead Island, Borderlands etc...) can be boring to play alone, the AI are decent enough and don't find ways to run into every bullet coming their way but when you are down and waiting for a revive more than half the time they are useless and get killed trying to pick you up. I personally prefer to play...”


Average: 9.1
Comments: None
“Note: This review is for the Kingdom Hearts game only. The 1.5 ReMIX also includes Chain of Memories and a collection of cut scenes from 358/2 days Do you remember, all those years ago, hearing about our favorite RPG developer (who had produced countless classics), forming an unlikely partnership with our childhood heroes, Disney? I do. I also remember any ounce of skepticism I had being washed away within the first hour of gameplay. Kingdom Hearts was an amazing game that provided audiences all around the world with countless hours of Action RPG perfection (or close to it, anyway)! That is why I was so excited to hear about a HD remake. After all, it had been over ten years since I adventured through the many Disney worlds with our hero Sora, so naturally I had forgotten quite a lot. Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX brought back many memories and gave me just as much enjoyment as it did a decade ago. If you’ve never touched this game before, this is your chance! All is quiet on the Destiny Islands....”


Average: 9.2
Comments: 2
“The verdict is that the game isn't bad, it's just flawed. I honest to Gwyn don't want to sound like I'm b*tching about the game for difficulty alone, nor do I want to sound like I dislike the game because of how I personally feel about it, I just addressed what any other reviewer would address....”
MLB 14: The Show


Average: 8.4
Comments: None
“Reviewing games isn't easy, even as an amateur writer like myself. Most of the time when you do so you have to ask yourself what it is that makes a great game. Luckily traditional sports games offer a reprieve from this. Instead of having to come up with some weird criteria for why its fun to shoot aliens in the face in game x but not in game y, all I have to do see how the title stacks up to its real world counterpart. Based on those merits alone MLB 14 The Show might be the best sports game of all time. If you're a fan of Americas pass time who either switched over to a Playstation or you just have not given The Show a chance before, I'm here to tell you that you should buy this game. Everything from barehanded catches by the second baseman, to heart stopping leaps at the wall are all here and they're all perfectly represented. Even the freak occurrences that drive fans nuts will happen. For instance today I played a game and after hitting the ball hard up the middle as I had countless times before,...”


Average: 7.6
Comments: 1
“The years between 1997 and 2001 were the golden era for Squaresoft. This powerhouse developer released four main Final Fantasy titles (7, 8, 9 and 10) of incredibly high quality and as a result, made a hefty profit. What happened next is something that shocked and disappointed many loyal fans. Square decided to do things differently (It probably didn’t help that the evil Enix merged with their company, forming Square-Enix). In the following 13 years, up to this point, only two main Final Fantasy titles were released (XII and XIII). So what were they doing with their resources, you ask? Releasing just about anything else they could imagine branded under the Final Fantasy name. We saw movies, remakes, online games, re-releases, and most importantly in the context of this review, direct sequels! Despite constant, heavy criticism and reduced sales, they kept up the act. Final Fantasy XIII, the most recent main title, received two sequels, and the second; Lightning Returns is something that I felt I had to...”

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Avatarre: Grand Theft Auto V Review
Commented written by Minds on Jul 22, 2014
“Thanks for your input Lukas and thanks for liking a lot of my reviews. If it wasn't for that sexual assault scene I probably would've just found Trevor to be over the top and crazy in a comedic way but looking over his character he's just a bad person I can't relate to or want to play. I see why a lot of people like him, I'm not saying people are wrong for liking him but for me Rockstar went too far by adding this scene. I would recommend you try and play the game, it does get pretty intense later...”
Avatarre: 200 page sleeping pill
Commented written by VichusSmith on Jul 21, 2014
“Well, at least I learned some new information from this review.”