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Average: 6.5
Comments: 6
“I’m at a loss with Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. It’d be easy to just say that it’s an objective downgrade from its direct predecessor, but there’s a bit more to this game than that. See, it’s the kind of game that would seem like a big improvement on its predecessor on the surface, if anything. It’s a much bigger game with a fully open, much more involved world than Final Fantasy XIII-2, and Square-Enix even tweaked the hell out of the battle system to make it work with the fact that you’re just using Lightning. I mean, since you’ve only been in command of one person in the previous two games, why not just cut out the middleman and make the player a lone wolf? There seems to be so much at play here that it ought to make your head spin. However, it isn’t the concept, but the execution that’s most important, and this is where Lightning Returns starts to falter. It’s an ambitious game that gets plenty right, but at the worst of times, the execution is either very rough or completely misguided....”


Average: 7.2
Comments: 2
“Prince of Persia is considered by some as the fourth installment in the series. It is the first Prince of Persia released after the trilogy The Sands of Time. The story is completely different. The player controls the Prince, a big guy who is accompanied by the princess, Elika. She has special powers which are very helpful. At the beginning, her father releases Ahriman, an evil spirit, by cutting the Tree of Life which corrupts the fertile grounds. Basically throughout the game the player has to fight different monsters in order to restore the world. The game isn’t linear, you can choose which fertile grounds you want to restore first. The story is not that good, it can be a little hard to understand and it will definitely not keep you on the edge of your seat. The characters are well done, though, the player get attached to them, but it is the only good thing about the story. Let’s start with this: you can’t die in that game. Prince of Persia is one of the easiest not-for-kids games I’ve played. Even...”


Average: 8.2
Comments: None
AvatarA very fun game, but nothing special
Written by skaliex on Jul 3, 2016
“Max Payne is a former cop who tries to forget about his past. Following the death of his wife and child, he became addicted to alcohol and painkillers. He is asked to go to Brazil to protect a rich family. However, everything goes wrong and Max has to save the day. The story is good although it's a little bit cliche. The player feels close to the character because it's Max himself who tells the story. This is a very linear game, the player cannot take any decision. It feels like watching a movie where you play the action scenes instead of watching them. Something great is that the story contains many flashbacks where Payne tells us about things that happened prior to going to Brazil. Graphics are amazing. There are a lot of details in the background and the colors are bright. This is a beautiful game. I particularly loved the chapters in Brazil slums, it looked real and I felt like I was in another country than mine during that time. The faces also looked great. Since it’s not an open-world game,...”


Average: 8.7
Comments: None
AvatarUnique game
Written by skaliex on Jun 28, 2016
“Heavy Rain is the story of four people. First, there’s Ethan Mars, an unlucky architect. His son is kidnapped by the Origami killer. He receives from the killer, a box full of clues leading to his son, but he has only a few days to find him alive. There’s Madison Paige, a journalist who suffers from insomnia. She finds herself caught in the middle of this crazy story. There’s Scott Shelby, a private investigator working on the case and finally, there’s Norman Jayden an FBI agent. You control those four characters. They each have their own chapters and sometimes they meet each other. It can be hard to switch from a character to another because you’re into a story and then it switches to another. But you get to like each character. The story starts really slowly. It allows you to get familiar to the unusual gameplay. It can be somewhat boring, but once you get through it, it becomes an amazing story. What’s even more amazing, is that every decision you make will have an impact. You have to find the...”


Average: 7.9
Comments: None
“I hold steadfast to the assertion that Final Fantasy XIII was an objectively terrible game. I think a lot of it boils down to the fact that there was nothing to really suck you into it. The story couldn’t make up its mind on whether to be cheesy or serious and thus tried far too hard to be both, which would’ve been alright if the characters weren’t bland and/or annoying. Unfortunately, every character not named Sazh was exactly that, and Snow and Hope made up for Sazh being a legitimately good character by being incredibly annoying. The story was poorly paced and needing to look up an encyclopaedia just to try and understand what’s being said in that convoluted mess that Square Enix called a story took me right out of each and every cutscene. Shit’s just boring, man! It kind of made it harder for me to really sink my claws into the battle system, although said battle system felt incomplete, like it wanted to be real time while still being menu driven but it did it in a weird way and that’s why Resonance of...”


Average: 9.1
Comments: None
AvatarGo buy it now!
Written by skaliex on Jun 24, 2016
“The Last of Us takes place in a post-apocalyptic America. Infected humans, similar to zombies, have been there for 20 years. Joel is tasked to travel with Ellie, a teenage girl, through this dangerous world to bring her to the Fireflies, a group of people trying to save the world. Ellie could in fact be the key to finding a cure. Ellie was born after the infection started and she has never known anything other than this chaos. She is curious, funny and optimistic opposed to Joel a pessimistic fighter missing the life he had prior to the infection. The story is amazing. It’s hard to stop playing because you always want to know what will happen in the next cutscene. You get attached to both characters and they are in my opinion among the best in gaming. The story will surprise you more than once. This is a game from a third-person perspective. The Last of Us is very challenging. You will die a lot. You have to save your bullets because you can run out easily. You have to find strategies and places...”


Average: 6.4
Comments: 4
“If you’re even remotely familiar with DmC: Devil May Cry, you’re also aware of everything that surrounded its release. The initial trailers, everyone whining that Dante’s got black hair, the game coming out, paid reviewers defending it to high noon and the old school fans taking a big shit on it – honestly, if this game had a more controversial release, it’d be sold behind the counter in a leather case. Yet when you go to play it some time after its release – like three years later – and find that most of what people pointed out in regards to it not being like the old school games is not only all that big of a deal, but also a wad of shit. The story may be a lot more serious and there’s more of a variety in the weapons than even Devil May Cry 3 had, but the combat itself is like a looser variant of the old school Devil May Cry formula and it’s got cheesy one liners for days. WITH THAT BEING SAID HOWEVER, the game itself is pretty mediocre. It’s got flashes of brilliance during the more full on encounters,...”
Okami HD


Average: 9.2
Comments: None
AvatarOkami HD
Written by Virtue on Jan 29, 2016
“Are videogames “art”? The question continues to face controversy by videogame critics and aficionados with a little too much time on their hands. While several developed nations have classified videogames as a form of “creative expression” in the legal sense, the philosophical consensus is murky and subject to debate. Art and videogame enthusiasts alike, look no further than Okami (2007), developed by Clover Studios and Published by Capcom for the Playstation 2 (and later ported to an HD version for the Playstation Store). From the beginning of its incredible story, it’s easy to tell that the game is visually one of its kind. Its vibrant aesthetics and equally colorful narrative produce a work that can rival anything found on a canvas or movie screen. Plot Okami’s outstanding narrative begins with a flashback that echoes your traditional Japanese folktale. Shiranui, a God reincarnated down to earth in the form of a wolf, defeats the eight-headed demon Orochi with the aid of human swordsman Nagi....”

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“not gonna lie, the gameplay was the only thing keeping me going since the story was shithouse until the end (like you kinda said). I didn't have quite as much trouble dealing with the sidequests as you did, but there were a fair few I needed a guide for and it was lame as how you couldn't turn back time mid-game, and it didn't help that some sick ass shit is locked behind them. I realize the faults that the first Final Fantasy XIII's story had over the years, but I'll take a flawed however compelling,...”