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Average: 7.9
Comments: None
“I hold steadfast to the assertion that Final Fantasy XIII was an objectively terrible game. I think a lot of it boils down to the fact that there was nothing to really suck you into it. The story couldn’t make up its mind on whether to be cheesy or serious and thus tried far too hard to be both, which would’ve been alright if the characters weren’t bland and/or annoying. Unfortunately, every character not named Sazh was exactly that, and Snow and Hope made up for Sazh being a legitimately good character by being incredibly annoying. The story was poorly paced and needing to look up an encyclopaedia just to try and understand what’s being said in that convoluted mess that Square Enix called a story took me right out of each and every cutscene. Shit’s just boring, man! It kind of made it harder for me to really sink my claws into the battle system, although said battle system felt incomplete, like it wanted to be real time while still being menu driven but it did it in a weird way and that’s why Resonance of...”


Average: 9.1
Comments: None
AvatarGo buy it now!
Written by skaliex on Jun 24, 2016
“The Last of Us takes place in a post-apocalyptic America. Infected humans, similar to zombies, have been there for 20 years. Joel is tasked to travel with Ellie, a teenage girl, through this dangerous world to bring her to the Fireflies, a group of people trying to save the world. Ellie could in fact be the key to finding a cure. Ellie was born after the infection started and she has never known anything other than this chaos. She is curious, funny and optimistic opposed to Joel a pessimistic fighter missing the life he had prior to the infection. The story is amazing. It’s hard to stop playing because you always want to know what will happen in the next cutscene. You get attached to both characters and they are in my opinion among the best in gaming. The story will surprise you more than once. This is a game from a third-person perspective. The Last of Us is very challenging. You will die a lot. You have to save your bullets because you can run out easily. You have to find strategies and places...”


Average: 6.4
Comments: 4
“If you’re even remotely familiar with DmC: Devil May Cry, you’re also aware of everything that surrounded its release. The initial trailers, everyone whining that Dante’s got black hair, the game coming out, paid reviewers defending it to high noon and the old school fans taking a big shit on it – honestly, if this game had a more controversial release, it’d be sold behind the counter in a leather case. Yet when you go to play it some time after its release – like three years later – and find that most of what people pointed out in regards to it not being like the old school games is not only all that big of a deal, but also a wad of shit. The story may be a lot more serious and there’s more of a variety in the weapons than even Devil May Cry 3 had, but the combat itself is like a looser variant of the old school Devil May Cry formula and it’s got cheesy one liners for days. WITH THAT BEING SAID HOWEVER, the game itself is pretty mediocre. It’s got flashes of brilliance during the more full on encounters,...”
Okami HD


Average: 9.2
Comments: None
AvatarOkami HD
Written by Virtue on Jan 29, 2016
“Are videogames “art”? The question continues to face controversy by videogame critics and aficionados with a little too much time on their hands. While several developed nations have classified videogames as a form of “creative expression” in the legal sense, the philosophical consensus is murky and subject to debate. Art and videogame enthusiasts alike, look no further than Okami (2007), developed by Clover Studios and Published by Capcom for the Playstation 2 (and later ported to an HD version for the Playstation Store). From the beginning of its incredible story, it’s easy to tell that the game is visually one of its kind. Its vibrant aesthetics and equally colorful narrative produce a work that can rival anything found on a canvas or movie screen. Plot Okami’s outstanding narrative begins with a flashback that echoes your traditional Japanese folktale. Shiranui, a God reincarnated down to earth in the form of a wolf, defeats the eight-headed demon Orochi with the aid of human swordsman Nagi....”


Average: 7.4
Comments: None
AvatarDoes not live up to its hype....
Written by Hell_Fire on Jan 24, 2016
“Note – There is a video version of this review at the bottom of the page It took years for White knight Chronicles to come to Western shores. When it finally did, there was a lot of hype. I mean, travelling through huge, detailed environments and transforming into giant knights to destroy oversized monsters! Who wouldn’t want that? Well, everyone wanted it! But what was given to us was something just a tad disappointing. WKC has been criticised, and rightfully so, but there was still enough to keep me happily playing while 30 odd hours ticked by. I found WKC 2 in a bargain bin, and thought I would give the series a shot. I was pleasantly surprised to find that WKC2 has both games on the one disk. With that said, the series probably should have almost been in a single game, as the first instalment seamlessly merges into the second, right when things are getting good. I began my White Knight Chronicles experience by creating a character named Pesmerga. You know, like the badass dark knight in...”
Arc The Lad


Average: 6.4
Comments: None
“Note – There is a video version of this review at the bottom of the page It took years for Arc the lad to be released in the west, which is surprising since it was the TOP SELLING JAPANESE PS1 GAME OF 1995, selling over a million copies! 7 years later, it was finally released in the trilogy as ATL collection. This was my first Arc the Lad experience from the this trilogy, and I must admit, it has its perks, but is severely limited in terms of scope, particularly when compared to other powerhouse titles released around this time such as Final Fantasy Tactics. How it sold so many copies is beyond me, they must have had a killer marketing team. With that said, ATL is full of that old school charm and will keep you busy for a good 20 hours. The Journey begins with Kukuru, who is a young girl from a sacred clan tasked to protect the ancient Flame Coin. The mayor of her town however, sends her to extinguish this flame. In doing so, an Ark Ghoul is released. However, this Ark Ghoul isn’t the source of the...”
Persona 4


Average: 10
Comments: None
AvatarAttack on Celebrities
Written by ProKiller on Aug 11, 2015
“Intro: Can you imagine real life at its most basic form being a good game? No! Not at all, Sims is a boring game. But if what if you took some elements of real life, cut down on some of it’s most mundane parts and make it into a JRPG? That’s what Persona achieved. And while I haven’t played Persona 3 or any of the others, I can safely say that Persona 4 does it in Spades, and here’s why. Story: Persona 4 fools you at the beginning by making you think that its story is going to be about normal school kids doing their everyday lives. But like any story that follows the Hero’s Journey structure (AKA most stories out there) There will always be that inciting incident that forces the hero to leave their ordinary world and cross the threshold to the extraordinary world, Persona 4 takes that concept very literally. The game starts with the player character who I shall refer to as Yu Narukami from now on as that’s his canon name, leaving his city life to study in Yasogami High School in Inaba. When he...”
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2


Average: 6.5
Comments: 6
Avatarborderline second rate hack and slash
Written by Watain on Jun 14, 2015
“Given all that's said and done not just in terms of sales but also reviews – both professional and even user generated – Lords Of Shadow will never ascend to the same heights as games like Devil May Cry, Ninja Gaiden or God Of War. It's a shame because there's some real potential for Mercury Steam's take on the Castlevania franchise, especially in this game – Gabriel fights like a man possessed while the enemies and bosses are able to kick your ass if you slip up even a little bit; there are other elements at play like exploration and stealth which could've expanded the levels/worlds into what could've been a 3D Symphony Of The Night with some Metal Gear Solid or even Splinter Cell thrown into the mix. Plus the presentation is top of the line stuff with pretty visuals and a big soundtrack. The problem is that it feels as if you're playing like ten different games. It's not even a matter of having combat segments, platforming segments and stealth segments; it's a matter of having these segments with...”