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Latest Playstation 3 Reviews

Persona 4


Average: 9.2
Comments: None
AvatarAttack on Celebrities
Written by ProKiller on Aug 11, 2015
“Intro: Can you imagine real life at its most basic form being a good game? No! Not at all, Sims is a boring game. But if what if you took some elements of real life, cut down on some of it’s most mundane parts and make it into a JRPG? That’s what Persona achieved. And while I haven’t played Persona 3 or any of the others, I can safely say that Persona 4 does it in Spades, and here’s why. Story: Persona 4 fools you at the beginning by making you think that its story is going to be about normal school kids doing their everyday lives. But like any story that follows the Hero’s Journey structure (AKA most stories out there) There will always be that inciting incident that forces the hero to leave their ordinary world and cross the threshold to the extraordinary world, Persona 4 takes that concept very literally. The game starts with the player character who I shall refer to as Yu Narukami from now on as that’s his canon name, leaving his city life to study in Yasogami High School in Inaba. When he...”
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2


Average: 6.5
Comments: 6
Avatarborderline second rate hack and slash
Written by Watain on Jun 14, 2015
“Given all that's said and done not just in terms of sales but also reviews – both professional and even user generated – Lords Of Shadow will never ascend to the same heights as games like Devil May Cry, Ninja Gaiden or God Of War. It's a shame because there's some real potential for Mercury Steam's take on the Castlevania franchise, especially in this game – Gabriel fights like a man possessed while the enemies and bosses are able to kick your ass if you slip up even a little bit; there are other elements at play like exploration and stealth which could've expanded the levels/worlds into what could've been a 3D Symphony Of The Night with some Metal Gear Solid or even Splinter Cell thrown into the mix. Plus the presentation is top of the line stuff with pretty visuals and a big soundtrack. The problem is that it feels as if you're playing like ten different games. It's not even a matter of having combat segments, platforming segments and stealth segments; it's a matter of having these segments with...”
Resident Evil: Revelations 2


Average: 6.0
Comments: 2
AvatarNot Really A Sequal to Revelations 1
Written by haalyle on May 10, 2015
“Resident Evil: Revelations 2 is the supposed sequel to the first Revelations game. This is clearly not the case. The main reason it's called Revelations is because, similarly to Revelations , it's based between two events. For Revelations 2 these two events are Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6 . The story centers around Claire Redfield, the sister of Chris Redfield, a member of TerraSave, who's partner throughout the game is Moira Burton, Barry's daughter. These two characters get captured and taken to a remote island (very much like the plot to Code Veronica ). On the other side of the story is Barry Burton who, upon hearing a signal from a radio tower of his daughter's pleas for help, goes on search for his daughter 6 months after her disappearance. Alright, the most important part of any video game is the gameplay. Resident Evil: Revelations 2 controls slightly differently than Resident Evil 6 (although there is an option to change it to a similar style of 6 and 4 ). The left...”


Average: 6.1
Comments: None
AvatarGo go fairy rangers!
Written by Lukas on May 3, 2015
“Sick of JRPGs that require lots of time, energy and overall commitment? Think Final Fantasy takes itself a tad too seriously and Dragon Quest games require too much grinding? Well, there's the one-two punch of Breath Of Death and Cthulhu Saves The World for like 2 bucks, or there's South Park: The Stick Of Truth which should be on the cheap by now; but if you prefer something more Japanese but surprisingly not too Japanese despite the fact that it's developed by Compile Heart, published by Nippon Ichi Software and the developers even said that it's meant for a more Japanese audience, there's Fairy Fencer F. More interested in cracking jokes and making you smile than anything else, Fairy Fencer F is far the greatest JRPG ever made, but *bleep* me if it isn't fun to play through for the most part! I absolutely adore games that get past the bullshit and just give the player what they need – and that's pretty much what this game does. Granted, it starts with one of those “1000 years ago, two gods fought on...”


Average: 6.1
Comments: None
“Developer: Compile Heart Publisher: NIS America We all know this song and dance by heart already – a dwindling NIS America publishes yet another game aimed mostly at starving JRPG fans with a particular fixation for Japanese cartoons. Sure, Tales and Final Fantasy should theoretically be enough to satiate one's appetite, but so should three meals and yet, people still snack like crazy. Fairy Fencer F is just another snack, really. You munch on it endlessly, even when you don't even want it anymore, because it's addicting by nature. Like snacks, there's always something to Fairy Fencer F that keeps you addicted. It's easy enough with tons of little rewards and big end-battle audio cues to keep you thinking you've accomplished something, and it's got enough dials and buttons to keep you from getting bored. There are plenty of feel good moments between the more significant events, allowing you to just sit back and revel in the bright and colorful locales with some light hearted banter to keep things from...”


Average: 9.1
Comments: None
“Let's get one thing out of the way - Tales Of Symphonia and Tales Of The Abyss are two of the greatest JRPGs ever made. Even if the former has a few horrible puzzles and the latter has tons and tons of filler, what they do right, they do it so right that other games (nevermind just JRPGs) get jealous. They're both games that ought to be played before you die. With that being said, there are other Tales games, both before and after this one-two punch. No, they're not as good, but god bless them for trying. Oddly enough, Graces kind of zig zags around this as what it does well, it does really *bleep*ing well and it focuses plenty on them, but whenever it has to do something else, well, it becomes painfully obvious why the game doesn't focus on them much aside from one thing. Right off the bat – the combat system is easily the best in the series. Who knew replacing an MP system with a sort of stamina bar would allow combat to become faster and more furious? I've read all over the internet about how it puts...”
Sonic Adventure


Average: 4.0
Comments: 3
“The worst part about Sonic Adventure is that it was considered a milestone when it was first released. For one thing, HOLY SHIT SONIC'S IN 3D!!! Another thing is that it shows off just how much of a juggernaut the Dreamcast was compared to the Nintendo 64 and Playstation 1. Lastly, it did show off some genuinely impressive looking moments for 1999 – in fact, that bit where Sonic's running along wooden bridges while dolphins jump over still stands as a pretty damn good looking moment in video gaming history. Then there's that cutscene which depicted the city getting flooded by evil plasma-sorta water so that Dr Eggman can level it and build his amusement park or some shit like that. Nowadays, everybody looks like they're soaked in thousand island dressing and it's become a lot easier to take notice of just how unpolished this game really is. In its efforts to offer up multiple gameplay styles with its different characters, what Sonic Adventure winds up delivering is a game that just doesn't feel finished....”
Rayman Legends


Average: 7.4
Comments: None
“Upon first glance, Rayman Legends looked to be a legitimate smash hit. After all, it looked like Rayman Origins on a much larger scale - mainly because unlike Origins, Legends was to become a full game from the get go, rather than an episodic package like Origins was originally going to be. When you play the demo levels, you get the feeling that shit's about to get more hectic as the levels do truly feel bigger and better. Then there's that one level where you're jumping and punching enemies to a beat of sorts (in this case, the Ubisoft rock orchestra's rendition of Black Betty), and immediately, you'll pre-order the game. Then you actually play it and find that it just doesn't really cut for some reason. Like, it's Rayman Origins, but with unnecessary additions, set pieces and morbidly obese levels. In other words, it's everything you love about Rayman Origins, but not as good. Suddenly, you find yourself with levels that don't have as much substance or bite as before. It's strange because on its own...”