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Average: 9.5
Comments: 1
“Well, my search for action based titles has led me through games that range from mediocre to outright terrible. Fortunately this search of mine for an excellent action title was not in vain, as Frozenbyte showcase a puzzle platformer that is not only well made but has a very interesting central mechanic the gameplay revolves around. Being a co-op title, Lorx and I sat down over numerous nights and tackled this fantasy tale. While first impressions were that of an action adventure, progression in Trine 2 isn't purely about bouncing along platforms or stomping enemies (although it does include both). Rather, each level is littered with obstacles acting as puzzles requiring players to figure out just how exactly they can proceed in the stage. You'll run across ledges just slightly out of jumping reach, doors activated by pressure sensitive switches, fire traps that block off routes and portals. I knew my training in Aperture would pay off some day. Some puzzles are Zelda style straightforward, where you...”
DLC Quest


Average: 6.0
Comments: None
“It's no secret that the current gaming scene has embraced DLC for better or worse. Some DLC is awesome and an excellent way to extend the lifespan of a game, but many consumers are tired of DLC that's so blatantly a way to bleed money from the fans that they don't even try to hide it. DLC Quest's entire existence comes down to poking fun at it all by making everything in the game require players to purchase ingame DLC to use. Has the term DLC stopped making sense to you yet? So it should be no surprise that the story and dialogue in the game is full of humour that pokes fun at the gaming industry. The plot of the first campaign is generic player character has to rescue generic princess from generic villain. The second campaign follows on with mysterious disappearances of NPCs with you called into action again. From the base premise to the way the player character interacts with other people and situations I must admit to being amused by it all. Perhaps not laughing out loud but it was certainly enough...”


Average: 9.0
Comments: 3
“Following on from my review of Phantom Breakers, there was another omission from my Games of 2014 list that I now seek to rectify this year, which was a distinct lack of visual novels being mentioned. Despite being heavily into them in previous years and even buying several in 2014, I had somehow managed to not actually play any during the year. Fortunately Steam's more open attitude towards more niche gaming genres means there is plenty for me to choose from. The pricing of Eden* initially had me worried since it's fairly cheap and had a 50% launch price, but the developers Minori were behind the ef VNs that spawned the anime adaptation that was awesome so I decided to throw my money at them and their Western publisher Mangagamer. Suffice to say the talents they used for ef are clearly on show here as well. One of the big things that is touted as a selling point is the graphical style the VN is presented in. Many visual novels show most of the story through half-body sprites over backgrounds, sometimes...”
BANZAI PECAN: The Last Hope For the Young Century


Average: 1.0
Comments: 4
“So previously I reviewed Akane, being one of those games on the Steam store that's very clearly a budget title. So in comes BANZAI PECAN, which not only shoots for the budget range but the crude angle too. Of course, crude can be done well, where Saints Row did show us that you can succeed with an over the top approach. This game is, as you can guess from the score, is decidedly less successful than that series. The problem with the theme of the game is that it runs on bad sexual humour and pretty much nothing else. The story involves a reversal of the usual damsel in distress scenario where it's the guy that gets kidnapped and it's up to Banzai Peacan to come to his rescue. Then it drags it down with sex jokes at every corner and nothing else, going so far as to paint the protagonist as extremely desperate. I do have some appreciation of the art style though. It is down to opinion as not everyone is going to be keen on the webcomic style and it's not the most amazing thing you'll lay your eyes on but...”
Akane the Kunoichi


Average: 4.5
Comments: 4
AvatarCheap for a reason
Written by Insanity_Prevails on Apr 16, 2015
“A £1.99 game with low key aesthetics whose marketing seems to revolve around showing off the breasts of the protagonist. What could possibly go wrong? I didn't buy Akane precisely because what I saw of the game gave me the impression it was built on a very small budget without the time investment to compensate, but when it ended up in a bundle I purchased for other games I decided to activate it and give it a try. I've been surprised before by seemingly low key games that hide amazing gameplay experiences behind their worrying exterior. Sadly, Akane is not one of those games. In fact, Akane is exactly what first impressions lead you to believe - a game on the cheap that lacks the wow factor that'll get you wanting more. For what it is the character sprites have some good detail to them, although Akane is more or less the only one you'll see regularly with an intriguing design. Of course I'd expect the generic enemies to be made up of standard ninjas, monks and dogs, but nothing else really stands...”
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows


Average: 4.0
Comments: None
Avatarhelp I'm a turtle I can't get up
Written by Lukas on Apr 15, 2015
“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of The Shadows is one of those games that tried. Lord, did it try... but whether it was a lack of faith by Activision or simply a lack of experience, Red Fly Studio just kind of did something and hoped something would stick. The thing is that not only could it have worked, but it would've turned the typical hack and slash system right upside its head. Be honest, you want Platinum Games to play around with the Arkham Asylum combat engine. All that's stopping it from kicking ass is a lack of polish. From combat not having any oomph to the camera sucking shit through a straw, to commands being too responsive (if not unresponsive) and then to the boss fights being annoying as *bleep*, Out Of The Shadows lacks the necessary polish to knock one out of the park or be any good for that matter. In short, it's kind of bad. Not going to lie, though, this game did have a fairly good first impression. The Arkham style combat where you're kind of magnetized to a certain enemy...”


Average: 7.4
Comments: None
AvatarBeautiful but Simple
Written by Dark_Arcanine on Mar 23, 2015
“When you look up at the night sky, you can't help but feel there is a great mysticism encompassing it - it's beautiful, and it's vast. Similarly, NightSky is a title of little explanation that throws you into quirky and interesting environments, catching the eye and the imagination in equal measure as you overcome the puzzles interspersed throughout your journey. With an ambient soundtrack that plods along beside you, it's a fun title to play in short stints for those who want a bit of quick, casual gameplay. You are a ball. That is all you need to know and that is all you will know. Beginning in a beach setting as the sun touches the horizon, a seemingly sentient ball is discovered by a boy, whose description makes it seem completely alien in origin. Taking this strange spherical object home, he proceeds to have dreams comprising of unknown places. Whether these are projections of the object's experiences, or simply its creations, is unknown. What is known, however, is that such scenarios are then...”
Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds


Average: 7.5
Comments: 1
“After rounding up some of my key titles of 2014 last year it did indicate a worrying trend of being overly focused on Nintendo licensed titles, with the likes of Smash and Pokémon eating into my time like nothing else. With PC gaming becoming ever stronger and a swiftly expanding marketplace for games on the platform I'm hoping to take a more active interest in new releases on PC this year. So... here's a review for a port of a Xbox Live and Vita title that hit PC this year. That still counts, right? The game is a 16 bit styled game that revels in its use of chibi anime graphics. Far from being a cheap cop out, the various characters and enemies are very well detailed. The stages that serve as the backgrounds of your clashes have plenty of detail themselves, like seeing the vast array of buildings in the city areas or seeing your character transition from one area of a building to the next and noticing that the area you're now in was the place depicting by the background of the previous location....”

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“I cannot wait for Trine 3! Have been very pleased with Trine and Trine 2 and I sorely hope the series can end on a high note with a strong trinity. Good review overall. I was amused when reading the image caption about "bypassing" a puzzle. That sensation of wondering if you've done something the intended way is part of what I find so charming about the series; it leaves everything perfectly open to being overcome in a variety of ways and that makes for fun gameplay for everyone I feel.”
“According to tvtropes this game suffered from troubled production (it was cancelled, moved, cancelled and finally launched) but it seems to have a cult following. But yeah not even Final Fight One is as crazy, well until you reach the final boss.”
Avatarre: A Dying Planet's Last Tale of Love
Commented written by Duncan Idaho on May 4, 2015
“Hmm maybe I'll try it. I still have to burn through F/HA and My Girlfriend is the President so eden* would come later. Still good job on the review.”
Avatarre: Cheap for a reason
Commented written by Insanity Prevails on May 4, 2015
“If you and Stalagmite are confident in it I'll probably get around to it at some point. Admittedly I was a little worried seeing its store page too.”