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Average: 8.8
Comments: None
“There must’ve been something in the air around Valve’s headquarters in 2007 because even as side content on the Orange Box, Portal stands firm as one of the greatest video games ever made. While it’s mainly about solving puzzles using a portal gun, what makes Portal work as fantastically as it does is exactly how it goes about solving puzzles using a portal gun. Like, I know everyone says that GLaDOS is the major reason why, but even though GLaDOS does add a lot to the game, it’s also how everything – from GLaDOS to the gameplay itself – comes together. From what it does, to how it implements it, and at what intervals to introduce new elements, Portal is pretty much the quintessential game. You start off by walking through portals that have already been set up, then shortly afterwards, you get the gun which only shoots one kind of portal. After a little while, you’ll get the ability to shoot the other kind of portal, and that’s when the fun really begins. You’ll be introduced to basic portal placement...”
Agarest: Generations of War


Average: 1.5
Comments: None
AvatarI feel betrayed.
Written by Insanity_Prevails on Aug 23, 2015
“Agarest is a game that I pre-purchased at a time where games like this were still something of a rarity on Steam. I played a little and then stopped for some reason. All this time later I find that a sequel got released this year, so I decided to go back to play this one to see if the sequel might be worth my money. Then I started playing and understood exactly why I stopped previously. That's hat happens when a game is so terrible. The game uses the combination 3D environments with 2D sprites style that brings up memories of the Ys series. The character sprites are well detailed and it's great to see them hop around the battlefield unleashing various special attacks, with combination attacks standing out as being particularly flashy affairs. The environments are sadly not as interesting to take in, if only because battles reuse the same battlefields a lot. It took me hours to reach a point where a fight wasn't taking place in the exact same forest grid, which doesn't make me look forward to the next...”
Relic Hunters Zero


Average: 9.0
Comments: None
“Relic Hunters Zero is a free of Steam,top down action shooter,made by two of the people who made Chromasquad and Dungeon Land. Its quick and smooth to play.its a labor of love and it shows. Story:The story is standard,A evil commander wants some ancient relics so he can conquer the universe,you are a group of relic hunters who are going to stop him.Thats it.Honestly with a game this,small you don't need much in terms of lore. Artstyle:The artstyle is rather charming.Character design are cool sort of mix of easter and western comic style,only the heads and big as the torso and with tiny legs and even smaller arms (on some characters). Everything else has this square kind of aesthetic-explosions environments,pick ups have this sort of astec "everything has 90 degree angles" to them,as can be seen by the screen shots.The whole style is colorful and pleasing to the eye. Music: This is probably the biggest flaw of the game.Its not that is bad,the problem is that it does not fit with the game itself....”
Ys I & II Chronicles+


Average: 6.0
Comments: 1
“Ys Origin is a really awesome action RPG and it got me interested in the rest of the series. Good news for me that more Ys games found their way onto the Steam marketplace, and here we have updated re-releases of the original two games. Sure I knew that they weren't going to be another Origin given we're talking about games that originally released decades ago but similar to the likes of Legend of Zelda I hoped the base mechanics would be there and I wanted to experience the story. The story starts with Adol who ends up shipwrecked on an island while adventuring, which soon finds him dragged into the local troubles in fighting back the monsters that now roam the lands and uncovering the truth behind the demons invading the lands. His journey ends up discovering the true nature of magic as well as finding his way to the mythical land of Ys. There's some pretty rich backstory in the game that details the events that lead up to this game and the player runs across some interesting characters that help...”
Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft


Average: 8.8
Comments: None
“Hearthstone:Heroes of Warcraft is a online "C"CG made by a small team from Blizzard. One of the selling points from the begging is that this would be a casual, friendly, not difficult game for everyone,but that was then,this is now. And now its different. Fun Fact: You may never know,unless you check the credits,but the game is made in Unity. I find it a necessity to date this review-8/12/2015,since the game is constantly updates and new addition keep coming.But i feel that it will not change drastically anytime soon. Story:No story at all.You are playing yourself entering a tavern in the warcraft universe,to play hearthstone,a card game,thats it. I guess as a positive is the other writing-like the flavor text in the description of the cards which varies from corny/pun jokes to nudges and winks to the warcraft lore fanatics.I guess i have to mention about the adventures-in a writing sense the final boss characters are well voice acted and are written to be very comical.The whole writing game is...”


Average: 8.0
Comments: None
“Lisa is indie game made by a developer called Dingaling... yes that is his developer name. Its a game made with a RPG Maker (or a engine like that), so even if the screen shots makes it look like is a platformer, you are still waling on a square grid, and also you have turn based combat. It also has a strange mix of dark humor, silly art and very dark topics that it explores. Let me brake it down. Story: Lisa starts on max gear of darkness.With text boxes that tells the story how your character getting beat up by bullies,for his friends,as he start to walk to right until you get to his rundown house, there your father chunks a bottle at you, tells you that you are piece of s@1t and tells you to go to your room before he kicks you ass,just cause.Fast forward several years-you are a adult, the apocalypse happen, which for some reason left only men. Through a few silent scenes you see that your character spends his time in hills with his friends, looking to the sky and getting high on a strange new drug...”
Titan Souls


Average: 7.7
Comments: None
AvatarTitan Souls:The 2D
Written by TheTubich on Aug 9, 2015
“in concept "Titan Souls" is a 2D,top down Shadow of the colossus,with a nice pixel art style and different mechanics based around your one weapon.It was first shown on one of the gamer expos,where it got some hyped,enough to get the attention of the very promising publisher "Devolver Digital",who help fund and release the game,with better graphics and sound.In theory this should have been one of those indie game instant classics,but did it?Short answer -Kind of. Long answer-Well read on: Story:Not much to say,you are a boy who is armed with a bow and a single arrow and you go after the titans,for no reason other then "Truth and Power"The bad thing here is that there is no where in the games itself where this is said,only in the games description on its steam page is where you can find this out.Yes there may be some sort of bare bones lore that you my find on your second playthrough,but honestly after the first one i did not find myself compelled to do so.And i thing most other players would feel the...”
Tokyo School Life


Average: 7.5
Comments: None
“After a lengthy period without really delving into VNs, Eden* proved itself to be the almost perfect re-entry title to tackle. Yet despite its amazing quality it lacked the multiple routes nature I've known from past VNs, so I've been keen to pick up other novels that allows the reader some element of choice in the narrative. Tokyo School Life caught my attention during the summer sale with its fresh visual style and it promised me the choices I sought. So Dogenzaka Lab got my money and I got to expand on my VN collection. Could it be an Eden* with routes or suffer the same fate as Sword of Asumi? The novel makes use of the Emote Engine, which is a way to help give life to the usual character portraits. Instead of switching between a selection of poses like a flip book the girls here smoothly move around and shift poses more fluidly. When it's made evident that Sakura isn't a morning person you find this reflected in her swaying slightly with her eyes only half open. When Karin finds herself shocked...”

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“hah, derp”
Avatarre: Where it began, lacking serious polish
Commented written by Duncan Idaho on Aug 16, 2015
“I haven't finished YS I on PSP, I kinda gave up after I read the massive migraine its the last level.”
Avatarre: My other ship's a fighting falcon.
Commented written by Insanity Prevails on Aug 6, 2015
“Yeah there was things in it that seemed like they could hold merit but nothing's really accomplished that well and certainly not to the point of getting past the decision to hide everything on screen at random intervals. I genuinely don't think the game merits even a fraction of a point.”
“Yeah, the narration, or at least the wording, just gave me that impression - or maybe I'm reading too much between the lines based on the game's name??? I've read the review on Honestgamers that looks at the story as the tragic tale of the being escaping from the void rather than what I said about it being an allegory for finding meaning in life despite the circumstances life throws at you. Then again, that review - and a lot of the reviews, if I'm being real here - ignore or downplay the gameplay way...”
Avatarre: What is it that you think you see?
Commented written by gsdfhf on Jul 29, 2015
“Freddy Fazbear meets Batman. xD”