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Fairy Fencer F


Average: 5.5
Comments: None
“If one thing can be said about Compile Heart, it's that they do their best to make their audience happy. They make a game that's sort of like Quest 64 or Eternal Sonata meets Legend Of Legaia and while its first entry was terrible, its sequels improved on as much as they could, and Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory was actually fairly good. So if that becomes the case with Fairy Fencer F, I'd say that they've made a good start. Everything that's laid out on the table is at least decent, never outright bad except for the framerate, and had potential to be quite interesting. Sadly, it's not all sunshine and roses – while there are interesting parts, there are also bits where they don't really go all out and wind up playing it pretty safely. Ultimately what that culminates into is a game that just isn't all that great to play – or it wouldn't be, had it not been for its story, or to be precise, its characters. It's the kind of game where once you get into a cutscene of sorts, it's got your attention and it's...”
Fairy Fencer F


Average: 5.5
Comments: None
“While I understand that complaining about a Compile Heart game is like complaining about the smell of a rubbish dump, at the same time, it always seems as if Compile Heart may be onto something. There's always an initial rush of excitement coursing through your veins as you watch the first few cutscenes and engage in your first few battles. The Legend Of Legaia-esque battle system combined with an overly wacky cast of anime characters would be enough to make you want to sit back and enjoy yourself. But then what happens is that everything overstays their welcome. The battle system expands little by little, but never actually improves. The wacky cast of characters become grating and the story becomes an irrelevant mess that makes you wish Compile Heart would get it together. Sadly, you'll find that you've wasted countless hours of your life just waiting for their stories to pick up and then begin to curse their name whilst promising yourself that you would never play their games ever again. Of course, you...”
The Evil Within


Average: 7.9
Comments: None
AvatarShinji does Silent Hill
Written by Stalagmite on Dec 7, 2014
“Released in 2014 by Tango Gameworks, The Evil Within is Shinji Mikami's latest pet project. The idea was to bring horror into the eighth generation with a sense of dignity – or some shit, I don't know. Really, he could've made this game because he liked The Last Of Us' gameplay but found the difficulty to be a tad too easy, the overall structure too story driven and its story a little too heavy handed. Then again, for all I know, maybe Shinji Mikami really wanted to make a game that's closer to Silent Hill than Resident Evil. Whatever the case may be, The Evil Within is, umm, kind of a mixed bag. On one hand, it's got plenty of moments where its grotesque monster designs, dark yet not too dark hallways (or open areas, but mostly hallways) and excellent atmospheric sound design are put to great use as they convey a sense of dread and fear. In short, you may find yourself hesitant to go through to the next part, but you have to anyway in order to progress. On the other hand, there are plenty of moments where...”


Average: 8.8
Comments: None
AvatarBaptism of Fire
Written by Praetorian_Lord on Nov 29, 2014
“Spoiler: TrailerHighlight this box with your cursor to read the spoiler text. Spoiler: Trailervar elements = document.getElementsByName("js_spoiler"); find_spoiler_root(elements[elements.length - 1]).style.display = "block"; I have a love-hate relationship with RPGs. Somewhere within my fractured psyche lies an obsessive-compulsive who revels in agonising over every last detail, calculating the complex mathematics behind making even the slightest change in play style, and treating experience points like gold dust. But apparently there are people even worse than me out there, because some games are so deep that I can't seem to crack their systems no matter how many hours I dedicate to doing so. Blizzard's Diablo II lies somewhere in between. At its best it's a fantastic, and terribly addictive, dungeon crawler - perhaps one of the best ever. But it also demands a lot from its player, and a single poor decision can cost you hours of grinding. At that point, it becomes more of a chore than an...”


Average: 7.0
Comments: 1
“D is a curious game. On the surface, it appears to be Myst wearing Gene Simmons' face paint, but further inspection would have you believe that it's more of an interactive movie. It's one that contains few puzzles... and now that I think about it, it doesn't really have all that many interactive moments. Instead, it is simply a journey through a hospital that somehow morphs into an ancient medieval castle – and that's only the beginning. See, D is also something of a journey through the subconscious of a miss Laura Harris as she has to find her dad - who had seemingly snapped and killed a lot of his patients while holding others hostage – while the hospital/castle reveals a lot about her and her dad as she finds her way through. We're not quite talking Silent Hill here where Laura would have to face off the physical manifestations of her mental issues, though that would be quite interesting. Instead, she wanders through a castle, solves a few puzzles and finds herself in a series of flashbacks revealing...”
Lone Survivor


Average: 6.5
Comments: 4
AvatarSilent Hill on Valium
Written by Praetorian_Lord on Nov 8, 2014
“Spoiler: TrailerHighlight this box with your cursor to read the spoiler text. Spoiler: Trailervar elements = document.getElementsByName("js_spoiler"); find_spoiler_root(elements[elements.length - 1]).style.display = "block"; Of all video game genres, horror (particularly survival horror) seems to struggle for new ideas. Outside the two or three major series, games promise to be new or improved versions of old material but still somehow seem to end up as copy-and-paste jobs of each other. So profound is this dearth of ideas that introducing a single new mechanic (think no combat in Amnesia ) can immortalise a title as one of the most innovative horror games of recent years. Jasper Byrne's Lone Survivor is one such attempt to stand out from the crowd by providing a familiar-yet-different horror experience, with the gimmick this time being a minimalist approach - threadbare graphics, streamlined gameplay, and only the most fundamental mechanics. But while it's a bold attempt that fares considerably...”
Resident Evil Revelations


Average: 7.5
Comments: None
“I was never a big fan of the first Resident Evil, which did have good atmosphere but was terrible as a video game. Resident Evil 4 seemed to flip this by making a game that was genuinely enjoyable to play but couldn't quite manage a creepy vibe until right near the end of the game. With Revelations it feels like they took a look at those last segments of RE4 and decided to build an entire game out of them in an attempt to successfully marry the atmosphere of early titles with the strong gameplay mechanics of the later games. The game continues to use the behind view control system from RE4, with the camera moving to ensure you have a clear line of sight ahead of you, although you do also have a degree of control over where it's pointing that's useful for looking around. You can hold a button to manually aim and fire whatever weapon you happen to have in your hands. One major change here is how a lot of item access has been streamlined and are now cleanly accessed by buttons. Swapping primary and...”
Enemy Zero


Average: 9.0
Comments: 4
AvatarAliens - public enemy number zero
Written by Taake on Oct 30, 2014
“The original Alien movie took the slasher genre and turned it right upside the head by making the murderer an alien. As I watched the alien eviscerate the space crew whilst they hardly made a dent in it, I was on the edge of my seat, wondering if the crew will be able to take it down... IF it gets taken down. The way that they got rid of it was riskier and more intense than anything you could ever find in any other slasher flick with the possible exception of Nightmare In Elm Street. It's quite disappointing how hardly any horror games covered aliens. It was always about ghouls, zombies, mutants and the manifestations of your mental demons. Where were the aliens? Perhaps it was my curiosity for the extra terrestrial coupled the way that Alien handled it as if it was the killer in a slasher flick, but I did find a game many moons ago that was exactly what I was looking for. It's a little known game called Enemy Zero. Originally released for the Sega Saturn and eventually (thankfully) ported to the PC, Enemy...”

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“finally! I have been waiting for this review a looooooooooooong time, I can see why you gave it a 7, D has not aged all that well.”
Avatarre: Silent Hill on Valium
Commented written by Insanity Prevails on Nov 30, 2014
“I got this game ages ago (probably from a bundle - I don't remember actively buying it on its own). I tried it for a little bit and then kinda left it sitting idle and moved onto something else. Must say the review isn't encouraging me to give it another go.”
Avatarre: Aliens - public enemy number zero
Commented written by Taake on Nov 9, 2014
“Ah yes, I've read about that. Quite the sneaky little bastard he was there. I should hopefully have the D review finished before going to bed. As for D2, I'll get a start on playing that game tomorrow and hopefully, have that all done by the end of the month.”