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Average: 9.0
Comments: None
“Serious Sam is pretty much what happens when you have a basic level laid out, put together all these cool ass weapons to take out hordes of enemies, and then just stop. Don’t think of that as a bad thing, though, because that can make for a real killer experience. This is especially the case with Serious Sam: The First Encounter. It’s a game that throws like ten million enemies at you and expects you to kill them all before they kill you. Then you have to do it again when you get to another wide open area while killing a few enemies in the linear hallways or not-so wide areas. Keep going until the level ends. Sometimes, you fight a big boss or a big massive horde of enemies. That’s about it. But really, that’s what I love about the Serious Sam games – they all manage to keep you on your toes with a diverse lineup of enemies and a kickass assortment of weapons. What makes The First Encounter so good is that even when they chuck a lot of enemies at you, they’re all fairly sorted out. Long stretches of...”
Homefront: The Revolution


Average: 6.4
Comments: None
“Developer: Dambuster Studios Publisher: Deep Silver So you guys remember the original Homefront, right? You know, that game with the intriguing premise regarding the rise of a united Korea taking over the world and America having to fight back when Korea swarm in and invade? Okay, maybe it’s not the most interesting premise in the world, but the way that they went about it in the introductory sequence certainly roused interest – like where could it go from there. Well, about 5 minutes into the game, it turned into a generic Call of Battlefield type of game that cast the story into the background while turbo generic shooting became the catch of the day. But surely, a sequel can fix up those issues and turn it into a fantastic shooter... right? Nope. It’s just that in lieu of the overly linear affectations of old, we have an open world style of play with light RPG elements. So instead of aping Call of Duty, it apes Far Cry. However, while the original Homefront was pretty lame, Homefront: The...”
Hatoful Boyfriend


Average: 9.0
Comments: None
“I went into Hatoful Boyfriend thinking that it’d be some kind of joke – like, it’s some sort of parody of those dating sim visual novel games you might see on Steam and that tend to get adapted into anime like Clannad and Kanon. But instead of some crazy school shenanigans with some real romantic shit thrown in for good measure (unless you’re Clannad where your romantic stuff is legit good because the characters are good), it’s a surprisingly deep, thoroughly interesting game that does more than just be a silly dating sim about pigeons. Seriously, pigeons? I wanted to have to choose between a magpie, an eagle, a hawk or a crow – you know, the cool birds, not those rats with wings. But I’m not going to be too picky when a game’s as good as this. The basic setup is that you’re a second year high school student in this all pigeon school and you’re given all these different pigeons. But you’re not a pigeon – you’re a human. Already, you’re like “okay this shit’s *bleep*ing weird”, and for a bit, you’re...”
Dear RED - Extended


Average: 3.0
Comments: None
AvatarOh Dear
Written by InsanityS on Aug 5, 2016
“Dear Red is a game that had an interesting pitch to me. A dark themed adventure where your decisions affect the flow of the story and thus the fates of the characters involved. Yet after playing the game it feels like those claims are technically true in the blandest sense possible. Dear Red feels more like a prototype base to build upon and not a final product because the ideas it has are left abandoned long before they're fully realised. Your control Red, a girl who seeks bloody revenge against a man she believes to be the murderer of her mother and has tracked him down to a secluded cottage in the middle of a forest, with the choice of to kill or let be ultimately down to the player. Various routes will hint at deeper meanings hidden within, but the game only ever makes allusions towards the truth so things are left pretty vague. The idea behind the story has merit and I think I would have thoroughly enjoyed it and the branching possibilities had the story been given significant substance. As it is...”
BIT.TRIP Presents... Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien


Average: 9.0
Comments: None
AvatarWe’re all gonna run run run around
Written by Lukas on Jul 31, 2016
“Man, don’t you love it when a sequel to a game you liked is way better than said game you liked? From Mega Man 2 to Spyro 2 to Devil May Cry 3 and then to Bit.Trip Runner 2 (or BIT.TRIP Presents... Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien, if you will), sequels that greatly improve on an already great if not at least promising game are the kind of sequels we should be clamoring for in this sequel-laden landscape of ours. But how do you improve on something like the first Bit.Trip Runner? Simple – expand on the options given to the player without going stupid, make the levels more stylish and cool, make the graphics 3D to accentuate the stylishness, and make playing it less frustrating. It may sound like a lot, but with Bit.Trip Runner 2, it seems so simple since the improvements are both subtle and easy to see, especially when you find yourself not getting as easily frustrated here as you would’ve been with the first Runner game. For those in need of a refresher course, let’s review – Bit.Trip Runner is...”
Princess Isabella: The Rise of an Heir


Average: 5.5
Comments: None
“Just for you to know, the game has been released on Steam before being removed and improved by Artifex Mundi. Given the fact that I've rated positively both versions and I've compared the original version to Artifex Mundi's, you will not be surprised about mu mentions of the original one in what will follow. Keep in mind also that this last game in Princess Isabella's trilogy is the worst whether it's the original version or AM's one. I'm not going to say that I was kinda excited to see Artifex Mundi pick this one, because this is the worst title in the series of Princess Isabella. Indeed, it was previously on Steam and I've played the "old" version. Be aware that I would have given a neutral rating if I could. If anything, there are better titles in Artifex Mundi's catalogue, so if you can avoid this one if you're a non-English player, do it. I'm still doing a positive review but the line is thin. Also, as I've said, I've played the previous release in English, which is why I was more sure of the...”
Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae


Average: 6.3
Comments: 1
Avatarminiskirts may fly
Written by Freewind_Rider on Jul 28, 2016
““Hey Barry, you should check this game out, it’s kind of like Revengeance” – that was what drew me into buying and playing Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae. Now, I *bleep*ing loved Revengeance! It was a spectacle fighter that really showed off some real flashy fights, complete with excellently choreographed fights and loads of full on action packed set pieces while still being challenging to beat. Its bosses were especially on point! So when I checked this out thinking that it’d be Revengeance if Raiden was a Japanese schoolgirl instead of a cyborg ninja, I figured that it’d be a pretty fun game. What I got was a game that was enjoyable, but fell short in so many small areas that it doesn’t hit the mark. What makes the game even remotely relevant – nevermind good – is that it’s got some pretty sweet fighting mechanics. You can carve up enemies, counter and dodge attacks on a whim unless you’re in the middle of pulling off some huge attack. The counterattack takes a while to get the timing down for, but it’s worth...”
Valdis Story: Abyssal City


Average: 7.0
Comments: None
“Disappointment, thy name is Valdis Story: Abyssal City. Under normal circumstances, disappointment is the result of a game failing to live up to any pre-conceived expectations – be they a result of hype or overly positive reviews. However, this game is a much worse variant of a disappointment; the kind that walks and talks like a fantastic game, but performs like a borderline good game that has some seriously rough edges. Said rough edges turn what should be an excellent Metroidvania into one that’s bafflingly frustrating to play with all things considered. With a combat engine that takes the typical spectacle fighting formula, makes it a tad more deliberately paced and gives it a 1:1 translation to a sidescrolling format while having it take place within some well laid out environments, the gameplay was looking to be impressive. An epic story rich with interesting lore and top notch presentation only made things better. But the more you play it, the more you wish that the game’s rough patches and poor...”

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Avatarre: platinum games doing what platinum games does
Commented written by Gryzor on Aug 24, 2016
“At least they got a good idea of where to go with it for Scalebound.”
Avatarre: miniskirts may fly
Commented written by Lukas on Aug 13, 2016
“Yeah I remember looking up this game thinking that it was a poor man's Revengeance even back when InsanityS reviewed it.”