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Dreaming Sarah


Average: 4.0
Comments: None
AvatarDreaming of a Direction
Written by InsanityS on May 22, 2016
“For most games getting dropped into the middle of nowhere and getting tasked with figuring out everything yourself would be a terrible idea given the scope and complexity of most of them. Yet this is a challenge Dreaming Sarah takes on and sadly serves to prove the problems with such an approach. It’s something that works well at first but as the game world expands and options dwindle down the experience ends up more frustrating than rewarding. Exploration is everything to the player in this game. There are no enemies to battle and if you do accidentally fall into what would otherwise be a fatal environmental hazard you’ll instantly respawn no worse for wear. You’re just dropped into an unfamiliar world and encouraged to figure it out yourself. The big focus is finding items that will help you reach new areas in the world. One of the earliest obstacles will be gaps that are just a bit too wide to jump over normally, but a bit of searching rewards you with an umbrella that slows your descent in the air,...”
Eternal Journey: New Atlantis


Average: 9.0
Comments: None
“Eternal Journey: New Atlantis is a game I discovered through the Hidden Object Bundle 4-in-1 released by Alawar on Steam. It was the second bundle they released and I was kinda disappointed to see that they included a game already on the platform (House of 1000 Doors 2 for short). It meant that I was going only to discover three games instead of four. After an accident, you're waking up into the future, thanks to new technologies and because your knowledge was important. You don't know what happened to your fiancé, making you sad about your new life. Sent to a mission in space, you're crashing into a planet... How will you manage to save yourself? And will you discovered what happened to a previous crew of the base? When the game is showing clearly a sci-fi adventure in space, you don't understand why you're beginning in the present, with an underwater experience. However, given the twist at the beginning of the story, I feel like this part could have been avoided. However, the rest of the game is...”


Average: 7.5
Comments: None
“Bit.Trip Runner is a part of the small collection of indie games that’s actually good and doesn’t go far up its own ass with “deeper” meanings and all that shit. No, it’s just a streamlined platformer – but don’t let that make you think it’ll be easy peasy Japanesey just because I said it’s streamlined because it’ll *bleep* you right up if you don’t learn how to react to oncoming obstacles and make it all second nature. No, by streamlined, I mean that you’re basically in a perpetual state of moving forward and all you need to do is jump, slide, kick or bunt at the right time. But when things come at you fairly fast and tend to come in sets which each have obstacles that aren’t all too far apart, well, let’s just say that its oversimplified gameplay is compensated for by its tough difficulty. Normally, I think trial and error heavy games – that is to say, games where you have to do exact movements at an exact time within a tiny frame of time before unforeseen or difficult to see obstacles hit you – are...”
The Other Side: Tower of Souls


Average: 9.0
Comments: None
“I had the pleasure to play this game in the Hidden Objects Bundle 6-in-1 from Alawar, released on Steam. Indeed, they've decided to release some games in bundles. Just for you to know, right now, at the time of the publishing of this review on Steam, none of these games were released as stand-alone. Indeed, the 5-in-1 bundle got three games on the five that were released separately (two of them in their series trilogy pack and one of them alone) while the 4-in1 included a game already out on the platform. You're summoned by a ghost of a little girl, called Lily. Her twin sister, Beatrice, is going crazy and wants to open the door between the world of the dead and the one of the living. So, you're climbing the tower, discovering that not everything seems easy. Besides, you can count on Boris, a mysterious cat... I was expecting this game to be a tale into a fantasy world, given the fact that the cat is shown on the header. However, reading the synopsis made me wonder where it was headed. The story...”
Where Angels Cry


Average: 6.5
Comments: None
“The first time I've played it, I wasn't really convinced by the game. It was not easy to guess some of the actions needed to be done, besides, the graphics weren't really helping. And I love achievements but I wished that there were also included on Steam. However, I was surprised to see a sequel where I thought that the game would have none. And seeing the improvement between the two titles, I can say that you don't need to play Where Angels Cry to play the sequel. But it's not hurting too to dive into Middle Ages and this remote monastery... The story is simple: You're being tasked by a cardinal to investigate a remote monastery in the Alpes, as a brother disappeared and that the head seems to hide something... If I should compare the game to a book, I would The Name of the Rose (if it's the right English title - too lazy to check about that) of Umberto Eco. You're a monk that needs to investigate something strange in a monastery, however, the similar background stops here. Indeed, the story isn't...”
The Walking Dead Michonne - A Telltale Games Mini-Series


Average: 10
Comments: None
“The first time I've heard about The Walking Dead, it was through a coworker. I interested myself into the comic and tried to watch the series, however, while I didn't really looked past the first episode, the comic hooked me. When the first TWD game was released by TellTale, I don't know why I've waited to buy it until the final episode was released. Anyway, I liked the first two seasons with Clementine and when Michonne was announced, I had two feelings: finally, they're respecting the comic and now that they'll take an existing character that is well-loved, I hope that they will not screw up. I took my time to play the last episode because it was in the same time as the double XP weekend for KF2 and that the servers I'm playing on were still in that mode the next week but I finished finally the mini-series. TellTale keep surfing on the wave of interactive stories with QTE sequences. While the previous The Walking Dead games were using characters that weren't from the comic (apart for Hersel and Glenn...”
Small Town Terrors: Galdor's Bluff


Average: 8.0
Comments: None
AvatarA rivalry gone wrong
Written by vicrabb on May 15, 2016
“I must say that the first time I discovered Small Town Terrors, it was through Pilgrim's Hook, the second game. I wasn't aware of Livingston, the first, as it wasn't released on Steam. I didn't really hesitated when the third game was released. While Livingston was decent, I liked Pilgrim's Hook and I was probably hoping for another good dark story. Assisting to the premier of Thurman's new trick on his request, he is victim of an accident. You know that he was sure that his rival was sabotaging his work. It's now up to you to find what Galdor's Bluff is hiding! Small Town Terrors is a series of casual adventure games, mixing hidden objects games and puzzles, focused on one town hiding a secret. After an evil entity and zombies, Galdor's Bluff is focusing on illusions and is less oriented in paranormal and horror themes. The story is well-written, as you don't expect the twist at the end. The gameplay is the usual one: find items, use them in specific locations, solve puzzles, find objects thanks...”


Average: 6.0
Comments: None
AvatarSeriously Unimpressed
Written by InsanityS on May 8, 2016
“Time to delve into another game that gets praise elsewhere but I'm not seeing it. To be fair Serious Sam 3 does have some pretty entertaining moments. I'll come out of a tough encounter and think to myself how rewarding that was. Such moments are not only fleeting but also swiftly undone when the game remembers that it can do frustrating, which it does more and more as you play. It probably says a lot when responding with "You're really doing this?" was occurring with increasing frequency. Things started off rough with a really slow opening to the campaign. Slow tutorial-style first stages aren't exactly new to gaming, much less the FPS genre, but other games make it work and still have the early sections engaging for the player through various means. For Sam though it's tedious busywork. The enemies are infrequent and uninteresting, the level a barren deserted city town that's riddled with meaningless space and very little that tries to draw the player in. Even the second level seems to struggle...”

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