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One Finger Death Punch


Average: 9.0
Comments: None
“Here's a game that, when you describe the basic premise, sounds like it should be downright awful. A beat em up where you only ever press two buttons, you can't manually move and most enemies are metaphorically on a conveyor belt moving towards you in a fairly linear fashion? It's almost like Silver Dollar Games wanted to throw out the worst thing in 2014 until BoxesWithGuns. Yet now the game is one I often return to because there's that sweet feeling of dipping into the game every so often to send stick figures flying with the most impressive martial arts ever commanded from the comfort of two buttons. The success the game enjoys is in part due to the sheer variety that you wouldn't think possible in the given format. Enemies approach you from both sides and require you to press one of two buttons to attack them once they get within the visible attack range. Sounds almost mindless, but this is only true at first as the game eases you into the game and teaches you the basic mechanics. Soon after you...”
Riddled Corpses


Average: 1.5
Comments: None
AvatarSuddenly, I am the zombie.
Written by InsanityS on Jan 30, 2016
“I kicked off the year with a highly positive review. Then I covered a game that sat in the awkward middle ground. To complete the trio we arrive at Riddled Corpses that has the unenvious honour of earning my first red score of the year. This is a game that proclaims itself to be hard, but I don't think this fully explains the nature of it though. This game is hard only in the sense that you're forced to grind excessively just to stand half a chance of surviving the first stage, and for that reason the experience very quickly devolved into a mindless chore. If Assault Android Cactus is an example of the twin stick shooter done well then this game serves as the example of how to make a boring entry in the same genre. So when you play you're thrown into an environment where zombie creatures spawn all around you. Your weapon has infinite ammo so all you do is tilt the right stick in a direction to fire an endless stream of bullets in that general direction while avoiding the enemies that would like nothing...”
PayDay 2


Average: 7.8
Comments: 1
Avatar7 Bucks? We Were Hardly Here!
Written by C_Falcon on Jan 27, 2016
“Ah, Payday 2. It is an ever changing game since it has been released. I'm making a note here that I'm trying to have no bias for this game and in this review I will just tell you how it is. The community will agree and disagree on some actions in the game, but I'm here just to give you an overview. Payday 2 is the sequel of Payday: The Heist. The game has been updated from the original in some aspects such as leveling, interaction with enemies, and other core aspects, but I would say it isn't game altering if someone is making the jump to the second game. Payday 2 puts the player in the crimeworld of Washington DC, however some recent heists have taken place outside of DC such as Las Vegas. Bain, the clandestine leader of Crime Net, has reached out to his old heisting crew to continue their raid on DC's cash heavy places. The original crew included Dallas (the leader), Houston (replacement for Hoxton), Wolf, and Chains. Eventually with DLC, other members joined the Payday crew such as Payday: The...”


Average: 4.0
Comments: None
“Xeodrifter is one of those games that could’ve been so awesome, but then it wound up being really mediocre! The best way to describe it is that it’s a scaled down Metroid game... like really, really scaled down. Like, each and every level is about a 20th of the size of the average planet on a sidescrolling Metroid game. Despite that, there’s a lot of backtracking. I mean, a LOT of backtracking. It’s like you get one upgrade, you go back to the ship to go to another planet. Rinse, lather and repeat. At least on the way back, you get to use your new upgrade. Whether they let you swim, jump really high or phase through walls (and move faster on the horizontal plane unless you bump into a thick wall), you’re at least given some cool upgrades (except swimming; that should be unlocked from the get go) to toy around with. They’re fun enough to mess around with, but the fact that there’s so much backtracking and going to other planets makes me think that maybe they didn’t quite get it right. Indeed, the problem...”


Average: 9.1
Comments: None
AvatarUndertale - A tale for all!
Written by Hell_Fire on Jan 24, 2016
“Note: A video version of this review can be viewed at the bottom of this review. Alright! Undertale! This is one game that I have not stopped hearing about it since its release a few months ago. The amazing this here is that the entire game, minus some of the art, was made by one single guy. What he created, is an incredible experience unlike anything you’ve ever played before. At first glance, it doesn’t look like much at all; simple sprites reminiscent of classic RPGs such as Earthbound. The more I played, the more intrigued and attached I become with every single aspect of the game, right up to the end, at which point I started the whole thing over again. Undertale is brilliant, and this review is going to tell you why! Undertale is set in a secluded underground region which is inhabited by intelligent creatures…. Known as …. Uh….monsters. You see, the humans, like the assholes that we are, banished these monsters from the surface and sealed them underground. You play the role as a little kid,...”
Final Dusk


Average: 4.0
Comments: None
AvatarThe Joys Of Moving Furniture
Written by InsanityS on Jan 22, 2016
“I know that when the term "mobile port" pops up people tend to get worried. What works well on mobile platforms don't necessarily translate well onto the PC which often calls for more lengthy play time than mobile counterparts. Major Mayhem showed me that a mobile game can still be entertaining even when taken out of its comfort zone. Unfortunately Final Dusk, while having a nice concept, suffers in its PC incarnation. I do like the visuals of the game, giving it a cute cartoony appearance. The character sprites are nicely detailed and animated which works well when the action phases kick off. There's a feeling of repetition in environments though since each area has twenty levels of largely the same kind of visuals. Sure they look nice but finishing an area to move onto the next one is very welcome as it means a change of scene. The game provides some nice indicators over light sources as well, making it clear when a player has successfully covered light sources to avoid any mistakes. The music by...”


Average: 9.8
Comments: None
AvatarUncompromising Brutality
Written by Solid_Snake_4Life on Jan 11, 2016
“Dark Souls is a unique beast in this day and age. Most developers make it a point to make their games as accessible as possible. Giant floating waypoints allow players to switch their brains off as they cruise on over to their next destination while a quest log keeps track of everything they need to do in order to progress. FromSoftware equips players with no such luxuries. FromSoftware demands that Dark Souls players are attentive and willing to learn and adapt to the games sensibilities. Aside from a brief tutorial section players are given very little in the way of direction. You're just tossed into the world of Lordran and left to your own devices. A man next to a bonfire will tell you about two bells that need to be rung but at no point are players ever told to talk to this man. There isn't an arrow over his head or a telltale glimmer around him to signify his importance. There's just a guy you can talk to so clearly you should stop to see what he has to say. This might seem minor but it...”
Castle in the Darkness


Average: 6.1
Comments: None
AvatarCastles in the sky
Written by Lukas on Jan 10, 2016
“Not going to lie; until I got halfway through this game, I was ready to write this off as yet another lame ass retraux game. 8 bit graphics, sidescrolling gameplay, trial and error heavy difficulty, chiptune soundtrack, loads of references to old school games – man, could this get any lamer? To its credit, the first level eased me into the game and the bosses were pretty fun and satisfying to beat! It was actually kind of a fun level! But man, that second level was like this one big ball of nothing as it didn’t really offer anything cool besides an optional area - and by optional, I mean you’ll get all sorts of wrecked if you get in there and accidentally get hit by something. Other than that, nothing besides the bosses really offered anything remotely interesting. It even tried to be open ended, but there was minimal in the way of length in these different pathways. I don’t know, it was just really bland outside of the boss fights. The almost-dealbreaker was the third major level because it shows off...”

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“Oh god, *bleep* those, man!”
Avatarre: 7 Bucks? We Were Hardly Here!
Commented written by Legendary1 on Jan 29, 2016
“It's really been going downhill since microtransactions :/. Haven't played this in awhile.”
Avatarre: Ys Returns To Form Once More
Commented written by InsanityS on Jan 23, 2016
“It'd have to be a full remake to get anything out of it.”
“insanitys - the new control scheme makes it more like eternal darkness, but they still keep the fixed camera angles. i've messed around with it a bit and found that it can be helpful if you're just not down with the tank controls, but since i was, i stuck with the classic controls. i wish they could've made it more like resident evil 4 when you choose the new style over the classic style. i'll admit that i wasn't sold on the old school style at first. when i first played resident evil 2 in 2000 (had a...”