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Lili: Child of Geos


Average: 7.5
Comments: None
AvatarKleptomania: The Game
Written by Insanity_Prevails on Sep 27, 2014
“I'm sure you're looking at the review title and think I'm taking a jab at the tendency of protagonists to take everything they come across, to the point of flat out stealing and NPCs not saying a word. Well, that's part of it, but while other heroes will do this as a means to an end, for Lili it appears to be the entire point, albeit disguised as a quest to save the island's inhabitants. Backstory of the game is far from the epic quests of legend you might be more accustomed to in these kinds of games. Lili is a student at a school of some kind of magic and has sailed to the island of Geos as part of her academic studies. Upon arrival she finds the islands population split between two sides - the antagonistic Spirits who are self-serving and care not for others and the subservient Constructs who possess a will of their own but are forced into labour by the Spirits. Unsurprisingly Lili sides with the Constructs and finds herself drawn into helping them. What the story lacks in grand scale it more than...”
Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed


Average: 9.5
Comments: 1
AvatarKarts Are So Last Gen
Written by Insanity_Prevails on Sep 21, 2014
“Mario may have started the genre rolling and is often cited as the example of what such a game should be, but the plumber has to contend with many rivals competing for the same glory. It seems quite fitting that former console mascot rival Sonic tries his hand a few times at it as well. This latest attempt by Sonic is no mere shadow copy though. This is a real contender that might even be able to teach Nintendo's mascot a thing or two about making a quality racing title. Racing forms an integral part of the experience as you pick a character and then take to one of the game's numerous tracks to beat the competition to the finish using all the driving skills and item usage as you can to succeed. The game title's word transformed play a major role here as each character has three different vehicle modes. These are switched between at preset points in each track, with the subsequent racing portion tailored specifically to the style of vehicle required. The cars perform more or less as you'd expect from a...”


Average: 4.8
Comments: None
“When LA Noire first came out, it was greeted with thunderous praise – the sort that'd shake even the sturdiest of rafters. Of course, some controversy had arisen like Team Bondi being given little to no credit while Rockstar hogged the glory and Team Bondi subsequently going further down under (note to any aspiring game developers in Australia – move to America, England or Japan if you want to get anywhere in the industry past your first year). But after a while, nobody really cared about it, and why should they? After all, LA Noire was a shallow game that pretended to be mature and sophisticated. The reality of the matter is that it jerked itself off to its story to the point where gameplay was 100% irrelevant, which is made even more ridiculous considering that the story itself is full of problems. Practically nothing about this game outside of its graphics and sound was done right or was even all that captivating. Instead, LA Noire was just an obnoxious bore full of unfulfilled promises and...”


Average: 6.6
Comments: None
AvatarOf voyeurism and derivative gameplay
Written by Polarity on Sep 15, 2014
“Developer: Ubisoft Montreal Publisher: Ubisoft Hype can often be a fickle thing – a trailer excites the audience who'll be in anticipation for the product in question. But then the release date pops up and it's a year later, which will make some people go “oh boy I can't wait” and others go “oh my god just come out now.” With the advent of flash releases like Beyonce's self titled album and Gran Turismo 6, as well as Netflix releasing entire shows on their streaming service, it seems as if impatience has won... It certainly says an awful lot about what it usually is that gets people crazy about a movie after watching a trailer; usually some dime-a-dozen movie about CGI robots in a rote by-the-numbers military story – hype dies down when it's over a product that's all bark and no bite. So it says plenty when people were *bleep*ing crazy about Watch Dogs' release. Call me crazy if you want, but even amidst the delays and intentional suppression of the PC version's power, we were still anticipating the...”


Average: 5.0
Comments: None
“Good evening everyone, or a greeting more appropriate to the time you're reading this. So today I feel like I should get this out of the way. Sometimes I find myself playing a game that has a lot of praise for things it does but I find myself in that awkward position where I just don't see the appeal, and this time it's the turn of Borderlands 2 that has the role of bemusing me. A game that claims to offer loads of weapons to collect and has a setup akin to that of a MMO which seems to be the selling points but work as the very reasons I can't enjoy the game as much as you might think. But let's leave negativity aside for the moment and look at a positive element. Yes, Borderlands 2 looks good. It's a curious mix of cel shading and 3D models to create what I guess could be described as a surreal experience. The design aesthetic plays a huge role there, if the mascot masked psycho wasn't enough of a clue already. Pandora gives the impression of a crumbled scattered society with an element of the bizarre,...”


Average: 7.2
Comments: None
“Developer: Obsidian Entertainment Publisher: Ubisoft If there's one thing that I can say about the bulk of Obsidian Entertainment's back catalog, it's that they are ambitious games plagued by feeling unfinished. For the longest time, Knights Of The Old Republic 2 lacked an ending. Fallout: New Vegas, Alpha Protocol and Dungeon Siege 3 either had some unpolished moments or flat out crashed on you. However, they also had plenty of concepts that were either fully or at least kind of realized, all of which make up for the sloppiness of the games by feeling surprisingly intuitive whilst having their own voice in the crowd. With that being said, there are times where you have to turn it down a notch and be realistic with yourself. Most of Obsidian's games lacked polish because by the time the deadline had come, they realized that they'd only done about 50-75% of the game so they just hand it to the publishers to press to discs. So here's their attempt at being realistic about their ambitions whilst having...”


Average: 9.1
Comments: None
“So over the past few weeks or so I’ve had quite an interesting experience with the 2006 game Microsoft Flight Simulator X. I can’t say for sure whether this affects all games, but I have had quite a lot of activation issues. The game installs fine, and then does not allow you to activate it using your perfectly legitimate activation key, giving you the same error message over and over again. A lengthy call to Microsoft Games tech support later, I was told to reorder a new copy of the game. A week or so later my new copy arrives in my mailbox, and what happens? The exact same issue and another lengthy conversation with a man accessing my computer and probably snickering at my somewhat embarrassing desktop wallpaper. A few hours later I have a newly generated code which appears to work fine. Now that that’s out of the way, time to map the controls to my PS3 controller and get into the game! But of course, you can’t just dismiss two weeks of waiting to play a game that you’ve almost lost interest in by the...”


Average: 9.4
Comments: None
“Let me just begin by saying if you feel you don't have time to read and understand the entirety of this review, then you probably don't have time to sit down and play Civ V. Going into Sid Meier's Civilization V, I really didn't have a clue what to expect. It all started when I was sifting through the PC game section at Target. I was making a tough decision between The Sims 3: Movie Stuff and SimCity Cities of Tomorrow, when out of the corner of my eye a few games sitting on the bottom shelf caught my attention. There was Civilization V Gold Edition, something along the lines of Civilization V The Complete Collection and Civilization V Brave New World, which I would later come to realize is the second and most recent expansion for the game. Feeling ready to try something completely new I picked up the $45.00 Gold Edition, which includes the Civ V base game, the Gods and Kings expansion pack, a boatload of DLC, and a rather impressive technology tree poster which I have yet to hang up. Before I...”

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Avatarre: Karts Are So Last Gen
Commented written by GameOver on Sep 23, 2014
“I didn't expect a score like that. Nice review, IP.”
“Haha, thanks. You should definitely get the patch. It cleans up so much. The companion mod that I used was alright. They got in the way more than anything haha.”