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Ember Kaboom


Average: 7.5
Comments: None
“When you come across a name like Ember Kaboom and end up playing a cutesy platformer featuring a foxgirl jumping her way from A to B there's a certain degree of confusion, but that feeling soon gets replaced with joy. What you end up playing is a game that seems to successfully embody the fast paced platforming concept that Sega aims for with Sonic, just on a smaller scale. The level design is definitely the standout visual aspect of the game with really nice crisp graphics used for the layout. Different design styles help give the stages depth as you run past elements like trees or torches in the near background while lush foliage or the cracked walls of a castle are darker and seemingly further back. Visual variety is a strong point here as Ember moves through a variety of different locations, including some trippy looking areas like a silhouette stage where important elements are highlighted in rainbow colours. Each area has plenty of colourful creatures inhabiting them - not the least being Ember...”


Average: 9.1
Comments: None
AvatarGo buy it now!
Written by skaliex on Jun 24, 2016
“The Last of Us takes place in a post-apocalyptic America. Infected humans, similar to zombies, have been there for 20 years. Joel is tasked to travel with Ellie, a teenage girl, through this dangerous world to bring her to the Fireflies, a group of people trying to save the world. Ellie could in fact be the key to finding a cure. Ellie was born after the infection started and she has never known anything other than this chaos. She is curious, funny and optimistic opposed to Joel a pessimistic fighter missing the life he had prior to the infection. The story is amazing. It’s hard to stop playing because you always want to know what will happen in the next cutscene. You get attached to both characters and they are in my opinion among the best in gaming. The story will surprise you more than once. This is a game from a third-person perspective. The Last of Us is very challenging. You will die a lot. You have to save your bullets because you can run out easily. You have to find strategies and places...”


Average: 7.0
Comments: None
“After Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland came out and disappointed, Neversoft kind of had to rethink their strategy. Of course, they’ll still use the same formula, but they’ll try to avoid the same pitfalls American Wasteland fell into. Maybe the goals will have the player pull off some sick tricks rather than spending most of the game teaching you how to play the *bleep*ing game! Enter Tony Hawk’s Project 8, a game that had the makings of being the perfect culmination of all the sandbox-y Tony Hawk games. Honestly though, besides the fact that it doesn’t take full advantage of its large area, said large area isn’t separated by load screens or even by subtly loading up areas within a certain radius (or some shit like that), and given that it’s rendering a *bleep*load of detailed environments and people, it dips right into the performance – at best, you get some frame drops; at worst, it freezes. Even without the technical issues and even with a lot of what could’ve made this rock, it’s not as solid of an...”
Alice's Mom's Rescue


Average: 1.0
Comments: None
“The standards of the platformer genre were set over 30 years ago when Nintendo unleashed the original Super Mario Bros upon the world, showing not just what the mechanics were there for but how to effectively use them. So with such a stellar example to examine and draw basic ideas from, how do you miss the point this badly? Past indie platformers I've played that failed to impress might have had a few issues, but none failed in their basic design quite like this. It's like the only thing Alice's Mom's Rescue took from Nintendo's title is that there's a jump button and everything else just got dropped into a blender. Worryingly the presentation isn't actually bad. The game is presented in simple 2D sprites, with everything done in a large style that makes things nicely easy to see. There's a lot of colour involved that does bear some similarities to that original NES Super Mario Bros. The full screen option doesn't seem to work too well though, as it causes visual tearing when I tried it. The game only...”
Panopticon: Path of Reflections


Average: 9.0
Comments: None
“The game was part of the Hidden Object Bundle 6-in-1 on Steam, published by Alawar. I know that I shouldn't expand on the history of these kinds of bundles, but at the time of submitting the review, it's a miracle that the games included in it are still exclusive to it on the platform. I'll be brief: the 5-in-1 saw three games of it being released either as part of their trilogy (Weird Park and Twisted Land) or a standalone (Mountain Crime: Requital). The 4-in-1 included a game already on Steam at the time (House of 1,000 Doors). And I've discovered this morning that Alawar will release another bundle, where you'll find the two House of 1,000 Doors already on Steam. You understand now why I say it's a miracle that Panopticon, Cruel Games, Kronville, Lake House, Mexicana or The Other Side are still only available for Steam players through the bundle, making it very interesting to buy. Here, I'll present to you the second game I've played, Panopticon: Paths of Reflections, which was another good...”


Average: 9.9
Comments: None
“Kirby, everyone! Shame this is the first review of a Kirby game for me. I was planning on reviewing Triple Deluxe, but I guess this will have to do. (And if you like Planet Robobot, why not try Triple Deluxe too?) Enough with the advertisements for other Kirby games, let's get onto the main event, shall we? Planet Robobot! Is it good? Is it fun? Is it Kirby? Well, yes, yes and more yes! Planet Robobot's game-play is very similar to past Kirby games. Kirby hasn't strayed much from his roots. So, just in case you've never played a Kirby game before, let me fill you in on how Kirby games normally work. Usually, they're a 2-D platformer, where you play as Kirby (wow, really?), jump around levels, inhale enemies, copy their abilities, and then run along beating up other enemies and that sort of thing. There are loads of copy abilities in this game. Tons of your old favorites and expected ones, like Fire, Sword and Cutter. Some returning ones from newer games, such as Circus, Leaf and Archer. Some...”
East Tower: Takashi


Average: 8.5
Comments: None
“Given the fact that East Tower: Akio and East Tower: Takashi are more or less the same game apart that Sakuya is teaming up with Takashi instead of Akio, nearly whole of the review is a copy/paste of the one I did for Akio. As I've explained in my Akio review, I like visual novels but without being an avid player of them. East Tower Akio have achievements, the kind of those you can unlock easily, without too much saves. However, beginning the series meant also playing the three other games. So here's the second opus, Takashi. Let's see what will happen when Sakuya is partnered with Takashi. Sakuya is a woman wishing to be a man since an incident in her childhood. She makes everything in her power to look like one. Her cousin Daiki works for Dreamworld and needs her help to try a new virtual attraction called West Tower, reserved for women. However, Sakuya managed to convince him to let her try the East Tower, reserved for men. She ends with four other testers, trapped in the virtual world, though...”


Average: 9.0
Comments: None
AvatarThe complexity of Alma
Written by vicrabb on Jun 13, 2016
“Because Alma is Alma. Whoever never played FEAR can't understand why. Remember Alma? In FEAR, you were a special agent, sent to investigate and capture Paxton Fettel, a dangerous man with abilities to control engineered soldiers. However, it seems that something else or someone else was also behind the carnage happening in Armacham's offices. You were also haunted by a little girl and a grown woman, called Alma. And besides, you never expected that the truth about yourself would be revealed to you. Anyway, FEAR 2 is putting you in the shoes of Michael Becket, a sergeant in a special unit, used to answer to any kind of special missions involving paranormal (F.E.A.R.). Unfortunately, he's sent to retrieve Aristide, the mighty CEO of Armacham Technologies, that has something to do with the current problem in Auburn district. After a powerful detonation (the ending of the original F.E.A.R. game), he wakes up in an hospital, with people trying to kill you and with Alma Wade, the powerful spirit, taking an...”

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“Yeah, that's kind of weird. I don't think they quite polished it enough. If nothing else, your review of this is making me want to play Golden Axe again.”
Avatarre: Seriously Unimpressed
Commented written by Freewind Rider on Jun 4, 2016
“yeah, serious sam 3's battlefields weren't quite as open or generally well laid out as the original's was. plus the new enemies were not only kinda generic, but they also didn't fit into the mold as well as they should've - like there's no synergy between them and the old enemies, and they don't have the nuance that the old ones did either. i think serious sam 3's still a good game, but it did seem to make a few amateur mistakes trying to recapture that magic and putting it into a slightly more...”
Avatarre: Dragon's Crown: A beautiful grind!
Commented written by TheTubich on May 22, 2016
“Thats why i said oversexualized. Its not so much hot, as in everything that should be big is made too big.But still i remembered when it came out the net went insane over the designs.”
Avatarre: Welcome, Dear Unhacker.
Commented written by Alyssa on May 20, 2016
“Stalagmite pls confirm.”
“Link fighting Rauru in the Chamber of Sages would've been a hell of a thing, especially after he woke up from his seven year slumber. Then the game basically turns into Dark Souls.”