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The Cat Lady


Average: 8.0
Comments: None
AvatarSuicide and mania
Written by Lukas on Nov 28, 2015
“Games like The Cat Lady mystify me, if only because they’re so *bleep*ing good despite there being a lot working against it. It’s a point and click type of game that only really has basic puzzles and it doesn’t even use the mouse. That’s if you’re not listening to two people having a conversation with one another. Seriously, these interactions between characters can take an awfully long time, and that’s when there aren’t any “choices” to make (you have to choose all of them anyway so it seems a bit pointless – I guess that’s so you don’t get bored). Things progress at kind of an odd speed – like I said, interactions can take a while so it seems like things move slowly, but things unravel at kind of a quick pace too. That’s not even mentioning a lot of the out-of-place trippy moments that, upon first glance, seem to be there for the sake of them adding in some arthouse shit because that’s what the kids like – it’s like “what the *bleep* is going on???” The whole thing just seems like an artsy fartsy...”
Final Fantasy XIII


Average: 6.0
Comments: None
“When it comes right down to it, Final Fantasy XIII is kind of uneven. Not so much in terms of quality, but more in terms of pacing. I wanted so badly to like it given its monumental highs, but its lows make me think that it’s kind of boring. It’s a very subjective complaint, I get it – some people would find my favorite games like Doom, Banjo-Tooie and Just Cause 2 boring – but the thing I believe made it boring isn’t so subjective. Simply put, this game starts off so *bleep*ing slowly, it wouldn’t need an egg timer; it’d need an egg calendar! Seriously, the first 20 hours consist of tutorials, really easy battles, loads of character development and doing everything in its power to not progress forward! In the first few hours, things are getting set up for the rest of the game like the main characters turning into l’Cie and basically having society turn against them, and then they have to figure out how to either turn back to normal or at least figure out their mission so that they turn into crystals...”


Average: 9.2
Comments: None
“About this time two years ago on my internet travels I came across a game that was making the rounds online. Of course, I’m talking about Undertale, the absolute gem of a from indie developer Toby Fox. At first, I went into the game thinking it was just like any other RPG, kill the enemies, get stronger and finally kill the boss. Upon playing it, I was pleasantly surprised. Undertale is one of those games with a multitude of endings that changes based on the choices you make. In every ending, the story is the same. The world used to consist of humans and monsters. They coexisted peacefully until war broke out. Many years later, humans stood victorious over the monsters and banished them to the underworld, sealing in them with a barrier which can only be passed through with the use of a human soul. One day, a child falls into the underworld and has to find a way out, but they’re not the only one who wants to make it through the barrier. As far as gameplay goes, there’s not much to say that hasn’t...”


Average: 2.0
Comments: None
“Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven, released in June 2015 by XSEED Games in the US and Europe, is a turn-based strategy game with RPG elements that, interestingly enough, using bowling mechanics to get rid of mooks. Initially developed by the company behind the Rune Factory series, it got hit by their bankruptcy about halfway through the game and had to be saved by Marvelous. While they did hire the team behind Rune Factory to work on it, the game does suffer a lot from the original company falling under. But how exactly it suffered will be explained in good time, so let's proceed to the review itself. The story begins with the main character, Luchs, tending to his inn that gets no visitors and is next to a town of xenophobes. An earthquake happens and a character introduced as his best friend tells him that it's an ideal time to go to the nearby caves and harvest crystals - the energy source for things - because the quake must have knocked them loose. Luchs finds a girl trapped in a giant crystal, gets a...”


Average: 9.6
Comments: None
AvatarAmbitious beyond belief
Written by Polarity on Nov 21, 2015
“Developer and Publisher: Capcom Goddamn, this game is *bleep*ing brilliant! Really think about it for a second – Resident Evil 4 not only pumped some much needed extra life into a franchise that was declining both financially and qualitatively, but it also gave gaming itself a much needed boost. It all but popularised the usage of an over the shoulder camera, 16:9 resolution and quick time events in a game that's already got a substantial amount of gameplay. Many, many modern games have this beast to thank for their existence. But most importantly is that, even with all of that said and done, Resident Evil 4 is still a highly enjoyable game to play through to this day. In fact, I'd argue that for the most part, it's gotten better with age as what was once simply new and awesome has since become a fine example of action packed gameplay with plenty of suspenseful moments. The action/thriller moments are all backed up by overly ambitious design choices. Seriously, there’s so, so much to this game that...”
Tales of Zestiria


Average: 9.5
Comments: 3
“My experience with the Tales series is short but still with its ups and downs. Symphonia has cemented its place in my heart as one of the best RPGs I've ever played, while Abyss was on its way to that before it started to screw around in its last third and brought my opinion of it crashing down. I eventually decided to put my faith in Namco in response to them actually acknowledging the PC platform and made Tales of Zestiria my biggest game purchase of 2015. My reward is a RPG that easily ranks amongst the best despite some really odd design choices. The story takes place in a world where humans and seraphim who once co-existed eons ago now live in a state where seraphim can no longer be perceived by the majority of humans and malevolence slowly corrupts the world. Sorey, a rare human who's resonance allows him to interact with seraphim and was raised by them, becomes The Shepherd seemingly through happen-stance and becomes destined to rid the world of the malevolence that is corrupting it. The...”


Average: 8.3
Comments: 1
“As scary as monsters, dimly lit hallways and the odd trippy moment can be, there’s nothing scarier than a bleak fate for the human race. Nearly a hundred years into the future, most of the human race gets exterminated by a comet; only a few remain... kind of. I’d like to point out that Soma is the kind of game that really, really ought to be played blind since happening upon a lot of the revelations involving robots, the underwater laboratory you happen to be in, the fate of the human race after the disaster, your memories and everything in between and twisting together is not only quite a shock to the system, but it’s so fantastically well done that it provides the player with a bleak atmosphere. The futility of life, how others use it when they can control it and whether or not a consciousness is what makes us human – it’s amazing just how all of this adds up to a story that’s incredibly compelling and an atmosphere that’s about as oppressive as can be. Yeah, monsters are scary, especially when you can’t...”
Bulb Boy


Average: 7.7
Comments: None
“Bulb Boy is a point and click cartoonish horror game, with some quirky humor, giant monsters and some good variations in gameplay. Published and developed by Bulbware, so just by the name it's obvious that this is an indi/kickstarted game. This game is kinda hard for me to decide whether or not I like it. Here is why: Story: On a dark night, a formless ball of evil comes down on the house of Bulb Boy (a boy with a light bulb for a head), his grandfather (with I guess an oil lamp or bong for a head) and his dog (who has little pixie-like wings). The evil presents create a monster out of nowhere and of Bulb Boy's favorite possessions. Now the story as whole is great. A young boy traversing his home, which is filled with monsters in the dark and tries to save the day and mostly survive. No, the problem I have is with some the characters' actions, mostly Bulb Boy's actions. For example, there is a moment where he picks up a knife and makes with a twisted smile (music sting and all) and later he takes care...”

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“I'll get it done soon, bro! Just been busy, is all! Shame you didn't like it man.”
Avatarre: Yoshi needs to lay off the happy pills
Commented written by Noble Beast on Nov 27, 2015
“I may have derived some pleasure from this game back in my youth, but like you, your old buddies and Stalagmite, my younger self knew it wasn't on par with Super Mario 64, Banjo-Kazooie nor Ocarina Of Time. That being said, I have played it recently and find it rather relaxing. Everything Stalagmite pointed out seemed to work more in its favor than against it. I can understand being totally ambivalent towards this game since there isn't much in the way of challenge or things to do besides eating fruit...”
Avatarre: Namco sends a reminder why Tales RPGs are so good.
Commented written by Storm on Nov 27, 2015
“Great review! My biggest problem with this game is the characters. I don't really care for any of them. I hope the next game kicks things up a notch in its script, haha. I absolutely loved Vesperia, and Xilia 1 was good, but every other passing Tales game is slowly putting the series down for me. I like the battle system, the graphics are fine, I get to play it on my PC now which is convenient. But alas...the story and characters of this game are subpar compared to other entries.”
“"Darker than the darkest of darkness." i don't know, it's not nearly as dark as doom 3.”
Avatarre: The Best Has Yet To Come
Commented written by Storm on Nov 18, 2015
“Fantastic review: I especially enjoy the final verdict, best and most disappointing, haha. Well-worded.”