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Average: 6.8
Comments: None
AvatarLives and dies by its difficulty
Written by Stalagmite on Mar 29, 2015
“Released in 1986 by Nintendo, Super Mario Brothers: The Lost Levels (otherwise known as the original Super Mario Brothers 2) is a sequel to the trailblazing monolith we all know as Super Mario Brothers. But rather than it be like other sequels which have a story of sorts continue from the last game or have the gameplay style change in significant ways (be it style ala Zelda 2 or heavy improvements ala Super Mario Brothers 3), it's more as if you didn't shut off the game after rescuing Princess Peach! When you boot up the game and start going through the first level, you can already sense that things are going to be a hell of a lot harder than they were before. Bowser's done his homework as he hides poison mushrooms inside blocks where you'd expect the usual power up mushrooms to be, and he's even got nature working on his side with harsh winds blowing Mario away. He's also had a new architect working on his castles as the more maze-y ones are a lot more cryptic, really forcing you to use trial and error to...”
Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker


Average: 7.2
Comments: None
AvatarColorful and Charming
Written by NTOFVG on Mar 28, 2015
“This review will use the following weighted scoring system: Graphics - 15% Plot - 5% GamePlay - 60% Music / Sound - 10% Replay Value - 10% Toad and Toadette finally receive their own game in Captain Toad Treasure Tracker. Can they escape Mario’s shadow? Graphics This game retains the same bright, colorful, and cartoony looks as Super Mario 3D World. The color saturation is excellent and each stage is well crafted and well designed. If anything, this game might be a little too colorful and color saturated. (9.0/10) Plot Captain Toad and Toadette are hunting for treasure when they find a gold star. Suddenly, a giant bird appears and takes the gold star along with Toadette with it. There really isn’t much storyline here. Like most Mario games, it’s only really meant to introduce the game play. (2.0/10) GamePlay Captain Toad differs from traditional Mario games in two ways. First, Captain Toad cannot jump. He can only walk and run. That doesn’t mean Captain Toad is helpless. He still...”


Average: 8.3
Comments: None
“Tomodachi Life! The game that has been begging for a review, but I couldn't figure out how to review this game. Hopefully, I manage to pull this off! Ok, so let's start out with a general idea of what we do in the game, and no, it's not the new 'Animal Crossing'. So, basically, you run your own island, filled with various Mii's. Up to 100 Mii's can live on your island, and you help them with their everyday problems, like giving them food and clothes, playing games with them, helping them form friendships, and eventually even get married and have kids! There are a TON of different clothes, hats and food to collect, even some only available for a short time or for a certain holiday. There's also different colors for clothes and hats, allowing for a TON more clothes. As you probably already figured out, since Mii's can be, well, anyone, that's who can populate your island! Want to add your friends and family? No problem! Want to add some video game characters? No problem! Want to add some movie...”


Average: 7.4
Comments: None
AvatarBeautiful but Simple
Written by Dark_Arcanine on Mar 23, 2015
“When you look up at the night sky, you can't help but feel there is a great mysticism encompassing it - it's beautiful, and it's vast. Similarly, NightSky is a title of little explanation that throws you into quirky and interesting environments, catching the eye and the imagination in equal measure as you overcome the puzzles interspersed throughout your journey. With an ambient soundtrack that plods along beside you, it's a fun title to play in short stints for those who want a bit of quick, casual gameplay. You are a ball. That is all you need to know and that is all you will know. Beginning in a beach setting as the sun touches the horizon, a seemingly sentient ball is discovered by a boy, whose description makes it seem completely alien in origin. Taking this strange spherical object home, he proceeds to have dreams comprising of unknown places. Whether these are projections of the object's experiences, or simply its creations, is unknown. What is known, however, is that such scenarios are then...”
Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds


Average: 7.5
Comments: 1
“After rounding up some of my key titles of 2014 last year it did indicate a worrying trend of being overly focused on Nintendo licensed titles, with the likes of Smash and Pokémon eating into my time like nothing else. With PC gaming becoming ever stronger and a swiftly expanding marketplace for games on the platform I'm hoping to take a more active interest in new releases on PC this year. So... here's a review for a port of a Xbox Live and Vita title that hit PC this year. That still counts, right? The game is a 16 bit styled game that revels in its use of chibi anime graphics. Far from being a cheap cop out, the various characters and enemies are very well detailed. The stages that serve as the backgrounds of your clashes have plenty of detail themselves, like seeing the vast array of buildings in the city areas or seeing your character transition from one area of a building to the next and noticing that the area you're now in was the place depicting by the background of the previous location....”


Average: 6.5
Comments: None
AvatarA Study in Patience
Written by Harvest_Moon_girl on Mar 19, 2015
“Honestly, I'm writing this review more as a therapeutic form of venting than anything else. A few weeks ago, I decided to challenge myself and give this game another try as a way of passing the time before Story of Seasons was released. And though I made it to Spring of Year 2, I doubt I'll ever play it again once SoS comes out. All the things that bored and angered me a few years ago still do the same thing this year. Perhaps I'd feel differently if I were the type of person who took a more relaxed, spontaneous approach to Harvest Moon games. However, as someone who enjoys rigorously researching and strategically planning her actions in order to reap the most benefits and obtain locked items/animals/etc as quickly as possible, this game made me want to hurl my 3DS at the wall constantly. For whoever might be interested, the main plot of the game is that you are trying to reconcile the two towns whose villagers have disliked each other for generations due to an original argument over their village's...”


Average: 8.2
Comments: None
“In the last couple of years, Nintendo consoles have seen a number of successful cross-over titles release, bringing a fresh angle to such iconic series as Pokemon and Fire Emblem. It's not so surprising, then, to see this trend continue. Bringing one of the biggest series to the Wii U, Hyrule Warriors combines Nintendo's beloved The Legend of Zelda with the button-mashing delight of Dynasty Warriors. Managing to avoid those who scrupulously monitor the validity of the Legend of Zelda timeline and providing a platform to enjoy The Legend of Zelda characters as heroes who can divide the odds and defeat an army solo, Hyrule Warriors is a very enjoyable title and one of the best I have experienced on the Wii U so far. Something one would not expect from a series so action-oriented is a deep storyline, and that certainly rings true in this case. The opening scene is atypical to what fans have come to expect with Link; rather than lazing around, he is seen duking it out with a fellow trainee soldier, shining...”
Little Inferno


Average: 9.0
Comments: None
AvatarFIRE FIRE YEAH hehehehe
Written by Lukas on Mar 15, 2015
“Little Inferno's one of those games that's meant to be a commentary of sorts on video gaming. In this case, it's about addiction to something so mindless and simple... with said addiction making you unaware of shit going on around you. It does all of this in a light hearted way. Like, it makes you aware of it, but it's not berating or anything. In fact, all of the writing is stuff that you would expect to see in that type of scenario. One person sending you letters is going crazy due to her addiction to this simple activity while another person's reporting the weather as if you're not there to experience the brutal coldness outside. Eventually, the creator sends you letters, wondering if you're enjoying her playset the company mass manufactured. It's kind of funny – you probably do or don't, but it doesn't matter because you're hooked and there's nothing you can do about it. The Little Inferno playset is here to stay and you're ill equipped to deal with just how awesome it is!! It's for those reasons...”

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Avatarre: guys I don't know what to make of this one
Commented written by Polarity on Mar 29, 2015
“quote This might surprise you, but I do feel that because it's got lots of goofy shit going on that makes it all fun despite the lame dialogue. It's one of those things that's kind of hard to explain but basically, the game is batshit insane. I guess though, if the writing was better, it'd be a mad funfest!! That's part of the problem, though - because it's so poorly written, all of the silly situations lose their impact and it's just bad, not cheesy. It just seems like random shit's going on and...”
Avatarre: Breaking Faces Of Careless Mooks
Commented written by Duncan Idaho on Mar 25, 2015
“Looks fairly interesting. Shame neither of my PC's cant probably run it.”
Avatarre: Was This Success Fate?
Commented written by Duncan Idaho on Mar 11, 2015
“Yeah the Story is pretty great, given you enjoyed FSN you should be aware that the sequel Hollow Ataraxia already has a full translation patch made by the nvsqr comunity.”
“While people who collect stars are heavily penalized for dying, as not only are they taken out of the game for some time (which killers also do) but they also lose half of their resource (which killers don't), you have to consider how much faster and more reliable the star route is. With kills, you have to constantly win battles or land on battle tiles, where those seeking stars simply get them every turn. Also, playing safe and not dying is a fundamental goal of PvP, I rarely die if I can help it...”
Avatarre: This is why Suikoden is the best series ever!
Commented written by Hell Fire on Mar 10, 2015
“Yeah. First you need to have imported the data from Suikoden 1. Than, if you got 108 stars in Suikoden II, prevented a certain death, and got the level four bright shield rune, you can find him and Gremio in Banner village near the end of the game.”