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Akane the Kunoichi


Average: 4.5
Comments: None
AvatarCheap for a reason
Written by Insanity_Prevails on Apr 16, 2015
“A £1.99 game with low key aesthetics whose marketing seems to revolve around showing off the breasts of the protagonist. What could possibly go wrong? I didn't buy Akane precisely because what I saw of the game gave me the impression it was built on a very small budget without the time investment to compensate, but when it ended up in a bundle I purchased for other games I decided to activate it and give it a try. I've been surprised before by seemingly low key games that hide amazing gameplay experiences behind their worrying exterior. Sadly, Akane is not one of those games. In fact, Akane is exactly what first impressions lead you to believe - a game on the cheap that lacks the wow factor that'll get you wanting more. For what it is the character sprites have some good detail to them, although Akane is more or less the only one you'll see regularly with an intriguing design. Of course I'd expect the generic enemies to be made up of standard ninjas, monks and dogs, but nothing else really stands...”
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows


Average: 4.0
Comments: None
Avatarhelp I'm a turtle I can't get up
Written by Lukas on Apr 15, 2015
“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of The Shadows is one of those games that tried. Lord, did it try... but whether it was a lack of faith by Activision or simply a lack of experience, Red Fly Studio just kind of did something and hoped something would stick. The thing is that not only could it have worked, but it would've turned the typical hack and slash system right upside its head. Be honest, you want Platinum Games to play around with the Arkham Asylum combat engine. All that's stopping it from kicking ass is a lack of polish. From combat not having any oomph to the camera sucking shit through a straw, to commands being too responsive (if not unresponsive) and then to the boss fights being annoying as *bleep*, Out Of The Shadows lacks the necessary polish to knock one out of the park or be any good for that matter. In short, it's kind of bad. Not going to lie, though, this game did have a fairly good first impression. The Arkham style combat where you're kind of magnetized to a certain enemy...”
Citizens of Earth


Average: 4.5
Comments: None
“Citizens Of Earth is a throwback RPG.. no, scratch that. Citizens Of Earth is a game that pretends to be a throwback to 90s JRPGs, especially Earthbound. It's only got a surface level appreciation of its influences, not actually considering what makes them tick. It's so timid in its execution that playing it becomes a chore pretty quickly. Everything feels so bare boned, it's like they just started on something and then wrote their gags. The fact that the game elongates the *bleep* out of itself with heaps of lame-o fetch quests and grinding only serves to make things worse. It's so easy to look at this as a boring mediocre game and go play something else, but then it's just as easy – if not easier – to succumb to its charm. It's got some rather strange, goofy dialogue that's so deranged, you'd think they were psychopaths. If nothing else, just looking forward to what they have to say next is just barely enough to soldier on through this game. It's a game that revolves around doing mundane quests for...”


Average: 7.4
Comments: None
AvatarThis is one sloppy magnum opus
Written by Polarity on Apr 13, 2015
“Developer and Publisher: Bandai Namco Games You have to hand it to Namco – even after Tales Of Symphonia and Tales Of The Abyss eclipsed their predecessors tenfold and showcased some excellent experiences (albeit with a significant amount of filler, thank you very much Abyss), they still decided to give it the old college go and try to top themselves even further. It's easy to wonder exactly how you can top such an excellent one–two punch – like do you effectively take Abyss and take out the filler? Have the battle system resemble something closer to Star Ocean's? Totally change the mood but avoid the common pitfalls by exercising some mad creative writing skills ala Wind Waker? Complicate matters by discussing concepts well beyond your grasps with far out explanations or even go full on Killer7 on us? Well, if each successive entry in the series since Abyss has shown us, there's a bit of everything I've just said. Tales Of Legendia was better story-wise and with significantly less filler (that is to...”


Average: 8.8
Comments: 1
AvatarThis is why I love Smash.
Written by Insanity_Prevails on Apr 12, 2015
“If you only buy one game for your 3DS then that game should be Super Smash Bros. Also you are a really weird person buying a console and only getting one game, but at least now you know which game that should be. A game scoring a 10 from me is a rare situation (in fact, only two other games have managed it and one was also a Smash Bros game) so you know by that alone that I hold the game in the highest regard. No, it's not completely perfect, but it delivers a gaming experience that I will never forget and holds more than enough content to keep me coming back for more. About the only thing you need to know about the setting is that various Nintendo characters and several third party guest stars are thrown into battle against each other for the glorious honour of smashing the other fighters off the stage. Past games have made attempts at some form of story mode, but the latest games throw away all sense of pretence - you're here to fight as your favourite characters to beat up your least favourites and...”


Average: 9.0
Comments: None
AvatarDarker and more adventurous
Written by Monterey_Jack on Apr 4, 2015
“The thing with The Legend Of Zelda is that after A Link To The Past, it just kind of quoted itself and added a little something to try and keep things fresh. It was cool when they did it with Ocarina Of Time because it was a much bigger game, but it wasn't so cool when Wind Waker did it (even if Wind Waker had a good story), and it's flat out lame with Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword. Majora's Mask, on the other hand, dared to be different. It wanted to wear Ocarina Of Time's influences on its sleeves, but take all of it into a darker, more atmospheric direction with far more emphasis on sidequests and exploration – not just around the world, but into the world as well, if that makes any sense. Found at your local shop's occult section, The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask is a pretty sick game that goes above and beyond with just about everything that it does. Your experience with the game can go one of two ways – you could just blast through the main game, conquering the four dungeons and then...”
Little Inferno


Average: 8.0
Comments: None
AvatarTomorrow's Future, Today
Written by Dark_Arcanine on Mar 31, 2015
“Tomorrow Corporation's Little Inferno is one of those simple, quirky games that works in all the right ways to keep you coming back for more until you finish it - and probably 100%, depending on the obsession levels generated! Although many fans of World of Goo were probably hoping for a sequel - myself included - little Inferno certainly exhibits a lot of the same charms; dark humour, an attractive art style, absorbing gameplay, and a plot that draws you in and makes you want to know how it ends. There is no doubt that the premise of burning things in a fireplace as the core gameplay probably made a lot of people look twice, but the final result is an enjoyable title that can be played in short stints and is quality from beginning to end. The city is freezing over. Every day the weather becomes increasingly severe, as hope dwindles and people sit shivering in their homes. The gloomy, threatening weather is reported each day to the citizens by the Weather Man in his hot air balloon. In an attempt to...”


Average: 9.0
Comments: None
AvatarHunting for Glory
Written by Swampert_X on Mar 31, 2015
“The game has a surprising intro to it, explaining the battle against a large Elder Dragon right away which is very neat and actually gives you a feel for it when you actually have to hunt it. And with that hunt the "legend" of a new hunter begins as a traveling Caravan's personal hunter. You get some basic gathering, roasting and combining quests to start with and even get a practice quest for every weapon in the game to help you start up. Once you go on the story starts and you really notice Capcom actually made a story here. (they first tried that with MH3U but it didn't work that well). You can take personal quests from specific people in town's which in turn unlock more quests the more you rank up. Eventually you will meet monsters with the Frenzy virus and it's spreader, which is what the story revolves around. MH4U introduced a new feature that allows you to mount a monster, play a mini game and topple the monster if you succeed for free hits. You can achieve this with jumping attacks, like when...”

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Avatarre: This is why I love Smash.
Commented written by Charisma on Apr 14, 2015
“Great review”
Avatarre: A Wonderful, Characterful Crossover
Commented written by Insanity Prevails on Apr 12, 2015
“I think Hyrule Warriors is one of the few Wii-U games that I would have loved the opportunity to play. The game looks like so much fun.”
“write your own review Polarity.”
Avatarre: Breaking Faces Of Careless Mooks
Commented written by Duncan Idaho on Mar 25, 2015
“Looks fairly interesting. Shame neither of my PC's cant probably run it.”
Avatarre: Was This Success Fate?
Commented written by Duncan Idaho on Mar 11, 2015
“Yeah the Story is pretty great, given you enjoyed FSN you should be aware that the sequel Hollow Ataraxia already has a full translation patch made by the nvsqr comunity.”