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The Last Door


Average: 8.6
Comments: None
“Important Note:This review is based on "The Last Door:season 1" The Last Door is kick started,episodic,point and click adventure with a pixel art style,and a story heavily implementing the writing of H.P.Lovecraft(and a little E.A.Poe). Not to waste you time,if you are looking for a chilling story,simple game play and can except the art style.Get this.If you need to know why,read on. Story:This is the main pull of the game.You play Jeremiah Devitt, a man who as just received a cryptic letter from his old childhood friend,prompting him to go to his manor and find out what is going on.And from there on,you go one a journey to find the truth of a secret long forgotten,but still lingering. As said before a lot of this story has the feel of a lovecraftien story,with some poetic touches of the Poe.Also being spread out in a episodic fashion makes for a great pacing.If i have a negative point about the story,is that it uses a troupe i will call the "Suppressed Memory Flashback". Where you discover that the...”
Tormentum - Dark Sorrow


Average: 8.8
Comments: None
“Tormentum- Dark Sorrow is a dark fantasy,point and click adventure game,by OhNoo Studio(composed by just 3 people). It was crowd funded via a indigogo, barely making it pass their goal back in June 2014. Story:The story of the game is a bit generic.You play a amnesiac who wakes up in a cage,next to another prisoner,who is a giant rat.Also you like a traveling cultist,fanny pack and all! A bit after that you realize that you are a prisoner of some sort of inquisition of dark nights, who are taking you to a castle where you will be "cleanse" of your sins. From there you must escape the castle,"helping" other beings in the land and finding out the who you are and what is the meaning of the visions from your dreams.However i must make a note,that this game‘s story does make it a good point that you are not a hero.You are not saving a damned kingdom,you just do what you need to do get where you need to go.Everything else is just obstacles.Honestly i find this a breath of fresh air. The rest of the writing...”
Shank 2


Average: 4.7
Comments: None
“Shank 2 is game developed by Klei and published by EA,a sequel to the original 2D slash em up Shank.The game was release not long after the original one,and it shows.Since i have am sure that you have already looked at the score,lets see why i rated it so low. Story:This is one of the biggest negatives for me.The Shank 1 story was consistent,straight forward and the cut-scenes explain the characters deal very nicely.Here the is not of it.The story and character backstories are explain with collectible(which can be missed) and in form of bios sort of thing and the cut-scenes only serve to show a quick action shot-like wrestling a alligator,which you cant do in the game by the way.Not only that it does not make sense:out of context you go from facing 2 pyromaniac guerrilla generals,to a magic witch to a cannibal in the first half of the game.It is horrible and if i have to guess why,it was rushed. Art:Its the Klei comic art style.It cool and pleasing to the eye.The only nice thing of about the game....”
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain


Average: 8.0
Comments: None
AvatarThe Best Has Yet To Come
Written by ProKiller on Sep 29, 2015
“The Best Has Yet To Come Metal Gear Solid 5 is one of the most polarizing games ever released, some loved the crap out of it, and some absolutely hated its guts. A different method of reviewing, I will talk about the game’s pros and cons separately in paragraphs. Because this game is a very mixed bag for me, don’t get me wrong, I like it. But it is flawed beyond forgiveness. And please share your opinion on the game in a post below, I’m very curious to know what you thought of it. I actually beat the game a mere two weeks after its release, but it took me a while to formulate my opinion because I felt dissatisfied with the experience. But now I’ll try my best to sound professional. Pros: Metal Gear Solid 5 is a graphical powerhouse, it’s nowhere near the caliber of The Witcher 3’s visuals in technical achievements, but it still very ambitious in technology and delivered for the most part. The animations and motion capture work is solid (No pun intended.) and contributes to making this game having...”
Invisible, Inc.


Average: 8.7
Comments: None
“Invisible,Inc. is a turn based corporate spy-em up by the wonderful people at Klei entertainment,people behind Mark of the Ninja,Shank and Don't Starve.Since the game is currently in early access,i wanted to see if its worth the risk of the purchase. Story: The game's story goes,that you are a operator of Invisible Inc. a secret agency that has gone rouge.Now you must travel the world,doing several missions by giving orders to your agents,getting money anyway you can,usually by hacking mainframes and safes,collecting briefcases of cash or corporate secrets, all so you use it to upgrade your agents with weapons and augmentations to prep them for the final mission against the security agency that is chasing you.The games writing is suburb,giving you the actual feeling that you are a professional agent.The backstories of your agents are also a nice piece of flavor text. Graphics: The art style is just that word,style.Kley has a unique ability to give their game's a distinct look and this is no...”
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst


Average: 9.5
Comments: None
“Once upon a time I watched an anime called Naruto, and it has an important place in my heart as being one of the series that really got me into anime in the first place. Sadly the long running and slow pacing caused me to drift away from it. When this game popped up on sale I recalled playing the first Ultimate Ninja game on PS2 and what a blast that was. Since I was also looking to expand my collection of games that work as "drop in and have fun anytime" I picked it up. Suffice to say I was not disappointed with my purchase. Naruto Shippuden is as much fun as I expected it to be. The game has a story mode that covers the fourth ninja war, where a masked man calling himself Madara seeks to claim the world tailed beasts for himself so he can bring the world under his control. Seeing the leaders of various ninja villages band together to deal with the threat as well as the way the title character Naruto responds to this was very interesting and it has made me wonder what I might have missed out not...”


Average: 8.0
Comments: 1
AvatarFor Mario fans and creative types
Written by NTOFVG on Sep 25, 2015
“Super Mario Maker is a sandbox game, along the lines of Minecraft and Little Big Planet, that allows players to make and play 2D Super Mario platform courses Graphics Super Mario Maker features four game styles with three being retro and one being modern HD. However, the retro styles have been remastered for an HDTV screen. The 8 and 16 bit styles are crisp and clean. Additionally, the retro styles are the 16:9 aspect ratio instead of 4:3 like they originally were. Getting Started When first starting the game, players are started in editing mode with a brief tutorial on how to use the toolbox. Only a handful of course elements will be ready at the start. Eventually, more option become available such 10 Mario Challenge, Course World, and Course Bot. The Toolbox Nintendo has made a very easy to use toolbox to create custom Mario courses. Everything is done on the GamePad which makes excellent use of the large touchscreen. There is a top drop down menu that contains all course elements while the...”


Average: 9.7
Comments: None
AvatarDied from cuteness
Written by gsdfhf on Sep 21, 2015
“At long last, Miku and friends have arrived on the 3DS in the west. Was this game worth the almost three year wait? Wish I knew, let's go find some review to see...wait a minute... Jokes aside, Project Mirai DX is everything you could want from a Vocaloid game. The song list alone is massive, with tons of great songs and cute videos to go along with them. Before I get onto that, let me go over how the game plays, just in case you've never played a rhythm game before. Simple, you push buttons in various combinations to the tune of songs. There's also Tap Mode, which lets you tap the touch screen instead of pushing buttons. Each song also has three difficulties. Easy, Normal and Hard. The last of which has to be unlocked first by playing the song on Normal. Each level gets more complicated than the last and getting perfect on each song is really challenging. Difficulty varies from one song to another though, as some are really fast paced and difficult, even somewhat on Easy, while others are...”

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Avatarre: For Mario fans and creative types
Commented written by laurikaltiomaa on Oct 6, 2015
“still waiting for a 3ds version [which will probably never be made ]”
Avatarre: some second rate platformer got a remaster
Commented written by Watain on Oct 4, 2015
“oddly enough, they actually released Ty The Tasmanian Tiger 4 like a couple of days before you wrote that comment, Alyssa. I think if it does well, they might do just that - Ty The Tasmanian Tiger 1-3 HD.”
Avatarre: Murkywatch
Commented written by Duncan Idaho on Sep 22, 2015
“Combat wise? Its the best TLOZ game. Period No other LOZ so far can match it, the hidden skills idequest is fun, easy to do and utterly rewarding to the point where once you are entering the fifth dungeon, you are a murder machine. I am serious there is a skill for every stituation and then there is the cave of ordeals. Holy shit its hard.”
Avatarre: A magical RPG, if not quite eternal.
Commented written by Lukas on Sep 8, 2015
“lmao I thought for a second, Eternal Sonata got a PC port.”
Avatarre: You’re tearing me apart!!
Commented written by InsanityS on Sep 5, 2015
“That's rather disappointing to read about. I had seen Toren when it first released and thought it might be worth getting at some point down the line, but I think I've had my fill of sweet looking games in this kind of art style where the gameplay mechanics aren't that great.”