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Enemy Zero


Average: 7.5
Comments: None
“Enemy Zero is a first person horror game where you have to take out invisible aliens on a spaceship. On a conceptual level, this sounds pretty sick. With the enemies being invisible and detectable only by sound, it comes down to how much you pay attention and how well you time each of your attacks. You can kill them in one hit, but they kill you in one hit. You have to charge up your shots and gauge the alien’s distance based on the speed that your radar’s beeping while they can kill you if you’re like heaps close to them. Since you’re paying heaps of attention to the game, whatever jump scares there are in you dying hit hard. So far, so good, right? Even the story’s pretty cool sounding – you wake up from cryosleep, suffer from amnesia and have to find out what’s going on. Over the course of the game, you find out that some real crazy shit’s been happening both behind the scenes and during your cryostasis. It all culminates into an intriguing Blade Runner-esque mystery with a large helping of Alien’s...”


Average: 5.3
Comments: None
AvatarHe was always a kidder
Written by Lukas on Oct 18, 2016
“Harvester’s pretty *bleep*ing weird. From its offbeat townsfolk and their colorful interactions with Steve the main character to all of the crazy shit that goes on in the game, Harvester is the kind of game that really demands you to just sit back, take it and have a few laughs. The absurdity of it all is enough to think of it as some B-grade video game. Add in the FMV scenes with schlocky acting and tons of the red stuff, and couple those with voice acting that’s comparable to the original Resident Evil game, and it’s pretty much a Z-grade interactive movie. It’s like if those crappy FMV games on the Sega CD were poorly done on purpose and the actors all actually had fun with it. Yet at the same time, this offbeat atmosphere comes together with some disturbing imagery and crazy conspiracies to put together this surreal experience that’s chock full of suspense and wonder. Like what the *bleep* is really going on here? Oh and it’s a point and click game for most of the game and a beat em up for the last...”
Pajama Sam: No Need to Hide When it's Dark Outside


Average: 9.0
Comments: None
“Sam is a little boy fan of a super-hero. However, tonight, it's the first time he'll sleep without the light. He really wants to do it but he's afraid of Darkness, a evil enemy. So, he turns into Pajama Sam, a super-hero and is resolved to capture his nemesis so that he can sleep without fear.... Pajama Sam: No Need to Hide When It's Dark Outside is a game aimed at children: it's a point-&-click adventure, with minigames in it, though they're not all needed to advance. The story can also speak for the little ones: it's showing Sam willing to sleep without light and getting over his fears. Kids can relate to him. But to manage to do so, Sam is living an extraordinary adventure: he looses his flashlight, lunchbox and mask because trees are stealing them and before confronting Darkness, he needs to find them and retrieve them. Sam will have to show for example to Otto the boat that wood is floating, to oil the wheels of the wagon, etc.. What I realized is that the game is random: indeed, you have...”
Agent Walker: Secret Journey


Average: 8.0
Comments: None
“Guess who is publishing this game? Artifex Mundi! Usually, I agree with their choices when it comes to the game proposed. I couldn't be more enthusiast with Agent Walker as the setting is World War II and it's one of my favorite era with Antiquity (World War I is following closely but I'm more interested in World War II). I'll even admit that I'm more attracted to the dark side of history (aka the Nazi Germany) than Allies, as it's only now that historians can really show the complexity of it, breaking the pictures fabricated then. Don't worry: I'm not sharing the nazi vision of the world. It's just that my historian side speaking. During World War II, a course to retrieve the mythical Spear of Destiny, destined to help people rule the world, is happening between Axis and Allies. Agent Walker is sent to destroy it after it was localized in France. However, once there, she fell in a trap... The Spear of Destiny... it's not the first time that I've heard about it: another casual adventure game has the...”
New York Mysteries: The Lantern Of Souls


Average: 9.5
Comments: None
AvatarThe Case of the Zombies
Written by vicrabb on Oct 18, 2016
“When a strange murder leads Laura James, a journalist working for a secret order, to recognize the murderer as the recently deceased husband of the victim, she never expected to investigate about undeads and the Reaper itself... Third in the trilogy of New York Mysteries, Laura is now dealing with a classic theme: undeads. Before diving into the story, let me just recap the overall plot of the series. Laura is living in New York, in the '50 and is a journalist that was contacted by Mr. Bishop in her first case, with kids and mafia bosses disappearing. The man explained to her the purpose of the secret order he's the guardian: to investigate paranormal cases and to prevent disasters to strike. Thanks to an elaborate subway system, Laura can access the locations where she'll find clues. While she finally found the kids alive, the mafia bosses were indeed taken by a real ghost. On her second case, she was confronted to a man that was executed and reborn into electricity. She was sent by the order to...”
Mystic Saga


Average: 9.0
Comments: None
AvatarAn Eastern Tale in F2P
Written by vicrabb on Oct 17, 2016
“If it wasn't for the review on All About Casual Game, which prompted me to add the profile on Neoseeker, which made me use a search engine, which pointed me that the game was on Steam, which made me realise that there are achievements... In other words, I've missed the Steam release of the game - a free-to-play with achievements... But that mistake is now repaired. It's reminding me that I still need to put the review of Lost Lands - A Hidden Object Adventure. And Clover Tales (or is it already reviewed here?). And if you're asking me about Lost Lands: Mahjong, I happened to have already published the review here. After this kinda confusing introduction, let's talk about Mystic Saga (and the unavoidable comparison to Lost Lands). Mystic Saga reminds me a lot Lost Lands: A Hidden Object Adventure. Given the fact that it's Five-BN publishing, it's not a surprise. I don't know which one was the first but while Lost Lands was clearly based on a universe already developed with traditionnal games, Mystic...”
Zombie Camp: Last Survivor


Average: 5.0
Comments: None
“Zombie Camp: Last Survivor is one of these games where your hopes are crushed by developers that really didn't care about bugs or even to hold their promises of new levels. I was enjoying the game around the time of the writing and while I should update my review on Steam, well, I think I'll give Neoseeker the exclusivity until I'm being less lazy. Zombie Camp: Last Survivor is a shooter... where you stand by your position and kill zombies, skeletons and... well giant bosses (they're not alone in their waves though). The goal? Survive during 10 waves! And while you begin only with a pistol, you can gain experience and money to unlock new weapons, upgrade them and resplenish them - because even if the ammo can go to 999 (apart the pistol), you'll need ammo if you're using the same gun each time. Right now, there are only two levels: a graveyard and a farm (or medieval town, choose what you think it's best). But, in the end, you just want to kill them, because well, admit it, while you don't move and...”
The Room Two


Average: 8.5
Comments: None
AvatarThe Room Two: Now with more
Written by TheTubich on Oct 12, 2016
“The Room Two is the sequel from Fireproof Games's puzzle hit. The game offers much of the same , with more in some areas and less in others. But as the first, its pretty good. Story: The game continues where you left off (SPOILER: You where trapped in a some sort of endless maze of rooms) and now you start to find a pattern, where each room is like a special cell for different people which have found the NULL element in the past. As you solve them, you get closer and closer to escaping this hell. Also unlike the first game, this one has a ending. Music: Like the first one, the one (or maybe it two) tracks are nice and creepy, sound effects are top notch. However, there is a major mistake: The "Jump-scare" tone. Basically at some moments the game trows a high tension buzz in a attempt to scare you, but it mostly falls flat and awkward. Only in one instance of the game does it work. Graphics: Surprisingly this game's has downgraded graphics when compared to the first one. I guess its understandable...”

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Avatarre: Ninjas don't do stealth.
Commented written by Freewind Rider on Oct 13, 2016
“it's actually kind of funny when you think about it - given how fiddly the camera is in like every game platinum games makes, you'd think it'd be perfect for keyboard and mouse... until you realize that the rest of the game works heaps better with a controller.”
Avatarre: The Messiah's Choice
Commented written by Chromatus on Oct 9, 2016
“Good Lord, this review is horrible. >>”
“I'm so glad someone actually accurately represented my favorite and most lived time period of online chatting for once and it's in the form of a video game.”
Avatarre: A third finished
Commented written by Polarity on Sep 12, 2016
“Pretty much.”
Avatarre: Needs more dog
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“I'd rather not.”