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Average: 9.7
Comments: None
“When some people convinced me to buy Monster Hunter Tri for the Wii, I never envisaged myself sinking several hundred hours into that single game; nor did I know that it would encourage me to buy its future expanded version Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, bringing that time spent up to about a thousand hours between them! I even bought it as a bundle with the Wii U, such was my eagerness to jump back into the hunt. Yet it's not surprising when a Monster Hunter title is far more than the sum of its name, involving massive amounts of grinding and collecting for starters. This title is certainly a high quality, polished tribute to its predecessor with enhanced gameplay and stunningly beautiful HD graphics. For those who played Monster Hunter Tri there is still plenty on offer to still be interested, while for newcomers this is a fantastic option to jump into the series with. Not a series known for deep plots, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is no exception - though it makes an admirable attempt to instill some level...”
Woolfe - The Red Hood Diaries


Average: 3.0
Comments: None
“When I first caught sight of this game it did seem appealing. Twisted versions of classic tales (which can be twisted in their own way already) seem like they'd make for some interesting settings. My suspicions over the quality were raised when the game ended up in a bundle a mere two months after its release. Plenty of good games end up in bundles, but to do so this quickly was unusual. Sad to say, those suspicions have been justified. Woolfe - The Red Hood Diaries looks the part but suffers numerous failings throughout. The game does look amazing though. The classic image of Red Riding Hood, crafted into an older girl with bitterness in her eyes, works really well as the protagonist. Several times cutscenes look to give players an even better look of her, reinforcing that a lot of care went into her. There are some pretty cool enemy designs as well, like the mechanical soldiers that roam the city or the wolves that prowl the forest later on. As demonstrated by the screenshots there is some outstanding...”
Citizens of Earth


Average: 4.0
Comments: None
“Developer: Eden Industries Publisher: Atlus Part of me wants to just say that Citizens Of Earth is a terribly bland RPG that tries far too hard to rip off Earthbound whilst totally missing everything that made Earthbound the cult hit that it had become over the years whilst moving so slowly that it's like a sloth on ambien... but then I'd be denying that this game does have some serious chops. The chops aren't found in every area where it matters, but it was enough to keep me playing through this game, despite its less than satisfactory gameplay. One thing is for certain – this game has possibly one of the loudest art directions you're likely to see in a game. It's not necessarily because of the colors, which are actually just colorful enough to give the appearance of life without going overboard; it's more because of the character designs. They all look so outlandishly cartoonish. The school mascot looking like a talking clam from a 90s Nickelodeon cartoon, the animals that have different looking...”


Average: 9.9
Comments: None
“Naruto Ultimate ninja impat started shaping up as another run of the mill game that attempted to adapt in game form the manga or anime of Naruto, as AVGN often shows, the results go awry more often than not, however this game is a subverts the trend. NUNI goes and instead of becoming a cookie cutter figther game it becomes a beat 'em up much like Final Fight is. The game starts at the very beggining of shippudden and goes all the way to the five kage arc, but it also covers Sasuke's and Jiraiya's parts along every other character in between. Part of what makes this game so good is how varied the movesets are, Naruto and Sage Mode NAruto are different as day and night, one is a straight up brawler, the other is a precision combo spawnin and spamming machine, and I mean it Sage Mode Naruto can use a combo follow it up with an Earth Splitter and thus creates an aerial combo that timed right ends up with a Giant Rasengan that makes his foe bounce and you then can follow a combo to start a Rasengan...”


Average: 4.3
Comments: None
“Overlord is the product in some lenght of Riana Prachett, daugther of Terry Prachett, so once I installed and booted the game I was hoping for a nice satire of well, everything Tolkien created, what I got was that in part. Story wise Overlord is a simple game with two paths of being Good or Evil, both have pros and cons. Gameplay wise is where everything falls appart, you are heralded as a menacing figure, an imposing man dressed in intimidating armor. The truth is that you are not even close to that, why you would ask? Overlords are usually portrayed as being end game level characters, thought to handle, difficult to take down, in other words a challenge. The game protagonist (read The Overlord) never manages to fall in line with this, even with the best armor, having maxed its defence factor should make you an unshakable wall of stone in truth it only makes you sligthly tougher, even bugs can still kill you. The entire probelm some argue is fixed by the minions, the four races of eternally loyal...”
Mario Kart 8


Average: 8.3
Comments: None
“Well, here we go, the latest instalment in a long line of games for the Mario Kart series. With each one having a defining gimmick, in Mario Kart 8 it's about defying gravity with the ability to drive along walls and across the ceiling. With the capacity to now drive underwater, along ceilings and walls, and glide through the air, it's safe to say that Mario Kart is exploring every avenue and dimension for new track ideas. The question is: does it still hold up? With a number of modes to enjoy, Mario Kart 8 should have something on offer for everyone. Grand Prix, the standard mode, offers up the usual eight cups consisting of four race tracks each. Four cups are brand new tracks, while the other four consists of polished versions of tracks from past titles. These can be raced through on 50cc, 100cc, 150cc, and Mirror Mode (as well as 200cc now!), which affects both the speed and difficulty of the races. Players can also collect coins to unlock new kart parts, as well as being used to improve your...”
Pokémon Rumble World


Average: 5.0
Comments: None
“If you told me a year ago Nintendo would get into Free to Play games, and that they would use the Pokémon license of all things for it, then I would have thought you were crazy. Granted it's not a core RPG, but until now I would have thought even the spinoffs would be behind the usual price tags for the entirety of their availability. And yet here we are. Pokémon Rumble World is the second F2P Pokémon title to hit the 3DS in what appears to be the gaming giant testing the waters of unfamiliar territory. It's interesting to see the company trying stuff like this. A shame that I found the game itself to wear thin pretty quickly. The game has a charming look, although the production values aren't quite as high as more core games of the series. Since all the pokémon are toys and every human NPC is a Mii character this has allowed them to get away with avoiding more complex animation more detailed models would have demanded. Despite this there's still something to be said watching a little Fennekin toy...”


Average: 9.5
Comments: 1
“Well, my search for action based titles has led me through games that range from mediocre to outright terrible. Fortunately this search of mine for an excellent action title was not in vain, as Frozenbyte showcase a puzzle platformer that is not only well made but has a very interesting central mechanic the gameplay revolves around. Being a co-op title, Lorx and I sat down over numerous nights and tackled this fantasy tale. While first impressions were that of an action adventure, progression in Trine 2 isn't purely about bouncing along platforms or stomping enemies (although it does include both). Rather, each level is littered with obstacles acting as puzzles requiring players to figure out just how exactly they can proceed in the stage. You'll run across ledges just slightly out of jumping reach, doors activated by pressure sensitive switches, fire traps that block off routes and portals. I knew my training in Aperture would pay off some day. Some puzzles are Zelda style straightforward, where you...”

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Avatarre: organized clutter
Commented written by Freewind Rider on May 25, 2015
“this is donkey kong 64, not banjo-tooie.”
“I cannot wait for Trine 3! Have been very pleased with Trine and Trine 2 and I sorely hope the series can end on a high note with a strong trinity. Good review overall. I was amused when reading the image caption about "bypassing" a puzzle. That sensation of wondering if you've done something the intended way is part of what I find so charming about the series; it leaves everything perfectly open to being overcome in a variety of ways and that makes for fun gameplay for everyone I feel.”
Avatarre: Not Really A Sequal to Revelations 1
Commented written by haalyle on May 19, 2015
“Yes, Alyson Court did not come back to full fill Claire's role. That role, so far, is left uncredited. It kind of saddened me a bit and you can tell that it's a different voice actor as well. The only characters that have their voices from voice actors from past games are the unlockable ones in Raid Mode: Jill, Chris, Leon and Albert Wesker.”
Avatarre: The Legend of Metroid: A Link To The Past
Commented written by Duncan Idaho on May 9, 2015
“The anhilator beam is terribly useful in the dark world, shoot at any beacon, or crystal and itll be surpercharged, it will attract any and all Ings or ing possessed creatures to it and kill them in contact. The Sonic boom is far stronger than the sun or darkburst considering that in the GC version three shots would kill the second form of the emperor ing (shell is third form)”
“According to tvtropes this game suffered from troubled production (it was cancelled, moved, cancelled and finally launched) but it seems to have a cult following. But yeah not even Final Fight One is as crazy, well until you reach the final boss.”