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Average: 9.0
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“The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Developer: Nintendo EAD Publisher: Nintendo Release Date: Nov 22, 2013 (NA), (EU) Platform(s): Nintendo 3DS I want to get this out of the way first: I did not enjoy this game nearly as much as past handheld Zelda titles. However, as far as Zelda games go at the time of writing, A Link Between Worlds is one of the best. There's a lot to enjoy in revisiting the iconic Hyrule from 1991's A Link to the Past, but at the same time it's easy to feel a little underwhelmed when the sense of deja'vu creeps up. A lot of reviewers begin their analysis by pointing out the positive aspects of a game. I'll be doing just the opposite, because there's a lot to like. I think it'll be easier to appreciate what Nintendo included and what they didn't change in terms of the game world if we start with the things that held the game back, or rather made it feel dated. The gameplay is typical Zelda fare. There's a short introduction that introduces the hero, Link, the...”


Average: 6.6
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AvatarOf voyeurism and derivative gameplay
Written by Polarity on Sep 15, 2014
“Developer: Ubisoft Montreal Publisher: Ubisoft Hype can often be a fickle thing – a trailer excites the audience who'll be in anticipation for the product in question. But then the release date pops up and it's a year later, which will make some people go “oh boy I can't wait” and others go “oh my god just come out now.” With the advent of flash releases like Beyonce's self titled album and Gran Turismo 6, as well as Netflix releasing entire shows on their streaming service, it seems as if impatience has won... It certainly says an awful lot about what it usually is that gets people crazy about a movie after watching a trailer; usually some dime-a-dozen movie about CGI robots in a rote by-the-numbers military story – hype dies down when it's over a product that's all bark and no bite. So it says plenty when people were *bleep*ing crazy about Watch Dogs' release. Call me crazy if you want, but even amidst the delays and intentional suppression of the PC version's power, we were still anticipating the...”


Average: 3.5
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AvatarYou got moves? Play DDR instead.
Written by Aevers on Sep 14, 2014
“Just when you think you've seen it all, you browse the Xbox Live Arcade marketplace and find a game that – get this – combines an RPG with elements from a rhythm game. Now, I love RPGs and I enjoy the occasional Guitar Hero session, so naturally when I first found this in 2011, I bought it. Then I played it and absolutely hated it because it was about the laziest attempt at combining the two that anybody could think of and it was just plum annoying to play. Two and a half years later, I give it another shot, and I still *bleep*ing hate this game! Thing is, it has a surprisingly well written story where you're tasked with climbing a tower, having to defeat some overly stereotypical villains, and then it twists and turns as the true purpose of the tower is explained and love blooms between our two main characters – the story during the second half was nearly enough to get me to not completely hate this game. Then I think about all that I had to go through in order to progress through the story and... let's...”


Average: 8.0
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AvatarBodacious space animals
Written by Stalagmite on Sep 14, 2014
“Released in 1993 by Argonaut Games, Star Fox was a test to see exactly how 3D graphics would work on the Super Nintendo and possibly push for 3D games. Now, a small, small handful of console games and even PC games had messed with polyginal graphics (mostly PC), but Star Fox was the first on a console to be at least halfway good. Well, good for 1993, anyway. 21 years later, it's not quite as impressive as it was. Hell, even 4 years later, it was rendered obsolete since Star Fox 64 (or Lylat Wars as it's called down under) took that and made it a hundred times better. Now, obviously, the graphics themselves won't look good now, but that's okay – technology gets better and makes older games' graphics look shit by comparison, unless it at least looks more stylish (which is why people wondered why the cartoony looking Wind Waker was being remade instead of the more “realistic” looking Twilight Princess). Star Fox certainly had moments of looking more like abstract art than something more conventional....”
The Wonderful 101


Average: 8.8
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AvatarThe 9th wonder of the world
Written by Stalagmite on Sep 14, 2014
“Released in 2013 by Platinum Games, The Wonderful 101 is a hyperstylized tribute to the super sentai shows and Godzilla-esque monster movies of old. It's almost like the next gen Power Rangers game that we never got, except instead of the characters from there that we know and love, we have a bunch of Viewtiful Joe lookalikes of different shapes and sizes. That's cool, because Viewtiful Joe was awesome and he'd be a perfect fit for something of this nature, should they need to go for this angle for his character. The Wonderful 101 also goes to show that you can pay tribute to Japanese media without pandering to overly obsessive anime fans – Power Rangers was Japanese (and then poorly dubbed into English), but it was as campy as all get out and that's why we loved it. The Wonderful 101 is also campy, but it goes well over the top with everything that it does. Where this game rocks harder than ten AC/DC concerts is that it's so much fun to play, you'd have to wonder if this is even legal. Then you realize...”


Average: 7.5
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“The following review will use this weighted scoring system: Graphics - 15% 3D Effect - 5% Plot - 30% GamePlay - 30% Music/Sound - 10% Replay Value - 10% Professor Layton Versus Phoenix Wright is a cross over game that involves element from both series packaged in one game. Will the two blend or will it be oil and water? Graphics There are nice 3D animations in the game especially in court and exploring the town. The animations are decent as well with decent cut scenes. However, I felt that the conversations or dialogs among the characters were still a little too flat. (7.5/10) 3D Effect I like how the 3D effect moves the depth of the magnifying glass when investigating areas. There are a couple of times where the 3D effect helps seeing the solution to a puzzle. Unfortunately, there are times where the scene produces some “ghost” images or double images no matter how one tries to adjust the 3D effect or reposition the 3DS. (7.0/10) Plot Professor Layton encounters a young...”


Average: 7.8
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“Developer: TOSE Publisher: Enix Release date: (JP) March 29, 2003 Platform(s): GBA Believe it or not, there are other games besides Pokemon that involve breeding unique creatures for battle. One such series is Dragon Quest Monsters (previously titled Dragon Warrior Monsters in North America and Europe), a spin-off of the hugely popular in Japan Dragon Quest series, featuring hundreds of monsters originally found in the main entries. Unlike Pokemon however, Dragon Quest Monsters doesn't offer the option to breed monsters; it forces you to. In order to create powerful enough parties to combat the terrain and roaming baddies, players will have to learn to master the game's unique method of breeding new monsters and passing along useful traits genetically. The story is fairly simple, although it's slightly deeper than was present in the previous two games. Players assume the role of Kiefer, (the very same heir to the Estgard throne and companion featured in Dragon Quest VII), a prince who has had...”


Average: 5.0
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“Good evening everyone, or a greeting more appropriate to the time you're reading this. So today I feel like I should get this out of the way. Sometimes I find myself playing a game that has a lot of praise for things it does but I find myself in that awkward position where I just don't see the appeal, and this time it's the turn of Borderlands 2 that has the role of bemusing me. A game that claims to offer loads of weapons to collect and has a setup akin to that of a MMO which seems to be the selling points but work as the very reasons I can't enjoy the game as much as you might think. But let's leave negativity aside for the moment and look at a positive element. Yes, Borderlands 2 looks good. It's a curious mix of cel shading and 3D models to create what I guess could be described as a surreal experience. The design aesthetic plays a huge role there, if the mascot masked psycho wasn't enough of a clue already. Pandora gives the impression of a crumbled scattered society with an element of the bizarre,...”

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Avatarre: A Super Powered Romp
Commented written by Solid Snake 4Life on Sep 16, 2014
“Minds yeah the moral choices were definitely a missed opportunity on Sucker Punches part. Nothing you did really seemed to make an impact. From a narrative standpoint there was little reason to replay the game. And thanks for the feedback! It's always appreciated.”
Avatarre: Interesting, but somewhat unsatisfying
Commented written by Stalagmite on Sep 14, 2014
“Joke's on you, Square, we see through your bullshit. Why? Because you needed Tri-Ace to try and make the Final Fantasy XIII games feel refreshing.”
Avatarre: Mario Paint?
Commented written by Minecraft-Mario Fan on Sep 13, 2014
“And yet People on YouTube Still Do videos on Mario Paint.”
“hello my friend as i heard that will start from the 8th october 2014. is this true.source:”
Avatarre: A good start
Commented written by Pokemongamer12 on Sep 3, 2014
“I enjoyed batle trozei too.I didn't regret buying it.”