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Titan Souls


Average: 5.9
Comments: None
AvatarClash of opposites
Written by Noble_Beast on Apr 29, 2016
“Titan Souls is an interesting game to think about. In its attempt to take Shadow of the Colossus and make it a more arcade-y experience, what we wound up with is a 2 or 3 hour long boss rush level. While I could totally dismiss the game based purely off of that, Titan Souls actually has quite a lot of potential. Honestly, it’s not as if there’s any one particularly bad element that spoils the bunch, nor is it a game whose individual elements are poorly executed; it’s just that, simply put, this formula doesn’t work. There’s no real synergy between these elements. The idea of being able to one shot a boss after finally figuring out how to hit its weak spot doesn’t really gel too well with having to explore a barren overworld to find their door. Having a barren overworld only works if the setting is actually convincing, and not just a mishmash of different areas such as a snowy mountain, a deep dark forest and an active volcano – all that did work were the actual temple hubs. Speaking of which, why have this...”


Average: 8.8
Comments: None
“If there is something weird about this game, it's the fact that I don't remember why I added it to the library, other than the fact that the style was making me nostalgic of the AGS games (though they're still around). I never expected an horror game however. And when I finally decided to give myself into the game, I did the two first chapters and then, I left it for some weeks, because of the achievements with tarot cards. I shouldn't let games hanging like that, because it can take me months or years after to come back to them. Anyway, I finished the first season and now waiting a little before diving into the second one. So the Last Door: a good or a bad retro horror game? Jeremiah DeWitt receives a letter from an old schoolmate. However, this cryptic message prompts him to go to his friend's manor as he's aware that something had gone wrong. This is his first step towards madness, horror, darkness... The Last Door is an episodic game, with four chapters. All of them is following DeWitt's fate...”


Average: 8.5
Comments: None
“IMPORTANT NOTICE: Before considering buying this, please look up screens and art of the characters, since the designs are a bit over oversexualized, both the men and women. So if breasts and butts with big proportions and improbable number of large muscles offends you, give this tittle a pass. Dragon's Crown is a 2D fantasy action RPG, developed by Vanillaware. Take control of one of six heroes and go on a adventure of massive (and to be honest ,cliche) adventures. The game itself is a side scrolling beat em up with simplistic RPG elements. To be honest, even though i am not (yet) the biggest connoisseur of Vita games, but i do feel like this is kind of a "must have" tittle for the Vita, partially because it has a nice "while you are traveling" ability to play. Story: The writing is a bit of a mix bag, The overall story (which is more or less the same no matter what character you pick) is that you are a adventurer, coming to this kingdom to join the adventurers guild. On the way you find a thief,...”
Hyperdimension Neptunia­ Re;Birth3: V Generation


Average: 8.0
Comments: None
“After a slight dip when it came to Rebirth 2 Neptune returns to her role as central protagonist to lift the series once more. There's no doubt that the game is fun with a lot of what made the series here safe and sound. Niggles of past games have been addressed too to make the journey more user friendly, easily making this the best Neptunia core game to date. However, blatant copy and paste combined with a lack of balance does prevent the game from reaching the lofty 9/10 it might have otherwise earned. The story gets a boost back up from RB2, thanks in part to Neptune resuming her role as the central protagonist. Unlike the last game this is a direct sequel, but prior knowledge is not necessary as the story results in Neptune getting trapped in another dimension, causing her to run across those that are parallels to those she knows already and completely new people. While numerous characters engage in the events that transpire it's the lead co-stars Noire and Plutia that work well with Neptune to...”
Mexicana: Deadly Holiday


Average: 9.0
Comments: None
“It is worth to note that I didn't play the game as a collector's edition or as a stand-alone. Indeed, it was part of the Hidden Objects Bundle 6-in-1, alongside with: Kronville: Stolen Dream Cruel Games: Red Riding Hood Panopticon: Path of Reflections The Other Side: Tower of Souls Lake House: Children of Silence Collector's Edition It's the third Hidden Object Bundle released by Alawar on Steam and for now, none of them are released as stand-alone. Anyway, if Mexicana was to be a stand-alone on Steam, I would gladly acquire it and play it again. And it would be more interesting as a collector's edition and with trading cards and achievements, though I doubt that it will be the case (apart for the trading cards, like they did with Mountain Crime: Requital). Mexicana was the game I wanted to play the more but given the fact that I was also writing the whole bundle review, as it was the last one proposed, it was the last that I've played. And I didn't regret that wait. Dias de Muertos...”
Aveyond 3-4: The Darkthrop Prophecy


Average: 6.5
Comments: None
AvatarThe final chapter in Mel's life
Written by vicrabb on Apr 25, 2016
“If you didn't read my previous reviews of Aveyond 3, I'll resume here my little story with Aveyond. Years ago, I was contributing little games profiles to Neoseeker. Aveyond was among them and it was during Aveyond 3's storyline that happened. Life made me kinda forget about them until they appeared on Steam. Yet, it took me more time before buying them in Humble Bundle store during a promotion and months before I launched myself into this RPG - not that I don't like the genre, but given my nature of wanting to do everything, I could loose some sanity. It's time now to close Mel's story with this final chapter. After destroying the Orb of Death, Mel decided to hide into the animal village with Yvette and Ulf. However, she's still denying her magic powers. Never relentess, Edward, ousted of his throne by Lydia, found her and convinced her to go to the Shadowood Academy to control them. But Gwendyal isn't done with the Darkthrop heiress... Mel being in danger, it's up to Stella and Edward to reunite with...”


Average: 6.0
Comments: None
“What do you get if you take a really solid game that sold well and a system that you could literally take anywhere with you? This game! Note: May contain spoilers. Lets dive into it shall we? History: Ok so Sonic 1 was released in 1991 for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive. It sold quite well and Sonic became SEGA's new company mascot. So what's next? A squeal? Not yet but instead how about a handheld version? Ok so Nintendo had Gameboy and SEGA had their Game Gear. In terms of sales.....well....the same but the games on the system were quite unique. Game Gear was sort of like a Rival to the Game Boy colour.....but different. It had a similar sized screen (If not smaller) and was slightly bigger and heavier but for the system size did not matter because they had superior graphics and music. Oh and unique abilities. Anyways. Compared to your usual Sonic Team project this version was developed by a different team known as Ancient which was founded a year later. The leader is none other...”


Average: 9.3
Comments: None
AvatarSleek and shiny even after 25 years
Written by Aevers on Apr 20, 2016
“One of the biggest crimes in gaming is that Metal Storm never got as big as it had every right to get. I guess being featured on the cover of an issue of Nintendo Power can only do so much. But really, Metal Storm is a game where you gun down all sorts of enemy robots, come face to face with many different bigger robots with all sorts of different weaponry and go through many well designed rooms each with their own sort of gimmick that takes full advantage of what you have to utilize like gravity reversal and continuous scrolling if there’s no solid ground underneath. Really, each level places particular emphasis on these mechanics – usually involving the usage of gravity to pass otherwise impassable obstacles or to get over something too high to jump over, or even using continuous scrolling to sort of mess with you while still providing you with a level designed heaps well around it. In short, it’s a game that takes everything you could possibly enjoy if not love about an NES sidescroller, puts its own...”

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Avatarre: You will give me an egg!
Commented written by Duncan Idaho on Apr 29, 2016
“I find odd that you didn't mention the reward for achieving the extra mileage is jack shit, in Spyro 2 you get a canon flame breath, in Spyro 3? Noooope. Cool Review tho.”
Avatarre: Welcome, Dear Unhacker.
Commented written by Lukas on Apr 27, 2016
“quote Computer programming involves timed movements and blasters. That's how Bentley from the Sly Cooper series does it.”
“Yeah, that's the main thing that came to mind when I looked up footage of Project 8. I mean I'll buy it if I can find it in a game shop since it should be like 20 bucks, but I'm not like making it top priority or anything.”
“the only reason Killzone's AI would be smarter compared to Half Life 2's is because at least Killzone can be a legitimate challenge where Half Life 2 would sometimes be cheap as. otherwise, honestly, Killzone's AI didn't really change as much as it could've. that's when Killzone 2 comes in and shows us just how good it can get.”
Avatarre: Hell is empty and all the devils are here
Commented written by Lukas on Apr 11, 2016
“maybe that explains the positive reviews on Steam a bit better??? But really, if it at least makes combat feel fast and furious like Revengeance did, maybe I'll enjoy it better than the vanilla version I reviewed. Might still have a lot of the other issues I pointed out though.”