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Dust: An Elysian Tail


Average: 10
Comments: 1
“I'm a bit saddened that it's taken me this long to write about Dust. It was a game that came highly recommended from a good friend and it's a game that I'm very glad that I ended up picking up. But of course, good games isn't a rarity, yet this title feels like one of "those" games that is both well built and provides an experience that doesn't feel like just another AAA success story. From beginning to end here is an adventure that is meticulously crafted to engage the player at every turn. How about we start with the visuals and describe just how stunning they are? Could you imagine what a video game would be like if every single thing was individually hand drawn by the most talented of artists and then infused with such vibrant colours as to bring the entire virtual world to life? Congratulations, you now have an idea of what Dust looks like. The cel shaded style is pulled off so perfectly that it's difficult to imagine that it's a game and not something like a movie, making the first few times you...”


Average: 7.6
Comments: None
“The Squaresoft and Enix merger was something of a curse for the JRPG genre – while it's nice that Dragon Quest could finally become profitable in the west, it had also effectively eliminated whatever competition Squaresoft had. Everybody else was too small and they just made games we've already played a thousand times before. Some were better than others, but the point was that by this point, the genre had grown stale and people were becoming less interested. Not everybody made a game like Shadow Hearts, unfortunately. The rising monolith that was and still is the western RPG likely wouldn't have helped matters. With that being said, they still had something left to prove; that JRPGs can kick some serious ass and have a lot of fun doing so. Not in the overly Japanese Disgaea way, but more in the feel good Leave It To Beaver way with a dash of Final Fantasy 8 and 10 to keep up appearances. Add a cup of sidequests out the wazoo courtesy of Majora's Mask, and what you get is Final Fantasy X2. It's a bit of an...”


Average: 9.1
Comments: None
“Let's get one thing out of the way - Tales Of Symphonia and Tales Of The Abyss are two of the greatest JRPGs ever made. Even if the former has a few horrible puzzles and the latter has tons and tons of filler, what they do right, they do it so right that other games (nevermind just JRPGs) get jealous. They're both games that ought to be played before you die. With that being said, there are other Tales games, both before and after this one-two punch. No, they're not as good, but god bless them for trying. Oddly enough, Graces kind of zig zags around this as what it does well, it does really *bleep*ing well and it focuses plenty on them, but whenever it has to do something else, well, it becomes painfully obvious why the game doesn't focus on them much aside from one thing. Right off the bat – the combat system is easily the best in the series. Who knew replacing an MP system with a sort of stamina bar would allow combat to become faster and more furious? I've read all over the internet about how it puts...”


Average: 2.5
Comments: None
“After playinf Chains of Olympus I decided to give GoS a look, I will forever regret that I did so. Ghost of Sparta starts with Kratos suffering a nightmare and for some reason going to the city of Atlantis, where once he lands he proceeds to slaughter yet again his way trough the city killing civilians, soldiers or monsters, all because he is now pissed for a random reason. Once we find Kratos mother we learn that she knows somehow that his never before known brother Demios is *gasp* alive! But for telling that to Kratos Zeus and his pals transform her into a monster that Kratos has to put down, essentially mercy killing, but after doing the deed turns out there was no mercy, somewhere between the cutscene and the boss battle Kratos flew into a beserk rage... ok? This is a case of where show do not tell needed to be applied because the scene ends with Kratos horror, you fight and then he realizes he went into a rage, it's that bad. Oh then later we learn that Athena tells Kratos that Poseidon is...”
Tomb Raider


Average: 9.5
Comments: None
AvatarHow To Reboot Franchises 101
Written by Insanity_Prevails on Feb 11, 2015
“Ah, Tomb Raider Reboot (because, you know, calling a later entry in your series the exact same thing as the first entry in the series is not confusing in the slightest). It's that game that was all about the hair and awkwardly trying to explain to people that you're not watching an adult film despite Lara's moans convincing them otherwise. Unhappy with the direction the series had gone this game sought to reboot the franchise and tells of an origin story of Lara, who in this game is not so much a hardened raider but more a young girl forced by circumstance to adapt to survive. Despite a few hiccups along the way this is a pretty good game to sink your teeth into. Yes, the game looks pretty awesome. The island of Yamatai is fully realised in its lush visuals, presenting players with a vast array of environments to travel through; a diversity afforded to it through plot convenience and all the better for it. At times you'll happen to come out on cliff faces or towers and will be able to simply appreciate...”


Average: 8.0
Comments: None
AvatarAlien: Isolation
Written by BunkerPrincess on Feb 11, 2015
““Stressful, terrifying, nostalgic and lots of hiding” While the film Alien will always be a classic for me, I was never really a fan of the franchise beyond the first film as unfortunately no amount of spin offs, crossovers and monster mash will capture the essence of the first Alien film for me. When the news hit my ears that Alien: Isolation was to be released I rolled my eyes and thought to myself this was just going to be another spin off like Aliens Colonial Marines that would crash and burn for being truly awful and tarnish the good name of Alien once more. Oh how wrong I was. It all started one day at work while I was browsing the pages of IGN’s website and noticed a recently posted review for Alien: Isolation so I decided to go ahead and give it a read. A few weeks prior to its release I had heard rave reviews about this game being one of best survival horror games to be released in 2014 and a must for any Alien fan looking to capture the feeling of the original 1979 film. Was this the game I...”


Average: 7.8
Comments: None
AvatarMother*bleep*ing cyborgs, bro!
Written by Monterey_Jack on Feb 8, 2015
“From the get go, Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight pulls no punches. It's already pulling off spin kicks, falcon punches and kamehameha waves the moment you press start on the title screen. BAM, right in your face comes this flying bird skeleton with a scorpion tail. You either fight like a hero or die like a bitch! Games like this epitomize exactly what the NES was all about – sick arcade action that's hard as shit and twice as fun. It kicks your ass until you figure out how to beat it. But after that, the game gives you another twisted challenge. Bosses with more complex patterns, levels with more obstacles if it doesn't just drop you into a boss fight, a barrage of enemies to kill that get harder and harder to hit, and boss fights taking place in complex battlefields – to say the least, shit gets hectic. However, for the most part, it just makes everything more exciting! Eleven years before Serious Sam took first person shooting to its next logical extreme with millions of enemies more aggressive...”
Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams


Average: 6.0
Comments: None
“Giana Sisters. Now there's a series name that should be familiar to long time Nintendo fans, being "that game which shamelessly ripped off Super Mario Bros down to its core". It's quite funny to realise that several games have since come out under that banner that are legitimate platformers with their own content. When Twisted Dreams popped up on Steam's Greenlight it immediately grabbed my attention and I voted it up in the hope of seeing a release on Valve's service. Well I certainly got that release but the dream wasn't quite what I was expecting it to be. However, before going into that I must say I'm impressed with the way the game is presented, especially the way the game world changes from one state to the other. Every level has two variations - one happy fairytale version where the colours are vibrant and the world is filled with pleasant imagery and one grim fairytale version where the world is awash in various reddish hues and environments are littered with objects like skulls and coffins. A...”

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Avatarre: Why You Should Own This Game Already
Commented written by Clief on Mar 4, 2015
“I myself have just finished this game and personally found it incredibly good. The only thing that really bugged me was at the end, it takes him too long to come to the conclusion that he's Dust. That was probably the only thing that bugged me about his character development.”
Avatarre: A Generic Hack and Slash Videogame.
Commented written by Fluffyking on Feb 28, 2015
“I dunno if you've played the core games (God of War 1-3) but the PSP games don't do the series justice. The combat in the core games isn't as repetitive as you can string combos while changing weapons, adding a lot of variation on the combat. Also I agree Kratos isn't a good character but then again I don't think he's supposed to be. He's merely a conduit that lets people mash they're own rage out on a video game. Also the puzzles, the platforming, practically everything is better in the core games....”
“quote Yeah, I'm pretty much stretching for positives because Sonic Adventure is not a very good game. However, if it was just those Sonic levels, it would probably just be a heavily flawed translation to 3D – welcome to the club, Castlevania 64 would say to Sonic Adventure. But no, platformers can't just be straight up platformers anymore! No, we need hub levels and mini games! Well timed jumps across well placed gaps? That's ancient history – nah, here's a hub world full of uninteresting NPCs and mini...”
Avatarre: eh it's fun in small doses
Commented written by Lukas on Jan 29, 2015
Avatarre: This game is something special
Commented written by Hell Fire on Jan 19, 2015
“Cheers mate. Yeah, probably requires an older audience. I was about 15 when I played this and I found it much better this time. Covenant review coming within the next week. Now that's a game everyone should play!”