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Emily is Away


Average: 9.0
Comments: 1
“Emily is Away is a short game, where you (re)live the good old time of the instant messaging with icons, with horrible sounds. You play Emily's best friend and for 5 or 6 years, you're going to see this relationship evolve depending on your choices during the discussions. You begin at the end of high school until finishing college. If there is something that you should know is that there is no happy ending. Well, I mean, you can be as nice as you, as much as responsible, trying to please Emily and the result will be always the same: she'll call on you. At the end, you can see that life changed you both. You can clearly see that your character was crushing on Emily, however, you don't know if she's feeling the same. You don't have any control on outside events, like Travis's party or what happened between you and her during the week-end after she broke up with her boyfriend. However, it's frustrating to try different routes. Each end of the discussion is Emily is away. You tell her that you can...”


Average: 8.0
Comments: None
AvatarA Defining Journey
Written by Dark_Arcanine on Sep 20, 2016
“When I first came across Nihilumbra, I was immediately interested - and, it's safe to say, not without reason. Sporting a look that made me think fondly of LIMBO, and suggesting decent puzzles and platforming, I decided it was a game I wanted to experience. And what an experience! Not only does it have solid gameplay, but it's just as much a journey and commentary. This game makes you think; not just in terms of solving puzzles, but in a rewarding and philosophical way about life, purpose, action and consequences - existentialism and nihilism, in essence. All of this is achieved through a clever combination of narration and happenstance that makes you contemplate everything you see and do. You find yourself wanting to learn more about the world in the same way as your character, becoming engrossed in the perpetually hopeless chase of a cause, meaning, and salvation from a ubiquitous enemy. You are a blob of no value. At least, that's how you start your story, in a situ of tabula rasa. As you begin to...”
East Tower: Kuon


Average: 8.0
Comments: None
“Given the fact that East Tower: Akio, East Tower: Takashi and East Tower: Kuon share the same universe, even if East Tower: Kuon is more complex than the two previous, nearly whole of the review is a copy/paste of these. Sakuya is a woman wishing to be a man since an incident in her childhood. She makes everything in her power to look like one. Her cousin Daiki works for Dreamworld and needs her help to try a new virtual attraction called West Tower, reserved for women. However, Sakuya managed to convince him to let her try the East Tower, reserved for men. She ends with four other testers, trapped in the virtual world, though she's happy to see that she's a man in it... This is the same beginning in each Each Tower game. Once in the virtual world, Sakuya will team up with one of the guys. In the first of the series, she's Akio's partner, whose virtual form is a child, in the second, she's Takashi's, a boy admiring so much his sister that he took her appearance. East Tower is an attraction that will...”
Bathory: The Bloody Countess


Average: 4.0
Comments: None
“Your sister invites you to her current excavations, however, she's nowhere to find and it seems that she was kidnapped. Could it be in relation with the castle nearby, owned by the legendary Bathory, a cruel countess? The story is interesting in itself. However, the course of actions is perhaps very disturbing. I mean, I can't see why some actions have to be done. I mean, why would I need milk instead of steam to show an hidden message. You've understood: the translation isn't quite a success, hence the confusion that can reign if you're not playing in English. However, the major failure of the game is the gameplay: while it's the standard one (find items, use them, clear hidden objects scenes, solve puzzles), I was mainly thrown into a game where I only managed to understand that the town place can be moved on the side after a long time (when you're stuck and searching for a merchant... that's when I accidentally discovered the trick). Sometimes, you have also arrows on the side. And if you want to...”
Serious Sam II


Average: 7.8
Comments: None
Avatarlike happy festival fireworks
Written by Freewind_Rider on Sep 18, 2016
“On the surface, Serious Sam 2 looked to be a more accessible take on the Serious Sam formula. 2K Games were pretty much nudging Croteam more in a direction where the game can make more money and keep people playing so that they’ll tell their mates and then they’ll buy it too and keep the cycle going. The enemies aren’t quite as fast, the bright colorful graphics and flashy effects look inviting, and there are even vehicles and cutscenes to make this game feel like an expansion of the first game! But honestly, while some of the attempts to make the fighting less difficult work, some of the different things this game does and some of the different approaches this game takes either aren’t as well designed, or aren’t as satisfying. While this game is fine for people who couldn’t get into the other Serious Sam games, this isn’t quite as fun for people who have. The basic idea of Serious Sam is to go through each level and take down hordes of enemies with whatever weapons you have at your disposal and...”
Rise of the Triad


Average: 9.0
Comments: None
“You don't have to think. The weapons are nice. The music is nice. But damn that E2L2 - damn the last secret in that E2L2 and damn these bugged achievements. But it's ROTT after all. I'll pass on the story because it's your organisation against the army of El Obscuro. Anyway, you can play 5 characters, each of them having different stats. For exemple, Lorelei is the faster but also the one being the most fragile while Doug is perhaps strong but slow. You can also carry knifes, pistols, rifle gun - these have infinite ammo. But the best are the special bombs: from the firebomb (my favorite) to the basic rocket launcher, these have limited ammo, the only way to resplenish is to find the same weapon. Thanks god, you always have another type in your neighbourhood. Anyway, the weapons are powerful. And you can also use Excalibat... eeer, well, magic weapons around. Some bonus are also thrown around: from being a dog for a few seconds to a toxic mushroom without forgetting flying or god mode, you'll love...”


Average: 6.4
Comments: None
AvatarMixed feelings
Written by skaliex on Sep 12, 2016
“The story is set after the first Prince of Persia (POP) game: Sands of Time. The Prince is hunted by a monster, who is the guardian of the timeline. Everyone who releases the sands is bound to die. Therefore, the Prince must die. In the game, the Prince tries to go back in time to prevent the sands to be created. By doing that, he hopes his life will be saved. This is a good story, I liked it better than the first game, but there is so much time travel that it was hard to follow. One of the best thing about the story is the ending. Depending on what you do, there are two different endings. One good and one bad. I think this is a good thing that our actions have an impact on the story, especially for a PS2 game. One thing I didn’t like is that unlike the first game, the Prince isn’t accompanied by someone, so it feels a little bit boring to be alone. By the way, you don't need to play the first game to enjoy Warrior Within. Warrior Within is from a third person point of view. You can play on easy,...”
Shiver: Vanishing Hitchhiker


Average: 8.0
Comments: None
“t was pure luck that I recognized this game as being one probably published by Big Fish Games. Indeed, I've come back to Neoseeker and I am currently adding many casual adventures/HO games. The series Shiver was one of these planned to be added soon. By releasing the game here, BFG prompted me to quicken the process. However, I couldn't resist the purchase, as it was close to the kind of ambiance I prefer for this kind of game. So, in the end, was it really worth of my wallet? You took a hitchhiker with you and let her go at Gordon Creek. However, the teddy bear she forgets looked like one in your childhood and decided to give it back to the mysterious girl. But did you really expect to find her easily in that gloomy and deserted town? The plot was beginning well: a mysterious sad woman, a teddy bear, a gloomy town, anything that can be tied to a psychological game, with people being used for experiments... My imagination was running so wild that in the end, the story seemed to be a little...”

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“I'm so glad someone actually accurately represented my favorite and most lived time period of online chatting for once and it's in the form of a video game.”
Avatarre: A third finished
Commented written by Polarity on Sep 12, 2016
“Pretty much.”
Avatarre: Needs more dog
Commented written by Noble Beast on Sep 11, 2016
“I'd rather not.”
Avatarre: Fun Little Tower Defense Game
Commented written by Minun172 on Sep 9, 2016
“I wish I had a Wii U. I'd like to pick up this spinoff.”
Avatarre: Oh Dear
Commented written by Gryzor on Aug 30, 2016
“But at least you can finish that in about 5 minutes.”