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The Secret Order 3: Ancient Times


Average: 9.5
Comments: None
“The Secret Order is one of these casual adventure series that aren't released in order on Steam. I mean by that that the first entry is still absent from the platform and that I don't know if we will see it one day. Artifex Mundi isn't the only to act like that: Big Fish Games is currently releasing new games and some of them aren't the first of a series, meaning that you can miss the whole understanding of a story. Time Mysteries, Enigmatis, Awakening or The Secret Order are these series that confused probably the early players. But let's dive in The Secret Order 3... Sara Pennington thought she could breathe a little after defeating the traitor in the Order of Griffins. However, the artifacts she retrieved are unstable and cause damage, eventually killing her father. In order to prevent that fate, she has to go back in time and find the kingdom of King Amedon, Aeronheart... While you didn't really need to play the first game, which isn't on Steam, to understand The Secret Order 2: Masked Intent,...”
Princess Edge - Dragonstone


Average: 2.0
Comments: None
“So a little indie game got a full release on Steam recently after spending some time in Early Access and when I saw the pictures something clicked in my mind. I recognised the game and was certain I'd had it as part of a bundle years ago. Sure enough digging through my Groupees account showed the game, and it had even been updated to the latest build that was released onto Valve's service. Out of curiosity I decided to download the game from Groupees and see if it was deserving of the positive reviews Steam users were giving it. The short answer is that it isn't, at least for me. As for the long answer... To give the developer credit where it's due the premise of the combat system is good. It's a 2D side scrolling beat em up where you have a basic attack that can be stringed together for simple combos which also recharges your magic and special attacks that hit harder but deplete your magic. Specials can be linked into other moves to produce different attacks so you can fling magic from a distance or...”


Average: 8.8
Comments: None
“I hate to be that guy, but old school first person shooters really were the best. There was a high amount of ingenuity and creativity that went into each and every aspect of these games – even the not-so good games... *bleep*, even the flat out shit games had their share of flair. But one game that really nailed it was the original Quake, a dark fantasy game where you shot up a bunch of medieval knights and horrible abominations straight out of HP Lovecraft in all sorts of gritty castles, dingy bases, abandoned fortresses and creepy caves. Not only that, but the castles and bases have switches that activate doors and traps like little embedded holes spitting out nailgun ammo and pillars that go up and down to try and crush you, all to take you out if you’re not paying attention. In other words, it’s kind of like Dark Souls if instead of being a deliberately paced hack and slash game, it was a fast paced first person shooter. Seriously, if nobody’s done so, somebody should make a Dark Souls mod with the...”
Stray Souls: Dollhouse Story


Average: 8.5
Comments: None
AvatarAre you afraid of clowns?
Written by vicrabb on May 23, 2016
“Stray Souls: Dollhouse Story is a game that was included in the Hidden Object Bundle 4-in-1 released by Alawar on Steam, which is a way to discover the genre with an interesting price. There is currently 3 bundles: the 5-in-1 (with games you can find on Steam as stand-alone or in their series trilogy released after), the 4-in-1 (including a game released before, with the consequence that for me, it's a 3-in-1) and the 6-in-1 (the only bundle without any game on Steam). So, what is Stray Souls? Your husband received a strange package and disappeared. Inside of it, you find a talking doll that tells you to go to his native town to discover the truth about him. However, between Jimmy the strange young boy and a clown that is so sad, you'll be finding horrible truths. Stray Souls has an interesting plot: your husband being the "damsel" in distress, a young sad boy, a sad clown and a mysterious woman, everything related to your man's past. Besides, what's good is that you have a little companion: a...”
Dreaming Sarah


Average: 4.0
Comments: None
AvatarDreaming of a Direction
Written by InsanityS on May 22, 2016
“For most games getting dropped into the middle of nowhere and getting tasked with figuring out everything yourself would be a terrible idea given the scope and complexity of most of them. Yet this is a challenge Dreaming Sarah takes on and sadly serves to prove the problems with such an approach. It’s something that works well at first but as the game world expands and options dwindle down the experience ends up more frustrating than rewarding. Exploration is everything to the player in this game. There are no enemies to battle and if you do accidentally fall into what would otherwise be a fatal environmental hazard you’ll instantly respawn no worse for wear. You’re just dropped into an unfamiliar world and encouraged to figure it out yourself. The big focus is finding items that will help you reach new areas in the world. One of the earliest obstacles will be gaps that are just a bit too wide to jump over normally, but a bit of searching rewards you with an umbrella that slows your descent in the air,...”
Eternal Journey: New Atlantis


Average: 9.0
Comments: None
“Eternal Journey: New Atlantis is a game I discovered through the Hidden Object Bundle 4-in-1 released by Alawar on Steam. It was the second bundle they released and I was kinda disappointed to see that they included a game already on the platform (House of 1000 Doors 2 for short). It meant that I was going only to discover three games instead of four. After an accident, you're waking up into the future, thanks to new technologies and because your knowledge was important. You don't know what happened to your fiancé, making you sad about your new life. Sent to a mission in space, you're crashing into a planet... How will you manage to save yourself? And will you discovered what happened to a previous crew of the base? When the game is showing clearly a sci-fi adventure in space, you don't understand why you're beginning in the present, with an underwater experience. However, given the twist at the beginning of the story, I feel like this part could have been avoided. However, the rest of the game is...”


Average: 8.5
Comments: None
“Excitebike 64 is easily one of the best racing games for the Nintendo 64. Just when you thought motorbikes would be underrepresented by mediocre schlock and dominated by cars and go karts in the racing genre, BAM, here comes a game that reminds us of how awesome motorbikes really are! Now, Excitebike 64 is a racing sim, but not quite in the same way that Colin McRae’s DiRT or Gran Turismo are. You’re not given a selection of like twenty million cars that are all based on real life sports cars or whatever. Instead, it’s more about how you actually play the game. It’s not just a matter of making tight turns; it’s also a matter of keeping yourself going and not overheating the engine (all I can say there is don’t go crazy on the gas). To put it simply, you have to master the art of leaning. Leaning back when hitting the top of a slope gives you extra air, and then leaning parallel to either the next slope or the ground will give you some extra speed while leaning anywhere else will slow you down. If you...”


Average: 7.5
Comments: None
“Bit.Trip Runner is a part of the small collection of indie games that’s actually good and doesn’t go far up its own ass with “deeper” meanings and all that shit. No, it’s just a streamlined platformer – but don’t let that make you think it’ll be easy peasy Japanesey just because I said it’s streamlined because it’ll *bleep* you right up if you don’t learn how to react to oncoming obstacles and make it all second nature. No, by streamlined, I mean that you’re basically in a perpetual state of moving forward and all you need to do is jump, slide, kick or bunt at the right time. But when things come at you fairly fast and tend to come in sets which each have obstacles that aren’t all too far apart, well, let’s just say that its oversimplified gameplay is compensated for by its tough difficulty. Normally, I think trial and error heavy games – that is to say, games where you have to do exact movements at an exact time within a tiny frame of time before unforeseen or difficult to see obstacles hit you – are...”

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Avatarre: Dragon's Crown: A beautiful grind!
Commented written by TheTubich on May 22, 2016
“Thats why i said oversexualized. Its not so much hot, as in everything that should be big is made too big.But still i remembered when it came out the net went insane over the designs.”
Avatarre: Welcome, Dear Unhacker.
Commented written by Alyssa on May 20, 2016
“Stalagmite pls confirm.”
“Link fighting Rauru in the Chamber of Sages would've been a hell of a thing, especially after he woke up from his seven year slumber. Then the game basically turns into Dark Souls.”
Avatarre: Quick sugar high
Commented written by Freewind Rider on May 11, 2016
“it's a shame because the last two zones are actually pretty good sets of levels too.”
Avatarre: You will give me an egg!
Commented written by Lukas on May 5, 2016
“Technically, you do get a reward for going the distance, which is the true ending. But yeah, it's kind of lame that you didn't get something new to play around with.”