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Amazing Princess Sarah


Average: 5.5
Comments: None
“Amazing Princess Sarah’s central gimmick is the ability to pick up objects and downed enemies from the ground and throw them at whoever’s coming your way in order to defend yourself. This becomes a big deal for two reasons. 1) Sarah’s normal attack doesn’t do a lot of damage. It’s a dinky little sword that deals dinky little damage. It’s not exactly swift, either. Since it handles poorly, has next to no range and deals bugger all damage, it’s useless. 2) Throwing things at enemies deals a lot of damage and covers a lot of ground. There’s a lot of stuff to throw, too. It especially helps that you can also throw enemies that have been killed. What’s especially cool is that most enemies have different effects upon being thrown. Whether they rain arrows or spit fire in both directions, you can unleash hell onto many an unsuspecting enemy if you throw the right dead one at them. I mean, some of them don’t do anything special, but they deal more damage than your sword does, so at least that’s still useful....”
Hyperdimension Neptunia­ U: Action Unleashed


Average: 9.5
Comments: None
“The Hyperdimension Neptunia games have had a bit of a rocky history when it comes to port quality on PC. I've been fortunate enough to have a rig that has handled the series with no serious problems and have eagerly been awaiting new entries in the series, so it was with great pleasure that this action based spinoff made its way to PC, but with a catch - the publisher noted that AMD based computers may not work properly with it. I took the gamble, relying on the Steam refund process if it came true, and I am pleased to tell you that I have experienced no issues running the game. However, it's important to stress these potential compatibility issues right away even moreso than past Neptunia games as the impression is that there will be no support if problems relate to the type of hardware used. I think it is worth giving it a try though because what we get is an action game that may not be all that tactical but is a fun way to spend time bashing many grunts and the odd boss up at once with flashy...”


Average: 8.1
Comments: None
“Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time is the first game of the series (Sands of Time). The protagonist, the Prince, is visiting India when he is lured by the Vizier to steal the Dagger of Time. This artifact gives many powers to the owner such as slowing and rewinding time. The Vizier also influences the Prince to release the Sands which make everyone, but them and the princess Farah, turn into monsters. The Prince and Farah then escape and team up to repair the damage. The story is a good one, but I found it a little bit complicated at the beginning. I didn’t feel really engaged for most of the game, but the last chapters are definitely interesting and surprising. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time is a hard game. This is from a third person point of view. You control the Prince and you unlock better swords throughout the game which makes it easier to kill the numerous enemies. Enemies vary and some are a lot harder to kill than others. You should use combos to kill them. You are often attacked by many...”
FTL: Faster Than Light


Average: 8.5
Comments: None
“FTL: Faster Than Light (henceforth just FTL) is a rouge-like game set in space. You man a lone ship trying to outrun the rebel fleet while trying to make it back to command to deliver important information. On your way, you must travel through 8 sectors, each with their own challenges. You must manage your ship's power, crew, and resources if you are to survive this feat. Like most rogue-likes, this game has an ever changing atmosphere every time you play it. Each game is going to be different. You may start off with the same ship, but your encounters will always change. That said, when you die, you're dead. It is game over. This is not a new concept in games like this, but to some it could be off-putting. To me, I think it adds a fantastic feel to the game. It makes me think that I'm the captain and I must make good choices in order to complete my quest. Of course it isn't just about managing resources, but surviving the harsh reaches of space. Each sector has a type to it whether it is a friendly...”
Crime Secrets: Crimson Lily


Average: 8.5
Comments: None
“It's pretty rare to see two Artifex Mundi in the upcoming list and to see a game released two weeks before the Steam scheduled one. However, I was waiting for Crime Secrets as it was previewed on All About Casual Game. And you're used to me being a huge fan of Artifex Mundi's catalogue, so I'm buying these games pretty quickly, as the studio is also doing interesting discounts. However, I was more eager to try this game than waiting for the other (Demon Hunters 2 is suffering from the fact that the first game was one of the worst translated games in my language, only topped by Princess Isabella: Rise of an Heir when it was re-released by Artifex Mundi). Besides, Artifex Mundi is always including "easy" achievements and trading cards. In Crime Secrets, you're a private investigator, ready for snowy vacations, when you discover a sheriff being frozen to death at the gate of your hotel, when you just saw him a few minutes ago very much alive. Given the fact that the police will not come before a lot of...”
Drawn: Dark Flight


Average: 9.0
Comments: None
“I've purchased both versions of Dark Flight, thinking that one was indeed Dark Flight and the other the third game in the trilogy. Silly me, eh? But as it was discounted, I'm not going to hold a grudge against myself. I'm relieved to see that I didn't do the same mistake when adding the games here on Neoseeker, else, I would have been forced to ask Wolfwood to remove wrong screenshots. I've played the standard edition, it's time to review it. Drawn: Dark Flight is the sequel of The Painted Tower. After Iris managed to escape the evil tyrant through her magical book, you're asked by Franklin to ignite the three light beacons that will destroy the darkness and allow Iris to reclaim her throne as she's the heiress. It's time to find a passage that will lead to the town and to explore it. However, the evil tyrant and the sorcerer are tracking you down... The game use drawings that can bring items to "life" (materialize in the world) and painting as portals to other worlds. The main idea is to use this...”
Drawn: The Painted Tower


Average: 8.5
Comments: None
“Drawn: The Painted Tower was one of the few games released on Steam before Big Fish Games decided to expand their catalogue this year. As it was on sale, I've bought it but thanks to Aevers and the Steam Sale reviews challenge, I've played it sooner than planned and it seems that the next chapter is also following this path. Arriving at the bottom of a tower, you discover that a little girl is imprisonned in it, being gifted and pursued by the evil king. Franklin, the one that hide her, can't do anything as magic has taken the tower but he reveals that you can go into worlds created in paintings... Drawn: The Painted Tower is the first game of a trilogy, where drawings can act as portals to other worlds. The main idea is to use this opportunity to find items that will lead you to Iris. While the main plot is revealed little by little, I'll be honest: it's not really the focus here. You don't have anybody on your tails or pursuing someone, you're just trying to reach a little girl by solving puzzles....”
Gnomes Garden


Average: 7.5
Comments: None
AvatarRestoring the Gnome Kingdom
Written by vicrabb on Jul 13, 2016
“I'm making a confession: I really liked 12 Labours of Hercules. And I'm heavily influenced by this series, so much that I'm always expecting the same for other games. It's like with Doom and my initial distrust of Half-Life, before finally loving it but making me wary of other FPS too. So what's really Gnomes Garden? The King felt ill! The kingdom seems in disarray! It's up to you, his daughter, to restore the kingdom to its former glory! Like for 12 Labours of Hercules, the main character isn't helping at all. In other words, it's the servants that are doing all the work. Gnomes Garden is a casual time management game where you have workers that are gathering resources needed (food, wood, stone and crystals), building mines (for the stone and crystals), farms and windmills (for the food), workshop (for the wood), upgrading these for a better production and repairing routes and other objectives (like light a fire or activate portals). However, the servants can be helped by witches (needed for some...”

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“they certainly haven't been as good as they used to be when they were clover studios. okami and viewtiful joe were *bleep*in awesome! i love bayonetta and really enjoyed what i've played of the wonderful 101, and the others are pretty damn fun, but i also get why you wouldn't be too big on them. i've heard that the star fox game done by platinum games that people actually like is like star fox 64 but with wii u level graphics and gyroscope controls.”
Avatarre: Splatastic
Commented written by WarioBro on Jul 14, 2016
“yeah i really don't like the squid girls, there sluts”
Avatarre: A different prince and a different story
Commented written by skaliex on Jul 13, 2016
“Yeah the fights are too similar and not challenging enough. The enemies between bosses are boring too and you can even skip the fight if you're fast enough. This could have been an amazing game, but the combat part is really disappointing...”
“InsanityS and Heartlesswithaheart : Sorry for the late reply. But what I'm referring to are stages like the ones where you hope from vehicle to vehicle and the one where you are at a power plant.”
“yeah, i've not heard of it freezing on anyone other than you. i know lots of people were having issues with the framerate dipping for a few milliseconds often, especially in the central city area - myself included - but never outright freezing. shit.”