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Average: 6.4
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AvatarI’ve come to suck... your blood
Written by Lukas on Nov 30, 2016
“In the early and mix 2000s, Bloodrayne was in the spotlight. I mean, why else would Uwe Boll make a movie out of it? Anyway, on the offset, it would seem clear why it would’ve been. Sexy vampire – or half vampire, as is the case – chick on the front cover, said vampire chick being voiced excellently by Laura Bailey, slick acrobatics in cutscenes and combat – how could you go wrong? Well, I’d imagine that in the early 2000s, the game’s mechanics and how they all come together would’ve been considered acceptable. Like, it wouldn’t be as tightly put together as Devil May Cry and Kingdom Hearts since Bloodrayne likely didn’t have a budget as high as those games did, but it would’ve been an admirable third party game all the same in terms of mechanics. But in 2016, everything feels so loose that I don’t think certain mechanics even work properly half the time. Bloodrayne is pretty much about killing these monsters that have infected people... and Nazis. Spoiler alert, you don’t get to fight Hitler because...”


Average: 9.2
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“Red Dead Redemption is the story of a cowboy named John Marston. That’s your character. He is searching some once-called friends to kill them in order to protect his family. In this game you’re gonna have to travel a lot on your horse. The story is amazing, I was always excited to see what was going to happen in the next cutscene. That’s one of the main reasons why it was so hard to stop playing. The main character is also one of the best I’ve seen in video games. John Marston looks cool and acts cool. He’s a real badass. Now, this is a third-person shooter and an open-world game. It can be compare to Grand Theft Auto but this is the Wild West instead of Liberty City. There are a few towns and you can travel between them. The gameplay is interesting, I really liked the way we can control the horse. Basically, when you’re making him run, you have to watch its energy. Important fact, your life regenerates by itself. The only negative thing I have to say about this game is swimming. I get that Marston...”
Half Minute Hero: The Second Coming


Average: 9.0
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“I did not expect this. The original game I played was fun and certainly got me interested in the sequel, albeit at a sale price. Yet I was totally unprepared for how much almost everything got improved to craft an experience that has now become one of my most recommended titles I've played in 2016. A couple of mis-steps aside this is a game that I constantly returned to because I wanted to see and experience what was next. Perhaps the strangest thing is that we have a sequel that looks worse than the original game, marking the only area where I feel the game took a step back. This is because while the previous game offered both a retro and modern visual style to pick from the sequel seems to only offer the retro style, while fixing none of the problems that affected it in the original game. It's not that I can't appreciate a good pixel style aesthetic. When it's done well you get things like Cave Story with its clear designs oozing with depths. To be fair the overworld map view is still pretty nice, as...”


Average: 9.4
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Avatarsmile and say cheese
Written by Watain on Nov 19, 2016
“The first Fatal Frame game was certainly an interesting game. It was Resident Evil by way of Pokemon Snap where you went around a spooky mansion, taking pictures of ghosts to kill them. It was a neat concept and the game looked *bleep*ing amazing – and still looks pretty good 12 years later – but its uneven difficulty and middling combat dragged it down from a potentially awesome horror game to an interesting experiment that just doesn’t fully capitalize on its potential. Now, the sequel – which we’re reviewing right here – is what happens when they DO capitalize on said potential. Fatal Frame 2 has more involving combat with more ghosts to fight, a wider variety of ghosts to fight and an even denser atmosphere – what, with the village in the mist and the ghosts still looking as gritty as ever. Add in some highly detailed cutscenes (by 2003 standards of course, but they still look pretty sick today), and we’ve got ourselves a much improved sequel. Let’s get the negative stuff out of the way – the first...”


Average: 8.1
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“With God of War being a massive success, a sequel was inevitable. It was kind of surprising that it came out on the PS2 in 2007, but considering that you had to take out a second mortgage to buy a PS3, it’s a pretty smart move on Sony’s part. On the whole, God of War 2 is a pretty damn good game that made keeping your PS2 back then quite justified – at least until the HD collection came out on the PS3 years later when that system became affordable. In a lot of ways, this is a pretty substantial improvement over the original. There are more monolithic highs like when you take down this living giant statue, when you’re interacting with the titans and when you encounter the Sisters of Fate – and of course, who couldn’t forget the final showdown? These are the kinds of moments where God of War 2 plays to the first game’s strengths. God of War is all about those sweet theatrical shots and epic moments, after all. But maybe it was a bit too much. The biggest problem people had with the first game was that...”


Average: 3.9
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“Much of Nightmare Creatures’ relevance comes from the cult that had formed around it over the years. Whether you got it at launch or over the years out of curiosity, Nightmare Creatures sunk its teeth right into most everybody who had played it... right when it was brand new. See, the thing with this game is that if you were to play it nowadays, what you’d get is a game that feels very much like a product of its time – in other words, it’s very rough around the edges compared to its more modern contemporaries. The controls feel like this odd combination of stiff and loose, the input response times can either feel delayed or not necessarily occur, and the hit detection can often feel a bit off and you’re not necessarily sure of why you didn’t hit the enemy you thought you did. Not to mention that the parts that simply sucked nearly 20 years ago only have their suckiness further exasperated by the passage of time. If you’re wondering why that could describe a lot of early 3D games, then it sounds like you’ve...”
The Fruit of Grisaia


Average: 2.0
Comments: 5
AvatarRotten Fruit
Written by InsanityS on Nov 5, 2016
“The Fruit of Grisaia is a visual novel with "critical acclaim" behind it. Steam user reviews have been largely positive, with many of the negative reviews bemoaning the lack of the adult themed content in the Steam release. It's also one of the more expensive VNs to hit Steam, suggesting a bigger budget behind the title. So that's why I'm here now trying to explain why I had such an awful experience in trying to hit even just one of the novel's multiple endings. So at first glance the story gives off some typical school life harem vibes. You're a lone guy who happens to work as some kind of shady operative who seeks something he couldn't experience before - a normal school life. He's placed in a highly specialised school for troubled youths, which is so specialised it consists of one class of 6 students. Whereas other VNs in school settings present female characters who hide troubles behind normal(ish) exteriors the girls in Grisaia are much more forward with things. When you first meet them it still...”


Average: 8.4
Comments: 4
AvatarGood start for the Resistance series
Written by skaliex on Nov 5, 2016
“Resistance: Fall Of Man is set in 1951 after aliens (Chimeras) invaded Russia and the rest of Europe. Chimeras infect civilians who then become soldiers for them. Americans send troops to England to help but they all get infected besides Nathan Hale who can’t be infected. He gains some new powers, but doesn’t transform into a creature. You control Nathan Hale throughout the game as you try to defeat the Chimeras. The story is interesting especially because Nathan cannot be infected. He is troubled for sure, but he is still able to do his job. This makes him different and likeable. The story is well-scripted as you get updates at the end of each chapter. Resistance FOM has a good length, it doesn’t feel too short or too long. One of the best things about FOM is the differences between the missions. Sometimes you’re on foot and you have to kill many enemies, sometimes there are not so much enemies but they are a lot harder to kill. There are also missions where you have to use a vehicle, either a human...”

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Avatarre: Good start for the Resistance series
Commented written by skaliex on Nov 28, 2016
“It was! This game is great. I mean, COD is great too but it sad to think Resistance is not as much popular. Of course it's just on Playstation. That doesn't help.”
Avatarre: Annual holiday destination
Commented written by Aevers on Nov 28, 2016
“quote Directed by Genndy Tartakovsky That alone makes me want to watch it. Loved me some Dexter's Lab and Samurai Jack!”
Avatarre: Rotten Fruit
Commented written by InsanityS on Nov 20, 2016
“It's true that the outcome of Amane's flashback is already set in stone and part of me felt sad knowing that even if the flashback had any decision points it wouldn't have altered any of their fates. I just found myself a lot more invested in the story during it than any other time in the novel, so for me the flashback taking up over half her route was a major plus. I got kinda disappointed when the narrative brought things back to the present with Yuuji.”
“i guess it does make things more tense until you've had a gutfull and want to just finish the game.”