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Urban Chaos cheats, and Codes for PC.

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Urban Chaos Cheat Codes

Urban Chaos

All codes require you to be in DEBUG mode. Press F9 and a place to type stuff will appear at the top of the screen. To turn on debug mode, type in BANGUNSNOTGAMES.
This will make you invulnerable. These cheat codes are typed into the F9 input line

BOO Cluster of Explosions
CRINKLES Turn Crinkles on/off
DARCI Control Officer D'arci
ROPER Control Roper
FADE # Sets fog fade level where # is any number
WORLD Select Music
AMBIENT # # # Set ambient light (R,G,B)
WIN Win the level
LOSE Lose the level
CCTV Everything turns fluorescent green
TELW # Go to important game point #
TELS Save a waypoint on map
TELR Return to saved waypaint

The rest are simple key presses. Just press the corresponding keys to make these happen

Q Show car paths
W Make rain ripples
E Make random vechicle
R Make explosive barrell
I Show pedestrian walking areas
[ Toggle enemy view
P Enemy view on/off
; Slow motion
' Pause action
> Fart smoke
/ Stealth Debug
CTRL Show statistics
G Move forward 10 feet or onto ledge
J Coordinates grib show
L Create light
F11 Clouds on/off
F12 Creates game weapons
F3 Exits game
keypad 7 Select game effect
Keypad 5 Execute game effect
Keypad 3 Weird orange fog