Urban Chaos: Riot Response Cheats

All the cheats
On the Main menu screen

press the following buttons:
up up down down circle down up circle.

This gives you a cheat option on the title screen, enter it and press x to enter these passwords. (KEY SENSITIVE)

unlock MK4 pistol: ZEROTOLERANCE

Unlock MK3 assault rifle with inf grenades: ULTIMATEPOWER

unlock minigun, replaces the pistol: MINIFUN

unlock long range stungun: FRYINGTIME

unlocks all levels and emergencies: KEYTOTHECITY

activate terror mode: BURNERSREVENGE

activate disco mode: DANCINGFEET

thermal breather MK2 bettter visibilty in smoke:

turns on squeaky voices: WHATWASTHAT

bullets set fire to enemies: BURNINGBULLET