Urban Chaos: Riot Response (PS2) Cheats

Urban Chaos: Riot Response cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Clean Cleavers
When you use a cleaver to attack an enemy, it will become bloodied. To clean it, just throw it at the ground and pick it up again and it will be all clean.
How to make Nick Spin his Gun
When Nick is holding the pistol, rotate the right analog stick clockwise to make him spin the gun in his hand.
Riot Shield Status
The amount of damage that a Riot Shield has received is shown by the appearance of the shield it self.
Here is what affects the Riot Shields appearance:

Cracked Glass - Received from blunt weapons, knife slashes and using your shield to hit enemies.

Blood Splatter - Also from using your shield to hit enemies as well as standing close to an enemy that is attacked.

Bullet hole - Received when shot at.

Knife stuck to shield - When an enemy throws a knife at you, with the shield held up, it will become stuck to your shield and is clearly seen poking out. However, if you drop your shield, it will disappear.
Unlock Extras
Succesfully completing the game will unlock the Terror difficulty setting and another level of medals.
Unlockable Armor, Weapons and Upgrades
Extra Pistol Clip - Collect 2 Medals
Shield Mk. 2 - Collect 4 Medals
Pistol Damage Upgrade - Collect 6 Medals
T-Zero Body Armor - Collect 8 Medals
Smoke Grenades - Collect 10 Medals
Stun Gun Mk. 2 - Collect 12 Medals
Riot Grenades - Collect 14 Medals
Second Extra Pistol Clip - Collect 16 Medals
Shotgun Damage Upgrade - Collect 20 Medals
Grenade Belt - Collect 24 Medals
Extra Shotgun Clip - Collect 28 Medals
Assault Rifle Damage Upgrade - Collect 32 Medals
Pistol Mk. 2 - Collect 36 Medals
Extra Assault Rifle Clip - Collect 40 Medals
T-Zero Battle Armor - Collect 45 Medals
Third Extra Pistol Clip - Collect 50 Medals
Upgraded Grenade Belt - Collect 55 Medals
Second Pistol Damage Upgrade - Collect 60 Medals
Second Extra Shotgun Clip - Collect 65 Medals
Stun Gun Range Upgrade - Collect 70 Medals
Pistol Mk. 3 - Collect 75 Medals
Second Extra Assault Rifle Clip - Collect 80 Medals
Second Shotgun Damage Upgrade - Collect 85 Medals
T-Zero Assault Armor - Collect 90 Medals
Third Extra Shotgun Clip - Collect 95 Medals
Second Assault Rifle Damage Upgrade - Collect 100 Medals
Fourth Extra Pistol Clip - Collect 105 Medals
Third Extra Assault Rifle Clip - Collect 110 Medals
Third Pistol Damage Upgrade - Collect 115 Medals
Second Upgrade Grenade Belt - Collect 120 Medals
Fourth Extra Shotgun Clip - Collect 125 Medals
Pistol Mk. 4 - Collect 130 Medals
Fourth Extra Assault Rifle Clip - Collect 135 Medals
Second Stun Gun Range Upgrade - Collect 140 Medals
Third Shotgun Damage Upgrade - Collect 145 Medals
Maximum Grenade Belt - Collect 150 Medals
Third Assault Rifle Damage Upgrade - Collect 160 Medals
Infinite Pistol Ammo - Collect 170 Medals
Infinite Shotgun Ammo - Collect 180 Medals
Infinite Assault Rifle Ammo - Collect 190 Medals
Mini-Gun - Collect 204 Medals
Unlockable Emergency Missions
Emergency: Downtown - Capture 1 Gang Leader Alive
Emergency: South Side Lot - Capture 2 Gang Leaders Alive
Emergency: Dockyard - Capture 4 Gang Leaders Alive
Emergency: Sewers - Capture 6 Gang Leaders Alive
Emergency: Thompson St. - Capture 8 Gang Leaders Alive
Emergency: Angel Heights - Capture 10 Gang Leaders Alive


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All the cheats
On the Main menu screen

press the following buttons:
up up down down circle down up circle.

This gives you a cheat option on the title screen, enter it and press x to enter these passwords. (KEY SENSITIVE)

unlock MK4 pistol: ZEROTOLERANCE

Unlock MK3 assault rifle with inf grenades: ULTIMATEPOWER

unlock minigun, replaces the pistol: MINIFUN

unlock long range stungun: FRYINGTIME

unlocks all levels and emergencies: KEYTOTHECITY

activate terror mode: BURNERSREVENGE

activate disco mode: DANCINGFEET

thermal breather MK2 bettter visibilty in smoke:

turns on squeaky voices: WHATWASTHAT

bullets set fire to enemies: BURNINGBULLET

rapid fire on assult's bomb
when you have the cheat ULTIMATEPOWER in, go into a level and pick the assault rifle, shoot a bomb then quickly press the shield button. dont hold it, just press and release! then shoot the bomb again and repeat. this way you can shoot 15 bombs in 10sec and kill just about everything. its not a glitch so you do it whenever you need it but you have to do R2 then L1 then R2 then L1 repeat.