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I was introduced to this game from a playable demo I got in a UK Magazine many years ago. I was addicted to the demo and must've completed it 20 times before I decided it was time to get the full version. Uplink is not for sale in the shops, you need to buy it from Introversion.co.uk, it's worth it.

Forget hi-def graphics we see these days. Uplink is all about the gameplay and excitement of hacking into a bank and stealing a million dollars for example or hacking into the Criminal Database and clearing a record or even getting someone arrested for a crime he didn't commit.

You work for a corporation called Uplink. They provide you with contracts for getting missions but also provide you with software you may need such as the basic Password Breakers, Log Deleters and Trace Trackers to the more advanced LAN Probe or Voice Annalyser. You can log into their server anytime to buy software, buy upgrades such as bigger memory, faster CPUs and better security. You can also check your ranking to see how close you are to becoming the world best hacker.
There is also a 'Main mission' strand which involves either playing for the good guys Arunmore which has you stopping a Virus Outbreak which threatens to wipe out the internet or can play for ARC who are the company designing the Super Virus and need you to help take down the internet.

As mentioned the graphics are nothing special. You are not controlling a character in 1st or 3rd person view or anything like that. You are playing as yourself sitting at your desk hacking. What you see on screen are sites that you go to to hack. For example if you hack into the Acedemic Database you can view pictures of tons of people and change their grades or give them a better education.

At the beginning hacking is just basic stuff like copying and destroying data however in later missions you're asked to destroy computers by deleting the start-up programs on the target computers or you're asked to trace a hacker. Other missions may involve stealing money from a bank.

It's the excitement of the possibility that you might get caught which makes this game great. Before you start hacking you need to bounce your signal around the world so that it's harder for authorities to trace you. While hacking your trace tracker keeps track of how close you are to getting caught. It makes a beeping noise which gets faster the closer you are to getting caught. There's nothing more exciting then leaving it till the last possible moment before disconnecting.

This game does have flaws like all games such as the occasional glitch however it's nothing major.

Overal Uplink is a joy to play especially if you're not bothered about great graphics and explosions.
Put Doom on hold for a moment and give this a try. It's a breath of fresh air.

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