Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade

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Have everyone heard of this untold legend?


With the arrival of this game into the bargain bin, will it finally have a second chance to tell it's legend? Or will it still remain untold?

STORY (3/5)


For centuries, when a king/queen is elected, a guardian is also chosen to protect the city of Aven. Luckily for all the guardians, that's also how long it's been since evil have tried something fishy. As decades past and people become spoiled by the peace and prosperity, the world begin to forget about the heroes of the past.

As the festival celebrates Kaylee's (the newest elected crown) day of triumph, you participate in the tournam...


Great Hack n' Slash

The good:

-Crisp, Clean Graphics
-Expansive Maps
-Great Multiplayer
-Easy Gameplay
-Recall with no scrolls

The bad:

-Load Times
-Story Line
-Avatar Creation
-Monster Mobs


Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade is a great Fantasy RPG. Any fans of the Diablo or D&D series should seriously consider picking this game up. Untold Legends is a great Hack n' Slash that is easy to pick up but hard to put down because it is so addicting.

Although the setting of era is quite unclear, your mission is lined out within the Prologue. You are the Guardian of the Crown because you won the tournament, which you can't participate in although it would be awesome, and you must do everything in your power to defend the Crown.

The quests are simple enough: go somewhere...


Wow, I Iike it

The good:

Long story
Many weapons and armor
Easy to get into
Very addictive
Amazing Graphics

The bad:

Huge load times
gets slightly repetitive
You have to use the analog nub, which is awkwardly placed for this game
Not only are the loads long, there are lots of them,and the loading screen is just a still picture
Not enough character customization available


When I first got this game, I couldnt put it down... Until it started loading... When I timed a load time, i got a minute and seventeen seconds. Now imagine having to load once every 5-10 minutes. It gets annoying. Thats why I took some points off.
This game is very long, something that I like. Not only is the story long, there are a huge amount of side quests.
At the begining, you have a chance to customize your character. Sadly, all you can do is change hair type, skin color, and hair color. They could have done so much more, but apparently, they rushed it.


Solid but lacking

The good:

-Very Deep
-Lots of levels and sidequests
-Crisp Grapics
-Expansive areas
-Great multiplayer

The bad:

-Long and i meen LONG load times
-kinda on the short side
-simplistic combat
-not too much in the character creation/character class area


Now I would defenitly pick this one up for the PSP because it it can literally suck away hours of your life, It is totally addictive. Now when you first start playing the game its kind of boring. You just mainly kill spiders in dungeons,but after thats all gone and done you get to fight all sorts of fun and interesting monsters. Also all the areas are randomly generated so you can have a toataly different area than your friend. And speaking of your friend, get together 3 of them and you can have the time of your life. The story mode is about ten times better with friends. Also heres a tip f...

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