Untold Legends: The Warrior's Code

  • Released on Mar 14, 2006
  • By SCEA for PSP

Untold Legends: The Warrior's Code review
Great Hack n' Slash, but there is room for improvement

The good:

*Graphics - The graphics are amazing in my opinion, and are improved from the first Untold Legends game, but not by very much. Still, it's an improvement, and a great addition to this game.
*Storyline - The story for this game is very lengthy. The game is played in chapters, unlike The Brotherhood of the Blade, where the story was unorganized and scattered all over the place. You also have a "Quest Journal", which will give you hints on what to do next in the game.
*Load Times - The load times in this game are acceptable, considering it is a PSP game, and runs on a UMD. It takes a lot less time to load than the original Untold Legends (The Brotherhood of the Blade). Each load takes around 15 seconds, which is a huge improvement.
*Multiplayer - The multiplayer for this game is awesome, especially if you are playing online. There are 7 different multiplayer modes to chose from, including "Frenzy", "Capture the Flag", and "Survive!"
*Voice overs and cinematic - I personally like the idea of having voice overs and cinematics in the game. It makes the game feel more interesting, and life like. The voices change as you progress throughout the story, depending on the situation.
*Controls - The controls in this game are very similar to The Brotherhood of the Blade, except for a few things. You use the L button as a "shift" button. The controls are very easy to use, except for the d-pad which is used for your characters special abilities.

The bad:

*Storyline - In my opinion the story is still to easy. Most of the time, you find yourself mashing up the X button, which is all you have to do. Another problem is that the storyline gets somewhat repetitive after the first few chapters. It is probably because the story never really gets too exciting, even when you get to the end. You can almost predict what happens next in the story.
*Map - A lot of the areas that you travel to are almost identical, down to the monsters locations. When it comes to the levels, Sony could have been a lot more creative when they created them.
*Originality - Very similar to the first Untold Legends game, with very few changes. The additions are nothing to rave about, considering that they are only minor changes. The game is pretty much played like this; you talk to one of your companions, and he/she gives you a mission, where you have to go to a dungeon of some sort, and defeat a boss. There's nothing in the game that really separates it from the other Hack n' Slash RPGs out there.


The game play is pretty much the same as it was in The Brotherhood of the Blade, with a few more twists. There are 5 different characters to pick from, (Guardian, Mercenary, Disciple, Prowler and Scout) but they are all very similar to one another. There is no pure ranged fighter, or anything like that. Each character is a mix of every attribute.

Each character has the ability to change shape into a different type of beast, depending on which class you chose. You would have to gain "essence" by defeating monsters to change your shape. The beast forms attacks are very limited. Another problem with this is that the transformations have a very limited duration period before turning back to your human shape.

A plus side to this game is that there are a lot of different items in this game that you can use. The bad thing about this is, most of the items are almost identical and end up obsolete once you find a better replacement.

Another addition to The Warriors Code, is the "checkpoints" that have been added to the map. They save your place in the game, and there are usually 3-5 of them in each area. If you get knocked-out, you re-spawn at the last checkpoint that you reached. If you haven't made it to any checkpoints, you re-spawn at the last spot that you saved your game, or at the beginning of the area.

Overall, this is still a great "Hack n' Slash" game on the PSP, and if you're into RPGs I recommend this game.

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