Unreal Tournament III Platinum Trophy / 100% Achievement Guide v1.1
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: : : : Unreal Tournament III Platinum Trophy / 100% Achievement Guide

Unreal Tournament III Platinum Trophy / 100% Achievement Guide

by Aura   Updated to v1.1 on
Unreal Tournament III: Platinum Trophy / 100% Achievement Guide

Version 1.1

Author: Karne-Michael Martin

Contact: aura_smash@live.com.au

------------------------- Table of Contents --------------------------

- Version History       [HIST]

- Introduction          [INTR]

- Platinum Trophy       [PLAT]

- Bronze Trophies       [BRON]

- Silver Trophies       [SILV]

- Gold Trophies         [GOLD]

- Requests              [REQS]

- Questions             [FAQS]

- Contacting Me         [CONT]

- Copyright Information [COPY]

----------------------- Version History [HIST] -----------------------

- 10/09/2009 Version 1.1 Update. Added strategies and Mission Paths
  for Fear the Reaper, Just Business, Bag of Bolts and Open War. 
  Added a second strategy for the “Have a Nice Day” trophy. 
  Fixed minor typos/errors and reorganised category layout.

- 08/09/2009 Version 1.0 Submitted.

------------------------ Introduction [INTR] -------------------------

First off, allow me to introduce myself; my name is Karne and I’ve
been playing video games for over 2 decades. In all that time, this is
the first time I’ve written (and finished) a Guide/FAQ.

I predominantly play games of the RPG and Action/Adventure genre, but
lately my interest in Shooters has greatly increased. Which also led
me to write this guide, so that can’t be a bad thing. Hopefully this 
Guide will meet with more success than its predecessors that were 
started and never finished.

I picked up Unreal Tournament III a while back and played it for maybe
15 minutes initially. At first this game didn’t appeal to me a great
deal, but it soon grew on me.

Unreal Tournament III is a fast paced Sci-Fi Shooter and has a lot to
offer in gameplay, both online and offline. The trophies/achievements
in this game are far from easy, and even using some of the tricks and
tips I reveal in this guide, it can still be quite bothersome to
attain that Platinum trophy.

If you lack patience and perserverence, then this Platinum may be one
to elude you, with that said, if you’re still reading, let’s move
onto the Platinum Trophy / 100% Achievement Guide.

On a side note, this Guide can also be used for the Xbox 360 version 
of Unreal Tournament III, however I do not know how many points each
achievement is worth. That wont be a problem though, because you
wouldn’t be reading unless you wanted to get them all would you?

Before we get started on the guide, one other thing that should be
noted with certain trophies; in particular the ones that require you
to achieve an “Award” - you may quit the stage as soon as the Award is
displayed/heard. This saves you the hassle of having to wait for the
timer to hit zero, and therefore, progress more quickly.

---------------------- Platinum Trophy [PLAT] ------------------------

- Platinum Trophy: There is a total of 1 Platinum Trophy to unlock,
the trophy name, requirements and strategies to obtain them are listed

- Unreal! [PL01]

[PL01] – Unreal! Requirements: Unlock all other trophies in the game,
See rest of guide.

----------------------- Bronze Trophies [BRON] -----------------------

- Bronze Trophies: There are a total of 36 Bronze Trophies to unlock, 
all trophy names, requirements and strategies to obtain them are
listed below.

- Lock and Load           [BR01]

- Soldier's Blood         [BR02]

- Does Not Compute        [BR03]

- Not in Kansas Anymore   [BR04]

- I Need Some Backup      [BR05]

- Got Your Back           [BR06]

- I See How It Is         [BR07]

- Spice of Life           [BR08]

- Brain Surgeon           [BR09]

- Don't Taze Me Bro!      [BR10]

- Goo God                 [BR11]

- Pistelero               [BR12]

- Shard-O-Matic           [BR13]

- Hammerhead              [BR14]

- Strongest Link          [BR15]

- Have a Nice Day         [BR16]

- Big Game Hunter         [BR17]

- Ace                     [BR18]

- Deathwish               [BR19]

- Armadillo               [BR20]

- Jack of All Trades      [BR21]

- Seeing Red              [BR22]

- Never Saw It Coming     [BR23]

- Survival of the Fittest [BR24]

- Delivering the Hurt     [BR25]

- Hat Trick               [BR26]

- Being a Hero            [BR27]

- Flag Waver              [BR28]

- 30 Minutes or Less      [BR29]

- Paint the Town Red      [BR30]

- Connect the Dots        [BR31]

- Serial Killer           [BR32]

- Sir Slays-a-Lot         [BR33]

- Killjoy                 [BR34]

- Off to a Good Start     [BR35]

- Let's Get It On         [BR36]

[BR01] - Lock and Load requirements: Complete Chapter 1 on any

This chapter is fairly straight forward, and there’s no Silver Trophy
for completing it on Insane difficulty. Just lower the difficulty and
use this opportunity to get yourself accustomed to the controls and
mechanics of the game, you’ll need it later, trust me.

[BR02] – Soldier’s Blood requirements: Complete Chapter 2 on any

See requirements for Just Business - [SL01]

[BR03] – Does Not Compute requirements: Complete Chapter 3 on any

See requirements for Bag of Bolts – [SL02]

[BR04] – Not in Kansas Anymore requirements: Complete Chapter 4 on any

See requirements for Open War – [SL03]

[BR05] – I Need Some Backup requirements: Complete 1 mission in co-op.

See requirements for Got Your Back – [BR06]

[BR06] – Got Your Back requirements: Complete 10 missions in co-op.

This one is quite easy to do, just complete a mission in co-op 10
times. The way I did this was by connecting my second controller and
doing split screen (even though I don’t like split screen), I played
the first mission 10 times, and this trophy was unlocked.

One thing I noticed was that split screen co-op wasn’t available when
I was offline, so unless it was a glitch or a bug, I’m assuming you 
need an internet connection for campaign co-op.

[BR07] – I See How It Is requirements: Complete an Instant Action
match in every game mode.

Another straight forward trophy, just complete a match in every game
mode in Instant Action. The game modes you need to complete a match in

- Deathmatch
- Team Deathmatch
- Capture the Flag - (CTF)
- Vehicle Capture the Flag - (VCTF)
- Warfare
- Duel

It doesn’t matter a great deal which maps you play on, but if you’re
looking to speed through this trophy, then just set victory parameters
to the lowest possible. Easy.

[BR08] – Spice of Life requirements: Play a match with every mutator
using only 1 per match.

This one should come as you progress through the trophies, just make
sure you only use 1 mutator per match otherwise it wont count. Here’s
a list of all the mutators you need to use, and in what game mode:

- Deathmatch

Big Head
Kills Slow Time
Low Gravity
No Super Pickups
Slow Mo
Speed Freak
Super Berserk
Weapon Replacement
Weapons Respawn

- Team Deathmatch

Friendly Fire

- Warfare

No Orbs

- Capture the Flag

No Translocator

- Duel


This can be quite a lengthy process, so again, lower conditions for
victory to their minimum, and get ready to grind a little. 
Hard, no. Tedious, just a little.

[BR09] – Brain Surgeon requirements: Get the “Head Hunter” award in 10

Another tedious trophy here, to get the “Head Hunter” award you must
get 15 headshot kills with the Sniper Rifle in 10 different matches.
I found the easiest way to do this is by starting a co-op match with a
second controller on the Warfare map Downtown.

This map isn’t overly large, but still bigger than some. The reason I
played on this map is because of how close the second player respawns,
and also because of the wide variety of weapons available. You wont
just be getting the Brain Surgeon trophy on this map, so get try and
learn the map layout to make this as easy as possible.

Before starting the match, make sure to turn the Speed Freak mutator
on, Time Limit to maximum and set Force Respawn to Yes.

All you have to do is play through the map, just make sure you collect
as many weapons, and as much ammo as you can on your way through. Then
just kill the second player 15 times with headshots with the Sniper

[BR10] – Don’t Taze Me Bro! Requirements: Get the “Combo King” award
in 10 matches.

For this trophy you have to kill your opponent 15 times in a match
using the Shock Combo. To perform the Shock Combo you must use the
Shock Rifle’s secondary fire by pressing L1 and hitting the Shock Orb
with the primary fire by pressing R1. You’ll know when you performed
it correctly as it creates a kind of electric field which looks like a
miniature black hole.

You MUST kill the opponent with the combo, NOT the orbs or beams alone
otherwise it wont count.

Just use the same strategy with the second controller mentioned in
[BR09] as these 2 trophies aren’t the only ones you’ll be unlocking
on this map.

[BR11] – Goo God requirements: Get the “Biohazard” award in 10

For this trophy you must rack up 15 kills with the Bio Rifle, for this
trophy we will be using a different map and game mode. We’ll be using
the second controller strategy again, but the mutators will be a
little different this time.

Start a Deathmatch in Splitscreen and select the Biohazard map. Set
the number of combatants to 2, Force Respawn Yes, Time Limit to
maximum and Goal Score to 0. This will give you ample time to get as
many awards as possible.

There are 2 Bio Rifles on this map, one is near a launch pad, the
other in plain view next to some stairs. Just kill the second player
15 times during 10 different matches and this trophy will be unlocked.

[BR12] – Pistelero requirements: Get the “Gunslinger” award in 10

You will get this trophy about 1/3 of the way through unlocking the
Get a Life trophy. Just see the requirements for that – [SL08].

[BR13] – Shard-O-Matic requirements: Get the “Blue Streak” award in 10

Use the same settings outlined in [BR11] but this time add the Weapon
Replacement mutator, and configure it so either the Sniper Rifle or
Shock Rifle becomes a Stinger Minigun.

The Sniper Rifle is located just above the launch pad, and the Shock
Rifle is down the stairs past the Bio Rifle. Just get 15 kills with
the Stinger Minigun over 10 different matches to unlock this trophy.

[BR14] – Hammerhead requirements: Get the “Jackhammer” award in 10

This is probably the easiest of all the “kill x amount of enemies on
x amount of stages” mainly because, the weapon needed is the Impact

The Impact Hammer is carried with you at all times, all you have to do
is press “Circle” to switch to it. Just run around holding R1 and kill
the second player 15 times, it takes a little while, so you might want
to do this while you’re working on unlocking the Brain Surgeon trophy.

[BR15] – Strongest Link requirements: Get the “Shaft Master” award in
10 matches.

Alright, let’s just ignore any inappropriate jokes that can be made
with this achievement for a minute and get down to the nitty gritty.

You need to kill an enemy 15 times with the Link Gun’s secondary fire
by pressing and holding L1. Do this 10 times on the same stage 
outlined in the Brain Surgeon strategy – [BR09]

....Haha, they said “Shaft”.

[BR16] – Have a Nice Day requirements: Get the “Rocket Scientist” 
award in 10 matches and “Flak Master” award in 10 matches.

For this trophy you must get 15 kills each with the Rocket Launcher
and the Flak Cannon, in 10 different matches. Use the same settings
and mutators outlined in the Goo God strategy – [BR11] only this time
configure either the Sniper Rifle or Shock Rifle (whichever you didn’t
change to the Stinger Minigun) to the Flak Cannon.

The Rocket Launcher will be in the room next to the Weapon Replaced
Sniper Rifle, so you wont need to configure for that. As per usual,
rack up 15 kills with both the Rocket Launcher and Flak Cannon and
after 10 gruelling matches, this trophy is yours.

Another way of doing this is by going to the Warfare map Downtown as
you pick up both Rocket Launchers and Flak Cannons in this stage. Just
use the same settings outlined in the Brain Surgeon strategy - [BR09]
and this trophy will easily enough.

[BR17] – Big Game Hunter requirements: Get the “Big Game Hunter” award
in 10 matches.

For this trophy you need to get 15 kills with the Avril Longbow, use
the same strategy outlined in the Brain Surgeon – [BR09] the Avril
Longbow can be found in a few different places on the Warfare map
Downtown. You’ll pick up 3 just playing the stage normally so I wont
list these.

Just get those 15 kills over 10 matches, and that’s one more trophy
down, or rather, unlocked.

[BR18] – Ace requirements: Get the “Top Gun” award in 20 matches.

Yet another one of these, don’t worry though, we’re almost through
with these type of trophies.

I found the easiest way to do this was on the VCTF stage – Suspense.
Set up a Splitscreen match, and add the Speed Freak mutator. Now with
the second player, go and get in the Raptor that is next to the
Goliath which is in your base. Fly into the air a little, and put down
the second controller. With the first player, go and find your Raptor,
from here just go and shoot down the second player.

Quit, restart and do this another 19 times for this trophy.

[BR19] – Deathwish requirements: Get the “Bullseye” award in 20

Getting sick of these yet? So am I. Only 2 left of these after this
one though.

To get the Bullseye award you have to make your vehicle self-destruct
to kill an enemy. I found the best map to do this on was VCTF –

Use the same set up outlined in the Ace strategy [BR18] and after 20
Bullseye awards, the Deathwish trophy will be unlocked.

[BR20] – Armadillo requirements: Get the “Roadkill” award in 10

This one can be done on the same map as Brain Surgeon - [BR09] there
are plenty of vehicles around, to get this award all you have to do is
run over an enemy with a vehicle and kill them. Do this in 10 matches
and that’s another trophy unlocked.

[BR21] – Jack of All Trades requirements: Kill an enemy with every
vehicle except the Hoverboard.

Another fairly straight forward trophy, however there are many maps
with multiple vehicles, so I made a graph of sorts to list the 
vehicles, map locations and game modes used to get this trophy.

One thing to keep in mind when going for this trophy, you MUST use
the vehicles weapon when killing an enemy to make it count. I’m not
100% sure if the secondary fire counts towards the total, so just to
be safe, use the vehicle’s primary fire (R1).

  Vehicle      |  Location    |  Game Mode
  Cicada       |  Dusk        |  Warfare
  Dark Walker  |  Sandstorm   |  Vehicle Capture the Flag
  Fury         |  Sandstorm   |  Vehicle Capture the Flag
  Goliath      |  Dusk        |  Warfare
  Hellbender   |  Downtown    |  Warfare
  Hellfire     |  Torlan      |  Warfare
  Leviathan    |  Onyx Coast  |  Warfare
  Manta        |  Downtown    |  Warfare
  Nemesis      |  Sandstorm   |  Vehicle Capture the Flag
  Nightshade   |  Necropolis  |  Vehicle Capture the Flag
  Paladin      |  Downtown    |  Warfare
  Raptor       |  Suspense    |  Vehicle Capture the Flag
  Scavenger    |  Necropolis  |  Vehicle Capture the Flag
  Scorpion     |  Downtown    |  Warfare
  Viper        |  Sandstorm   |  Vehicle Capture the Flag

Well that was fun wasn’t it? Not to worry, the rest of the trophies
are a little easier, but that doesn’t make some of them any less 
tedious, unfortunately. Moving on.

[BR22] – Seeing Red requirements: Have over 20 minutes of “Berserk

There are a couple of ways of doing this, one requires you to check
back every few minutes to make sure it progresses. The other requires
less than a minute of setting up.

I’ll just list the easier way, seeing as you’ve worked so hard thus
far. You deserve a little rest, don’t you think?

Anyway, set up a Splitscreen Deathmatch on the Biohazard map, and set
the Time Limit to 60 then start the match. Go to the Bio Rifle that is
by the stairs, depending on which direction you head to it from will
alter which way you need to turn to get to the Berserk power-up.

If you head up the stairs the Bio Rifle will be on your right, so you
will want to turn left through a doorway, up some stairs and around
the corner. Once you reach the top you’ll be looking down on the area
you just came in from, and there will be a silver and red metal
circular plate on the floor. This is where the Berserk power-up
spawns, wait for it to appear before you leave the game just to be
sure you’re in the right place. When it appears, grab it and stand on
that circular plate. Now leave the game to do its thing, and after
the hour is over you should have this trophy.

If this trophy isn’t unlocked after an hour, go to the main menu and
select Community > Trophies and scroll down. Under this achievement’s
name will be the current amount of accumulated time in Berserk. From
this information you should be able to estimate how long you need to
use the above strategy to make up the rest of the time.

The moral of this trophy? Work smarter, not harder.

[BR23] – Never Saw It Coming requirements: Have over 20 minutes of
“Invisibility Time”.

Another “take it easy” trophy here, I found the easiest one to get was
on Heat Ray, so using the same set up outlined in Seeing Red – [BR22]
start a Deathmatch on the Heat Ray map and let’s begin.

To find the Invisibility power-up you’ll want to be roughly in the
middle of the map, near a Rocket Launcher and a jump pad. Use the
jump pad to get to the middle level of the building, then go up and
around the stairs past the Stinger Minigun. From here there will be a
narrow corridor with health vials that lead into a large room. In 
front of you will be a doorway that leads into another narrow
corridor, follow this corridor along and at the end there will be a
drop that leads to the ledge the invisibility power-up spawns.

Just make sure you leave your player standing on the circular plate,
and find something else to do for about an hour. By the time you come
back this trophy should be unlocked.

[BR24] – Survival of the Fittest requirements: Have over 10 minutes of
“Invulnerable Time”.

As far as I’m aware there is only one map that has the Invulnerable
power-up and that is Fearless. Set up a Splitscreen Deathmatch, and
use the same settings outlined in Seeing Red – [BR22] and start the

First thing you’ll need to do is find the Link Gun which is on the
ground level, once you have you’ll need to position yourself so the
ledge with health vials is behind you. From here move forward to
either side of the big statue and the platform raises you up to the
next level. Turn around and move forward, notice that circular plate
on the floor? That’s where the Invulnerable power-up spawns, so just
stand in the middle and leave the game to do its thing. Easy.

[BR25] – Delivering the Hurt requirements: Have over 20 minutes of
“Udamage Time”.

For this one we’ll be going to the map Shangri La, as this seems to be
the easiest map to find the UDamage power-up. Same as before, make
sure you have the same settings outlined in Seeing Red – [BR22] I know
I keep saying that, but I’m doing it for those who skim read as they
may have missed that part, and need me to direct them (I’m so nice).

When you begin the stage make your way out into the courtyard area,
you’ll know when you’re there when you see a weird looking altar in
middle of the area, near a bridge. Jump up on top of the altar to find
yet another of those power-up spawning circular plates. From here,
just leave your player standing on it and find something else to do
for a while.

Didn’t really have to deliver much hurt for that trophy did you?

[BR26] – Hat Trick requirements: Achieve a Hat Trick in 10 CTF or VCTF

This one will require you do some work, but this is one of the less
tedious trophies, so it could be worse. To achieve a Hat Trick you’ll
need to win 10 Capture the Flag matches or Vehicle Capture the Flag
matches or a combination of both. The most important thing to remember
here is that you MUST finish with a score 3-0.

You can do this against a novice bot, or set up a second controller,
either way works fine. If you want to get this trophy over and done
with as quickly as possible, just use the second player Splitscreen

With that decided let’s start shall we, set up a Capture the Flag
match on the map Reflection, Time Limit to 5 minutes, Goal Score to 3,
and don’t forget that Speed Freak mutator, it’ll make this move along

Reflection is a very straight forward map, if you lose your bearings
on this map you should probably be concerned. Anyway, just go and grab
the enemies flag and return to your own base, do this another 2 times
and you’ll get the Hat Trick award. Repeat this stage another 9 times
and the trophy is yours.

[BR27] – Being a Hero requirements: Return 100 enemy orbs in Warfare

This is another easy trophy, though it can be a little time consuming
depending on which map you play on. This time we’ll be using Instant
Action for the match instead of Splitscreen, using 2 controllers for
this achievement can actually take longer than going against a couple
of novice bots.

Start an Instant Action match on the map Market District against 2
novice bots, set the Time Limit to maximum, you can set the Goal Score
higher or lower, but I’d recommend leaving it as it is, no one should
be scoring any points in this match anyway. Don’t forget that Speed
Freak mutator, as always, it’s handy for speeding things up.

Now that you have that set up start the match, from your base the
Prime Node is literally around the corner. It’s right in the centre of
the map, so grab the red orb just outside your base and capture the
Prime Node. Now all you have to do is wait for the novice bots to grab
their blue orb and attack the same Prime Node you just captured. Kill
whichever bot has the blue orb then quickly run over to the orb and
press Square to destroy/return the orb.

Another 99 times and the trophy is yours, just as an added note, as
long as you have the Prime Node captured the bots will attack it,
that’s a good thing because it means they come to you with that blue
orb of theirs.

[BR28] – Flag Waver requirements: Complete 100 CTF matches played to
at least 3 captures.

Like the very first trophies I explained how to unlock, there’s 2 ways
of unlocking this one. You can either play 100 CTF matched played to a
minimum of 3 captures yourself, or you can do this the easy way.

For the easy way, set up a Multiplayer match for CTF on the Reflection
map, set Goal Score to 3, Time Limit to 5, against 2 god-like bots.
The god-like bots work very efficiently on this map, and it takes them
less than 2 minutes to get 3 captures. That’s a total of 200 minutes
excluding loading times.

This MUST be done on Multiplayer, this is because the next match will
start automatically meaning you dont have to push anything, so it’s
time to go outside again and get some of that fresh air. Come back in
roughly 3-4 hours and this trophy should be unlocked. If not just give
it another hour to finish up, it wont take as long as some of the
others have, fortunately.

[BR29] – 30 Minutes or Less requirements: Complete 100 VCTF matches
played to at least 3 captures.

I tested out a whole load of maps for this to see which worked best,
we’ll be using the same strategy outlined in Flag Waver – [BR28] so
use the same set up here.

The first map I tested this on was Serenity, that didn’t go so well as
the bots seem to get caught in a glitch on the odd occasion. Next map
I tried was Sandstorm which seemed to work well for a while, but the
same thing happened here too. After roughly another half a dozen
attempts I found a map that worked consistently – Corruption. Set up
the Multiplayer match the same as you did for the Flag Waver trophy
and leave the god-likes to it. They should have 100 matches finished
in about 6-8 hours, so you might want to set this one up before bed
and get some sleep. When you wake up this trophy should be done.

How skillful are you? You’re even unlocking trophies in your sleep.

[BR30] – Paint the Town Red requirements: Complete 100 Deathmatch or
Duel matches played to at least 20 kills.

If you chose to do the Get a Life trophy before doing this one, then
you will be around the halfway mark for getting this one.

For a quick and trophy on this start a Multiplayer Deathmatch on
Morbias Arena, set Goal/Kill Score to 20, Time Limit to 5, add the
Speed Freak and Instagib mutator, and make sure you have a full 
field of god-like bots. I’m not sure exactly how long it takes for
them to knock over 100 matches as I never monitored this one to see,
at a rough estimate it takes around 2-3 hours at most.

[BR31] – Connect the Dots requirements: Complete 100 Warfare matches
played to at least 3 points.

Remember the Being a Hero trophy? Well this one is almost the same,
except instead of playing in Instant Action, we’ll be setting this up
in Multiplayer, and instead of novice bots, they’ll be god-likes.

Start a Multiplayer match on the Market District map, set Goal Score
to 3, Time Limit to 5 minutes, make sure you are against 2 god-like
bots and set the Speed Freak mutator. This will take approximately the
same amount of time as Flag Waver, so if you haven’t made plans for
the next few hours, I suggest you make some. Unless of course you 
enjoy watching the god-like bots at work for hours, in which case just
stare blankly at the screen for 3-4 hours and drool away.

[BR32] – Serial Killer requirements: Get the “Killing Spree” award in
20 matches.

There’s a good chance you’ve already gotten this trophy if you’ve been
following this guide closely, but just in case I’ll outline the
conditions that need to be fulfilled to get the Killing Spree. All you
need to do is kill 5 enemies without being killed in 20 different
matches, yes it really is that simple.

You’ll be getting a lot of the Killing Spree awards as you unlock the 
other trophies, Get a Life [SL08] in particular will get you more
Killing Spree awards than what you actually need to unlock this

[BR33] – Sir Slays-a-Lot requirements: Get the “Monster Kill” award in
20 matches.

To get the Monster Kill award you must kill 6 enemies in a short time
period, this one will come with the Get a Life trophy - [SL08] so just
focus on that trophy and get this along the way.

[BR34] – Killjoy requirements: End sprees in 20 matches.

Pretty easy, just end a Killing Spree once in 20 matches, even your
own count. Doesn’t matter which map you use, as long as you can get
weapons that deal damage to yourself. Just go and kill 5 enemies to
get the Killing Spree award, then blow yourself up with a Rocket
Launcher, jump off a cliff, whatever you feel is a fitting death. You
can also end an enemy’s Killing Spree, but the problem there is the
other bots seem to kill them off pretty quickly.

[BR35] – Off to a Good Start requirements: Get the “First Blood” award
in 40 matches.

This one can take some time, if you want to speed things up set up a
Splitscreen match with a second controller and turn on the Speed Freak
mutator. Kill the opponent once, restart the match and repeat another
39 times.

Any of the smaller maps are ideal for this, so there isn’t any I can
recommend over others, except for maybe Morbias Arena.

[BR36] – Let’s Get It On requirements: Complete a Multiplayer match in
every game type.

This is exactly the same as the I See How It Is trophy [BR07] except
you need to play in Multiplayer NOT Instant Action. Here’s a list of
the game types that need to be completed in order to get this trophy:

- Deathmatch
- Team Deathmatch
- Capture the Flag - (CTF)
- Vehicle Capture the Flag - (VCTF)
- Warfare
- Duel

Again it doesn’t matter what maps you play on, just set conditions for
victory to the lowest possible, and plough through.

----------------------- Silver Trophies [SILV] -----------------------

- Silver Trophies: There are a total of 8 Silver Trophies to unlock, 
all trophy names, requirements and strategies to obtain them are 
listed below.

- Just Business                   [SL01]

- Bag of Bolts                    [SL02]

- Open War                        [SL03]

- I'm Not on a Holy War           [SL04]

- Thanks to All the Little People [SL05]

- Like the Back of my Hand        [SL06]

- Around the World                [SL07]

- Get a Life                      [SL08]

[SL01] - Just Business requirements: Complete Chapter 2 on Insane

Before I go into detail on strategies for beating each chapter I just
want to cover the basics of chapter missions. Each chapter has
several Missions that must be completed before you reach the last
mission, which is where you actually achieve the trophies.

There is more than 1 way of going through the chapters, and in some
cases this affects the last Mission. chapter 5 is fairly basic, so
there isn’t many variables to go into, but I’ll provide a chapter
Mission Path when I get to that, for references sake.

Just follow the mission paths as they seem to be the quickest and
easiest way of completing chapters. Also there are a couple of
missions that you are forced into, so I wont be listing these; you
HAVE to do them.

One more thing, you only need to complete the final mission of each
chapter on Insane for Fear the Reaper, Just Business, Bag of Bolts
and Open Warfare to get the respective trophies. Simply put, you
can play through an entire chapter on casual difficulty, but for the
last Mission you MUST quit the game to exit the stage. For that
reason alone, I wont be outlining strategies for the missions leading
up to the final mission of the Chapter.

To change the difficulty of campaign, all you need to do is quit the
Mission, and from there go to continue campaign and adjust the
difficulty to Insane.

With that said, here’s the mission path and final mission

Shangri La -> Reflection -> Sinkhole -> Market District ->
Tank Crossing -> Kargo -> Torlan Delta -> Hydrosis -> Serenity ->
Suspense -> Downtown -> Diesel -> Kargo -> Serenity

The first couple of times I played through chapter 2 I ended up
getting Torlan Delta as the final chapter mission. I’m not even
going to go into how much of a pain that was to beat on Insane,
that’s how excruciating it was.

Serenity on the other hand was a complete joke, even on Insane. I
started up the match, without using any of the cards I had to give
me an advantage and completed it with ease.

As soon as the match starts head to the Mine Node in the centre of
the map and capture it, leave your team to do their thing as they’ll
capture the Prime Node without any hassles. As soon as the Mine Node
has been constructed, get into the Leviathan and make your way to the
Enemy Prime Node, you might need to blast the Node a couple of times
to help your team out, but it’s no major hassle. You need to head in
that direction anyway.

After the Enemy Prime Node has fallen, press “Left” on the d-pad and
order all allies to “Cover” you. Now head on over to the Enemy Core
and ready the Leviathan’s big cannon (or whatever it’s called) by
pressing “X”.

Just let loose on the Enemy Core with the big cannon, and with the
extra firepower from your allies, the Core should fall within 30
seconds. This mission took me less than 3 minutes to complete on


[SL02] - Bag of Bolts requirements: Complete Chapter 3 on Insane

Chapter 3 Mission Path:

Arsenal -> Dusk -> Power Surge -> Heat Ray -> Coret ->
Carbon Fire -> Islander -> Containment -> Strident -> Heat Ray

Ah good old Heat Ray, this map should be familiar to you if you
already got the Untouchable trophy – [GD02]. This one can cause a
few more problems than Serenity though, for a couple of reasons.

Unlike Serenity which was a Warfare match, Heat Ray is a Team
Deathmatch battle. To top it off you have 2 less team members than
the opposition.

To even things out, use one of your cards which can be accessed by
pressing “Square” at the mission select screen. You should have a
card that gives you an extra 2 members by now, but if not, you
might want to brave this one out. Unless of course you want to
replay an entire chapter to try and get one.

When the match starts find cover, quickly! Let your team do what
they can until about 2-3 minutes into the match. Around this time
there’s a nice little present just waiting to be taken - a Dark

Just keep an eye out for the ship that flies in to drop the Dark
Walker off, as soon as you see it start moving. If the enemy team
gets to it first just restart the match, the lead they’ll take
with this vehicle is extremely hard to catch up to.

Once you manage to capture the Dark Walker, try and get one of
your team members to get in. You want them to take control of the
Dark Walker’s movement and lasers, when they do, you get control
of the secondary guns. Fire away while your team member does the
same, and try to gain a big lead over the enemy team, as they seem
to target the Dark Walker first.

If you manage the above, victory is pretty much guaranteed, not
exactly easy, but it wasn’t that hard either.

[SL03] - Open War requirements: Complete Chapter 4 on Insane

Chapter 4 Mission Path:

Islander -> Market District -> Shangri La -> Corruption ->
Suspense -> Biohazard -> Onyx Coast -> Avalanche -> Deimos

After completing Avalanche you get forces straight into Deimos,
so you’ll need to quit the game when the match starts and go to
continue campaign. Set the difficulty to Insane and you’ll be
thrown straight into Deimos again.

The Deimos map is a little harder to navigate than some of the
previous maps, so you might want to play a few times on a lower
difficulty so you can learn where everything is, without getting
fragged by god-like bots at every turn.

Once you know the map layout fairly well get ready for a battle,
as soon as the match starts make your way to the laser turret as
this will help secure victory.

While at the turret press and hold L1 to zoom in, and fire away.
The turret can be destroyed by the god-likes with relative ease,
so when you see the condition of the turret go down (bottom
right of the screen), get out and equip your Link Gun. If you
don’t have one, head through the teleporter and grab the one
near the 2 health packs. Go back to the turret and use the Link
Gun’s secondary fire (L1) to repair the turret.

Rinse and repeat until you win, just try not to let the turret get
destroyed. If it weren’t for the somewhat maze-like structure of
Deimos, this mission would’ve been easier than Heat Ray.

[SL04] - I'm Not on a Holy War requirements: Defeat Akasha and
complete the campaign on any difficulty.

See "Fear the Reaper" requirements - [GD01]

[SL05] - Thanks to All the Little People requirements: Complete a
campaign in co-op on any difficulty.

This one is quite easy, as you can complete the campaign on any
difficulty to achieve this. Also you do not have to play through the
entire campaign in co-op to get this trophy, just the last chapter.

It's up to you whether you want to play split screen co-op or online,
I prefer the latter as I like to have an entire screen to myself.

[SL06] - Like the Back of my Hand requirements: Collect every
power-up on every map.

For once you might not want to do this my way, I spent hours on end
scavenging every nook and cranny of every map to get this trophy, and
I don't particularly feel like doing it again.

Should I lose my sanity and decide to list each and every power-up
then I'll update this guide. I did a few google searches and I did 
manage to find a satisfactory substitute; some location and map guides 
for all the power-up locations.

It should be noted that there are 40 maps in which you need to find
all of the power-ups. You can find out what these are in the main
menu of the game by going into "Community" > "Trophies" scroll down
and you'll see the achievement "Like the Back of my Hand" just press 
"X" to expand it, and there you have a list of all required maps, and
which ones are complete/incomplete.

Maps: http://www.beyondunreal.com/articles/warfare-key-guides/

Guide: http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=83804

[SL07] - Around the World requirements: Win a Multiplayer match on
every map.

This one is quite easy, albeit very time consuming. There are 40 maps 
in which you must get victories on, the best advice I could give here 
is to make sure you set victory requirements to the lowest possible, 
against novice bots (dont forget to set that server password) and just
try to plough through the 40 maps as fast as possible.

[SL08] - Get a Life requirements: Get 200 kills in Multiplayer on 50 
different days.

This trophy may well be the make or break factor for some people, as
to whether or not they attain the Platinum trophy / 100% of the
achievements. It requires A LOT of patience, and A LOT of time to 
achieve. As the description implies you MUST achieve 200 kills in an 
online match, every single day for 50 days.

You might be thinking to yourself "50 days! I don't want to be 
playing Unreal Tournament III that much!" - what if I told you it was
possible to do in less than a day?

That's right, there is a way of getting around that bothersome 50 day
obstacle, and it's the simplest thing to do in the world. Go into the
"Date and Time" settings on your PS3/Xbox 360 and change the date,
yes it really is that easy.

Now for those 200 kills online, there are a lot of maps to choose from
but it seems that the DLC map Morbias Arena wins again here. It's a
small map, tight spaces which means enemies are grouped together and
I dare say a newbie to the game could get 200+ kills in 10 minutes on
this map.

What you'll want to do is set up a Multiplayer match at Morbias Arena,
16 players, all of which will be novice bots and set a password for
the server. Kill limit should be set to 0, and time to 10 minutes set 
the Speed Freak and Weapon Replacement mutators and configure all of 
the weapons to the Enforcer.

With this set up I clear 200 kills with an average time of 6 minutes
30 seconds, not bad. Once you reach 200 kills just quit the match, and
change the date to a different day on your system. Rinse and repeat
until you get this trophy.

---------------------- Gold Trophies [GOLD] --------------------------

- Gold Trophies: There are a total of 3 Gold Trophies to unlock, all
trophy names, requirements and strategies to obtain them are listed

- Fear the Reaper [GD01]

- Untouchable     [GD02]

- Online Champion [GD03]

[GD01] – Fear the Reaper requirements: Defeat Akasha and complete the
campaign on Insane difficulty.

Last chapter to complete, and that’s campaign mode finshed. For the
first 2 missions, you get forced into the match, they’re quite easy
so it’s nothing to be concerned about. After completing Floodgate,
you get forced straight into Sentinel for the final campaign mission
where you fight Akasha.

Chapter 5 Mission Path:

Omicron Dawn -> Sandstorm -> Fearless -> Sanctuary ->
Necropolis -> Vertebrae -> Floodgate -> Sentinel

Most people will probably get the Untouchable trophy before this, so
I’ll warn you right now, Akasha is not to be taken lightly! If you
thought killing a god-like bot 20 times without dying was hard, wait
until you step into the arena with Akasha.

Her attacks are fast, deadly, and to top it all off, there are a few
power-ups on the stage that give her an enormous advantage. To add
insult to injury we’re stuck fighting her on the Sentinel map. The
objective is to kill her 20 times, but that’s easier said than done.
If you can finish the match with more kills than Akasha, then that
counts as a victory too.

I’ll tell you about my first experience fighting Akasha. I’d been
playing through each chapter, writing down mission paths for this
Guide and it was getting pretty late by the time I reached Akasha;
4am to be exact. The match started and I ran to the Rocket Launcher,
I went anti-clockwise around the map and grabbed the Body Armor.

I’d also managed to grab a few Health Vials on my way to the Shield
Belt, things were looking good. Akasha reared her ugly head and I
drew first blood, my health was over 125 and Armour was 150. The
opening moments of the round were deceiving, luring me into a false
sense of confidence I suppose.

Anyway the UDamage power-up appeared and Akasha got to it before I
could, which I thought nothing of, as my health and armour were
quite high, along with the fact I drew first blood, I was confident
a UDamage power-up wouldn’t make much difference to the flow of the
battle – don’t make the same mistake I did!

Akasha rushed me and I ended up with my back against a wall, it took
all of 2 seconds flat for her to kill me with the Link Gun’s beam
(secondary fire). I got absolutely dominated from there on, the match
ended 20-7 for Akasha. Talk about a confidence breaker.

I made several more attempts to no avail, so I went to bed and got
some much needed sleep.

After waking up a few hours later I got ready to take on Akasha once
more. I explored the map thoroughly, watched her movement patterns,
when and how she ran for the power-ups, and which of the guns she was
most efficient with.

Akasha got a taste of her own medicine as I won with a victory more
impressive than her own. The battle ended up finishing before I got
to 20 kills, but at the rate the fight was going, she never had a
chance anyway.

The final score was 17-3.

Seems I’ve rambled a little, but for good reason, the strategy I’m
about to share led me to a dominating victory over Akasha. If you’ve
ever attempted to beat Akasha on Insane mode, and failed you’ll
probably be wondering how I won without any cheap tricks. Read on and
you’ll find out.

First things first, learn the layout of the map. Memorise the location
of every weapon, health vial, and power-up. The 2 you need to focus on
are the Shield Belt and UDamage, not so much the Shield Belt, but the
UDamage is a big no no for Akasha.

Keep moving at all times, and use only the Rocket Launcher, you’ll
want to run around the map in an anti-clockwise direction. When you
start the match grab the Rocket Launcher immediately, don’t waste a
single second because this is all Akasha needs to kill you and/or gain
a massive advantage.

With Rocket Launcher in hand go and grab the Body Armour, that is, if
it’s still there. If it isn’t keep moving anti-clockwise, and head to
where the 3 health packs are. Run past them and jump onto the platform
opposite, from here jump down to where the Shield Belt is. If it has
spawned, grab it. If not, just stand your ground here. Akasha will
get to your location before long, and when she does you’re going to
feed her a few rockets.

A direct hit to Akasha when she is at 100 health with no armour will
kill her, with armour it’ll obviously take more. Don’t place too much
emphasis on getting direct hits, the Rocket Launcher has splash damage
so keep that in mind.

From the platform you grab the Shield Belt you will be able to see
where the UDamage spawns, this is where we’re going to hurt Akasha.

She will ALWAYS go for the UDamage whenever it spawns, when she does
fire as many rockets as possible at the UDamage power-up. If you were
unlucky she’ll still be alive, but not to worry. She uses the launch
pad straight after, leaving a big opening for you. Fire the rockets in
the direction of the platform she’s going to land on, and unless you
have a really bad shot, this will kill her.

Now quickly go and pick up the UDamage power-up before she comes back
and restock on ammo. Pick up the Rocket Launcher for a 9 rocket boost.
On the opposite side of this platform there are 2 rocket packs, each
one gives you 6 rockets.

Keep moving quickly in an anti-clockwise direction around the map and
grab what power-ups are lying around. Chances are you took a bit of
damage from Akasha by now, and running around with low health is just
asking to be killed.

Once you’ve made a full circle around the map, stop at the platform
where the Shield Belt spawns. Akasha will eventually come around again
so be on your guard. Facing towards the centre of the map from where
the Shield Belt power-up is, there’s a few spots that you should keep
an eye on.

To the top left platform where the health packs are located: Akasha
has a habit of running back and forth on that platform while firing
rockets of her own, if she doesn’t have a Rocket Launcher, then it’ll
most likely be Stinger Minigun or Link Gun rounds. Nothing to be too
concerned about, but try and avoid them anyway. No sense in taking
damage if it can be avoided.

In the centre, dead ahead of the Shield Belt is another place Akasha
likes to appear. She dodges and jumps side to side, so just keep
firing rockets in that direction until you kill her with the Rocket
Launcher’s splash damage. From here she mainly seems to use the
Stinger Minigun.

To the right where the ramp with health vials is another spot she
likes to attack from, however Akasha doesn’t seem to appear from this
direction as much as the other 2.

On the ground level from the tunnel the Flak Cannon is in, is yet
another location. This one isn’t much of a problem as you can just
move backwards which takes you out of her range. She may or may not
come up the ramp to where you are, but when she does, it usually means
the Shield Belt is about to spawn. You don’t want her to getting this
power-up so make sure you put her down. If you end up being killed,
the advantage she gains from it is enormous, as the UDamage usually
spawns shortly after the Shield Belt.

If Akasha gets both the Shield Belt and UDamage, you’re not going to
be able to do much for the next 30 seconds or so. Just run, evade, and
stay as far away from her as possible. Keep jumps to a minimum, and
try to avoid any tunnels. If you manage to outlast her and that nasty
UDamage power-up, go and collect some of your own. It’ll take a little
more to kill her while she’s got the Shield Belt, but it’s far from

Stick to this strategy, and you should come out victorious. You could
also get a friend to help you out on co-op, but it isn’t necessary.
As I said before, Shooters were never really my thing for a long time,
but if I can dominate Akasha in a 17-3 victory, so can you.

If you managed to beat Akasha solo without any help, well done! If you
absolutely dominate her at every turn playing solo, CONGRATULATIONS!

[GD02] – Untouchable requirements: Reach 20 kills against a god-like
bot in Instant Action without dying.

- Oh boy! This one is a toughie if you try to do it the honest way,
god-like bots are insanely tough and killing just one of these 20
times without dying is quite an incredible feat. If you choose to
do this the honest way the only thing I can suggest is practice,
practise, practise. Also play on a map that you're familiar with,
if you know the layout then your chances will improve - but not by

God-like bots rarely ever miss, and most times it only takes 1 or 2 
to take you out. That being said, if you manage to do this the honest
way - congratulations! It took me a lot of skill and practise before
I managed this one, and even then I got lucky during several points
of the fight.

I've used the term "honest" a few times, and you may be wondering
why. Shortly after unlocking this trophy I decided to fight on a few
different maps against a god-like bot. Mainly to see if it was any 
easier on the other maps, was I ever surprised by one in particular!

On the map Heat Ray there is a Dark Walker that spawns around 2 
minutes into the fight, now if you don't know what a Dark Walker is,
allow me to explain. The Dark Walker is a giant vehicle that somewhat
resembles an enormous metal spider that shoots laser beams, 
in simpler terms Dark Walker = (almost) guaranteed god-like bot death.

Before you rush off into this fight, there's a couple of things you
need to do first, set those mutators (battle modifications).
Choose only the "Weapon Replacement" mutator, and configure all of the
guns to "Impact Hammer" doing this will prevent the god-like bot
getting hold of something dangerous.

You may be fighting from a powerful vehicle, but make no mistake, even
against a vehicle, god-like bots can be lethal. The most powerful
weapon the god-like will be able to get now is a Bio-Rifle, not quite
as worrying as a Rocket Launcher.

Also make sure to set the kill limit to 0 and time to 30 minutes, 
this will give you more than enough time and opportunities to get 
this trophy.

Start the fight and grab whatever health vials and power-ups you can,
if you're lucky the god-like will do the same. Should the bot start
chasing you, just run and evade to the best of your ability. After a
minute or so, head to the top section of the map, there's a sort of
bridge which you can go under, to the right/left of that is where the
Dark Walker will spawn.

If you're still unsure of where the Dark Walker spawns, just keep an
eye on the sky. A ship will fly in above the area the Dark Walker

Whatever you do, DO NOT let the god-like bot get into the Dark Walker,
if this happens just restart, it strikes with deadly accuracy every
single time, I learned this the hard way (though I did eventually
kill it).

Now all you have to do is watch the god-like bot run around, take
notice of the pattern it runs in. It repeats the same patterns over
and over, so after a couple of minutes you should know exactly where
it will appear. All that's left now is to blast the bot with the
Dark Walker's lasers 20 times, and this trophy is done and dusted.

[GD03] - Online Champion requirements: Win 500 online matches.

- 500 wins is an awful lot of victories to achieve, there's 2 ways
I can think of doing this. The honest way, or my way.

The honest way will require dozens of hours of online battles, if you
have the time for that and want to do it this way - go for it.

I dont have nearly enough time in the day for this, so this is what I
did to make this trophy much, much easier:

Set up a Multiplayer Team Deathmatch for 16 players, set the bots to 
god-like, turned "Force Respawn" off and used the "Speed Freak" and 
"Instagib" mutators on the Morbias Arena map, which you have to get 
through DLC. If you don't want to download the extra maps, just set 
the map to "Rising Sun" or "Biohazard" or any of the smaller maps.

What this set up will do is make sure every god-like moves faster and
also makes them deal 1-hit kills, because Force Respawn is off, the 
opposing team will only get 1 free kill from you.

One thing I noticed was the members on each team affecting the win
rate, some teams won roughly 25% of the matches, where others won me
roughly 60-75% of the matches.

When my team consisted of Reaper, Jester, Othello and Bishop, I won
roughly 60-75% of my matches. Try and get a similar team, it seems to
be random so if you don't get those 4 on the first try, just quit
and try again.

It doesn't really matter who the 6th member is, because the 4 above
do extremely well. If you must have a good 6th member, aim for Enigma,
Evolution or Entopy. All 3 of these seem to be efficient killers from
what I've seen.

Once you've set up the match with the mutators listed, and gotten 
the above team, just walk away and leave them to it for say, a day,
just to give the bots ample time. When you come back to check, this
trophy should be unlocked.

Are you proud of yourself for doing this my way? You shouldn't be.

On a different note, if you’ve gotten every trophies listed so far,
well done! You just unlocked the Unreal! Trophy, and for one of the so
called “harder” trophy games.

Superior tactics prevail!

-------------------------- Requests [REQS] ---------------------------

Still having trouble on Unreal Tournament III? I may be able to help,
this game is now easily one of my favourites and I’ve gotten quite
good at it (at least that’s what I tell myself), so if you need a hand
with a certain mission on campaign, or even just a few rounds of Team
Deathmatch, hit me up. My PSN ID is: NeoEvolution.

Just send me a message saying “UT III” or something similar so I know
it’s not a random add, and we’ll sort out the details from there.

-------------------------- Questions [FAQS] --------------------------

I haven’t received any yet, but should I get any questions I’ll update
this Guide.

------------------------ Contacting Me [CONT] ------------------------

If you have a question to ask, or information to contribute please
contact me using my email address listed at the top of this guide. Any
strategies, tips or tricks you contribute will be added in the next
update of this Guide, and you WILL be credited for it.

When sending an email, put UT III, Unreal, Unreal Tournament III or
a variation of these in the title. This let’s me know it isn’t spam
and pretty much guarantees a response. Failure to do this simple task
will result in your email being deleted without a second thought. If
you can’t take 2 seconds to type UT III in the title, why should I
take 5 minutes to read and respond to your email?

Also, I do not like spam or chain mail, they are an annoyance to the
internet and should be punishable by death, by hordes of Rocket
Launcher wielding god-like bots.

If you wish to send me an email thanking me, I wont object, I wrote
this guide to help others, and receiving these kind of emails lets me
know I did a good job.

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This guide may not be reproduced in part or its entirety for profit or
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