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Do you know UNO™? This is a classic card game of matching colours and numbers that’s #1 for friends and family. Each player has to match the previously played card, either by number, colour or symbol. For example, if the card is a red 7, the player must put down a red card or any colour 7. Alternatively, the player can put down an action card. If the player doesn’t have a card to match, he/she must take a card from the Draw pile. When a player has only one card left, he/she must yell "UNO". Failure to do this results in having to pick up 2 cards from the Draw pile. This is only necessary, however, if he/she is caught by one of the other players. Once a player has no cards left, the hand is over. Points are scored and play starts over again.

Now, get ready to call "UNO" on your Nintendo DSi system! The world famous card game is faithfully reproduced for the Nintendo DSi system, with the game's classic identity and rules that are easy enough for anyone to understand! Customise the game with your own house rules and penalties, throw down Action Cards like Skip and Reverse in furiously thrilling games!

With a multiplayer mode that can be accessed by DS Wireless Play or Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, playing UNO™ with friends has never been so fun and easy.

[edit] Features

  • The #1 card game for friends and family fun recreated with the game's classic identity and rules that are easy enough for anyone to understand!
  • Allows for customising the game rules and discovering new ways to play UNO™ like "UNO 7-0", "UNO Challenge", "Jump In" and many others.
  • A thrilling multiplayer mode on Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection allows up to 4 people to experience all the enjoyment of playing UNO™ with friends. For a truly immersive experience, use the microphone to call out "UNO" for real! Victory has never been so enjoyable.
  • Progress through increasingly difficult challenges in Tournament Mode to collect prizes and unlock colourful deck themes to give the game a fresher look.

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Uno comes to PS4, Xbox One, and PC in August with video chat, prepare to ruin friendships

Put your friendship to the wild draw four test

Jul 19 at 11:36am, by Philip Moody | 19 comments

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Meh. Uno
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Friend Code: 4211-5446-4879 Name: LaShelle (and yes my wii speak is enabled on there) Uno
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its fun, if you have a family keep your mic off! online not for kids! Uno
Nov 21, 07 1:36pm

UNO is quite possibly the finest of Xbox Live's Arcade offerings, or at least the one...

May 17, 06 9:03pm
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