Unlimited SaGa Cheats

Unlimited SaGa cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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90% chance of completed combo.
If you want 4 of your attacks in a combo not to be interrupted, Use a magic attack first. Then your Enemy will most likely use all of its attacks. This works most of the time but not all the time. It dosen`t work on the final boss though.
Becoming Stronger with your panels.
Depending on where you place your panels can greatly influence the stats of your characters.

If you want power you can put either a high level punch or kick panel at the top right block. You could put the other in the block next to it to further your strength.

If you want magic power then put a punch or a kick on the bottom left block. Furthur your magick by putting the other in the block right above it.

* Always and I mean always have someone in the party with the skill Quickfix (This is very vital to your success)
* Make sure to put your weapon of choice in the middle block.
* For extra money and weapons to synthesis material try to open all treasure chest.
This is basically all you need to know to have an easy adventure with all the characters.
Getting your skills
This is the easiest way to get most of your skills. Go to knights moseleum if your character can and fight the giant. You must be well equipped to fight this thing. Also try to chain your attacks.
Learning skills easily
You have to be well equipped for this. If a character has Knights Moseleum as a Adventure, Go to the giant and fight him. If you chain your attacks, you have a 70% chance of a light of inspiration. Never beat this Adventure if you want to master all your skills.