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Unison: Rebels of Rhythm Cheats

Unlocking Songs in Club Tecmo Mode
Songs are unlocked as you complete the different "stories" in single player mode. The following is a list of the songs as they are unlocked:

Song(s)Complete the following in single player
Y. M. C. A., Nowhere, and Everybody Dancestory 1
Country Grammarstory 2
We Are Familystory 3
O. P. P.story 4
Stop The Rockstory 5
Barbie Girlstory 6
YO SA KUstory 7
Night Of Firestory 8
That's The Way (I Like It)story 9

Finally, to unlock the "Synchronized-Love-Millenium" song, you need to get "All Perfect" in any one broadcast in single player mode.