The Unholy War Cheats

The Unholy War cheats, Tips, and Codes for PSX.


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how to win
now if you are getting stuck playing the game as teknos just follow these tips for how to win with each character.

killcycle: he's not the best person to win with, in fact he's the worst teknos character but i recommend only fighting against flying guys. otherwise just do kamikaze but make sure their hp is about 50 before you do it.

Quicksilver: one of the best in my opinion. use her against ground creatures but definitely not brontu. she can repel projectile attacks which is particularly useful against magus ravens.

Jaeger: just keep firing missiles from a distance. and if they get close, use your electrowhallop. the lasers aren't very useful but they are effective against magus ravens.

Wasp: shes good against anyone. just keep circling and shooting. it may take some time, but in the end they will die.

Mantis: just get them in the gravity well and hit them with mandibles. keep continuously releasing bloodbots as well. effective against firewitch

Razorfane: good against pranas. if bitten, proceed immediately to the nearest blade wall and the prana will get hurt and it can only escape when the time runs out or it dies.

Tesla: arguably the best character in the right hands, tesla just needs to make crystals and run away using teleport. they will do all the work. at 10 damage each hit, 10 hits will take down the most formidable enemy. good against anyone but magus and brontu (a big no-no)


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Secert Battle Areas
Highlight the accept teams option under Mayhem mode and press Circle, Square, Select(4 times), Start(3 times), Square(2 times), Circle, Circle, Square.
Unlock Wars
Select strategy mode and hilight the set war option. Press circle+square,select 4 times,start 3 times,square 2 times, circle, circle+square. All maps will appear in the bottom right corner. You can now select any war.