Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events review
How unfortunate


This review that you are reading is about 3 Baudelaire orphans whose parents have died in a terrible fire and have to live with their uncle whose name is Count Olaf. The names of the orphans are Violet, Klaus and Sunny, Violet is the oldest at age 14 and likes to invent things. Klaus is 12 whose passion is for reading books and he loves to fill their contents in his head. Sunny is the youngest; she loves to bite things with her 4 razor sharp teeth; she is at an age when she speaks in a series of shrieks.

8/10 score

When I played the game I thought it was fun to play probably because I loved the books. The hardness of the game is easy, because you just walk around and find items and make inventions with the items that you find and fight some bosses here and there. The controls are simple to do with ease, there mostly just one button does one function but there are a couple combos where you have to press one button then press the next button.

10/10 score

This game is about 3 orphans who lived in a huge mansion and had rich parents (no really) and had a big library. Well one day when the orphans were at Briny Beach there parents friend who also is in charge of there money came up to the orphans and told them that there parents had died in a terrible fire which destroyed 99% of the house. And that they had to go to the bank to go find out who was there nearest relative, Count Olaf was there nearest relative which lived around 30 blocks away from the Baudelaire's house. They find out that Count Olaf was after there fortune. So the Orphans are trying everything to stop Count Olaf from getting the fortune that Violet has to be eight-teen in order to receive.

The orphans don't stay in Count Olaf's house for a long time they eventually go to two other guardians who aren't really any better except they don't have the orphans do gruesome tasks.

9/10 score graphics
8/10 score sound

The graphics were excellent and they were very clear, the scenery was well detailed. And the characters were really close to the movie and there were only a couple of the voices that was recorded (Jim Carrey & Emily Browning & Liam Aiken) for Count Olaf, Violet & Klaus.
The sound was sometimes annoying since all you had was a couple of songs, that's why it was cut some points for the repetitive songs. But it was still excellent in the hearing of the characters and sound effects.

4/10 score replayability

The play time is about 3-5 days if you play about 2 hours a day. Replayability you can go find the puzzle pieces that are in each of the levels and at Justice Strauss's House & Curdled cave you only need to find 25 puzzle pieces. And once you have received 25 puzzle pieces you can go to the pause menu and find the secret file and look at a picture that gives you a clue onto were you could find the VFD packages, in case you are wondering what VFD packages are they are packages that were sent by VFD, but in the book VFD means lots of things. For example Very Fast Delivery & Very Fowl Devotees are an example of VFD which is from my point of view a place that is trying to stop the bad people from triumphing over good.


RENT if just seen the movie.
BUY if you have seen movie and read the books series.

My final recommendation is that you rent it, if you have just seen the movie. But if you have seen the movie and read the books then I would recommend that you buy the game. Because I loved the books and I got it from my mom for my birthday.

4 + 9 + 8 + 10 + 8
Score 39/50

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