Underworld (PS2) Cheats

Underworld cheats, and Codes for PS2.


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On the main menu, press circle, circle, triangle, triangle, square, square, R1.
You will hear a chicken sound. On a new game or load game, select the Lycans. In a game, instead of transforming into a werewolf, your character will turn into a chicken! It has one-attack kills and moves fast. Press transform again to turn back into a human.
This cheat will have no effect on Vampires. It only works for the Lycans.
(The reason Chickens are playable is due to its developer, 'Lucky Chicken')
Hybrid Character
To unlock the character "Hybrid" complete the game on any difficulty level with either the Vampires or the Lycans.
A message will appear saying you have unlocked him.
Hybrid is a strong character that can be used on a Vampire game or a Lycan game. His special abilities are those of the Vampires and he cannot use weapons, only hand combat.
Hybrid cannot be saved. As soon as you reset your console he won't be available until you complete the game again. However, his stats will be the same as you left them.
Unlock Hybrid
NOTE: Enter this at the main menu

Press circle, circle, triangle, triangle, square, square, R1.