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Treasure Hunting Just Got Better...


For those of you familiar with the classic Tomb Raider series and want more, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is the only next gen game for the Playstation 3 to rival it. Uncharted comes from Naught Dog, the guys who bought you classic playstation gems such as Crash Bandicoot and Jak and Daxter. Uncharted mixes platforming, epic gunfights and teasing puzzles to create an experience like no other...

The plot of Uncharted starts off quite simple but as you go along you may get confused in some places. The whole story starts off with Nathan Drake, a wily treasure hunter believed to be a descendent of...


Great Game


From the creators of the excellent Crash Bandicoot and Jak and Daxter series Drakes Fortune is yet another triumph for Naughty Dog.

Drakes Fortune follows the story of an explorer named Nathan Drake. On a ring passed down to him through the generations he finds coordinates to the coffin of his ancestor Francis Drake. After locating the coffin and finding nothing but a diary inside Nathan, friend Sully and reporter Elena continue the quest to discover the treasure left behind by his great grand father.

If your fond of games like Lara Croft, Prince Of Persia and God Of War and if you love films...


Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Review


This review is a little late in coming, and I'm sorry, I didn't get my hands on a copy for a while after it came out. But here goes nonetheless.

In Uncharted: Drakes Fortune, you play a character called Nathaniel Drake, who is a self proclaimed descendent of Sir Francis Drake, the famous English explorer circa 1500s. The game opens with Nathan uncovering the journal of his ancestor, in which is written instructions to a lost treasure. We later find out that the journal's "instructions" are not more than clues to solving some of the puzzles down the road. No matter! The game continues fr...


An Amazing Adventure

The good:

- Amazing graphics/visuals (one of the best, if not the best on the PS3)
- Great Tomb Raider/National Treasure-esque storyline and gameplay. I loved it, even moreso because I have never played Tomb Raider games before. The story and gameplay is very exciting, and I did not want to ever put the game down. It was cool how the game made me feel that I was basically alone fighting for my line, and that everyone was against me. I thought my two "allies" had turned on me at many points in the game
- Perfect music and sound. Everything works so well with environments, weapons, etc.
- Great voice overs/cast. I really believed them as characters
- Brilliant environments. You really feel like you are in these places. It is quite stunning. I also love how you travel to various places in the world to continue the story
- Amazing attention to detail. There are so many little things you will notice that will amaze you
- I like that the main character has flaws, and is not some super-human guy who can do anything. He does not perform every jump, landing, etc. perfectly
- 60 secret items to collect. Most are pretty well hidden, and I enjoyed hunting for them
- Scaling cliffs, swinging on vines, jumping crazy jumps, and all of these things that you do are so much fun, and really awesome to see in a game. Quite impressive
- Love the vehicle scenes. They were very well done
- Lots of different weapons to use, including your fists
- The puzzles are really good, and really force you to think through them. Very well done
- Hand-to-hand combat is surprisingly very good. I found myself using it a lot, especially towards the end of the game when you run out of ammo a lot
- The occasional hint the game provides is nice
- You run out of ammo at quite a few points in the game, so you really have to fight for your life. That is actually pretty refreshing to see. Switching weapons because another has more ammo happens very frequently
- Enemies are challenging, take cover, and even come after you if you stay in the same place for too long. It is pretty cool and nice to see in a game
- Not having a map was interesting. You never really needed one, and it added to your freedom
- 15-30 hours to beat (for me anyways, near 30 hours)
- Ending of the game is very challenging and fitting to the story. The guy even gets the girl

The bad:

- There are some pretty annoying fights that last awhile and the enemies seem way too strong, as well as a few irritating jumping/scaling sequences
- Towards the end of the game, enemies can take way too much damage before they die. Thank god for headshots
- The game is free-roaming occasionally, but there is basically a main set path at all times. Little to explore, which is pretty sad since the environments are so amazing
- I would have rather faced the real enemy in the end, not his "sidekick"
- A few camera issues
- More twists in the storyline would have been cool
- Wish I could have piloted the off-road vehicle, and even the plane
- Some parts of the game are too dark, and it's hard to see what's going on
- Hints the game give you are sometimes pretty unclear
- You basically use the same two-three weapons throughout the entire game (or at least I did)
- If you play a few hours every day, it will take you a week or less to beat. That was actually fine with me because I loved the game, but I loved it so much that I wish it was longer. 15-30 hours to beat is not that bad if you think about it, but I wanted more. I'll be praying for a sequel


I could not wait to rent this game when it first came out. It looked like a lot of fun, and the visuals looked amazing. The game does not disappoint in any way. It quickly became one of my favorite games ever, and I think it is one of the best games ever made, especially for the PS3. To sum up some of the main points:

The graphics/environments are stunning. They feel and look so real, like you are actually in them and fighting for your life through them. Attention to detail is amazing. Sunlight, shadows, glare, moving trees and grass in the breeze, and so much more can be seen. Everything lo...

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