Uncharted 2: Among Thieves review
Uncharted 2 Multiplayer: What the F**k Happened, Naughty Dog?

The good:

-Single-player, while not the focus of this review, is still a great campaign with a story better than most of the movies that come out these days.
-The tutorial is not only effective at teaching you how to climb and melee, but it's even fun and replayable!
-Evasion. Good god. If Evasion wasn't here, a large percentage of people would have smashed/shat on/sold their copies long before I would've written this review.
-Occasionally, a Custom Game with friends can be a lot of fun.
-The co-op is still good.
-A personal pick, I probably would not have met SammySnorkel, Vollando, or WeeKay if I didn't play Plunder on DLC that fateful January day. I'm happy that I did, though, because if I didn't, I wouldn't have had half the good times that I've had with the game, or even been introduced to neoseeker.com.

The bad:

-Situational Awareness.
-Level 80's who camp with shotguns, AND use Situational Awareness.
-Patched to hell, much of the good that was in this game for almost two years is now gone, and the bad's still here. Worst. Patching. Ever.
-The skeleton skins, while humorous, have an unfair advantage, as they are near silent, are extremely hard to see (e.g. Marco Polo and Genghis Khan), and all of them are difficult to hit.
-Plunder. *bleep* Plunder. Nowadays, the only people who play Plunder are people who glitch the treasure. A horrible game type, if you ask me.
-Glitches are too easily found, too easily exploited, and glitchers get off free. Seriously, Naughty Dog? Seriously?!
-Connection Error penalty. If AT&T wasn't a shitty service while I was playing Uncharted 2, I would have a lot more money than I do now. This glitch, which takes away VERY hard-earned money when you involuntarily leave the game, ruins a whole day's worth of work because you pay for a one-bar connection. Hoo-*bleep*ing-ray.


Well, as I type this, which is August 14, 2011, I am about 27 days from playing the Assassin's Creed: Revelations beta, 47 days from playing Uncharted 3's early access multiplayer, and 78 days before the retail copies of Uncharted 3 come out. So... let's talk about Uncharted 2, probably in its finished product and final patch, as Naughty Dog has chosen to neglect it for Uncharted 3.

The most common complaints I've seen have been the fact that the game has been patched beyond belief. To the point that three pistol bullets, or a grenade five feet away can kill you. Fun deathmatch types from All Competitive Modes like Shotguns Only, RPG Deathmatch, M-32 Hammers, and Sniper & Pistole have all been made Custom Game exclusives.

Speaking of ACM, talk about a matchmaking option that's been ravaged. It's pretty much what happens when you combine Deathmatch, Objectives, Elimination, and two unique kinds of deathmatches (Pistols & Grenades and Desert-5 Only), because that's what it looks like today, as opposed to all the variety it had in 2010.

And speaking of Objectives, you're only going to meet up with people who have [NKIL] as their clan tag going, "no keel no keel" as they chain farm. Frankly, all you can really do is agree, but when the match starts, you kill anyways.

But what about the lag? Being twenty feet away from any ledges and getting pulled down isn't any fun at all, and this is, sadly, a common occurrence in the multiplayer these days.

Frankly, Uncharted 2's multiplayer is just a mess these days. I can't wait for October to come, so that I can kick some ass without any lagging Situational Awareness whores ruining my experience. Don't, DON'T, buy this game for the multiplayer. Borrow it from a friend, rent it from Gamefly, but it's not worth the money, even the 30.00 GOTY edition. Just play the game for the single-player, because the multiplayer is crap now.

Now, as for the single-player, you'll definitely love it. The variety of the campaign takes everything that was great about Drake's Fortune and improves on it, what with the many, many hazards that you'll have to survive, be it outrunning a crumbling bridge, or having to punch out the bad guys while you wait to jump out of a collapsing building. Uncharted's single-player is still nice and fresh, with an excellent story to boot.

Bonus points must also go to the tutorial, which switches from climbing out of a train before it falls into oblivion and breaking into a museum in Istanbul. Very little do I see games that give you a good tutorial that's relevant to the story, which you'd want to play over and over again. Breaking And Entering is still one of my favorite missions in Uncharted 2, and it always will be.

Other levels in the single-player to note involve defending a Tibetan village from a tank, chasing after a friend being held captive on the longest-ass train in the world, and exploring the city of Shambhala while surviving from hundreds of Serbian soldiers and supernatural brutes. Don't get me wrong, the single-player is still great, and I'm not scoring that. I am scoring the multiplayer. Just... wait for Uncharted 3 and save your money.

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