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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Game Script

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| Game Title: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves |
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| Platform: Playstation 3                |
| Version: 1.0                           |
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| Table of Contents                                                           |
1. Version History
2. Game Script
   2.01. Chapter 01 - "A Rock and a Hard Place"
   2.02. Chapter 02 - "Breaking and Entering"
   2.03. Chapter 03 - "Borneo"
   2.04. Chapter 04 - "The Dig"
   2.05. Chapter 05 - "Urban Warfare"
   2.06. Chapter 06 - "Desperate Times"
   2.07. Chapter 07 - "They're Coming With Us"
   2.08. Chapter 08 - "The City's Secret"
   2.09. Chapter 09 - "Path of Light"
   2.10. Chapter 10 - "Only One Way Out"
   2.11. Chapter 11 - "Keep Moving"
   2.12. Chapter 12 - "A Train to Catch"
   2.13. Chapter 13 - "Locomotion"
   2.14. Chapter 14 - "Tunnel Vision"
   2.15. Chapter 15 - "Train-Wrecked"
   2.16. Chapter 16 - "Where Am I?"
   2.17. Chapter 17 - "Mountaineering"
   2.18. Chapter 18 - "Heart of Ice"
   2.19. Chapter 19 - "Siege"
   2.20. Chapter 20 - "Cat and Mouse"
   2.21. Chapter 21 - "Convoy"
   2.22. Chapter 22 - "The Monastery"
   2.23. Chapter 23 - "Reunion"
   2.24. Chapter 24 - "The Road to Shambhala"
   2.25. Chapter 25 - "Broken Paradise"
   2.26. Chapter 26 - "Tree of Life"
3. Credits
4. Copyright

| 1. Version History                                                          |

Version 1.0 - 05/12/2009 - Script fully complete. Submitted to GameFAQs.

| 2. Game Script                                                              |

"I did not tell half of what I saw for I knew I would not be believed..."
 - Marco Polo on his deathbed, 1324

| 2.01. Chapter 01 - "A Rock and a Hard Place" |

Nathan Drake awakens on a train. A flickering light swings overhead. Curtains
lining the windows have been ripped and torn. Nathan holds his head and groans.

Nathan: What's going on...?

Nathan groans again. He looks down and notices his hands are covered in blood
and he is wounded in the stomach.

Nathan: That's my blood... That's my blood, that's a lot of my blood...

Nathan rests his head back on the seat and looks out the window. Outside, he
sees a snowy cliff.

Nathan: What...?

He quickly ducks to the side as a wooden crate and an oil drum flies past him.
He looks back and sees the oil drum falling out the back of the train behind

Nathan: Oh God.

His chair starts to break away. Nathan jumps out of his seat and grabs hold of
the seat in front of him as his seat falls away. He loses his grip and falls
through the train carriage.

Nathan: (screams)

Nathan lands on the handrail on the outside of the carriage and quickly grabs
hold of it.

Nathan: Oh, crap.

The train carriage is teetering over the edge of a cliff. A fire burns on the
mountains nearby.

Nathan starts climbing up the side of the train's chassis. The train shakes
and a large boulder falls from the edge of the cliffs above. Part of the pipe
starts to break away.

Nathan: ...It's ok... it's ok... come on...

The pipe twists to the side. It swings round and slams Nathan into the side of
the train. Nathan climbs round to the roof of the train and climbs back into
the carriage.

Nathan climbs through the carriage and back outside. As he nears the top of
the carriage, the carriage edges closer over the cliff. A door on the side
of the carriage swings open and luggage falls out.

Nathan climbs onto the second carriage on the edge of the cliff. He runs
through the carriage and leaps out of it as the train falls over the edge.
Nathan pulls himself up onto the cliff and rolls onto his back, gasping for
breath. He loses consciousness and flashes back to the past.

In his flashback, Nathan is sitting at a bar on a beach by the ocean, drinking
a bottle of beer. A man walks up to him and leans on the bar.

Harry: Buy me a drink, sailor?

Nathan: Harry Flynn?! Hey!

Harry: Hey!

Nathan gives Harry a quick hug.

Nathan: What the hell are you doing here?

Harry: I'm looking for you, mate.

Nathan: Uh-oh. Should I be flattered, or worried?

Harry grabs the bottle of beer on the bar.

Harry: Maybe a bit of both.

Nathan: (laughs)

Harry: C'mere -

Harry and Nathan sit down at a small wooden table nearby.

Harry: I've got a job for us.

Nathan: Really?

Harry: A client is willing to part with a huge sum of cash if we 'acquire' a
certain object for him.

Nathan: All right, I'm listening.

Harry: Now - you're not gonna like this.

Harry puts a pamphlet down on the table.

Nathan: Oh, no. No, you're out of your mind.

Nathan pushes the pamphlet away.

Harry: Yeah, just - just hear me out for a sec -

Nathan: Flynn, we both know two people who were killed trying to lift something
outta this place.

Harry: And one who made it out.

Nathan: Yeah, barely.

Harry: I can't do this without you, Drake. You're the only one who's cracked
it. And you know better than anyone, it's a two-person job.

Nathan: No, no, no - three, actually.

Harry: Right. And speak of the devil - here she comes now.

A woman walks over to the table.

Nathan: Wh -?

Chloe: Chloe Frazer.

Nathan shakes Chloe's hand.

Nathan: Nate. Drake. Nathan Drake.

Chloe walks around Harry, brushing one hand along his neck.

Chloe: Hello, Harry.

Harry: Chloe here's one of the best drivers in the business - she'll take good
care of us.

Chloe sits down at the table.

Nathan: I bet.

Harry: All right, look - I've got it all figured out. We go in through the
sewer -

Nathan: Loving it so far.

Harry: That puts us in the courtyard. From there we scale up the wall, run
across the rooftops, and just drop down into the exhibit hall. Bob's your
uncle. And what is worth all this trouble, I hear you ask...?

Nathan: I didn't, but go ahead.

Harry turns the page and points to a lamp in the corner of the page, circled
in red pen.

Nathan: That's it? An oil lamp?

Harry shows Nathan a photo of the same oil lamp.

Harry: Yeah.

Nathan: It's worthless. I don't get it.

Chloe: Neither do we. That's why we tracked you down.

Nathan: Well, it sounds like you're working for a nutcase. Some collector,
who's got too much time and money on his hands. And by the way, this - is not
worth any of it.

Harry: But there's more... How's your 13th-century Latin, mate?

Harry gives Nathan another piece of paper with a paragraph written in Latin.

Nathan: Where'd you get this?

Harry: 'Borrowed' it from the files of the nutcase.

Nathan: 'In Trebizond we were set upon by thieves. Father, Maffeo and I were
robbed of our greatest treasures...' This was written by Marco Polo.

Chloe: Yes, that much we were able to work out.

Harry: Unfortunately, the rest of it's nonsense.

Nathan: Wait, hold on... 'So that it should not fall into the wrong hands, I
concealed my great sorrow in the unlikeliest place. The light of the Great
Khan shelters the fate of the thirteen.'

Harry: See what I mean? It's just gibberish.

Chloe: He's talking about the lost fleet.

Nathan: Yeah...

Harry: Hello, someone want to fill me in?

Nathan: Marco Polo leaves China with 600 passengers and fourteen ships, loaded
down with treasure from Kublai Khan. Now, he lands in Persia a year and a half
later with only one ship left, and only eighteen passengers. Now, he recorded
every detail of his journey but he never told what happened to all those ships,
and the passengers.

Chloe: So -  so, somewhere out there - there are thirteen ships, loaded with
the emperor's treasure, waiting to be found.

Nathan: Yeah, and that is what your client is after.

Nathan holds up the photo of the oil lamp.

Nathan: Look at this lamp. It's covered in Mongolian script - it must've been
a gift from Kublai Khan.

Harry: 'The light of the Great Khan - shelters the fate of the thirteen.'

Chloe: '...shelters the fate of the thirteen.'

Nathan: Marco Polo hid something inside this lamp. Something that pinpoints
the site of the lost fleet.

Chloe: So... we're dicking this guy over, right?

Nathan: Damn straight!

Harry: Absolutely!

Harry stands up from the table.

Harry: You in, then?

Chloe also stands.

Nathan: What the hell.

Nathan stands up.

Nathan: What could possibly go wrong?

They clink their bottles together and start drinking.

The flashback ends. Nathan wakes up on the icy cliffs at the site of the train
crash. He stands up. Nathan makes his way through the wreckage to another
train carriage where he finds a wooden door with a padlock.

Nathan: (sighs) Course it's locked, it's always locked.

Nathan shoots the padlock off the door and continues making his way through
the wreckage. He spots a soldier nearby. Upon shooting him, another train
carriage explodes.

Nathan: Karma's a bitch.

Nathan continues climbing through the wreckage to another carriage. He climbs
out of the carriage through a broken skylight. Another carriage nearby explodes
and he is thrown back into the carriage. He hits the floor. He tries to stand
again and the exploding train carriage collides with the one he's in. The
carriage overturns several times and Nathan is knocked unconscious again.

In another flashback, Nathan awakens to a knock at the door. He is napping in
bed in a hotel room. Nathan walks over and opens the door. Chloe is standing

Chloe: Hello.

Nathan looks around out in the hallway and pulls Chloe into the room.

Chloe: Well, so much for foreplay.

Nathan closes the door and locks it.

Nathan: You mind telling me what the hell is going on?

Chloe: You mean with Flynn?

Nathan: Yeah, you mighta warned me.

Chloe: And miss the look on your face? Anyway... you haven't exactly made
yourself easy to find.

Chloe walks over to a cabinet and picks up Nathan's pocket diary.

Nathan: Talk about making yourself easy...

Nathan walks up to Chloe and snatches the diary away.

Chloe: Oh, you're not jealous... Let's not forget who walked out on whom,
after all. You don't get to be jealous.

Chloe pushes Nathan onto the bed.

Nathan: Now, wait a minute, Chloe.

Chloe: If it makes you feel any better, my relationship with Flynn is strictly

Chloe sits on Nathan's lap and puts her arms around him.

Nathan: Really?

Chloe: Mostly professional.

Nathan sighs and falls back onto the bed.

Chloe: When I figured out he was actually onto something, I thought you'd want
to be in on the action.

Chloe leans over Drake. She takes his hands and puts them on her butt.

Nathan: So what's the plan?

Chloe: Just like we said. We pull the heist, we find the ships, and make off
with the treasure.

Nathan: With Flynn.

Chloe: Mm-hm.

Nathan: And then?

Chloe: And then, we split the take three ways, and you and I just disappear.
Together, this time.

Nathan: I see...

Chloe: Until then, he can't know about us.

Chloe leans in to kiss Nathan.

Nathan: He's gonna be pissed.

Chloe: He's gonna be fine.

Chloe pushes Nathan back down on the bed.

Chloe: Trust me.

They kiss. The flashback ends and Nathan wakes up back on the train carriage.
Nathan climbs out of the wreckage and continues through the blizzard. He finds
a dagger buried in the snow in front of him. He drops to his knees in front of
it and pulls it out of the ground. He sits up against a carriage and looks at
the dagger in his hands.

Four Months Earlier

Nathan, Chloe and Harry are riding a dinghy across the ocean at night.

Nathan: You sure you're up for this?

Harry: Feel a lot better if I had a gun.

Nathan: We won't need 'em.

Harry: - a little insurance, that's all.

Nathan: Flynn, they're just museum guards and we have their patrols all
mapped out. Relax.

Harry: Relax? (laughs) Relax? Have you ever been in a Turkish prison, mate? If
we get caught, they will lock us up and throw away the sodding key, you do
realise that, don't you?

Nathan: Better than you do.

Harry: Well, you may fancy that kind of thing, but I don't.

Nathan: (laughs)

Harry: We can't afford to make any mistakes.

Nathan: Yeah, and we won't.

The dinghy speeds up. Chloe turns the dinghy round and stops in front of a

Chloe: We're here.

Nathan and Harry look up and see an open sewer grate above.

Inside the sewers, Nathan welds through a grate blocking the way and pushes it
down. They step into the tunnels and shine their torches around.

Harry: This way.

Nathan, Chloe and Harry make their way through the sewer tunnels.

Harry: So what do we do if they switch the patrols?

Nathan: We figure it out as we go.

Harry: We cannot fumble our way through this.

Nathan: I don't 'fumble' - I improvise.

Chloe: Oh, is that what you call it?

Nathan: Yeah, I'm uh... adaptable.

Chloe: 'Adaptable.'

Harry: You cocky bastard.

Nathan: (laughs)

They reach the end of the tunnels.

Harry: There.

Harry runs over to a handrail.

Harry: What did I tell you?

He points to an archway across from them.

Harry: That passage there is gonna take us right under the museum.

Nathan: You called it, all right.

Harry: You need to have a little more faith in me, chum.

Chloe: Okay... This one here is me.

Nathan: All right, remember, that tower's our only way into the exhibit - but
we can't even get close with those floodlights on.

Chloe: We've gone over this.

Nathan: Just make sure you cut the power by the time we reach the second

Chloe: The lights will be out.

Chloe looks at Harry.

Chloe: I'll have the van waiting at the rendezvous point. Just make sure you
get your asses out of there in time.

Nathan: Fair enough.

Harry: All right, enough chat - let's do this.

Harry vaults over the handrail and lands in the water below. Chloe starts
walking away.

Nathan: Chloe -

Chloe stops and looks back at Nathan.

Nathan: See you on the other side.

Chloe: Looking forward to it.

Chloe walks off down the tunnel in the opposite direction. Nathan vaults over
the handrail and joins Harry.

| 2.02. Chapter 02 - "Breaking and Entering" |

Nathan and Harry start making their way through the sewers.

Nathan: You sure you know where you're goin'?

Harry: Don't I always?

Nathan follows Harry through the sewer.

Harry: Don't you love the way the water makes your jeans all squidgy?

Nathan follows Harry across several pipes attached to the wall.

Harry: It's like the good ol' days, isn't it?

Nathan: Yeah, when were those again?

They reach a dead end.

Harry: Oh, wait, this can't be right. We must've made a wrong turn somewhere.

Nathan looks up and spots a ladder above them.

Nathan: Hey - Now whaddya bet that will take us right into the boiler room?

Harry: And from there, we're in.

Nathan: (laughs) In like Flynn. Right?

Harry: What?

Nathan: In like Flynn.

Harry: I don't get it.

Nathan: Just give me a boost.

Harry gives Nathan a boost onto the ladder above.

Nathan: ...Here it comes.

Nathan drops the ladder down to the ground.

Harry: Thanks.

Nathan and Harry climb up a wall to another ladder.

Nathan: Almost there, you ready?

Harry: No guts, no glory.

Nathan climbs up the ladder.

Nathan: Here we go.

Nathan pushes the manhole cover away and climbs up into the boiler room. In the
boiler room, Nathan vaults over a pipe and finds another ladder above.

Nathan: Just reach up there and grab the ladder.

Harry: Okay... all right...

Nathan gives Harry a boost up onto the ladder.

Harry: There, I dropped it down for you.

Nathan and Harry climb another wall.

Nathan: All right, this is the way to the courtyard.

Nathan and Harry reach a pipe that has steam coming from it. Harry holds a hand
over the steam.

Harry: Ow - well, we're not going this way. Not if you want to keep your skin.

Nathan: All right, there's gotta be a shut-off valve around here somewhere.

Harry: See if you can find it then.

Nathan holds his hand over the steam.

Harry: Are you mental? We've got to turn it off somehow.

Nathan finds the shut-off valve and turns the steam off.

Harry: You got it.

Nathan and Harry continue across the sewer until they reach a row of windows.
A guard is patrolling in the room. Nathan and Harry press their backs up
against the wall as the guard walks past.

Nathan: Okay, now there should be a door just around this corner. That's our
access point. Once we're through, just stick to the plan. You got me?

Harry: Tell me you didn't miss this.

Nathan: I'm here aren't I?

Nathan and Harry turn the corner and find the door. Nathan tries to open
the door.

Nathan: It's locked.

Harry: Good job I came prepared.

Harry twirls a lockpick around on his finger.

Nathan: (laughs)

Harry: I pick more than my nose, my friend.

Harry kneels down and starts to lockpick the door.

Nathan: Wait! There's an alarm. That's new since last time.

Harry stands up.

Harry: Great, now what?

Nathan: Well, I can disarm it, if we can find the junction box. It's gotta be
around here somewhere.

Nathan finds the junction box. He opens the junction box and switches the
alarm off.

Nathan: There, that oughta do it.

Harry: All right, we're in.

Nathan and Harry enter the next hall where they find another guard with his
back to them. They take cover behind an archway in the middle of the hall.

Harry: Shit.

Nathan: I got him.

Nathan knocks the guard unconscious. They hurry forward and crouch behind a
balcony. Harry points to the tower above them.

Harry: There's the tower.

Nathan: Yeah - but we can only get to it from the roof, and we can't get to
the roof from here. We're going to have to make our way to the next courtyard.
Through that gate over there.

Harry: Well, let's do it.

Nathan and Flynn deal with another guard in the area below.

Harry: We've got to get up to that balcony. We can climb the gate over here.

Nathan: Got it.

Nathan and Harry climb up a nearby gate to a balcony above. Another two guards
are nearby.

Harry: Crap. I've got the other one.

Harry and Flynn tackle the two guards and crouch behind a balcony that
overlooks a large courtyard. The gate at the back opens and two more guards
walk through.

Harry: C'mon, what are you waiting for?

Nathan and Harry vault over the balcony and land in the courtyard.

Harry: Okay, we're almost there. I'll go right, you go left.

Nathan and Harry split up and knock out the guards in the courtyard. They
approach the large gate at the back of the room.

Nathan: Okay, we should be able to lift this up, sneak right under.

Harry: Whoa - whoa - not so fast, there's another alarm.

Harry points to an alarm in the top corner of the gate.

Nathan: Ah, great. You wanna get this one?

Harry turns to Nathan and raises an eyebrow. Nathan sighs.

Nathan: Wait here.

Nathan finds the junction box and switches off the alarm.

Nathan: Okay, it's off.

Nathan returns to the gate and approaches with Harry.

Nathan: All right, one, two, three... all right, go - yeah... Hurry! All
right... Easy... easy... Whew...

They both struggle to lift the gate up. Nathan holds the gate while Harry
crawls under. Harry holds the gate from the other side as Nathan crawls under
and they both quietly lower the gate back down.

Nathan: All right, we gotta cross this courtyard to get onto the roof.

Harry: Okay, I'll just let you do all the ass-kicking, all right?

Nathan: Right...

Harry: Head for the fountain.

Nathan and Harry stealth attack the guards in the courtyard.

Nathan: Now we just gotta find a way up to that window.

Harry: Which window? There's a lot of bloody windows.

Nathan and Harry climb across the wall to the window and drop down into a
storage room. They run forward and crouch down behind a low wall. There are
four guards in the room.

Nathan: (sigh) Crap. Now what?

Harry: It's time to tip the odds back in our favour.

Harry holds up two guns.

Nathan: Oh, that's brilliant - guns? What are you thinking?

Harry: Relax, Gandhi, they're tranquiliser guns. Totally non-lethal. Your
conscience will remain unscathed.

Nathan: Oh, well, good idea.

Nathan takes the gun.

Harry: Great. Okay, little bit of advice: these things have lousy range, so we
still have to get in close. You okay with that?

Nathan: I know how to shoot a gun, genius.

Harry: All right. All right, let's take these guys out.

Nathan and Harry take out the four guards in the room.

Nathan: We gotta get up to that walkway.

Nathan approaches a cart in the room.

Nathan: This could help.

Nathan and Harry push the cart over to a wall.

Harry: Okay, for something with wheels, this is very heavy.

Nathan: There, that'll work.

Harry: Now all we need is a horse.

Nathan and Harry climb up to the walkway.

Nathan: Those rafters will get us onto the roof, if we can get up there.

Harry: Good thing one of us thought ahead, eh?

Harry throughs a rope up to a nearby wall and hooks on to it.

Harry: All yours.

Nathsn starts climbing the rope. When he reaches the top, another guard enters
the room and Harry surrenders. Nathan takes out the guard.

Harry: Whew, thanks mate.

Nathan edges across the wall to the rafters.

Nathan: C'mon.

Harry: All right, all right, I'm comin'. I think I'm gonna take the elevator
next time. Nathan and Harry cross the rafters and walk onto the rooftops.
Nathan points to the tower.

Nathan: All right, there's the tower.

Harry: Getting closer.

Nathan: Appreciate that update, Captain Obvious.

Nathan and Harry jump across the rooftops and inch forward around a narrow,
curved ledge.

Harry: Don't look down... don't look down, don't look down...

Harry jumps across to another rooftop.

Harry: Come on.

Nathan: Okay, I'm comin', I'm comin'.

Nathan jumps across to the rooftop and grabs onto the guttering. The guttering
breaks away. Harry grabs hold of Nathan's hand.

Harry: ...Gotcha.

Nathan looks down at a guard patrolling below.

Nathan: (effort) Pull me up... pull me up...

Harry: You put on weight, mate.

The guard looks up at the roof. There is no one there.

Nathan: Oh, shit, that was close.

Harry: Whew, all right, no more donuts for you.

Nathan and Harry drop down to another section of the rooftops.

Harry: Okay, I can get this.

Harry swings the rappel onto another wall.

Harry: ...Once again, you're up.

Nathan swings across the wall and grabs hold of a gate.

Harry: I'm right behind ya.

Nathan: As always.

Nathan scales the wall and reaches the rooftops. A guard walks up to the edge
of the rooftop.

Harry: There's a guy above you, there's a guy above you.

Nathan pulls the guard off the roof.

Harry: There's a guy below you, there's a guy below you.

Nathan and Harry climb onto the rooftops.

Harry: Yeah, great view. I can see your house. Let's get moving.

Nathan and Harry climb up onto the rooftops. Nathan sees the tower across the

Harry: Nearly there.

Nathan: Yeah, but why are the lights still on?

Harry: Chloe will take care of it, don't worry.

Nathan and Harry cross the rooftops and make their way to the tower. They run
forward and crouch behind some crates.

Nathan: Ah, shit. We can't get any closer with the tower lit up like that. What
the hell is she doin'?

Harry: C'mon, Chloe...

One by one, the lights around the tower start going out.

Harry: That's my girl.

Nathan and Harry climb up to a large window. Harry slowly pushes the window
open. He steps forward and looks down into the exhibit hall.

Harry: Okay... We're clear.

Harry attaches a rope to the window and tosses the rope down into the exhibit

Harry: Ladies first.

Nathan: (laughs) Cute. Here we go.

Nathan climbs down the rope and runs up to the display case.

Harry: Ah, there it is.

Nathan: Yeah, and there's the acoustic alarm. Until we get this case unlocked,
that thing's gonna go off if we so much as touch this glass.

Harry holds up the lockpick.

Harry: No worries, mate.

Harry kneels down and turns off the acoustic alarm. The display case opens.

Harry: Voilá.

Nathan: All right...

Nathan takes the oil lamp out of the display case.

Harry: Now, we're sure it's the right one?

Nathan: Well, I guess there's only one way to find out.

Nathan kneels down.

Nathan: Sorry, Marco.

He smashes the lamp on the floor. There is a small piece of paper inside and
several pieces of a blue substance. Nathan unfolds the piece of paper and
turns it over. The paper is blank.

Nathan: Crap.

He shows the paper to Harry.

Harry: Well, that's the understatement of the year.

Nathan examines the blue substance from the oil lamp.

Harry: This is it? It's bloody useless!

Nathan picks up a piece of the substance and sniffs it.

Nathan: '...the light of the Great Khan...' Wait a minute...

Nathan gathers all the pieces together on the floor.

Harry: What're you doing?

Nathan: It's resin. It'll burn.

Harry: And...?

Nathan: Just gimme your lighter.

Harry takes his lighter out of his pocket and gives it to Nathan.

Harry: Is that really a good idea, in here?

Nathan: C'mon...

Nathan lights the resin. The room is illuminated a dark blue.

Harry: Whoa...

Harry looks at the piece of paper again.

Nathan: Let me see that.

Nathan takes the map.

Nathan holds the paper over the flame. An outline of an island glows on the
paper. Next to it is some more writing.

Nathan: '...our ships were driven by a great flood tide into the wilds of

Harry: Sounds like they were hit by a tsunami.

Nathan: Yeah, somewhere off the west coast of Borneo.

Harry: Oh, great, that narrows it down a bit.

Nathan: Look - this mountain must've been the closest landmark where they went
aground. We find that mountain, we find the ships.

Harry: Yeah, good work, mate.

Harry tries to take the map, but Nathan pulls away.

Nathan: Wait, wait - there's more... '...as if the ocean itself sought to throw
off the terrible cargo we carried from Sham-bha-la - the curse of the

Harry: That mean something to you?

Nathan: Shambhala... Oh my God... Flynn -

Harry: What?

Nathan: Marco Polo found Shambhala.

Harry shakes his head.

Nathan: Shangri-La.

Harry: You're joking.

Harry takes the map and folds it up again.

Nathan: If they were carrying the Cintamani Stone, it might still be there.

Harry: This is all very fascinating... But we've really got to go.

Harry hurries away.

Nathan: Yeah - I'm right behind you.

Nathan stamps out the burning resin. He walks back over to where the rope was.
Harry is pulling the rope up.

Nathan: What the hell are you doing?

Harry: Sorry, mate. This is where we part ways.

Nathan: Wait - Flynn, we had a plan.

Harry: No, you had a plan. Turns out I've got one of my own.

Nathan: C'mon, throw me the rope - don't be stupid -

Harry: Oh yeah, right - you're the mastermind. Only you overlooked one little
detail, didn't you, partner?

Harry aims a gun at Nathan. Nathan slowly backs away.

Nathan: So what're you gonna do, shoot me now?

Harry: No. I just need you out of the way for a little while.

Harry shoots the glass of a nearby display case. The lights in the exhibit
hall come on.

Nathan: Shit!

Harry: You think I didn't know about the ships from the beginning? Any
schoolboy could've figured that out.

Nathan: Flynn, listen -

Harry: Face it, genius. You've been played.

Nathan starts to run. Harry shoots another display case.

Harry: Ah - ah - not yet! Want to give the guards a decent head start.

Nathan hears voices down the hall.

Harry: Right, that's my cue. No hard feelings, yeah?

Harry disappears out the window. Nathan looks around for a way out and starts
running through the exhibit hall.

Nathan: Damn it, Flynn.

At the end of the exhibit hall, a shutter starts lowering, blocking Nathan's

Nathan: Oh, no, no, no, no. Okay, now I'm screwed.

Nathan runs down a spiralling staircase.

Nathan: All right, all right, think Nate, think.

Nathan climbs out of a window and runs over to a nearby manhole cover.

Nathan: Yeah, there it is.

Nathan kicks the manhole cover away and drops down into the sewers.

Nathan: Yeah, this way, this way.

Nathan runs through a tunnel into a room full of pipes.

Nathan: All right, use your head, Nate, use your head. Agh, how the hell do I
get outta here?

He runs through another tunnel.

Nathan: Here we go, there we go. Gotta get to that ladder.

He reaches the ladder leading out of the sewers.

Nathan: See ya suckers.

Nathan pushes the manhole cover away and climbs out into the open. Four armed
guards train their guns on him.

Three Months Later

Nathan is sitting in a jail cell. He is recreating the events of three months
ago using his hands and silhouettes on the wall.

Nathan: You overlooked one little detail, didn't you, partner? What?! Face it,
genius. You've been played. Oh really...(gun-firing sound effect) (death sound)

Sully walks up to the jail cell.

Nathan: Hey - hey - hey - jackass, you're ruining the show here.

Sully: Ah, what a shame.

Nathan sits up and sees Sully standing outside the cell.

Nathan: Sully!

Sully: I really can't leave you alone for a minute.

Nathan walks up to the bars.

Nathan: Oh man, am I glad to see you.

Sully: How you doin', kid?

Nathan: I'm doin' just great.

A guard walks up to the cell and unlocks the door.

Sully: So, I had to grease a few palms.

Sully walks into the cell.

Sully: Did go through the rest of your money. And a good chunk of my own. But

He hugs Nathan.

Sully: Jesus, you stink.

Nathan: Yeah, not half as bad as that cigar.

Sully: Yeah...

Nathan: Hey, how'd you find me?

Sully: Well, a friend of yours asked for my help...

Chloe walks up to the cell.

Chloe: Hello, Nate.

Nathan: Oh, no. No.

Sully: Now, wait a second -

Nathan: Sully, kick her out and shut the door. We're safer in here.

Sully: Just wait a goddamn minute. Hear her out.

Chloe walks into the cell.

Chloe: Thank you, Victor.

Nathan: Hey, no offense, Sully - but you're not exactly the best judge of
character. Especially when it comes to women.

Sully: Fair enough. All the same.

Chloe covers her nose.

Chloe: Dear God...

Nathan: Oh no, it's not that bad. Look, I have my own bucket.

Chloe: (disgusted groan)

Nathan: Last cell I was in, eight of us had to share.

Chloe: Listen, Nate -

Nathan sits back down on his bed.

Nathan: Y'know something - I really appreciate you dropping by - but if you and
Flynn hadn't screwed me over in the first place

Chloe: Now, wait a minute -

Nathan: - I wouldn't've been rotting in -

Chloe: Listen - Nate -

Nathan: - this shithole for the last three months - so excuse me if I'm not
just, y'know, leaping into your arms.

Chloe: I had nothing to do with it.

Nathan: Right.

Chloe: I told you, he's not going to listen to me.

Sully: Screw this. Nate - They found the ships.

Nathan: In Borneo?

Sully: Yep.

Chloe: Yes.

Nathan: And the Cintamani Stone?

Chloe: How do you know about that?

Nathan: Do you really think Flynn could've figured that out on his own?

Chloe: All right, good point. No, they haven't found it yet.

Nathan: What do you mean, 'they'?

Sully: Flynn and his client, Lazarevic.

Chloe: Y'know, the 'nutcase'? They've been working together all along.

Nathan: All right, then. If they haven't found the Stone, that means there's
still time. You're gonna get us into that dig site. We're gonna snatch that
treasure right out from under them.

Chloe: They'll never see it coming.

Nathan: Yeah, well, payback's a bitch.

Nathan walks out of the cell.

Chloe: (laughs)

Chloe and Sully follow Nathan out of the cell. Sometime later, Chloe is
sitting at a table. Nathan is standing next to her. He points to the Cintamani
Stone in a book.

Nathan: Look - they called it the 'wish-fulfilling jewel'. It's a sacred

Sully walks into the room.

Chloe: What, like a Buddhist 'holy grail'?

Nathan: Exactly.

He hands Chloe a drink.

Chloe: Thanks.

Sully sits down at the table.

Nathan: Sully, listen to this - 'In the kingdom of Shambhala lies the most
precious thing to be found in all the world - a perfect raw sapphire of the
deepest blue, larger around than the reach of a man's arms.'

Sully: Oh, that's gotta be worth millions.

Nathan: Hundreds of millions.

Nathan sits down at the table.

Nathan: And you say there's more of this?

Chloe: Loads more. Lazarevic paid top dollar for Marco Polo's journals. He's
been after the Cintamani Stone for years.

Sully: Well, if he's been counting on Flynn to find it for him, it's no wonder
he hasn't had any luck.

Nathan: If I can get a look at Lazarevic's files, I can find that Stone.

Chloe: Hang on a minute, cowboy - that's easier said than done. The files are
in his tent, and his tent is in the middle of the camp. It's like an armed
compound, there are soldiers everywhere.

Nathan: Well, that's why it has to be an inside job. From someone they know
and trust.

Chloe: Oh. Okay, I see where this is going.

Nathan: I'll just need a diversion. You give me five minutes in that tent -
that's all it'll take.

Chloe: Really, five minutes? Well that's great, I won't even have to get my
top off.

Nathan: Chloe, I was thinking more like an explosion.

Chloe: Or that - can be arranged.

Nathan: Are you in?

Sully: Oh hell yes, I was in before you were!


Nathan and Sully are making their way through a jungle.

Nathan: Chloe, you reading us?

Chloe: Loud and clear.

Nathan: We're getting close.

Nathan drops down onto a rock.

| 2.03. Chapter 03 - "Borneo" |

Chloe: Okay, I've planted charges all around the perimeter of the camp. You
two just need to arm them. The first one should be right ahead of you.

Nathan and Sully reach the first charge.

Chloe: I also left the detonator for you.

Sully picks up the detonator.

Nathan: Ah-huh, there we are.

Nathan arms the first charge.

Nathan: All right. First one's set. Don't touch the button.

Sully: This one? {laughs}

Chloe: Once you've set all the charges, just hit the detonator and it's

Sully: (laughs) They'll never know what hit 'em.

Chloe: Just be careful, Lazarevic has got his men posted all around the

Nathan and Sully continue through the jungle.

Sully: Keep an eye out for patrols. I'm sweatin' like a hooker in church.

Nathan: You brought a hooker to church?

Sully: Why not?

Nathan and Sully reach two guards patrolling nearby.

Sully: Hey careful. Up ahead.

Chloe: Don't let 'em spot you.

Sully: Let's take these guys out. Quietly.

Nathan and Sully continue through the jungle, eliminating the patrols. In the
next area, Nathan sees a wooden branch sticking out of a platform.

Nathan: Looks like we can swing across there.

Sully: (laughs) Yeah, maybe you can.

Nathan: All right, hold on grandpa, I'll see if I can find another way up.

Nathan locates a rock nearby and pushes it down into the swamp.

Nathan: Heads up!

Sully: Ah, perfect. Thanks kid!

Sully climbs onto the rock and then onto the cliffs.

Nathan: This way.

Chloe: Nate, you should be approaching excavation site one by now.

Nathan and Sully continue across a log bridge. Several guards are patrolling up

Sully: Shit. We've been spotted.

Chloe: Take them out fast. We can't let them send word back to camp.

Nathan and Sully take out the guards.

Chloe: You should be getting close to the first camp. I've planted four more
charges in there, but you're going to have to clear the place out before you
can arm them.

Nathan and Sully reach the first excavation site. They hide behind a rock and
slowly edge closer.

Nathan: Here's the camp. You ready for this?

Sully: Let's do it.

Nathan and Sully eliminate the patrols in the first camp.

Sully: All right, we gotta find those explosives and get 'em armed.

Nathan finds the first charge and arms it.

Sully: We still gotta arm three of the charges.

Nathan finds the second charge and arms it.

Sully: There should be only two left.

Nathan finds the third charge and arms it.

Sully: All right, one more and we're outta here.

Nathan finds the final charge and arms it.

Sully: Okay, that's all of 'em. Now let's go pay Mr. Lazarevic a visit.

Nathan approaches a ladder at the back of the camp.

Nathan: Can't reach this. Come on over here and I'll give you a boost.

Nathan gives Sully a boost up onto the ladder.

Sully: ...All right...

Nathan: C'mon gorgeous, jump up.

Sully grabs hold of the ladder.

Nathan: Ha - you got a great ass, Sully.

Sully: ...Thanks... Here ya go, kid.

Sully drops the ladder down to Nathan.

Nathan: All right.

Nathan climbs up the ladder. They reach the back of the camp.

Sully: Oooh, that must've been some tsunami to wash these ships so far inland.
Looks deserted.

Nathan and Sully approach a fallen log and see two patrolling guards examining
a generator in the water below.

Nathan: Get down. Look - they're not armed.

Sully: Well, not that many - what are we waiting for? We can take these guys.

Nathan: I don't know Sully, maybe -

A third guard appears out of nowhere and kicks Sully in the face, knocking
him to the ground. Nathan attacks the guard and the gun gets knocked out of
his hand. Nathan grabs the guard and they both fall over the log into the
water below. Nathan takes out the three guards with hand-to-hand combat.

Sully jumps across to a lower platform.

Nathan: I could've used some help down here.

Sully: Hey, you were doing fine.

Another guard attacks Sully from behind. Sully throws the guard down into the

Sully: Here's another one for ya!

Nathan: Sully!

Nathan takes out the final guard.

Sully: Enough of this frivolity kid.

Sully kicks a rope down to Nathan.

Sully: C'mon, we got work to do.

Nathan: What does frivolity mean?

Nathan climbs up the rope.

Sully: What do you bet we follow the hose - we find the camp?

Nathan: You always follow the hose. Just like in Montreal, huh?

Sully: You're never gonna forget that, are ya?

Nathan and Sully start following the hose through the jungle.

| 2.04. Chapter 04 - "The Dig" |

Nathan and Sully follow the hose to Lazarevic's camp.

Nathan: I think I see the camp up ahead.

They reach Lazarevic's camp and crouch behind a fallen log.

Sully: Okay, you ready?

Nathan: Wait, just - hold on a sec.

Nathan looks through a pair of binoculars. He sees Chloe standing in
Lazarevic's tent. He looks to the left and sees Lazarevic talking to Harry

Lazarevic: Three months, and you have found nothing.

Harry: Well, now, wait - wait a minute, we've been -

Soldier: Commander!

Lazarevic turns around and walks over to two guards.

Nathan: That must be Lazarevic.

Soldier 1: This man was caught stealing artefacts from site number five.

Lazarevic: (humourless laugh) You would betray me for this?

Lazarevic throws the object into the water.

Soldier 2: No - no, Zoran, I can explain -

Lazarevic: No, no need - no need.

Lazarevic stabs the soldier in the gut with a knife.

Soldier 2: (dying efforts)

Lazarevic pulls the knife out and lets the soldier fall back into the water.

Lazarevic: I am surrounded by traitors and fools!

Nathan and Sully continue to watch from a distance.

Sully: Whaddya say we really ruin this guy's day?

Nathan: Do it.

Sully presses the button on the detonator. The charges placed around the camp

Lazarevic: Spread out! Search the perimeter! Go!

Lazarevic runs off with Harry and Chloe.

Sully: All right, it's all yours, kid! I'll cover you from here!

Nathan hides behind a crate. Sully sneaks along the clifftop.

Sully: (laughs) Some fool left a sniper rifle up here. Careful Nate, looks
like they left a couple of sentries behind. Okay kid, it's showtime.

Nathan sneaks around the camp and takes out the remaining guards. Nathan runs
into Lazarevic's tent and looks around.

Nathan: Man, this Lazarevic guy isn't screwing around, Sully. You should see
all this stuff.

Nathan examines Lazarevic's files on the table.

Nathan: He's got files on every expedition to find Shambhala - all the way
back to the 1600s.

Sully: What about Marco Polo's journals?

Nathan: (laughs) Here they are.

Sully: Just hurry it up - you haven't got much time.

Nathan examines pieces of paper on the desk.

Nathan: Yeah, yeah, yeah. 'The worthy pilgrim is granted a golden passport to
conquer obstacles on his journey to Shambhala'. Hunh.

Sully: Is that supposed to mean something?

Nathan: Beats me.

Nathan picks up another piece of paper.

Nathan: Hold on - here we go. 'It was with great sorrow that I left my fellow
travelers to their fate - a fate decreed by the dreadful cargo we bore from

Sully: They must've thought that tsunami was some kind of divine retribution.

Nathan: Wait a minute... Damn. Sully, I don't think the Cintamani Stone is

Sully: What?

Nathan: Listen to this: 'I would have sooner endured the wrath of Kublai Khan
himself than remove the Cintamani Stone from that sacred shrine.' Marco Polo
never had the Stone.

Sully: Then what 'dreadful cargo' is he talking about?

Nathan: I don't know...

Sully: Well, if the Stone's not here, what the hell is Lazarevic looking for?

Nathan looks up and sees a map pinned to the wall.

Nathan: Shambhala.

Sully: Here in Borneo? He's a little wide of the mark, don'tcha think?

Nathan: He must be trying to pick up Marco Polo's trail... back to Shambhala.

Sully: Why?

Nathan: Because the Stone is still there. Chloe, can you talk?

Chloe: Hold on. Yeah. I'm here.

Nathan: In all this digging they've done, have they found any bodies, any
remains at all?

Chloe: No, now that you mention it - nothing. Why?

Nathan: (laughs) Over six hundred people were shipwrecked here, yet there's no
bodies? Don't you find that a little odd?

Chloe: So where did they all go?

Nathan: Where would you go, if a tsunami hit?

Chloe: ...to higher ground.

Nathan: Bingo. We head to that mountain, what do you bet we find Marco's pals?
Chloe, can you meet up with us?

Chloe: Already on my way.

Nathan: Great.

Sully: Uh-oh. Nate, you gotta get outta there.

Nathan: You're gonna have to give me a minute, Sully.

Sully: You don't have a minute!

Nathan turns around and looks outside. He hears voices as Lazarevic returns to
the camp.

Nathan: Oh, crap!

Nathan crouches down behind a window.

Sully: Stay down, kid! I got you covered!

Nathan sees a box of grenades on the table next to him.

Nathan: Grenades, well that's convenient.

Nathan and Sully eliminate the guards that storm the camp. Two more guards
open fire from a tower high above ground.

Sully: Shit! Help me kid! You gotta take out the tower!

Nathan: I got ya, Sully.

Nathan destroys the tower.

Sully: HA! Nice one!

Nathan rejoins Sully and they continue through the jungle.

Nathan: Should be this way.

Nathan and Sully climb through the jungle until they reach some stone steps.

Nathan: Whoa, Sully, look at these stones.

Sully: Ahh, now we're gettin' somewhere.

At the top of the steps, they find a large hollowed-out tree.

Nathan: (laughs) Would you look at that.

Sully: Oh, yeah.

Chloe runs up behind them.

Chloe: Hey - Hello - what do we have here.

Nathan: With any luck, the last resting place of Marco Polo's crew.

Sully: Shall we check it out?

Nathan enters the hollow tree.

Nathan: Oh, this place must be thousands of years old.

Sully: At least.

Nathan drops down through a hole in the floor.

Nathan: Down this way.

In the room below, the skeletal remains of Marco Polo's crew are scattered all
over the floor.

Nathan: Whoa... looks like we hit the jackpot.

Chloe: Eugh. There must be hundreds of bodies down here.

Nathan: Look at their teeth - they're all black.

Sully: For God's sake, they're all that way...

Nathan: They must've taken refuge here during the tsunami. There's gotta be
some sort of clue around here.

Nathan approaches a room nearby. Bats fly out. Nathan enters the room. The room
is filled with barrels.

Nathan: Hey, I think I found something. In here.

Sully: What?

Chloe: They must've carried their cargo all the way up here after they were

Nathan walks up to the one of the barrels and finds a piece of blue resin. He
picks it up and sniffs it.

Nathan: More resin. I've seen this before.

Nathan looks around and picks up a medieval torch leaning against a barrel next
to him. He puts the resin on the torch.

Nathan: Sully, give me a light.

Sully takes a lighter out of his pocket and lights the resin. The room is
illuminated a dark blue again.

Sully: Oooooh...

Nathan sees bloodstains on the floor.

Nathan: Wait a minute... this is blood.

Chloe: It's everywhere.

Sully: Looks like a real massacre.

Nathan: All right, let's follow the bloodstains. We'll see if they lead

Nathan follows the bloodstains around the ruins and into the room opposite.
The bloodstains suddenly end in front of a pile of rocks blocking the path.

Sully: Seems to end at this wall.

Nathan: Yeah, that's odd.

Nathan starts pushing the pile of rocks.

Nathan: This moves a little. Sully, help me out.

Sully: Oh, here we go again with the pushing...

Nathan and Sully groan as they push the rocks through the hole in the wall.
The rocks crumble, revealing another path.

Sully: I think I hurt myself.

Nathan, Sully and Chloe continue following the hidden path.

Nathan: The trail leads in here.

Sully: Oh, man, more bodies.

Chloe: Oh my God...

Nathan: Y'know, maybe I'm crazy, but it looks like they all killed each other.

Sully: C'mon, Nate, you're just getting spooked.

Nathan, Sully and Chloe enter a room at the end of the hall. At the back of
the room, they walk up to a dead body.

Nathan: Whoa... Look at this.

Nathan throws the torch aside and the flame disappears. Nathan walks up to a
skeleton on the steps in front of him.

Nathan: What do we have here?

Nathan sees something in the arms of the skeleton.

Chloe: Careful...

Nathan starts to pull the object away from the skeleton.

Nathan: (scream)

Chloe and Sully jump back in surprise.

Chloe: (scream)

Sully: (scream) Christ Almighty...

Sully sits down on the steps beside the skeleton.

Nathan: (laughs) Just kidding.

Sully: Nate - you're gonna give me a goddamn heart attack.

Nathan opens the box and finds a scroll inside. Nathan throws the back away
and unscrolls the paper. A dagger rolls out.

Nathan: Whoa.

Sully: Man, is that an ugly freakin' thing.

Chloe: What is it - some kind of weapon?

Nathan: No - No it's a Phurba. It's a ritual object, from Tibet. It's used to
destroy obstacles.

Sully: Huh?

Nathan: You know - spiritual ones.

Chloe: Oh.

Chloe rolls her eyes and shakes her head.

Nathan: Wait a minute... Could this be what Marco Polo was talking about?

Sully: Kid, I don't even know what the hell you're talking about.

Nathan: In his journal - he wrote that the worthy seeker would be given 'a
golden passport to conquer obstacles on the journey to Shambhala'.

Chloe: So, what - this is it?

Sully: Look, that's all really interesting - but where the hell is it a
passport to?

Chloe unfolds the paper the dagger was in and holds it up.

Chloe: Well, maybe this map would help.

Nathan: Lemme see that.

Nathan takes the map and hands the Phurba to Chloe.

Nathan: 'Between Greater India and the province of Tibet lies a field of
exquisitely finished temples, hundreds of gilded spires stretching as far as
the eye can see.'

Sully: Hold on - I know this place. It's in Nepal.

Nathan: Yeah, except it's not just a field of temples anymore... it's a city.

Chloe: Well, that could make things a little more challenging.

Nathan: Hold on, there's more... 'In all these many temples, only one conceals
the secret path to Shambhala - and that path shall only be revealed to the
pilgrim who bears the golden passport.'

The three of them look at the Phurba in Chloe's hand.

Sully: All right, nice work, kid.

Chloe: So what are we waiting for? Let's get outta here.

Nathan: All right...

Nathan and Chloe start walking out of the room. Sully looks back at the
skeleton on the steps.

Sully: See ya.

Chloe starts running ahead back through the ruins.

Chloe: Let's get going.

They reach the hole in the wall above them where they entered.

Chloe: I'm gonna go out and make sure the coast is clear. See you in a bit.

Chloe climbs out of the hole. Nathan climbs out of the hole as Chloe runs off

Sully: You wanna give me a hand, Nate?

Nathan helps Sully to climb out of the hole. They both stand and hear voices
coming from outside.

Sully: Oh, goddamn it.

Nathan: C'mon -

Chloe runs back into the tree.

Chloe: Harry! In here!

Chloe aims a gun at Nathan.

Chloe: It's Drake!

Nathan: What the hell - ?

Chloe: Get your hands up!

Sully holds his hands up.

Sully: You sure know how to pick 'em.

Harry runs into the tree with three armed guards.

Nathan: Shut up, Sully.

Harry: Should've known it was you. And you - Victor 'goddamn' Sullivan...
you still dragging this tired old sack of shit around?

Nathan starts forward but Sully stops him.

Sully: Easy, Nate.

Harry: That's pretty ballsy for a guy who's spent the last three months behind

Nathan: Better than pissing away three months in the jungle without a clue.

Harry: Found the ships, though, didn't I?

Nathan: You couldn't find your own ass with both hands.

Sully: And a map.

Chloe: They came from down there.

Chloe holds up the map.

Chloe: Whoa... Harry, look at this.

She gives the map to Harry.

Harry: Speaking of maps...

Harry tries to read the writing on the map.

Harry: ...between India and Tibet... one temple will reveal a -

Nathan: ...pathway to Shambhala. Jesus, Flynn, while we're young.

Harry: Oh, now - don't be such a bad sport.

Harry folds the map back up.

Harry: Take them to Lazarevic. You're gonna wish you'd stayed in prison, mate.

Chloe: Move.

Nathan and Sully walk out of the tree. Two guards keep their guns trained on
Nathan and Sully as Chloe follows behind them. Harry starts climbing down into
the hole with the third armed guard.

The two guards push Nathan and Sully forward.

Soldier: C'mon, keep moving.

Once outside the three, Chloe looks around and pistol whips the guard on the
left over the head. The second soldier turns around and fires off a shot with
the AK. It grazes Chloe's arm. Sully tries to wrestle the gun off the soldier.
Chloe shoots the soldier dead. As the first soldier stands up again, Chloe
shoots him also.

Chloe: Ah, shit!

Nathan: Are you all right?

Chloe: Yeah, well, it'll make it look more believable. Now, I'm going to try to
buy you some time.

Chloe takes the Phurba out of her pocket and gives it back to Nathan.

Nathan: Chloe, you have to come with us.

Chloe: No - just meet me in Nepal.

Chloe kisses Nathan.

Chloe: Now, run.

Nathan: Let's go.

Nathan and Sully start running.

Sully: I like her.

Nathan: Yeah, I bet you do.

Harry and the guards start chasing Nathan and Sully.

Nathan: Shit! They spotted us!

Sully: Run for it!

Nathan reaches a gap in the cliff.

Sully: Watch it!

Nathan: What?

The cliff crumbles away. Nathan jumps forward and grabs hold of a narrow
ledge just below.

Nathan: Thanks for the heads up.

Sully: Will you quit screwing around and get up here. Let's go!

Nathan climbs back up onto the cliff and he and Sully resume running.

Nathan: Run!

Nathan and Sully reach the end of the cliff path. Nathan backs into Sully as
he stands near the edge.

Sully: This way...

Sully and Nathan start edging across a narrow ledge to the right of them.

Sully: Ah, damn - now what do we do?

Nathan: We jump.

Sully: Hold on there, Sundance - you gotta be outta your mind. We'll break our
goddamn necks!

Nathan: Yeah, if we get caught, Lazarevic'll break 'em for us.

Sully: I'm getting too old for this bullshit.

Nathan: Ah, c'mon, now don't you start this again.

Sully: Listen, I don't have your luck. Guys like me got to know when to walk
away from the table.

Nathan: Sully, we're gonna get outta this. Okay? We always do.

Sully: Yeah, you go meet your girl in Nepal. I'm going somewhere warm.

Nathan: C'mon -

Sully: Hey, you can tell me all about it when you get back.

Nathan looks around the side of the rock and sees Harry running over to them
with several armed guards.

Soldier: There they are!

Nathan: Oh, shit.

Sully: Well - shall we?

Nathan: After you, Butch.

Sully: See ya in hell, kid!

Sully jumps off the cliff.

Sully: Yeahooo!

Nathan jumps off after him.

Nathan: Ho-ho - Craaap!

Harry runs to the edge of the cliff with the guards and looks down into the

Harry: Shit!

Down below, he sees Nathan and Sully swimming away.


Nathan drives through the war-torn streets of Nepal in a blue Jeep. He talks
to Chloe through an earpiece.

Nathan: When you said Lazarevic had a head start on us, you weren't kidding...

Chloe: Well, he's had some help from the local guerillas... The city's been on
the brink of civil war for years. He just needed to throw a little gasoline on
the fire.

Nathan: Charming.

Chloe: Yeah, well, all the chaos provides some cover while he destroys the city
looking for the right temple.

Nathan sees several armed bandits running along the street in the opposite

Chloe: Nate? Hello?

Nathan: Yeah, I'm still here.

Chloe: You're not having second thoughts, are you?

Nathan: Who, me? Never.

Chloe: Good - 'cause I'm ready to be done with these clowns. You got a map?

Nathan looks at his gun sitting on the passenger seat.

Nathan: Uh, yeah.

Chloe: I'll meet you in the Old Market - things are pretty quiet over there.

Nathan: All right, you got it.

A military truck turns the corner behind Nathan and heads straight for him.

Nathan: Uh-oh. I got company.

Chloe: Oh, great. Can you lose them?

Nathan: I think it might be too late for that.

The truck rams the back of Nathan's Jeep.

Nathan: C'mon...

Chloe: Nate, are you all right?

Nathan: I've been better.

The truck rams the Jeep again.

Nathan: Shit.

Nathan tries to turn the Jeep and the truck rams into the side of it. The Jeep
spins out of control and crashes.

| 2.05. Chapter 05 - "Urban Warfare" |

Nathan crawls out of the wreckage in a narrow alley and runs forward. The
military truck crashes through the wreckage and drives towards Nathan.

Nathan: Don't they ever give up?!

Nathan shoots the truck with an AK as he runs through the narrow alley. The
truck eventually explodes. It overturns and slides to a stop. Nathan reaches
the end of the alley gasping for breath. He runs out into the street and looks

Nathan: Okay... The Old Market...

He takes the map out of his pocket and looks at it.

Nathan: ....oughta be this way...

Voices can be heard coming from the alley.

Nathan: Crap.

Nathan runs across the street and vaults over a low wall. He crouches behind
the wall as armed guards run out into the street. As the guards slowly walk
through the street, they are interrupted by gunfire. Nathan peers over the
wall and sees a bus speeding towards the guards.

Nathan: What the hell?

The bus crashes nearby and the guards open fire on it.

Nathan: Whoa...

Nathan takes out the guards in the street.

Nathan: Okay, now I just gotta find Chloe.

Nathan approaches the crashed bus. It explodes and throws him to the floor.
Nathan stands up.

Nathan: Well, I guess I'm not going that way.

Nathan makes his way through the crumbling, destroyed buildings of Nepal. He
finds a truck that's crashed through a nearby wall.

Nathan: Nice parking job.

He climbs to the roof of the building where he sees an attack chopper hovering

Nathan: No way.

Nathan climbs back down to the street. He takes out the guards in the next
street. A military truck speeds down the street with a mounted machine gun on
it. It blocks the street as several armed guards get out. 

Nathan: Oh, no.

Nathan starts taking out the armed guards. A rocket suddenly hits the truck
from down the street. It explodes taking out all the guards. Chloe is standing
on top of a car, holding a rocket launcher.

Chloe: Seems like I am always saving your ass.

Chloe throws the rocket launcher into the street.

Nathan: Well, it is an ass worth saving.

Chloe: (laughs)

Nathan walks up to Chloe. Chloe jumps on him and wraps her legs around him.
Chloe: Oh - is that an ancient Tibetan ritual dagger in your pocket?

Nathan: Well, maybe I'm just happy to see you.

Chloe: Hmmm.

Nathan lets Chloe drop down onto her feet. She pulls the Phurba out of his

Nathan: Hello.

Chloe: So this is the key to everything?

Nathan: Yes it is. Marco Polo's 'passport' to Shambhala.

Chloe: What do we do with it?

Nathan: Ah! I have no idea, actually. I do know Lazarevic won't get very far
without it.

Chloe: I wouldn't underestimate him, you know.

Nathan starts examining the Phurba.

Chloe: He and Flynn have been tearing this city apart. They must've leveled
dozens of temples already. So, what's our next move?

Nathan doesn't answer.

Chloe: Nate?

Chloe turns round.

Chloe: I hate it when you do that.

Chloe walks over to him.

Nathan: (laughs) Check this out. You see this symbol?

Nathan points to a symbol engraved on the Phurba.

Chloe: Yeah...

Nathan: Look up there.

Nathan points up to the temple in front of them where a similar symbol is
carved into the arched wall.

Chloe: OK, I see the resemblance... So what does it mean?

Nathan: It means we know how Marco Polo found his next clue. The temple we're
looking for is gonna be marked with this emblem. Now all we have to do is find

He takes the map out of his pocket, unfolds it and places it down on the car
in front of him.

Chloe: You do realise there are literally hundreds of these temples throughout
the city?

Nathan: Yes, but if we found a higher vantage point...

Chloe: ...we can spot our needle in the haystack.

Nathan: Right.

Chloe: There's a hotel not far from here...

Nathan: (laughs) Chloe, now is not the time.

Chloe: It's easily the tallest building in the city.

Nathan: Right. Right, well, okay - that's uh, that's good thinking.

Chloe: Follow me.

Nathan folds the map back up and puts it back in his pocket.

Nathan: Yep.

Nathan follows Chloe over to a door. Chloe throws her weight against the door.

Chloe: It's no good, it's locked.

Nathan: Wait here - I'll see if I can find a way around.

Nathan climbs up to the second floor of the building.

Nathan: Hey - I can see the hotel from up here.

Chloe: Yeah, I know, we're almost there.

Nathan climbs across to the rooftop opposite. He takes out the guards below and
drops back down to the street.

Chloe: Nate? Open the door.

Nathan shoots the padlock off the door.

Nathan: Stand back.

He kicks the door open.

Chloe: Got your back!

Nathan and Chloe take out the remaining guards in the alley. They approach a
fire escape.

Chloe: Gimme a boost. I think I can reach that ladder.

Nathan gives Chloe a boost up to the ladder.

Nathan: Boy, it's a shame you have to sit on something that pretty.

Chloe drops the ladder down to the ground.

Chloe: Here ya go. Don't say I never do anything for you.

Nathan and Chloe enter an abandoned, burning building. A collapsed wall blocks
their path.

Nathan: C'mon, this way.

Nathan holds up the planks of wood.

Nathan: Go.

Chloe: Okay.

Chloe carefully ducks under the wood.

Nathan: Any day now.

Chloe: Just don't want to get a splinter.

Nathan lets the planks of wood drop.

Nathan: That was chivalrous, huh?

Chloe: It's not dead, you just gotta ask for it.

Nathan and Chloe leave the building.

| 2.06. Chapter 06 - "Desperate Times" |

Outside the building, Nathan sees several resistance fighters being gunned
down in the street.

Nathan: Doesn't look like things are going too well for the resistance.

Nathan and Chloe drop down to the street. In the courtyard up ahead, dozens
of guards are patrolling outside a temple. Nathan and Chloe run forward and
take cover behind two nearby statues.

Nathan: I don't like these odds.

Chloe: No?

Nathan: No, I think maybe we should cut over to the hotel a different way.
Just avoid this crew altogether.

Nathan looks at Chloe and sees her holding a grenade.

Nathan: I'm sorry, do you have a plan to go along with that grenade?

Chloe: Yes I do... I'm going to circle round this way and break up their
little party.

Nathan sees a guard armed with a rocket launcher standing on a truck nearby.

Nathan: Aren't you forgetting about somebody?

Chloe: Well, that's where you come in, sweetheart. I need you to take care of
him. But, ah, do it quietly.

Nathan: Do it quietly...

Chloe: Yeah.

Nathan: Are you sure about this?

Chloe: 'Desperate times', right?

Chloe hurries off.

Nathan: What does that mean?

Nathan takes out the rocket launcher guard silently. Chloe throws a grenade
out into the courtyard. Nathan and Chloe take out the guards surrounding the
temple. Another truck speeds down the street.

Chloe: Oh, crap. Reinforcements.

More guards appear at the other end of the street.

Nathan: How many soldiers did he hire?

Nathan and Chloe take out the armed guards in the area.

Nathan: Yeah, I think that's the last of 'em.

Chloe: This is the hotel. Now we just have to find a way up.

Nathan and Chloe find a fire escape on the side of the hotel.

Chloe: I think this is our best bet. Gimme a boost up.

Nathan: You got it.

Nathan gives Chloe a boost up to the ladder.

Chloe: Okay.

Nathan: Ya got it?

Chloe slides the ladder down to the ground.

Chloe: Come on up.

Nathan starts climbing the fire escape.

Chloe: All right, looks clear so far.

Nathan: Is there another way in?

Chloe: Not from here.

At the top of the fire escape, Nathan vaults over the railings and jumps across
to a street light opposite.

Chloe: Very resourceful.

Nathan jumps onto the roof and climbs through the window to the second floor of
the hotel.

Nathan: All right, I'm in.

At the back of the room, an elevator door opens and two armed guards walk out.

Nathan: Oh, crap!

Nathan and Chloe take out the two guards and enter the elevator. The elevator
starts going up, but suddenly jolts to a halt.

Chloe: Oh, well, that was unpleasant.

Nathan: They must've hit a generator. Gimme a hand.

Nathan and Chloe both prise the doors open with their hands.

Nathan: Just a little more...

Chloe: Nate, MOVE!

Chloe pushes Nathan out of the elevator as the doors slam shut again. Nathan
tries to open the doors again.

Nathan: It's no good - I'm gonna have to fix the power to get you out. You
gonna be okay?

Chloe: Yeah. Wish I'd brought something to read.

Nathan opens the junction box on the wall nearby.

Nathan: Looks like the circuit breaker's on the top floor. Just sit tight -
I'll take care of it.

Nathan starts making his way through the building.

Nathan: Great, power's out and a girl's trapped. I swear to God, if there's a
zombie around the next corner.

Nathan makes his way up to the top floor of the hotel, eliminating the guards
patrolling the building. He reaches the elevator where Chloe is trapped.

Chloe: Nate? You haven't forgotten about me, have you?

He drops down into the room below and finds the circuit breaker.

Nathan: Found it.

Nathan turns the power back on and the elevator doors open.

Chloe: Oh, thank God.

Chloe runs out.

Nathan: Almost there, c'mon.

Nathan give Chloe a boost up to the roof access ladder.

Nathan: Up she goes.

Chloe: Oh, I think you're liking this a bit too much.

Up on the roof, Nathan jumps into the rooftop swimming pool.

Nathan: (laughs) Hey, check it out... Marco -

Chloe: Really?

Nathan: Come on.

Chloe: No.

Nathan: Marco -

Chloe: Polo...

Nathan climbs out of the pool.

Nathan: (laughs) Fish outta water!

Chloe: You are so unprofessional.

Nathan and Chloe climb to the highest point of the hotel that overlooks the
rest of the city.

Chloe: Well, here we are.

Nathan: Now we just gotta find the right temple.

Nathan looks through the binoculars. He moves between the various temples
in the area.

Chloe: Well, that may be easier said than done.

Nathan: I know, tell me about it. Maybe we can - Oh. Bingo.

He points to temple.

Nathan: There it is.

Chloe looks through the binoculars.

Chloe: That's the one?

Nathan: Yeah, it's gotta be.

Chloe: The one in the middle of all the gunfire and explosions.

Nathan: Lucky us.

Nathan looks through the binoculars again.

Chloe: Nate, that's right where Lazarevic is camped. I was hoping we'd be
headed in the opposite direction.

Nathan: Well, desperate times, right?

Chloe takes the walkie-talkie out of her pocket. She hears a voice over the

Lazarevic: [over radio] ...Drake has been spotted in sector eighteen.

Nathan: Ah, crap... any chance this is sector nineteen?

Lazarevic: [over radio] Sweep the city! Find him, and take him out!

In the distance, two attack helicopters start flying over the city.

Nathan: Son of a bitch. Right. Time to go.

Nathan and Chloe swing down a zipline to a building below. They find their path
blocked by a broken bridge.

Chloe: Damn it. How the hell do we get across?

Nathan jumps to one thin beam holding the bridge together. He starts to move

Chloe: Oh God, be careful.

One of the attack helicopters suddenly flies up in front of him.

Nathan: Holy shit!

The helicopter opens fire on the bridge. The wooden supports break apart from
the gunfire and the bridge starts to collapse inward. Nathan grabs hold of a
small platform jutting out of the side of the building under the bridge.

Chloe: Here - I've got you! Give me your hand.

Nathan: Just go!

Nathan follows Chloe across several small platforms lining the side of the
building as the helicopter continues shooting at them. The last platform gives
way. Nathan grabs hold of the bottom of the platform and climbs back up. He
takes out the guards on the roof that are shooting at Chloe. They jump across
to another rooftop.

Nathan: Down here!

They drop down through a hole in the floor to escape from the helicopter. In
the room below, an explosion rips through the wall and knocks Nathan to the

Chloe: Get up, Nate!

Nathan rolls to the side away from the gunfire of the helicopter and takes
cover behind a wall with Chloe.

Chloe: You okay?

Nathan: Yeah, never better...

They continue through the building, avoiding the helicopter and taking out
the guards. Nathan approaches an elevator at the back of the room.

Chloe: No, no, no, not the elevator.

Nathan: Good point.

Nathan and Chloe drop down into the room below and take out the armed guards.
The helicopter blows another hole in the wall.

Nathan: What the hell are they doin'?

Chloe: This isn't good...

The helicopter fires several missiles at the building.

Nathan: Ah, crap!

The floor underneath them starts to give way.

Nathan: Whoa!

The building tilts forward and collides with the building next to it. Nathan
and Chloe run across the room and jump through the glass to the next building.

Nathan: Haha - we were almost in that.

Nathan enters a stairway.

Nathan: This way. Come on!

They start making their way up the stairs.

Chloe: Guess we caught this hotel in the down season, huh?

Nathan: Haha, come on.

At the top of the stairs, Nathan jumps across to another rooftop. They take out
the guards on the surrounding rooftops.

Nathan: A bridge. Sweet.

Nathan lowers a mechanical bridge connecting two rooftops.

Chloe: Yeah, tell me about it. The resistance fighters built them to get across
the rooftops.

Nathan: Lucky for us.

They cross the rooftop and take out the guards on the rooftop below.
Nathan jumps down onto the rooftop below.

Chloe: Nate, look out!

As Nathan lands, the helicopter flies close overhead.

Nathan: Get down!

Nathan hits the helicopter with a grenade launcher.

Nathan: That's what I'm talkin' about!

Nathan hits the helicopter a few more times.

Chloe: Come on Nate, just a couple more hits!

Nathan hits the helicopter a few more times. The helicopter spirals out of
control and crashes in the streets below.

Nathan: Down she goes!

Chloe: Whahoo! Okay, lower the bridge!

Nathan lowers the bridge to the next rooftop. They start descending across the
rooftops until they reach another zipline.

Nathan: Hey that wire, that's our way down. Go! Go!

Chloe: All right, all right.

Chloe swings across the zipline and through the window of the building
opposite. Nathan follows, but halfway along, the wire snaps.

Nathan: Oh, crap!

Nathan grabs hold of the wire and swings into the side of the building.

Nathan: Oh!

He hits the ground below.

Nathan: Oh!

Chloe: Are you okay?

Nathan: Oh, God that hurts...

He slowly stands up. Chloe looks down at him from the window.

Chloe: I'm gonna find another way down.

Nathan: All right...

Nathan climbs over the crashed helicopter and runs into a nearby alley. He
looks around and sees a man walk off behind a corner. Pressing up against the
wall, he slowly moves forward. He turns the corner and aims his gun at the man.

Jeff: Whoa! Hey - hey - don't shoot!

Woman: Hey!

Nathan turns around and points his gun at a woman.

Elena: Nate...? What the hell are you doing here?

Nathan: Elena?

Jeff tackles Nathan to the ground.

Elena: Jeff, don't -!

Jeff: Wait, you know this guy?

Elena: Yeah.

Elena pulls Jeff back onto his feet.

Elena: This is Drake.

Jeff: Oh. Sorry.

Jeff holds his hand out to help Nathan. Nathan motions that he is okay.

Elena: So what's your angle on all this misery? You gonna plunder a few
temples? Loot the museum?

Nathan: It's nice to see you, too.

Elena opens a small pocketbook.

Nathan: I suppose you're here for some noble crusade, right?

Nathan stands up.

Elena: Actually, we're trailing a fugitive war criminal - Zoran Lazarevic. Have
you heard of him?

Nathan: Isn't that NATO's job?

Elena: Well, they think that he's dead - killed in some bombing raid.

Nathan: Oh, and you're here to prove otherwise.

Elena: Y'know what? This guy's a real monster, Nate. We're talking torture,
mutilation, mass executions... But see, now he's - he's plotting something
new... But why out here? Why - why tear apart the city, y'know? It just
doesn't make any sense...

Nathan shrugs.

Elena: Oh... no - tell me you don't have anything to do with this.

Nathan: (laughs) That's ridiculous -

Chloe runs up to them.

Chloe: There you are, Nate. I think I lost them -

Chloe pulls a gun on Elena.

Nathan: Oh whoa, whoa - it's all right, Chloe. They're... journalists.

Chloe: Well, we need to keep moving, if we want to stay one step ahead of
Lazarevic, so -

Elena: Oh, man, Nate...

Nathan: Hey, wait, wait - now don't jump to conclusions, Elena.

Chloe: (laughs) Uh, I'm sorry, am I sensing some history here?

Elena steps forward and shakes Chloe's hand.

Elena: Oh, Elena Fisher. Last year's model.

Nathan: Haha - that's cute.

Chloe: (laughs)

Nathan: No. No. I'm glad you find this so funny.

Nathan pulls Chloe aside.

Chloe: Well, it's just I never figured you for the white-bread, picket-fence

Nathan: She's a lot tougher than she looks, thank you.

Chloe nods.

Chloe: Oh.

Nathan: 'Oh', what?

Chloe: She broke your heart.

Chloe runs a finger down his face. Nathan brushes her hand away.

Nathan: Oh, please.

Chloe: She did, didn't she?

Nathan: Y'know what? Maybe I broke hers.

Chloe: Oh yes, Casanova. We need to get moving.

Nathan: Uh, wait - um, they're coming with us.

Chloe: You can't be serious.

Nathan: Yeah, I am. I can't just ditch them in the middle of this mess -

Chloe: They're only going to slow us down. And if we get caught -

Nathan: Chloe -

Chloe: If Lazarevic catches you and me together -

Nathan: I'm not leaving them behind.

Chloe: You don't always have to play the bloody hero, you know.

Nathan starts to walk over to Elena.

Chloe: Nate.

Nathan turns back to Chloe.

Chloe: Just dance with the one who brought you, all right?

Nathan: Yeah, I get it. But they're still coming with us.

Elena: We don't need saving, Nate.

Chloe: Thank you.

Nathan shrugs. Another helicopter flies overhead nearby.

Nathan: You might want to rethink that...

Chloe: Shit. Run!

| 2.07. Chapter 07 - "They're Coming With Us" |

Several guards run into the courtyard and engage in a gunfight with Nathan,
Elena and Chloe.

Nathan: Look out! Ah, what's next?

Elena: You still doing this?

Nathan: I don't ask for this trouble!

They take out the armed guards.

Chloe: Pretty good shot for a journalist.

Elena: I've had some practice.

Nathan: Just keep moving.

Nathan approaches a large, wooden door at the back of the courtyard.

Nathan: Help me with this door.

Chloe approaches the door.

Nathan: On three... one, two, three...

Chloe helps Nathan push the door open.

Nathan: Agh, that's it.

Elena and Jeff walk through the door.

Elena: Thanks.

The doors close behind them. They walk down some steps in front of them and
reach a river.

Elena: Great.

Jeff: Wh - How are we gonna get across?

Nathan: There's a ladder on the far side.

Elena: Maybe we should swim across.

Nathan: Current's too strong. We'll never make it.

Nathan shoots a propane tank near a car on the river. The car is pushed along
the river by the current and creates a bridge.

Elena: Nice.

Jeff: Good thinkin'!

Nathan: Well, that'll get us halfway there.

Nathan and Chloe climb across the nearby rooftops. Nathan and Chloe climb
across the nearby rooftops.

Nathan: Come on, I'll boost you up.

Nathan gives Chloe a boost up to a broken ladder. She kicks a wooden crate
down for Nathan to climb. Nathan shoots another propane tank near a car. The
second car explodes and moves downriver to complete the bridge.

Elena: Think that'll do it.

Jeff: Let's go!

Nathan: Pretty sweet, huh?

Chloe: Come on.

Everyone crosses the river and continues up some steps to the next area where
more armed guards appear on a mounted gun.

Jeff: Woah!

Nathan: Take cover!

Jeff: Shit! They're everywhere!

Elena: Jeff, get down!

Nathan: We gotta take out that gun!

Chloe: We'll distract them. You see if you can flank them.

Nathan flanks the soldier on the mounted gun. Elena and Chloe take out the
surrounding guards. Nathan uses the mounted gun to eliminate the last few
armed guards.

Jeff: Nice one!

Nathan: Okay, we're all clear!

Jeff: Is it always like this with him?

Elena & Chloe: (in unison) Pretty much.

Nathan climbs through the window of a building above.

Jeff: See anything up there?

Nathan: C'mon, this way?

Nathan inches forward along a narrow ledge of a billboard.

Chloe: Down below.

Nathan: Those are resistance fighters.

In the street below, several resistance fighters are gunned down.

Nathan: Holy crap.

A tank drives through the street.

Elena: Did you see that?

Nathan: Just c'mon, we have to hurry.

Everyone crosses the billboard to another building. They make their way back
down to ground level. Nathan reaches the exit of the building.

Nathan: All right. We should be safe in here.

Outside, there is a large temple at the top of some stone steps.0

Jeff: Whoa... cool.

Everyone approaches the temple at the top of the steps.

Nathan: How 'bout that, huh?

Chloe: You brought us right to the doorstep.

Nathan: (laughs)

Elena: So I'm guessing it's not a coincidence that we ended up here.

Nathan: Ah, no, not exactly.

Elena: God, you're an ass. Okay, just what is it you're after, anyways?

Nathan points to a symbol above the entrance.

Nathan: See that symbol up there? It's called the Cintamani Stone -

Chloe: Nate?

Nathan: - it's a massive raw sapphire. It's worth millions.

Elena: So, let me get this straight - you're competing with a psychopathic war
criminal for a mythological gemstone.

Jeff: When you put it that way, it does sound pretty stupid.

Nathan: Thanks for the input, Jeff.

Elena: And it's supposedly in this temple.

Nathan: Well, no, the Stone itself isn't here.

Chloe tries to distract Nathan and Elena.

Chloe: Hey, look at that.

Elena: No?

Nathan: No, it's in Shambhala -

Elena: Shambhala?

Chloe: Nate.

Nathan: Yeah - y'know, 'Shangri-La' -

Chloe: Can I have a word with you, darling?

Chloe pulls Nathan away from Elena. The attack chopper flies over the area

Chloe: On second thought, perhaps we should continue this conversation inside.

Nathan: Good idea. C'mon.

Nathan and Chloe push the temple doors open. Elena and Jeff follow them inside
and push the doors shut again.

Nathan: All right - we should be safe in here, for now.

Elena: This just doesn't add up, Nate... Lazarevic can't be after the money.
He doesn't need it. You're missing something...

Chloe starts pulling Nathan away from Elena again.

Chloe: Come on, we haven't got all day. You two stay here.

Nathan: Promise me you'll stay put. We'll be right back.

Nathan and Chloe enter the temple and close the doors behind them.

Elena: Famous last words...

| 2.08. Chapter 08 - "The City's Secret" |

Chloe: (sigh) Well, that's more like it.

Nathan: You don't think they're a couple, do you? They're not a couple.

At the back of the temple, a large statue stands.

Chloe: Get a load of him...

Nathan: This is definitely the right temple.

Chloe: Well, that looks like the Cintamani Stone all right.

Nathan: There must be a hidden entrance here somewhere. Wait, I've seen this
guy before.

Nathan opens his journal.

Nathan: It's something to do with the arms...

Nathan looks up at the statue.

Nathan: I gotta get up there. But how?

Chloe: Wonder if there's any little keepsakes around here.

Chloe examines a statue in the corner of the room.

Chloe: Hmm... this looks like it might be worth something.

Nathan: Huh... Looks like the locals are still using this place.

Chloe: Hmm... not much left of those walkways up there...

Nathan climbs up to the walkways above.

Nathan: Hang on... I'm gonna get a closer look at this thing.

Chloe: Sure, I'll just... wait down here.

Nathan turns the trident in the statue's hand upside down.

Chloe: You sure that's right?

Nathan turns the trident upright again.

Nathan: Up... ya... go... How's that look?

Chloe: Well, how am I supposed to know? You've got the damn book.

Nathan climbs up to the top right arm of the statue.

Chloe: Oh, I'm exhausted just looking at you.

Nathan moves the position of the dorje.

Chloe: Nice work.

Nathan swings across the bars along the walkway.

Nathan: Okay... all right.

Nathan reaches the other side of the walkway.

Chloe: Nice one.

Nathan: Thank you.

Nathan jumps across to the walkway on the left side of the room and it

Nathan: Oh! Oh, God!

Chloe: God, you're lucky.

Nathan climbs up to a bar near the top left hand of the statue.

Nathan: All right, eh, come on, admit it. You're impressed.

Chloe: I am, I'll throw you a banana.

Nathan jumps onto the top left hand which is holding a dagger and it lowers.
Nathan falls off the hand and lands on the lower right hand of the statue.

Nathan: Whoa!

He falls to the ground.

Chloe: You all right?

The orb that the statue is holding opens up.

Nathan: Wait a minute...

Nathan takes the Phurba out of his pocket.

Chloe: What is it?

Nathan: Chloe, this isn't just a dagger. It's a key.

Chloe: Hmm... well, let's find out what it opens.

Nathan climbs up to the keyhole on the statue.

Nathan: It's pretty creepy but... say 'ahhh'...

Nathan slots the Phurba into the keyhole and pulls it out. Nathan turns the
Phurba clockwise and pushes it back into the keyhole. He turns the Phurba
anti-clockwise and pushes it in further. He continues turning the Phurba and
pushing it into the keyhole.

Nathan: There... that do anything?

The pool of water in front of the statue is drained.

Chloe: The water's going down.

Chloe jumps down into the pool.

Chloe: And...

Underneath the statue, the wall slides away to reveal a hidden path.

Chloe: I found the door it opened.

Chloe runs up to the doorway.

Chloe: We've done it!

Nathan: Well, technically, I did it. Be right there.

Nathan joins Chloe by the secret doorway.

Chloe: Whaddya think? You game?

Nathan: Ladies first.

Chloe: If you say so.

Nathan follows Chloe down a narrow, stone stairway.

Nathan: Hm - thank God I'm not claustrophobic.

They make their way through an empty tunnel.

Nathan: You know, it's actually kinda romantic down here.

Chloe: All right... where's the chocolates and flowers?

Nathan: (chuckle) You never were a chocolate and flower kinda girl.

Chloe: Oh, you know me so well.

Nathan climbs a pile of large rocks blocking the tunnel.

Chloe: You're not going to get us trapped in a small dark space thirty metres
underground, are you?

Nathan: Probably.

Nathan crawls through a small space at the top of the blockage and drops down
on the other side.

Nathan: It's a little bit of a drop.

Chloe: All right, I'm comin'.

Chloe drops down from the rocks.

Chloe: Little drop?

Nathan: Yeah, maybe I underestimated.

They reach a carving of the tree of life in the tunnels.

Chloe: Whaddya make of this?

Nathan: Looks like some kinda tree.

Chloe: And... what's that got to do with the Cintamani Stone?

Nathan: Ya got me. Hmm...

They reach a statue of a lion with its head broken off.

Nathan: It's opening up down here.

Chloe: Okay.

They climb the statue and move forward until the floor gives way. They both
land in the water below. The ceiling above them closes. Dozens of spikes pop
out of the ceiling and slowly descend.

Nathan: Okay, that's worse.

Chloe: Oh, brilliant. What's that noise? Something's spinning.

Nathan: Wait... that mechanism! I got an idea.

Nathan shoots a spinning wheel mechanism on the wall and the spikes start

Nathan: (chuckles) We did it!

Chloe: Thank God.

Nathan: Let's get the hell outta here.

Chloe: Sorry, my life is still flashing before me.

Nathan and Chloe continue through the tunnels.

Nathan: All right, come on, follow me.

Chloe: I'm hungry.

They reach a large dagger in the middle of a huge hall.

| 2.09. Chapter 09 - "Path of Light" |

The blades of the dagger open up and rise up to the sides.

Chloe: Bloody hell...

Nathan: Well, this must be the place.

Chloe: Hey, that thing looks familiar.

Nathan: Yeah, it looks like the Phurba dagger.

Chloe: Uh-huh.

Nathan: These lights must activate it somehow.

Nathan approaches a mirror with a light beam bouncing off it.

Nathan: Those mirrors seem important.

He readjusts the mirror and the light bounces onto the head of a face across
the hall.

Nathan: We just have to bounce the light around the room.

Nathan approaches the face and finds another keyhole for the Phurba dagger. He
pushes the Phurba dagger into the hole and turns it again.

Nathan: Huh... let's see.

One of the blades of the giant Phurba dagger lowers back down.

Chloe: I think that worked. It looks like it lowered the first blade into

Nathan: One down, two to go.

Chloe: What do you reckon, we're gonna have to climb that thing?

Nathan: I reckon I'm gonna have to climb that thing.

Nathan starts climbing the first blade.

Nathan: Let's get up here and see if we can get a better look.

Chloe: Okay, be careful up there!

Nathan reaches the top of the first blade.

Chloe: Hey! Whatever you do... don't fall!

Nathan walks out on to the second blade.

Nathan: This seemed like such a good idea, down there.

He jumps on to eye of a giant face carved on the wall. He grabs on to the
eyebrow and it lowers. A hole opens on the face and a light shines out. Nathan
looks over to a wall nearby where several small ledges jut out of the wall.

Nathan climbs across to the wall and climbs the ledges down to the lower level.

Nathan: There's more reflectors up here. Chloe!

Chloe: Yeah?

Nathan: Adjust the other reflector!

Chloe: I'm on it!

Chloe adjusts the mirror near the entrance.

Nathan: Nice work!

Chloe: Okay, now what?

Nathan: Hold on.

Chloe: Okay, I think we're getting close.

Nathan shines another mirror onto a lantern suspended from the wall. A light
shines out the side onto a face on the wall. Nathan inserts the Phurba into
the keyhole and turns it again. The second blade on the giant Phurba in the
middle of the room is lowered.

Nathan: That did it.

Chloe: Yep, that's another one down.

A wooden platform slides out of the wall nearby.

Chloe: It looks like that blade opened up a new path. Just to your left.

Nathan: Got it!

Nathan starts climbing the second blade.

Nathan: All right. One more blade to go!

Nathan reaches the top of the second blade and walks out on to the third blade.

Nathan: Oh, don't look down, don't look down, don't look down...

The blade suddenly breaks.

Chloe: Nate!!

Nathan: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

Nathan grabs hold of the edge of the blade as part of it crashes to the ground.

Chloe: Careful!

Nathan looks up at the giant face on the wall.

Nathan: Now how'm I gonna get that eye open?!

Nathan shoots the third eye on the face with a gun. The shell cracks open and
a light shines out.

Nathan: Can't believe that worked!

The third blade starts lowering into place. Nathan grabs hold of a lantern as
it descends. He jumps across to another walkway on the side of the room.

Nathan: We just need to adjust that other reflector.

Chloe: On my way.

Chloe adjusts the second mirror by the entrance.

Nathan: Good, that's it.

Nathan moves the last reflector on to the lantern. It shines a light onto
another face on the wall.

Nathan: That did it.

Nathan inserts the Phurba into the mouth of the face on the wall. The fourth
and final blade lowers into place.

Chloe: That's done it! There it goes!

The giant Phurba dagger lowers into the chest of a large statue built across
the floor. The statue's mouth opens.

Chloe: Hey, it just opened something!

Nathan: I'm comin' down.

Nathan meets Chloe by the statue on the ground.

Chloe: So, the secret of Shambhala is down this guy's throat?

Nathan: I guess so.

Nathan and Chloe descend a ladder down into the statue and enter a circular
hall. Nathan inserts the Phurba into a keyhole and presses down. A rocky
structure rises up out of the floor.

Nathan: Whoa...

Chloe: That's amazing.

Nathan: (laughs) Chloe, I know where that is.

Nathan takes a map out of his pocket and unfolds it.

Nathan: Yeah - it's right here. You see the shape of that peak, there?

Nathan points to the location on the map and shows Chloe.

Chloe: Uh-huh.

Nathan: Here it is. Which means... Lemme use your back.

Nathan takes a pen out of his pocket. He bites the top off.

Nathan: Which means...

He presses the map against Chloe's back.

Nathan: ...the entrance to Shambhala must be right here.

He marks the spot on the map with an X.

Nathan: (laughs)

Chloe: So, we did it.

Nathan nods.

Nathan: We did it. Yesh - (laughs) We did it.

He spits the pen lid out and starts to kiss Chloe but is interrupted by voices.

Nathan: Oh, crap.

Chloe: That kills the mood.

Nathan pulls the Phurba out of its slot and the rocky peaks descend back into
the floor.

Chloe: There's only one way outta here - you ready?

Nathan takes a gun out.

Nathan: Let's go.

| 2.10. Chapter 10 - "Only One Way Out" |

Nathan and Chloe climb the ladder out of the statue's mouth. Five armed guards
are now patrolling the room.

Chloe: This isn't good.

Nathan: Ahh, shit. They must've gone right through Jeff and Elena. We've got
to get back to the entrance.

Chloe: I'm a little more worried about us right now.

Nathan and Chloe take out the armed guards. They make their way back through
the tunnels, taking out the guards on the way. They reach the room with the
spiked ceiling.

Chloe: Now's our chance! Let's get out of here!

Nathan: We gotta hurry!

They make their way back to the main temple. A shotgun guard walks towards

Chloe: Nate! Get away from him!

They take out the shotgun guard.

Chloe: I think the coast is clear, come on!

Nathan and Chloe reach the temple entrance and find Jeff and Elena missing.

Chloe: Oh, shit!

Nathan: Where are they?

Chloe: I knew this would happen.

Outside the temple, several guards are in the middle of a gunfight with Elena.
Nathan and Chloe take out the guards and snipers outside the temple. They
find Elena hiding behind cover with Jeff in the rain.

Nathan: We better keep moving.

Elena: He's hit.

Nathan kneels down beside Jeff.

Jeff: I'm okay...

Nathan: Lemme see.

Nathan moves Jeff's hand away and sees a gunshot wound in his stomach.

Elena: (gasp)

Nathan: All right, you're gonna be fine. All right - think you can stand?

Jeff: I think so...

Nathan: All right, c'mon, I'll help you -

Jeff puts one arm over Nathan's shoulders as Nathan helps him to stand. Elena
reaches for Jeff's camera.

Nathan: No, no, no - leave that. It's busted anyway. Here we go - up.

Jeff: (groan)

Jeff stands up and they stumble forward.

Elena: Nate -

Nathan: He's fine, aren't you, chief? All right - get that door open.

Chloe: He's never gonna make it, we have to leave him!

Elena: What?! No -

Nathan: Get the door open, Chloe!

Chloe: You're going to get us all killed!

Chloe kicks a nearby door open and walks through it.

| 2.11. Chapter 11 - "Keep Moving" |

Nathan starts helping Jeff through the streets in the rain.

Nathan: ...All right, buddy - let's go. Shit!

Several armed guards appear in the area. Chloe kicks open another nearby door.

Chloe: (effort) C'mon!

Elena: Go, Nate! I'll cover you!

Chloe: Hey! In here!

Nathan helps Jeff into a nearby building.

Chloe: Okay, we gotta get outta here. Let's go!

Nathan: Elena, barricade the door!

Elena: Got it!

Elena pushes a bookshelf in front of the door behind them. Nathan helps Jeff
back out into the street.

Nathan: C'mon!

Chloe: Nate, we can't do this.

Nathan: Just go!

A soldier ambushes Chloe in the alley ahead and pins her against the wall.

Elena: Ooooh - look out!

Elena takes out the soldier.

Chloe: Ahh, that was close.

Nathan follows Elena and Chloe through the alley.

Elena: C'mon Jeff, you can make it.

Nathan: You're gonna be okay Jeff, you're gonna be okay... stay with me.

A military truck rams through a brick wall in front of them.

Elena: C'mon, this way!

Elena kicks open a nearby door. Nathan and Jeff follow Elena and Chloe
into another building. Elena runs up to a locked gate at the other side of
the building and tries to open it. A soldier with a rocket launcher
appears on a platform across the street.

Nathan: Heads up! Elena!

The soldier fires a rocket at the gate and blows it up.

Elena: I'm okay!

Chloe takes out the soldier with the rocket launcher.

Nathan and Jeff follow Elena and Chloe out into the street again. Another
military truck appears in the street up ahead.

Nathan: Ah, crap!

Chloe starts shooting at the truck. A mounted gun shoots at a nearby car and
it explodes.

Nathan: Chloe get outta there!

Elena: Hey, over here!

Nathan follows Elena through another abandoned building nearby.

Nathan: Don't give up now. C'mon.

They walk back out into the street. Another military truck blocks off the

Nathan: Ah, you gotta be joking!

Elena: Go - Go - Go!

Nathan follows Elena into another building. Elena closes the doors. They
follow Chloe upstairs. Chloe runs into a nearby room and looks around.
Nathan helps Jeff into the room as Elena covers them. Chloe walks up to a
hole in the wall and looks down into the alley below.

Elena: Oh, shit!

Chloe: That's all right. We can make that.

Elena: He can't.

Nathan: Oh no you don't...

Chloe: We don't have a choice.

Jeff: I can't...

Nathan supports Jeff as he collapses on to the floor.

Nathan: C'mon, Jeff.

Chloe: Nate - Okay - you tried, but it's over. He can't go any further.

Nathan: We can't just leave him here to die!

Chloe: He is as good as dead already - and so are we if we don't go now!

Nathan: Then go!

Elena: Yeah, nobody's stopping you!

Elena walks over to Jeff. Chloe angrily follows Elena over to Jeff.

Nathan: Chloe -

They are interrupted by a noise downstairs.

Chloe: I was trying to save your skin, you idiot!

Chloe points her gun at Nathan.

Voice: (Stop them!)

Harry runs into the room. Nathan points his gun at him.

Harry: What is this?

Chloe: I'm sorry...

Two armed guards run into the room with their guns aimed at Nathan.

Harry: Drop the guns. Seriously.

Nathan and Elena throw their guns onto the floor.

Harry: Get her out of here - she's hurt.

Harry shoves Chloe over to the two guards.

Harry: Take her to the train.

Chloe looks back at Nathan as one of the guards leads her out of the room.

Harry: Unbelievable. You just can't help yourself, can you?

Nathan: Guess that makes us even.

Harry: Not quite.

Lazarevic walks into the room. Draza follows him. Lazarevic walks up to Nathan.

Lazarevic: So - this little man is Drake, hm?

Lazarevic takes the Phurba dagger out of Nathan's pocket. He examines it and
then hands it to Draza.

Lazarevic: Did you carry him all the way from the temple?

He pulls a gun out.

Lazarevic: Shame.

He shoots Jeff.

Elena: No -!

Elena starts to kneel down next to Jeff.

Lazarevic: Ah-ah-ah-ah.

Lazarevic aims the gun at Elena's head and she slowly stands again.

Lazarevic: Now. Tell me what you found in the temple.

Nathan: The answer that you're looking for. Okay? I know where the Stone is.
But you're not gonna find it without me. So just - just let her go, and I will
lead you right to it.

Lazarevic sees Elena's ID on her belt.

Lazarevic: (menacing laugh) Ah. My shadow. You are the reporter who's been
biting at my heels. You better pray that he is not bluffing. Search him.

Harry walks over to Nathan.

Harry: C'mon...

He starts to search him. He takes a map out of Nathan's pocket. He unfolds it
and sees the X marked on the map.

Harry: (laughs) That is brilliant, mate. Here -

He gives the map to Lazarevic. 

Lazarevic: (menacing laugh) It appears you have nothing to bargain with, Mr.
Drake. Return to the staging ground. Prepare to move out.

Lazarevic looks over at Draza.

Lazarevic: You - come with me.

He then looks over at Harry.

Lazarevic: You - take care of them.

Harry: No problem.

Draza follows Lazarevic out of the room. Elena crouches down and looks at Jeff.

Elena: How can you work for that monster?

Harry: Beats working against him, love.

Nathan: So that's it, huh?

Nathan walks up to the guard in the room.

Nathan: You're just going to mow us down in cold blood.

Harry: Looks that way, doesn't it?

Harry aims his gun at Elena.

Harry: Get up. I said get up.

Harry grabs hold of Elena's arm. Elena jumps up and punches Harry in the face.

Elena: Run!

Nathan punches the guard in the face and runs.

Harry: Stop them!

Harry fires at Elena and Nathan as they jump through the hole in the wall and
land in the alley below.

Nathan: Go - Go!

Harry: You son-of-a-bitch!

Nathan and Elena vault over a railing and land in another alley below.

Nathan: You all right?

Elena: Yeah.

Nathan and Elena run into a partially destroyed building.

Nathan: Keep goin', keep goin'.

Elena: They're awfully close, Nate!

A soldier with a rocket launcher fires at them.

Nathan: Watch out! Elena, don't stop!

Elena: Go - Go - GO!

They both jump down into another alley as an attack chopper flies overhead.
A military truck drives in front of them and blocks off the alley.

Nathan: Oh, shit!

They run into another alley. Elena takes cover behind a crate.

Nathan: Hurry!

Nathan swings across a gap, over to a wall.

Nathan: Up this way!

Nathan climbs up the wall.

Elena: Nate!

Nathan: What are you doin'? Come on!

Elena: I can't make that!

Nathan: Elena, come on - you gotta jump.

Nathan lies down on the ground and holds out his hand. Elena runs up to the
gap and jumps. Nathan reaches out and grabs her hand.

Nathan: I gotcha!

He pulls her up.

Nathan: C'mon!

They continue running through the alley.

Nathan: This way!

Nathan vaults over a low wall with Elena.

Nathan: Get down!

Elena sits down on the ground with Nathan.

Nathan: You all right?

Elena: Yeah, never better. You?

Nathan: Nothing that won't heal. Okay...

Nathan looks back out into the alley.

Elena: Oh God...

Nathan: ...I think we lost 'em.

Nathan stands up.

Nathan: I never should have got you into this mess.

Nathan walks over to a window and looks out.

Elena: You didn't. I got here on my own.

Nathan: Nah, I mean, you know, the rest of it.

Elena: We knew what the stakes were.

Elena stands up as Nathan looks at a map again.

Elena: Okay, so, what do we do now?

Nathan: I'm going after her.

Elena: Of course you are... typical. Go after her.

Nathan: Flynn said something about a train. Which means they would have taken
her to the rail yard... here.

Nathan points to the map. He walks over to a hole in the wall and looks out at
the water tower nearby.

Nathan: So it should be that way - past the water tower there.

Elena: Nate, she pulled a gun on us.

Nathan: I know.

Elena: She was about to pull the trigger, too. They just beat her to it.

Nathan: It's complicated -

Elena: Yeah, I'll bet.

Nathan: Flynn knew she was with me. If Lazarevic finds out she double-crossed
them, you know what he'll do to her...

Elena: Yeah, I've seen his handiwork.

Nathan: Then you know I don't really have much of a choice.

Elena: Honour among thieves, huh?

Elena hands the map back to Nathan. He takes it.

Nathan: Something like that.

Elena: I sure hope you know what you're doing.

Nathan: I don't have the faintest idea.

Elena: Good to know that some things just never change. Okay. Let's go.

Nathan: What? Oh, no no no no - you're not coming with me.

Elena: Nate - shut up, okay? We have a train to catch.

| 2.12. Chapter 12 - "A Train to Catch" |

Nathan: There's the water tower.

Elena: Right behind you.

Several guards are gathered in the street below. They spread out.

Nathan: Wait here.
Elena: They're everywhere, be careful.

Nathan: I always am.

Nathan jumps across to a nearby rooftop.

Nathan: Gotta get a gun.

Nathan takes out one of the guards and picks up his gun.

Nathan: Now we're cookin'.

He eliminates the remaining guards in the area.

Nathan: It's all clear.

Elena: All right, let's head to that water tower.

Nathan: Gotta find a way up there. Were you impressed? Got all those guys by

Elena: I don't know if I'd use the word impressed.

Nathan climbs onto a rooftop and approaches a fire escape.

Elena: See anything?

Nathan: There's a fire escape up here - but I can't reach it.

Elena: All right, just wait up a sec.

Elena climbs the ladder to the fire escape.

Elena: Okay.

Nathan gives Elena a boost up to the fire escape.

Nathan: Once you're up there just kick it down to me.

Nathan kicks the ladder down to Nathan.

Elena: There ya go.

Elena picks up a gun on the fire escape.

Elena: Hey, look what I found.

Elena jumps across to another rooftop.

Elena: Here we go.

Nathan rejoins Elena in front of a door. She tries to open it.

Nathan: What's the matter? Is it locked?

Elena: Ah, it's stuck. Y'know what? I think it's blocked from the other side.

Nathan: All right, I'll try to find another way around. And unstuck it.

Elena: Good idea.

Nathan jumps across to a street sign.

Elena: All those years in the circus are paying off.

Nathan: Very funny. I may be from the circus, but you're the one behind bars.

Elena: (laughs)

He shoots the boards blocking the door from the sign.

Nathan: Stand back.

He shoots another board.

Elena: Almost!

He shoots the last board.

Nathan: There we go. Try it now!

Elena: Okay!

Elena pushes the doors open.

Elena: Now I'm impressed. Oh, no. Hey - we got company!

Several guards run out onto the rooftops.

Nathan: Crap. Left, they're right, they're everywhere!

Nathan shoots a nearby propane tank. The explosion kills a soldier nearby.

Elena: Nice!

Nathan and Elena eliminate the soldiers on the rooftops.

Elena: Hey, there's more sneakin' up!

More guards surround them.

Nathan: Got 'em. I think that's all of 'em!

Elena: Oh no. Look out behind us!

Nathan: These guys don't quit! C'mon...

Elena: I got you covered over here!

They take out the last few guards.

Elena: Hey, I'll lower this walkway for ya!

Nathan: All right.

Elena lowers a mechanical bridge nearby.

Nathan: Think I can make it.

Nathan jumps on to the mechanical bridge.

Elena: Perfect.

Nathan: Ah, not bad for 'last year's model.'

Elena: Been waitin' to use that.

Nathan and Elena climb up to the water tower.

Elena: Nice, we're at the water tower.

Nathan: Yep, we made it. All right, stay low.

Nathan and Elena crouch down and hide behind a wall. They look down on the
trainyard below.

Elena: So, you got a Plan 'B'?

Nathan: I'm working on it.

Nathan takes out a pair of binoculars and looks through them. He sees a
soldier driving a truck and another soldier patrolling nearby. He moves
further up and sees Harry and Chloe standing by a train.

Nathan: There she is.

Harry pushes Chloe onto the train.

Nathan: Flynn's got her.

He looks through the binoculars again and sees Lazarevic and Draza climbing
aboard the train.

Elena: Second thoughts?

Nathan: No. Okay. They're about to take this show on the road, so we're gonna
have to move fast. Now I'm going down there alone -

Elena: Nate -

Nathan: Wait, wait, wait - just listen. You never listen. Meanwhile, you're
going to go over there, snag us one of those nice-looking -

Elena: 4x4s...

Nathan: 4x4s... You're gonna be the wheelman. I'll sneak in, I'll grab Chloe,
and you come in right behind us -

Elena: - with the getaway car.

Nathan: - with the getaway car.

Elena: Yep, got it. Got it?

Nathan: I got it.

Elena: Go.

Elena walks off. She jumps across to another rooftop nearby. The platform
attached to the rooftop collapses.

Nathan: You all right?

Elena: Whoa... yeah...

Nathan: All right, be careful.

Elena: All right... I'll see ya when... well, when I see ya...

Elena runs off down a fire escape.

Nathan: Ah, she's taking the easy way down.

Nathan uses a zipline to reach the ground.

Nathan: (sigh) I love the smell of train yards in the morning.

Nathan pushes away a cart blocking a warehouse.

Nathan: That'll do it.

He pushes open the doors to the warehouse.

Nathan: (effort) Okay.

Nathan climbs onto a train carriage.

Nathan: Let's get up here for a better look.

He approaches the window and sees Lazarevic's train outside.

Nathan: There's the train. How the hell am I gonna get down there?

Nathan jumps across to another train carriage.

Nathan: There's gotta be a way outta here.

Nathan enters a train carriage on an elevated track.

Nathan: Maybe I can get this old thing moving.

He pulls a lever at the end of the carriage. The train starts moving forward.

Nathan: Uh-oh, I didn't think this through.

The train slides down the track and smashes through the warehouse. The
carriage derails and slides onto its side on the tracks.

Nathan: Way to go, Nate. That didn't attract too much attention.

Nathan pulls himself up and looks outside. The guards outside open fire.

Nathan: Oh-no.

Lazarevic's train starts moving.

Nathan: You assholes are gonna make me miss my train! C'mon, Elena.

Nathan starts taking out the guards in the train yard.

Nathan: Damn it, the train's gone. Aw, c'mon Elena, where are you?

Nathan continues shooting the soldiers.

Nathan: Stop shooting me!

A military truck drives into the train yard. Two heavily-armed soldiers jump
down with chainguns.

Nathan: Shit! Oh, this is all I need, Twiddledee and Twiddledummer. Train's
gone, Chloe's on it. Elena's nowhere to be found. Now these two mutants show

Elena drives through the train yard and stops outside the derailed carriage.

Elena: Nate!

Nathan: It's about time!

Elena: Get in!

Nathan runs towards the 4x4.

Elena: Hurry!

Nathan jumps into the 4x4.

Nathan: Go! Go!

Elena speeds away as the chain-gun soldiers fire at them.

Elena: So... you got a 'plan C'?

Nathan: Yeah - floor it!

Elena: What?!

Nathan: I'm getting on that train!

Elena: What, are you crazy?!

Nathan: Just get me close enough to jump.

Elena: Guess that answers that question.

Nathan: Step on it!

Elena speeds up and catches up to the train.

Elena: So how do you plan on getting her off that speeding train?

Nathan: I haven't thought that far ahead.

Elena: 'Course not.

Elena drives up alongside the train.

Nathan: Okay... okay, here we go -

Elena: Now hold on - hold on... Almost there... Just - Now! Jump!

Nathan jumps from the 4x4 and grabs on to the train. Elena stops driving as
the path comes to a dead end.

| 2.13. Chapter 13 - "Locomotion" |

Nathan enters the first train carriage.

Nathan: They must have Chloe in the front car.

Nathan takes out the guards in the next train car.

Nathan: Sorry boys, just needed to punch your tickets.

He approaches the door at the back of the traincar and tries to kick it open.

Nathan: Ah, damn it. It's locked. I gotta find another way forward.

Nathan eliminates the guards in the next traincar and reaches a guard on a
mounted gun blocking the way.

Nathan: Oh, man. Not gettin' through that way. That thing'll cut me to pieces.

He climbs on to the roof of the train and shoots the guards through the

Nathan: Someone will be along to take your drink order.

The train nears a traffic light.

Nathan: Uh-oh.

Nathan drops down and grabs hold of the side of the train as it passes under
the lights.

Nathan: Whoa.

He moves forward and takes out the soldier that climb up onto the train. The
train reaches another set of lights.

Nathan: Heads up!

Moving along the train, Nathan finds a tank strapped to one of the traincars.

Nathan: A tank? What the hell do they need a tank for?

The train nears more lights on the side of the track.

Nathan: Uh-oh.

Nathan jumps across to another traincar. The roof collapses and Nathan falls

Nathan: Oh, shit. What's that noise?

As Nathan stands up, he looks up outside and sees an attack chopper flying
over the train.

Nathan: Aww... no way!

The chopper fires a missile at the train car. It explodes and the car starts

Nathan: I gotta get off this thing!

Nathan jumps across to the next traincar as the helicopter fires more missiles
at the train car and it explodes. The train car is decoupled. Nathan continues
along the train. More soldiers climb jump down onto the train car. 

Nathan: Don't you assholes see the helicopter? I got enough trouble already.

Nathan continues across the train, dropping down and grabbing hold of the side
of the train as it passes under more lights.

Nathan: Oh, I am so over this shit. Give it a rest already!

Nathan jumps across to the next traincar, taking out the guards that
appear. He runs into the next car up ahead and picks up a rocket launcher.
He fires a rocket at the helicopter as the helicopter fires a missile. The
train car explodes and decouples.

Nathan: Oh, God!

Nathan runs to the end of the train car and starts turning the valve on the
door. The helicopter reappears above the train.

Nathan: Ah, shit.

Nathan pulls the door open and jumps across to the next car. The helicopter
fires several missiles at the previous car. The car jumps off the track and
derails. Nathan grabs hold of the side of the flatbed car as the train car
spins out of control. It crashes through a wooden support. The train passes
into a tunnel and the train car crashes into the arch.

| 2.14. Chapter 14 - "Tunnel Vision" |

The train continues through a long tunnel. Nathan continues his way through
the train until he reaches a car with a locked door.

Nathan: Damn it, have to find another way.

Nathan climbs onto the roof of the train as the train emerges from the tunnel
on the snowy mountains. Draza is patrolling a train car up ahead. Several
armed soldiers run through the train, one armed with a shotgun.

Nathan: Here they come!

Nathan eliminates the soldier and makes his way across several flatbed train-

Nathan: Agh! This train goes forever!

Nathan climbs onto a 4x4 strapped to one of the traincars. Draza is on top of
a train car up ahead.

Draza: Take him out!

A large soldier climbs onto a train car loaded with wooden logs with a

Nathan: Ah, no, not one of those mutants.

Nathan shoots the straps holding the logs of wood together. The logs roll off
the train car and fall off the side of the mountain. The soldier tries to jump
away from the logs.

Nathan: See ya, asshole!

The soldier gets caught up in the rolling logs and falls over the side of the
mountains. Draza speaks into his walkie-talkie. The attack helicopter
reappears alongside the train.

Nathan: Ah, shit. Not you again. I hate helicopters!

Nathan continues running through the train.

Nathan: How the hell am I supposed to take out a - hell-o?

He sees a tank with a mounted machine gun on the traincar ahead. He climbs
into the tank.

Nathan: Time to fight fire with fire.

The helicopter starts firing off several missiles.

Nathan: Oh, that's not good!

Nathan destroys the missiles. The helicopter fires more missiles.

Nathan: Uh-oh, that's not good.

Nathan continues firing at the helicopter until it catches fire. It spins out
of control and explodes as it crashes into the side of the mountain. Nathan
climbs down from the tank.

Nathan: Enjoy the ride down, asshole!

More soldiers appear in the next train car.

Nathan: Ugh, I'm so tired of this guy!

Nathan takes out the soldiers.

Nathan: Chloe can't be too far ahead.

Nathan jumps across to the next train car where Draza is waiting.

Draza: You won't get past me!

Nathan: No, I'll just go through you!

Nathan defeats Draza and he collapses on the floor. Nathan kneels down
beside him and takes the Phurba from his flak jacket.

Nathan: This is mine, jerkweed...

He stands.

Nathan: All right...

As Nathan's back is turned, Draza stands again and grabs hold of Nathan. He
pushes Nathan against the side of the train and starts to strangle him. Draza
is suddenly shot and falls to the floor, dead. Nathan turns around and sees
Chloe standing behind him with a gun.

Nathan: Saved my ass again. Are you all right?

He walks over to Chloe. Chloe points the gun at Nathan.

Chloe: Get off the train, Nate.

Nathan: What are you talking about? D'you have any idea what I've been
through -

Chloe: I never asked for any of your bloody heroics.

Chloe turns and starts walking away.

Nathan: Chloe, come on - we don't have time for this.

Chloe: You're right. So get off the train - while you still can.

Nathan: And leave you with them.

Chloe: You made your choice.

Nathan: What did you expect me to do?

Chloe: I expected you to have my back!

Nathan: I had your back!

Chloe: How could you possibly, with the other two on yours?!

Nathan: Well, good luck with Flynn! You deserve each other.

Nathan turns around and starts walking away.

Nathan: Y'know, I can't believe that y-

As Nathan turns around again, he is shot in the stomach. He stumbles.

Chloe: No...

Harry steps forward with his gun aimed at Nathan.

Harry: You just don't know when to quit, do you? What? No witty remark?
Nothing clever to say?

Nathan starts backing away.

Chloe: Harry, don't! No!

Harry fires a shot at Nathan again, but Chloe pushes his arm away. Nathan
turns and runs back through the train.

Harry: Oh no you don't!

Harry pushes past Chloe and starts shooting at Nathan. Chloe steps in front of
Harry again.

Chloe: Stop! Just let him go!

Harry grabs Chloe and pushes her to the floor. Two armed soldiers run into
the train car.

Harry: Put him out of his misery!

Nathan staggers back through the train, looking over his shoulder. Several
soldiers run through the train after him. Nathan collapses onto a seat and
groans in pain. He falls to his knees and puts his back up against a chair. He
takes his gun out and aims it forward. The soldiers continue through the
train. Nathan looks up and sees several propane tanks by the open doorway of
the traincar.

Nathan: Here goes nothin'...

He carefully aims his gun at the propane tanks and shoots them as the soldiers
reach the doorway. The train car explodes, decoupling the train. One soldier
is thrown out of the train by the explosion. The car grinds along the track
and derails. The car overturns and slides down the side of the mountain.

| 2.15. Chapter 15 - "Train-Wrecked" |

As the train dangles over the edge of the mountains, Nathan falls through the
carriage. He lands on the handrail on the outside of the carriage and quickly
grabs hold of it.

Nathan: Sure, be the hero, rescue Chloe. Brilliant.

Nathan starts inching across the handrail. The handrail starts twisting
as Nathan holds on to it.

Nathan: Bad idea.

Nathan climbs around to the other side of the handrail. The train door falls

Nathan: Oh, what was I thinkin'?

Nathan starts climbing up the side of the train's chassis. The train shakes
and a large boulder falls from the edge of the cliffs above.

Nathan: Be a lot easier just to let go.

Nathan climbs around to the other side of the train. Another boulder falls
from above and hits the train. Part of the chassis breaks away.

Nathan: Oh come on. How 'bout a break?

Nathan climbs onto a pipe.

Nathan: Gotta be a big hero, don'tcha?

The pipe breaks.

Nathan: Whoa. (sigh) Stupid.

The pipe twists to the side. It swings round and slams Nathan into the side of
the train. Nathan climbs round to the roof of the train.

Nathan: They don't build 'em like they used to.

Nathan jumps back onto a seat inside the carriage and starts climbing up
through the carriage.

Nathan: Oh... shit...

Nathan falls out of a nearby window and grabs hold of the window frame.

Nathan: What else could go wrong?

Nathan climbs round to the underneath of the train and climbs another pipe.

Nathan: Hope this one holds.

As Nathan nears the top of the train car, the second train car edges forward
over the side of the cliff. The pipe breaks as a nearby door on the train
swings open and a crate falls out. Nathan climbs to the top of the traincar.

Nathan: Oh, man, I'm so tired of climbing shit.

Nathan jumps up to a broken ladder. The train creaks.

Nathan: That's not a good sign.

Nathan climbs into the next train car. The train car falls forward a little.
Nathan loses his balance as the train creaks. Nathan runs through the carriage
as the train car is slowly dragged over the edge.

Nathan: Oh, shit.

Nathan leaps out of the train carriage and grabs hold of the cliifside as the
train falls down the side of the mountain. He pulls himself up and rolls onto
his back. He stands up and walks towards the wreckage nearby.

Nathan: Terra firma...

Nathan climbs out of the wreckage and continues through the blizzard. He finds
a dagger buried in the snow in front of him. He drops to his knees in front of
it and pulls it out of the ground. He sits up against a carriage and looks at
the dagger in his hands.

Two military trucks arrive at the crash site nearby. Several soldiers jump
down off the trucks.

Nathan: Ah, crap.

Nathan puts the Phurba dagger back in his pocket and pulls out a gun.

Nathan: Here we go...

Nathan takes out the patrolling soldiers at the crash site. More soldiers

Nathan: Bring it on!

Nathan takes out the second wave of guards. A third wave of soldiers appear
at the back of the crash site.

Nathan: The more the merrier.

Nathan takes out the soldier. A gas tank on a train car nearby explodes. Nathan
takes out final few soldiers and approaches the burning gas tank.

Nathan: I'm either gonna bleed out or I'm gonna climb out.

Nathan climbs out of the crash site.

Nathan: Ah, shit it's cold.

Nathan wanders through the blizzard for a while before collapsing in the snow.
He stands and tries to walk forward again but gives up. He crawls through the
snow and collapses again.

A figure standing in the snow nearby walks over to him.

Nathan awakens in a small hut. He sees a small girl looking at him.

Nathan: (startled gasp)

Tenzin is standing over by the window. He walks over to Nathan.

Tenzin: (speaking Tibetan)

Nathan: How did I get here?

Tenzin: (speaking Tibetan)

Nathan sits up.

Nathan: Okay...

Nathan looks down and finds his gunshot wound now healed.

Tenzin: (speaking Tibetan)

Tenzin sits down opposite Nathan and pours a drink from a flask.

Nathan: How long have I been out?

Tenzin: (speaking Tibetan)

He hands a drink to Nathan and motions for him to drink it.

Nathan: Thanks.

Nathan drinks from the cup. Tenzin tries to refill the cup.

Nathan: (gagging) No, no, no - that's - that's plenty.

Tenzin: (speaking Tibetan)

Nathan: I'm sorry... I don't understand...

Tenzin: (speaking Tibetan)

Tenzin stands and takes the cup away.

Nathan: What...?

He puts the drink and flask down on a nearby table.

Tenzin: (speaking Tibetan)

Nathan: Oh...

Tenzin walks back over to Nathan and helps him off the bed.

Nathan: Thanks.

Tenzin: (speaking Tibetan)

Tenzin hands Nathan a jacket.

Tenzin: (speaking Tibetan)

Tenzin starts to walk out of the room. He turns back to Nathan.

Tenzin: (speaking Tibetan)

Nathan puts the jacket on and steps outside with Tenzin.

Nathan: Where the hell am I?

Tenzin: (speaking Tibetan)

Tenzin puts his hat on and walks off.

| 2.16. Chapter 16 - "Where Am I?" |

Nathan: Huh, guess I'm supposed to follow him.

Nathan approaches two villagers standing nearby.

Nathan: Ah, does anyone speak English?

He enters a small house.

Nathan: Huh, quaint.

Nathan approaches a yak outside the house.

Nathan: Hey, moo... heh. I don't s'pose you speak English do ya?

Nathan approaches Tenzin at the entrance to the second part of the village.

Nathan: I got it, follow you. Go somewhere.

Tenzin pushes open the wooden doors. As Nathan enters the next part of the
village, a villager walks past him.

Nathan: 'Scuse me. 'Scuse me.

The villager speaks.

Nathan: What?

Nathan climbs some steps in the village.

Nathan: Let's see what's up this way.

Nathan climbs onto the roof of a small house and climbs down into the house on
a ladder.

Nathan: Telephone, telephone - damn it, where's the telephone?

Nathan leaves the house and continues through the village.

Nathan: One of these houses has to have a telephone.

He approaches two villagers talking nearby.

Nathan: 'Scuse me, gentlemen. Hi. Ah, d'you have a cell phone by any chance?

He approaches two kids playing football nearby. The ball rolls over to him.

Nathan: Oh, there you go. Want to kick the ball?

Nathan kicks the ball back over to them.

Nathan: Here ya go, get it.

One of the kids catch the ball.

Nathan: Kick it back. C'mon, kick it back. Kick it. K-kick. Forget it.

Nathan passes a woman talking to her child.

Nathan: You listen to your mom, okay? Be a good boy.

He approaches two villagers looking out at the mountains in the distance.

Nathan: Gentlemen, do you speak English?

Nathan approaches Tenzin and continues following him through the village. He
passes two children hiding behind a wall.

Nathan: I see you two hiding.

Nathan follows Tenzin up some steps to a house. They enter the house where
Elena is talking to Tenzin's daughter.

Elena: (speaking Tibetan)

Nathan: Just when I thought I had nothing left to lose...

Elena: Nate! Oh thank God you're all right.

Elena runs up to Nathan and hugs him.

Nathan: Agh.

Elena: I'm sorry, I -

Nathan: That's all right... Elena, tell me you have some idea of what's going
on - I mean, how long have I been here?

Elena: Only a few days. I followed the tracks to the wreckage - what the hell

Nathan: You were right about Chloe. Turns out she wasn't exactly looking to be

Elena: Wait, did she do that?

Nathan: No. No, I have Flynn to thank for this.

Tenzin: (speaking Tibetan)

Elena: (speaking Tibetan) C'mon - there's somebody who's anxious to meet you.

Elena leads Nathan into another room with Tenzin. Tenzin takes off his hat. An
elderly man walks down some steps and approaches Nathan.

Schäfer: So, our mysterious guest awakes.

Elena: Nate, this is Karl Schäfer.

Karl shakes Nathan's hand.

Schäfer: How are you feeling?

Nathan: Good, thanks.

Schäfer: Good, good - please, sit. It appears you and I have much in common,
Mr. Drake.

Nathan and Elena sit down at the table in the middle of the room.

Nathan: Is that so?

Schäfer walks over to bookshelf and takes out a scrapbook.

Schäfer: Yes, seventy years ago, I came here just like you - carried into the
village, near death, the last survivor of my company.

He opens the scrapbook and places it down on the table.

Schäfer: I was hired to lead an expedition into Tibet, to find the entrance to

Schäfer turns the pages of the scrapbook and shows Nathan several black and
white photos from his expedition. He closes the book again.

Schäfer: What they really wanted was the Cintamani Stone. So, my friend -
where did you find this?

Schäfer unfolds a black cloth on the table and reveals the Phurba dagger.

Nathan: Borneo. Why?

Elena: This is the key to Shambhala.

Schäfer: It's the one object your opponent desperately needs - even if he does
not know it yet.

Nathan: Oh, I think he knows. Look, I'm very grateful for everything you've
done for me. I really am. But I'm through with all this.

Schäfer: So they have beaten you, eh? Your quest is over?

Nathan: Yeah, that's right.

Schäfer: What if it's only beginning?

Nathan looks at Elena and shakes his head.

Nathan: Where did you find this guy?

Schäfer: (laughs) Trust me, young man - your ego will mend. You're just lucky
to be alive.

Nathan: Yeah - y'know, people are always telling me how lucky I am. But the
truth is, everything I touch turns to shit.

Nathan stands up from the table.

Elena: Nate...

Nathan: No, Elena, I'm done. Now, c'mon. I'm through playing the hero.

Schäfer: Your adversary will not give up so easily. He will not stop until he
possesses the thing he desires.

Nathan: Oh, yeah? Well, more power to him.

Schäfer: Power is precisely the problem. Some of the most fearsome rulers
through history have possessed only a fragment of the Cintamani Stone. Men
like Tamerlane, Genghis Khan... If a mere sliver could bestow such power,
what would a man become if he possesed the Stone itself?

Nathan: This is crazy.

Elena: It's got to be what he's after, Nate.

Nathan: Then Lazarevic really is a nut-job. He's chasing a myth.

Elena: And what if he's not?

Nathan: Elena, c'mon -

Elena stands up.

Elena: I mean, what if it's true? We've seen what he's capable of...

Schäfer: I understand your doubt. You require proof - something you can see
with your own eyes. Tenzin... (speaking Tibetan) Find the remains of my
expedition, and you will have your proof.

Tenzin pushes a door open.

Schäfer: Tenzin will guide you.

Nathan and Elena walk outside. Tenzin follows.

Tenzin: (speaking Tibetan)

Tenzin starts walking off.

Nathan: I hope I live to regret this.

Elena kisses Nathan on the cheek.

Elena: Just come back in one piece.

Nathan hurries over to Tenzin as Elena and Schäfer watch them leave.

Nathan: I don't suppose you speak any English, do you, pal?

Sometime later, Nathan and Tenzin are walking along a snowy mountain path. They
reach a statue outside a cave.

Nathan: Well, this looks inviting.

Nathan points to a sign on the side of the statue.

Nathan: What's it say?

Tenzin: (speaking Tibetan)

Nathan nods.

Nathan: Why do I ask?

Tenzin: (speaking Tibetan)

Nathan: I'm not so good with charades, pal...

Tenzin: (speaking Tibetan)

Tenzin draws out a sword on his back and walks off.

Nathan: Wait... Tenzin! Why do you need that...?

| 2.17. Chapter 17 - "Mountaineering" |

Nathan follows Tenzin into the cave. They reach a large gap. Tenzin kneels
down in the snow.

Nathan: Oh man, there's no way we're getting across there. What you got there?

Tenzin holds up a rappel. He speaks.

Nathan: What?

Tenzin starts swinging the rappel.

Nathan: Yeah, good luck pal, that's almost impossible to - oh, you did it.

The rappel catches onto a hook in the rock wall above them. Tenzin swings
across the gap.

Nathan: Sure, let's just swing across on the seventy year old rope.

Nathan swings across the gap. Tenzin climbs down a ladder.

Nathan: I hope you know where you're going, buddy...

Nathan follows Tenzin down the ladder and through a tunnel. Tenzin speaks

Nathan: Exactly. That's what I was thinking.

Nathan follows Tenzin through two narrow gaps of an icy wall. They reach a
small encampment below them. Nathan and Tenzin approach the tent. A white wolf
looks down on them from a platform above.

Nathan: Looks like we're on the right track, but there is nothing here... this
can't be what Schäfer meant.

Tenzin picks up another rappel next to the tent. He speaks again and points to
the white wolf above them.

Nathan: Oh, that way, sure... Those things bite, you know.

Tenzin throws the rappel up onto another hook and swings across to another
tunnel. Nathan swings across the gap and follows Tenzin through the tunnel.

Nathan: Hey - what's the big hurry? Hello?

Nathan follows Tenzin across several snow-covered platforms.

Nathan: These are snow boots, not track shoes.

Nathan sees a group of three white wolves watching from a platform across a
large gap.

Nathan: More wolves... fantastic.

The wolves walk off. Nathan follows Tenzin over to a dead body lying on a
narrow icy bridge.

Nathan: What'd you find?

Tenzin rolls the body over onto its back.

Nathan: He's been dead a long time.

Tenzin finds a piece of paper on the body and shows it to Nathan. Nathan
unfolds the piece of paper. On it is a drawing of the Cintamani Stone.

Nathan: The Cintamani Stone - must've been one of Schäfer's men.

The bridge starts cracking.

Nathan: Wha -?

Tenzin and Nathan run back across the bridge as it collapses underneath them.
Nathan jumps and grabs hold of a platform. Nathan pulls himself back up and
finds a broken ladder nearby.

Nathan: Tenzin, c'mon.

Tenzin runs over to him.

Nathan: All right. I'll give you a boost.

Tenzin speaks.

Nathan: What? Yeah, I still don't speak that... (sighs) Me first, huh? Okay...

Tenzin gives Nathan a boost up to the ladder. Nathan follows the path around to
another gap and finds Tenzin waiting on the other side.

Nathan: C'mon, I'll catch you!

Tenzin runs and jumps across the gap. Nathan reaches his arm out and grabs hold
of Tenzin.

Nathan: I got you -

He pulls Tenzin up.

Nathan: Ah, there you go. You owe me one, pal.

Tenzin picks up another rappel and throws it up onto another hook. He swings
across to a small platform. Nathan swings across and lands on the platform. The
platform breaks away. Tenzin grabs Nathan's hand and pulls him up.

Nathan: Okay, we're even.

Nathan follows Tenzin through another tunnel. They hear a growling noise.

Nathan: What the hell was that?

They climb up to another platform. Tenzin jumps across to another platform and
finds the white wolves have been slaughtered.

Nathan: Holy shit... What did this?

Nathan and Tenzin crouch down beside the wolves.

Nathan: This - what did this?

Tenzin speaks. Nathan stands up.

Nathan: Yeah... c'mon.

Tenzin speaks again.

Nathan: Tenzin, we gotta get moving.

Nathan and Tenzin leave the tunnel. A creature is watching them at the back of
the cave. It growls and walks away. Nathan turns and looks back into the cave.

Nathan: What was that?

Tenzin climbs out of the cave. He speaks as he looks back into the cave.

Nathan: All right - just stay here. Here. Wait.

Nathan jumps down into an area of cracked ice below. He walks through a narrow
opening and hears cracking above him.

Nathan: (gasp) Shit.

Icy stalactites fall from above and a rock blocks his exit. Nathan follows the
path and drops down into another area where he finds another dead body. He
picks up a gun next to the body.

Nathan: Schäfer says hello. Let's hope this is loaded.

Nathan shoots the stalactites blocking his path. On the other side of the area,
Tenzin runs out into the open. A demon sasquatch jumps down into the area and

Nathan: Oh my God! What is that?

The sasquatch attacks Tenzin and pins him to the floor.

Nathan: Tenzin!

Nathan shoots at the sasquatch and it starts chasing him, Nathan continues
shooting at it as it chases him.

Nathan: Agh! This thing won't go down!

The sasquatch grabs Nathan and lifts him up off the ground. Nathan tries to
shoot it again but it knocks the gun out of his hand. It punches Nathan in the
face. Tenzin jumps onto its back and starts stabbing. It throws Tenzin over
its back and runs off, jumping down into the abyss below them.

Both Nathan and Tenzin slowly stand up. They look down into the abyss.

Nathan: What the hell was that thing?

Nathan follows Tenzin across the area to a ladder.

Nathan: C'mere - I'll boost you up there.

Nathan boosts Tenzin up to the ladder.

Nathan: Hm. Now how am I gonna get up there?

Tenzin pushes a wooden crate down. Nathan climbs up to the ladder and follows
Tenzin. They reach another dead body.

Nathan: Huh, these guys were dropping like flies.

Nathan shoots a wooden crate on the clifftop above. The crate falls and
smashes into the side of the cliff, revealing a rope.

Nathan: Oh, that'll work.

Nathan swings across the rope and follows the path around to a large
spiralling staircase.

Nathan: Stairs? Huh, must be getting somewhere.

Nathan follows the staircase to another cave.

| 2.18. Chapter 18 - "Heart of Ice" |

Nathan and Tenzin follow the cave tunnels to another open area.

Nathan: Whoa...

Nathan sees a large statue across a chasm.

Nathan: Whaddya bet we need to get to that statue?

Nathan stands on a panel on the ground. Five statues opposite him slide down
into the ground.

Nathan: Tenzin, stand on that other switch.

Tenzin stands on the switch. The five statues in front of Nathan also slide
into the ground, revealing a new path.

Tenzin speaks to Nathan again.

Nathan: Huh, its easy for you to say.

Nathan follows the path to a dead end where he finds three large cylindrical
objects suspended from a platform above them.

Nathan: I bet I could climb those if they were a little lower.

Nathan finds a lever underneath the objects and pulls it.

Nathan: Ah-ha.

A second set of three cylindrical objects on the other side the chasm start
lowering. Tenzin is waiting on the other side.

Nathan: Tenzin, pull that switch!

Tenzin pulls the lever on his side and the cylindrical objects above Nathan
start lowering.

Nathan: Now we're talkin'.

Nathan climbs onto the revolving objects and crosses the chasm. He enters a
tower and climbs back down to the ground.

Nathan: (sighs) Finally.

Nathan pulls another lever outside the tower.

Two arms on the side of the chasm rise up and form a bridge.

Nathan: Tenzin - it's a bridge!

Sparks start flying from the revolving cylinders above.

Nathan: Pull the switch on your side!

Tenzin pulls the lever. Two more arms rise up and form another bridge. The
wooden structure holding the revolving cylinders in place breaks apart and
two cylinders falls onto the bridge below, crushing it.

Nathan: No - no, no... Agh...

The third and final cylinder starts creaking. Nathan backs away.

Nathan: Uh-oh...

The third cylinder falls.

Nathan: Ah, great. Now how am I gonna get across?

Nathan starts climbing down a ladder in front of him.

Nathan: (sigh) Gotta get over there somehow - well, guess I'm doing it the
hard way.

Nathan uses the cogs and support beams to cross the chasm to the other side.
He reaches some stairs.

Nathan: All right - now what?

At the bottom of the stairs, Nathan steps on another floor switch. He sees
Tenzin standing on a single platform in the middle of another chasm.

Nathan: There he is. Hey - Tenzin!

Several pillars rise up out of the water below.

Nathan: You have got to be kidding.

Nathan crosses the pillars to the platform where Tenzin is standing. He jumps
across to Tenzin's platform and grabs the edge. Tenzin pulls him up.

Nathan: Good reflexes...

They both look up at the large statue looming over them. Nathan and Tenzin both
stand on another floor switch. More platforms rise out of the water leading to
the statue. The floor switches rise up and stop in front of the platforms.

Nathan: Wow...

The statue's face rotates.

Nathan: So... is that a good sign?

Nathan and Tenzin cross the platforms to the statue in front of them. They
enter the base of the statue and descend the stairs. As they enter the room
at the bottom of the stairs, a wall rises up behind them and blocks their
exit. Nathan pushes the wall.

Nathan: Let's hope there's another way out of here...

Tenzin: Drake (speaking Tibetan)

Nathan walks over to Tenzin. There are several dead bodies around the room.

Nathan: This must be them... Schäfer's expedition.

Tenzin: (speaking Tibetan)

Nathan kneels down beside a nearby body. He picks up a small object beside the

Nathan: The Cintamani Stone...

He opens the object and finds blue resin inside. He sniffs it.

Nathan: Huh... more resin.

Nathan spots a bullet hole in the body's head, Frozen blood is running down his

Nathan: Hello... would you look at this...

Nathan stands up and examines the other bodies around him.

Nathan: These men were all shot.

Tenzin picks up a book by another dead body.

Tenzin: (speaking Tibetan)

He gives the book to Nathan and points to the cover.

Tenzin: (speaking Tibetan)

Nathan: Uh - that's the Irminsul, it's the Life Tree...

Nathan opens the book.

Nathan: The Ahnenerbe...? Oh, Jesus - they were SS.

Tenzin: (speaking Tibetan)

Nathan: Nazis.

Tenzin: Nazis... (speaking Tibetan)

Nathan turns the page and looks at the surrounding statues in the room.

Nathan: What would a man become...? Tenzin, Schäfer did this.

Tenzin: (speaking Tibetan)

Nathan: Schäfer... killed them.

Tenzin shakes his head.

Tenzin: (speaking Tibetan)

Nathan: Yes. It was the only way to stop them.

There is a growling noise above them. Nathan and Tenzin turn around, startled.

Tenzin: (speaking Tibetan)

Nathan: Oh, shit.

Nathan throws the book on the floor.

Nathan: We have to find a way outta here - now.

Nathan finds a lever at the back of the room.

Nathan: Hey - there's a switch.

Nathan pulls the lever.

Nathan: ...Haha! There you go.

A circular platform high above them starts descending into the room. More demon
sasquatches climb onto the statues above them.

Nathan: Oh crap...

One of the sasquatches pulls part of the statue off and throws it across the
room at Nathan and Tenzin.

Nathan: Heads up!

Nathan and Tenzin fight off the demon sasquatches until the platform reaches

Nathan: Tenzin, the elevator's down! Jump for it!

Nathan jumps across to the platform. Tenzin runs for the lever at the back of
the room.

Nathan: Tenzin, look out!

A sasquatch jumps down in front of Tenzin.

Nathan: Jump! I'll shoot the switch from here!

Tenzin leaps across to the platform. Nathan aims his pistol at the lever and
fires three shots. The platform starts rising. Nathan pulls Tenzin up onto
the platform. A sasquatch tries to jump across and grab Tenzin but misses.

Nathan: C'mon - I got you. Okay... Okay, we made it...

Nathan looks up at the hole in the ceiling.

Nathan: We're almost out...

A sasquatch pounces on Nathan and Tenzin and falls over the edge of the
platform. Tenzin grabs hold of the edge of the platform. Nathan grabs
Tenzin's leg, and the sasquatch grabs Nathan's leg.

Nathan: Crap!

Nathan shoots the sasquatch several times in the face. The sasquatch falls
and crashes onto the floor below. The floor collapses and the sasquatch
falls with it.

The platform reaches the outside.

Nathan: You okay?

Tenzin: (speaking Tibetan)

Nathan walks to the edge of the cliff and looks down at the village below.

Nathan: Oh no...

The village is burning.

Nathan: Tenzin.

Tenzin walks up to the edge.

Tenzin: (speaking Tibetan)

Back in the village, Elena is with two children. Nathan and Tenzin run over to

Nathan: Thank God...

Elena: Oh, Nate...

Nathan: What happened?

Elena: It's Lazarevic. They found us.

Tenzin: (speaking Tibetan)

Elena: I don't know - I don't know... Schäfer's got her.

Tenzin: (speaking Tibetan)

Elena: (speaking Tibetan)

Tenzin: Schäfer.

Elena: They went the other way.

Nathan: All right...

Elena: Nate, this is our fault. We did this.

Nathan: All right - just stay here. You keep them safe.

Nathan pulls a gun out.

Nathan: Come on.

He and Tenzin run off. They run into Schäfer's house.

| 2.19. Chapter 19 - "Siege" |

Nathan and Tenzin run outside. Several soldiers are attacking the villagers.

Nathan: Get back inside! Get inside!

Nathan and Tenzin make their way through the village, taking out the soldiers.
Nathan approaches a doorway and a soldier armed with a rocket launcher
fires a rocket at the building. The explosion throws Nathan to the ground.
Nathan takes cover behind some rubble as more soldiers appear.

Nathan: Not goin' that way.

Nathan follows Tenzin through the village, eliminating the soldiers. They
enter a house and climb to the top floor. They run out on to the balcony.

Tenzin: (speaking Tibetan)

Nathan: What?

Tenzin: (speaking Tibetan)

Tenzin motions for the binoculars. Nathan gives Tenzin the binoculars. Tenzin
looks across the village and points.

Tenzin: Schäfer... (speaking Tibetan)

Nathan looks through the binoculars and sees Schäfer hiding with Tenzin's
daughter. A tank drives through the village.

Nathan: Holy shit!

Its turret turns around and aims at Nathan and Tenzin.

Nathan: Oh crap. Jump! Jump!

Nathan and Tenzin jump off the balcony as the tank fires at them. They hit the
ground and quickly stand up.

| 2.20. Chapter 20 - "Cat and Mouse" |

Nathan: Why would he bring a tank?

Nathan and Tenzin take out two soldiers. The tank blows a hole in the wall

Nathan: Holy crap! Tenzin, let's go!

Nathan follows Tenzin over to a door.

Nathan: Tenzin, get that door open!

Tenzin unlocks the door and they run into the building. They stick to a path
behind a row of houses to avoid the tank. The tank finds them again.

Nathan: This way!

Nathan and Tenzin run through an opening in a wall. They take out the
soldiers in the next area. Nathan and Tenzin run up some steps across
the street.

Nathan: How am I supposed to take a tank out?

Nathan runs on to a bridge.

Nathan: Oh, shit...

The tank fires a rocket at the bridge. Nathan and Tenzin are both thrown off
the bridge by the explosion. They both stand and start running.

Nathan: Tenzin! RPG? RPG! What's Tibetan for RPG?

They enter a house and climb a ladder to the second floor. Nathan jumps across
to another building and then through a hole in the wall to a third building

Nathan: Ohh, shit!

Nathan helps Tenzin push several planks of wood away that are blocking a

Nathan: ...Go.

Nathan and Tenzin swing on a couple of bars and get back to the street. The
tank fires at a nearby wall again and Nathan is knocked to the ground.

Nathan: ...Oh God... oh no, no, no, no!

Nathan stands and starts running along a narrow path behind a row of houses.

Nathan: Tenzin! Tenzin, where are you?! Ahhh, where the hell did he go?

Nathan continues through the narrow alleyways, taking out the soldiers
until he reaches a narrow icy ledge.

Nathan: Tenzin! Where the hell did he go?

Nathan starts to inch across the narrow ledge. The tank rams through the
fence and teeters over the edge of the cliff above Nathan. Nathan loses his
balance. He falls and grabs hold of the ledge.

Nathan: Whoa... What is he drunk?

Nathan follows the path back to the street. The tank bursts through a wall
behind Nathan. Nathan stumbles and starts running.

Nathan: Are you freakin' kiddin' me!

Nathan runs from the tank and rejoins Tenzin outside a house. They enter the

Nathan runs between houses, use rocket launchers from the dead soldiers to
destroy the tank. He reaches a zipline.

Nathan: Tenzin! Cover me!

Nathan swings along the zipline, right over the tank in the street and lands
in the building opposite.

Nathan: Say goodnight!

Nathan fires a final rocket at the tank and it explodes.

Nathan: Yeah!

Nathan and Tenzin push open the village doors and run out to the street. Nathan
looks down the street and sees a convoy of trucks driving away.

Nathan: Tenzin - 

Nathan points to the convoy. Tenzin's daughter runs up to Tenzin.

Girl: (speaking Tibetan)

Tenzin picks her up.

Nathan: Schäfer... where's Schäfer?

Girl: (speaking Tibetan)

Nathan shrugs. Elena runs over to Nathan.

Elena: Nate!

Nathan: They took Schäfer!

Nathan runs over to a truck nearby.

Elena: Oh, God... It's because he had the dagger.

Nathan pulls the dead soldier out of the truck.

Nathan: I know.

Elena climbs into the truck.

Nathan: Hey -

Elena: No time to argue - we gotta go!

Nathan: All right, well, at least scooch over.

Elena: Okay.

Elena moves over to the passenger seat. Nathan gets behind the wheel and closes
the door. Nathan waves goodbye to Tenzin before driving off.

Nathan catches up to the convoy on the snowy mountain roads.

Nathan: All right, they must've taken him in the lead car.

Elena: We gotta stop 'em before Lazarevic gets ahold of him.

Nathan: All right - I have an idea...

Nathan opens the truck door.

Elena: What are you doing?

Nathan: I'm gonna clear the road. Here - take the wheel.

Elena: What?

Nathan: Just take it.

Elena: Why didn't you just let me drive in the first place?

Nathan: I didn't think that far ahead.

Elena: Yeah -

As Elena takes the wheel, Nathan climbs out onto the truck door.

Nathan: All right - hold it steady...

Elena: Okay...

Nathan: That's good...

Nathan takes a gun out.

Nathan: All right... here we go...

Nathan carefully aims the gun at the truck ahead of him.

Nathan: A little closer...

Another truck arrives behind Nathan and Elena and starts following them.

Nathan: Ohhh... There you go...

The truck rams into Nathan and Elena. Nathan dangles from the swinging door.

Elena: Hang on!

The truck speeds up and drives alongside Elena. Nathan grabs hold of the side
of the truck.

Elena: Nate!

The truck speeds ahead.

| 2.21. Chapter 21 - "Convoy" |

Elena: Hang on!

Nathan: I'm hanging, I'm hanging!

Nathan kills the soldier on the truck. Another truck catches up and drives
in front of the current truck. Two soldiers open fire on the truck and it
catches fire.

Nathan jumps between trucks as the soldiers fire at him. Eventually, he
jumps down onto a moving truck on the road below. He pushes the soldier
over the side and uses the mounted grenade launcher on the back.

Nathan: Now we're talking.

Nathan destroys the pursuing convoy with the grenade launcher until Elena
catches up to him again.

Nathan: Elena, this way!

Elena: Nate, get these guys off me!

Nathan: You got it!

Nathan destroys the convoy trucks surrounding Elena. After a while, the grenade
launcher is destroyed and the truck catches on fire. Nathan jumps back over to
Elena's truck.

Elena: Are you okay back there?!

Nathan: Yeah! There's the lead car! Gun it!

Elena: Hold on!

Elena speeds ahead to the truck in front.

Nathan: HAHA! That's right, you bastards! We got you now!

A soldier standing on the back of the lead car holds up a rocket launcher.

Nathan: Oh, crap!

The soldier fires a rocket at the truck. The truck swerves off the road and
goes over the edge of the cliff. The truck stops and the soldier looks down
over the cliff.

Soldier: There's no way they survived that. Let's go!

The truck resumes driving. Nathan climbs back onto the side of the road with

Nathan: C'mon...

Nathan pulls Elena up and they both fall onto their backs out of breath.

Nathan: Just like old times, huh?

Elena: You could say that. So, now what?

Nathan and Elena sit up and look at the monastery in the distance.

Nathan: We head to the creepy old monastery. What else?

Nathan takes the binoculars out of his pocket. He sees two soldiers leading
Schäfer over to Lazarevic.

Nathan: There's Schäfer.

One of the soldiers gives the Phurba dagger to Lazarevic.

Nathan: Damn it.

Elena: What's happening?

Nathan: Lazarevic has him.

Lazarevic grabs Schäfer and leads him away.

Elena: Oh, no...

Nathan: You ready for this?

Elena: ...as I'll ever be.

Nathan stands up and pulls Elena to her feet.

| 2.22. Chapter 22 - "The Monastery" |

At the monastery, soldiers are patrolling around the convoy nearby. Nathan
and Elena are climbing up the side of the mountain.

Nathan: Almost there. You got it? Quietly now - c'mon.

Elena climbs in front of Nathan.

Nathan: Nice view.

Elena: (sigh) ...men...

Nathan: No, no, I was talking about the mountains. Really.

Elena: Come on.

Nathan and Elena take out the soldiers around the convoy. They follow the
mountain path to the monastery.

Nathan: It's up this way!

They reach the entrance to the monastery.

Elena: Careful, soldiers. They haven't seen us yet.

Nathan: Hang back, I'll take these guys out.

Nathan takes out the soldiers patrolling the entrance of the monastery. A
soldier opens fire on them from a machine gun turret across a broken wooden
bridge. Nathan takes cover behind a wooden cart and pushes it forward.

Nathan: Damn it, they're on both sides!

Nathan takes out the soldiers around the bridge. More soldiers appear
on the other side of the bridge. Nathan takes control of the mounted machine

Nathan: Keep goin'!

Elena: Cover me!

Nathan: Go! Go!

Nathan covers Elena as she runs across the bridge. They eliminate the remaining
soldiers and approach a door inside the monastery.

Elena: It's gonna take both of us to get this door open...

Nathan and Elena both rotate a wheel on either side of the door to open it.

Nathan: All right, I'll hold it, you go first!

Elena: Okay.

Elena runs under the door. Nathan releases the wheel and slides under the door
as it slams down behind him.

Elena: That was close.

Nathan and Elena walk down some steps. A large bridge over a waterfall has been

Nathan: It's a long way down. Looks like that beam's the only way across.

Elena: I think I see a rope down there.

Nathan: Okay, sit tight. I'll go down there and throw it up to you.

Nathan climbs down to a ledge under the bridge. Several ledges crumble away.

Nathan: (sigh)... Shit.

Nathan finds the rope and picks it up.

Nathan: Well, here's the rope. Catch!

Nathan throws the rope up to Elena and she catches it.

Elena: Got it!

Elena slides down the rope. Nathan crosses the narrow beam.

Nathan: All right, follow me.

Nathan jumps across to another platform.

Nathan: You're gonna have to jump for it. I'll catch you.

Elena: Okay!

Elena jumps across the gap and Nathan catches her.

Nathan: (effort) I gotcha. (effort)

He pulls Elena up.

Nathan: (effort) There. See? No sweat.

Nathan crouches down behind a statue.

Nathan: C'mon, over here.

Elena: Okay.

Nathan: Give me a hand, we'll push it.

Nathan and Elena push the statue. It lines up with a doorway in the rock wall
above them.

Nathan: That's it.

Elena: Hey, we can climb up this thing now!

Elena climbs up the statue.

Elena: Come on!

Nathan follows Elena through the entrance.

Nathan: Be careful. God knows how old these boards are...

Nathan inches along a narrow wooden ledge.

Elena: Hey, I found a rope.

Nathan climbs up the rope. He stands up and hurries over to Elena.

Elena: Look - up there. Is that them?

Elena points to a large wooden bridge connecting two towers. Nathan takes out
his binoculars and looks up at the bridge.

Nathan: Yeah, they're moving Schäfer into that tower. Damn it.

Elena: C'mon, we've gotta hurry.

Elena runs off. Nathan follows her round to the tower entrance. Elena runs up
to the doors leading into the tower and tries to pull them open.

Elena: It's locked. There's no way we're getting through here.

Nathan: Okay, I'll try to find another way around - open it from the other
side. You stay put.

Elena: All right, just try to be subtle. We don't want to attract any
unnecessary attention.

Nathan: Subtle. Right... Got it.

Nathan starts climbing the tower. He jumps across to a broken wooden platform
and grabs it. Part of it breaks away.

Nathan: ...Whoa! ... Oh shit... Quiet.

Nathan enters the tower and climbs back down to the ground, taking out the
soldiers. As he nears the ground, the tower explodes and he falls. Another
explosion destroys the wall of the tower and a support pillar starts to

Nathan: Holy crap!

The door leading into the tower falls over and Elena runs in.

Elena: So much for subtle!

Nathan: Tell it to the guy with the RPG.

Nathan and Elena take out the advancing wave of soldiers on the bridge ahead
and enter the next tower. 

Nathan: Ahh, shit... we got snipers!

Elena: Ohh, we're sitting ducks down here. Get me up that ladder!

Nathan approaches the ladder.

Nathan: Elena, come on!

Elena runs over.

Nathan: I'll boost ya up.

Nathan boosts Elena up onto the ladder.

Nathan: Watch yourself up there.

Elena: All right, here...

Elena kicks the ladder down for Nathan.

Elena: Come on!

Nathan climbs to the top of the tower.

Elena: We've gotta get across that bridge...

Nathan: We can't go out there now, those snipers will cut us to pieces.

Elena: Hey! I think there's a sniper rifle up there.

Nathan finds a sniper rifle. A rocket hits the tower.

Nathan: That's a little too close. Shit!

Nathan takes out the guard with the rocket launcher. A stray rocket fires and
hits one of the sniper towers. The tower explodes and crumbles to the ground.

Nathan: Whoa! Holy shit, did I do that?

Nathan takes out a few of the snipers. A wave of soldiers and snipers start
advancing on the bridge leading to the monastery.

Elena: Uh-oh! They're crossing the bridge!

Nathan and Elena take out the wave of soldiers.

Nathan: That's the last of 'em!

Elena: Let's get across that bridge!

Nathan and Elena cross a narrow wooden beam to reach the brigde.

Elena: There they are.

Nathan takes out the binoculars. He looks over at another tower across the
bridge. Lazaravic and the two soldiers push Schäfer into the tower.

Nathan: Ugh, that son-of-a-bitch. We don't have much time
... we gotta hurr -

Elena runs off across the bridge.

Nathan: - and there she goes.

Elena: Come on!

Nathan: Right behind ya!

Nathan follows Elena across the bridge. The bridge suddenly collapses and
Nathan falls through. He grabs hold of one of the planks.

Elena: Are you okay?

Nathan: Run!

Nathan starts running across the bridge as it collapses.

Nathan: Keep going!

The bridge collapses and crashes into the side of the tower on the other side.

Elena: Nate! You still down there?

Nathan: Yes.

Nathan starts climbing the bridge. Part of it breaks away underneath him.

Nathan: Whoa!

Nathan continues climbing the bridge. One side of the bridge splinters apart.

Nathan: No, no, come on...

Nathan climbs the rest of the bridge. The planks keep falling away as he grabs
them. Elena holds out her hand.

Elena: Come on... there ya go, grab my hand!

Nathan grabs Elena's hand as the bridge falls down the side of the mountain.

Nathan: Pull me up! Pull me up! (sighs)

Elena pulls Nathan up to the tower.

Nathan: I'm never crossing a bridge with you again.

Elena: ...deal...

Nathan approaches the door to the tower.

Nathan: All right, let's get these doors open.

Elena: Okay.

Nathan: C'mon, gimme a hand.

Nathan and Elena push the doors open and step inside. The doors close behind
them. They make their way up some stairs.

Nathan: Be careful.

Elena: Right behind you.

At the top of the stairs, Nathan takes cover behind a pillar.

Nathan: Get back.

Elena takes cover behind the other pillar.

Nathan looks outside and sees Lazarevic walking around the perimeter of the

Nathan: There's Lazarevic.

Lazarevic: Stand guard! Stay alert!

Elena: Where's Schäfer?

Nathan sees another soldier patrolling a balcony above.

Nathan: I don't know. They must be holding him up there.

Nathan and Elena clear the area of soldiers.

Elena: Okay, this way.

Nathan follows Elena over to a door.

Nathan: All right, I'll get it.

Elena: Okay.

He rotates a wheel to open the door.

Nathan: ...Go...

Elena runs under the door.

Elena: Uhh-ohh...

Nathan runs under the door as it slams shut.

Nathan: Whoa...

They follow the path to a broken ladder.

Nathan: All right, just like the fire-escape.

Nathan boosts Elena up onto the ladder.

Nathan: All right, when you get up there kick it down.

Elena: Uh, oh no...

The ladder breaks apart.

Nathan: I didn't mean literally.

Elena: Whoa! Special... delivery...

Elena pushes a wooden crate down for Nathan.

Nathan: That'll work. Good thinking.

Nathan climbs onto the crate and swings across several bars underneath the

Elena: Okay... here we go...

Elena jumps across to another platform.

Elena: Ya hangin' in there?

Nathan: Yeah, cute.

Elena: ...All right.

Elena drops a wooden beam down to Nathan.

Elena: There ya go!

Nathan climbs onto the wooden beam and moves across to Elena. Nathan follows
Elena and they both climb another tower.

Nathan: Ahh, we're gettin' closer.

Elena: Okay... hey, hey, hey, sshhh.

Nathan: All right... keep your head down.

They enter the tower and take out the soldiers inside. They make their way
back outside.

Nathan: Come on, follow me.

They reach a door and push it open.

Nathan: Up there.

Nathan points to a room at the top of the tower.

Nathan: That must be where they're holding Schäfer.

The doors slam shut behind them.

Elena: What?

Nathan: Ah, crap. Get down!

| 2.23. Chapter 23 - "Reunion" |

Several soldiers open fire on Nathan and Elena in the tower. They eliminate
the soldiers and make their way to Schäfer's room on the top floor.

Nathan: Okay, let's get up there and check it out.

They open the door to the room where Schäfer is being held and run inside.

Elena: Oh no...

Schäfer is lying injured on the floor.

Elena: It's okay. We're here.

Schäfer: You were right.

Nathan: About what?

Schäfer: Everything you touch does turn to shit. (coughs)

Nathan: All right, c'mon - we're gonna get you out of here.

Schäfer: No...

Elena: What do we do?

Nathan shakes his head.

Schäfer: Did you find my expedition?

Nathan: Yes - I found them.

Schäfer: You understand what I had to do?

Nathan: Yes.

Schäfer: If they had found the Stone... it would have changed the course of
history. (coughs)

Elena: Easy... Easy...

Schäfer: He took the dagger - 

Nathan: I know.

Schäfer: He's gone to the tower... you have to stop him.

Elena: Try - try not to move.

Schäfer: This monastery hides the secret path to Shambhala. You must get the
dagger back... find the secret path ...and destroy the Stone before he gets
his hands on it. Drake... you have to believe.

Schäfer rests his head back and dies.

Nathan: Schäfer...

Elena: Oh, Nate...

Nathan places Schäfer's hand on a medallion around his neck.

Elena: We can't just leave him...

Nathan: What choice do we have? You heard him.

Elena: Do you think all this really could be true?

Nathan: I don't know - but he believed it. That's enough for me.

Nathan and Elena walk out of the room. Elena closes the door.

Nathan: Okay -

Elena: I think we should split up.

Nathan: What?

Elena: No, listen - I'll go scope out the secret entrance thing and you go to
the tower and figure out how to get that dagger back.

Nathan: Uh, yeah, all right... Just - keep your head down and ah, stay in radio

Elena: Yeah, okay.

Elena walks off.

Nathan: Good luck.

Nathan crosses the room and looks out at the tower in the distance.

Nathan: Okay, there's the tower.

Nathan crosses the rooftops of the monastery and reaches a courtyard. In the
courtyard below, a large group of soldiers are in the middle of a gunfight.

Nathan: What the hell are they shooting at?

Several demon sasquatches are jumping across the rooftops of the monastery.

Nathan: Ah shit, not those things again.

The demon sasquatches clamber away over the rooftops. Nathan eliminates the
soldiers in the courtyard. He drops down to the ground and crosses the
courtyard. He looks up and sees two more sasquatches leaping across the
rooftop above him.

Nathan: Those things are bad news.

Nathan continues making his way through the monastery. He looks up again and
sees another sasquatch jumping between rooftops.

Nathan: Whoa... there's another one of them.

Nathan reaches a door and rotates a wheel to open it. He runs under the door
as it slams shut behind him.

Nathan eliminates the soldiers in the next area and climbs back into the
monastery through an open window. Elena contacts him on the radio.

Elena: Nate... There's something strange going on over here. There's some sort
of animals.

Nathan: Yeah, I probably should have warned you about them.

Elena: Warned me? Wait, you knew about these things? When were you planning on
telling me?

Nathan: Just lay low and stay out of their way.

Nathan makes his way back to the rooftops. Another demon sasquatch runs past a
window outside. He grabs hold of a ledge and moves across. Below him, a large
group of soldiers cross the area.

Nathan: Quiet, Nate. Quiet.

Nathan reaches the tower where Lazarevic went.

Nathan: Oh finally, the tower.

Nathan scales the wall and climbs onto a destroyed section of the wall. He
carefully steps onto a wooden beam and walks unsteadily across it. Lazarevic
is in the room below, talking to Harry and Chloe.

Lazarevic: I'm tired of your excuses.

Harry: Look, give me some more time, that's all I'm asking.

Lazarevic: (humorless laugh) I have given you enough time.

Nathan takes out his gun. Lazarevic holds out the Phurba dagger.

Lazarevic: I have brought you the dagger. Now - where is the gate to Shambhala?

Harry: Look, Zoran - we know -

Lazarevic grabs hold of Harry. He pushes him up against a wooden pillar and
holds the dagger in his face.

Lazarevic: I have not come this far to be thwarted by your incompetence.

Harry: We know the answer is somewhere in this room. We just have to find it.

Lazarevic: Meanwhile Drake remains just one step behind you.

Lazarevic stabs the dagger into the wooden pillar beside Harry's head.

Lazarevic: I clearly hired the wrong man for the job.

Lazarevic walks out of the room. Harry pulls the dagger out of the wood.

Chloe: What an asshole.

Harry: I'll - I'll try to smooth things over with him.

He gives the dagger to Chloe.

Harry: Just - stay here. See what you can work out.

Harry walks out of the room. Chloe starts walking around the room.

Chloe: Okay - think Chloe, think...

Nathan steps across to another beam as Chloe walks under it. He jumps down
into the room and lands behind Chloe.

Nathan: That belongs to me.

Chloe: Nate? Get out of here.

Nathan: Give me the dagger.

Chloe: They'll be here any minute -

Nathan: Chloe. Don't make me take it from you.

Nathan reaches for the dagger. Chloe pulls away.

Chloe: How am I supposed to explain where it's gone?

Nathan: You'll think of something. You always do.

Nathan grabs Chloe by the arm.

Chloe: Just... Just do one thing for me. Take that son-of-a-bitch down.

Chloe gives Nathan the dagger and walks out of the room.

Nathan: All right... what am I looking for? Wait a minute... this all looks

Nathan approaches several shapes on the floor.

Nathan: I bet I could move these things.

Nathan places one of the shapes on the corresponding floor tile in front of the
wall paintings around the room. The floor tile sinks into the ground.

Nathan: Huh. All right. What's next?

Nathan carries another shape over to the corresponding floor tile.

Nathan: Where's Sully when you need him?

Nathan repeats the process for the third and fourth shape.

Nathan: All right - that should do it!

A section of the wall slides open underneath each painting, revealing a
revolving cylinder.

Nathan: Ah, shit. More? Okay, I've seen these symbols before...

Nathan matches each symbol that corresponds with the shapes on the floor
tiles. A small, circular platform rises out of the ground in the middle of
the room.

Nathan: Whoa.

Nathan approaches it.

Nathan: Three-sided, just like the dagger.

Nathan pushes the dagger down into the triangular opening on the platform.
Small ledges jut out of the wall nearby.

Nathan: Well, well, well - what have we here?

A doorway slides open in the wall, leading back outside. Nathan climbs up the
ledges and walks out onto the rooftop.

Nathan: (laughs) Gotcha.

Nathan takes out his binoculars and scans the area.

Nathan: Elena, can you hear me?

He spots a platform buried in the snow.

Elena: Yeah.

Nathan: I think I just found the secret entrance.

Elena: Really?

Nathan: Yeah, you see the base of the cliff with all the statues?

Elena: Uh huh...

Nathan: Meet me there.

Elena: You got it! I'm on my way.

Nathan swings across a zipline to reach another building. Two more demon
sasquatches climb up the building out of view. Nathan climbs up to another

Nathan: Elena, you there?

Nathan sees several soldiers dragging a statue to the ground.

Elena: Yeah... I'm over here, I can see you.

Elena waves her arm out from behind a crate.

Nathan: What the hell are those guys doin'?

Elena: Looks like they're pulling the statues down trying to find that secret

Nathan: Yeah, well, the geniuses are right on top of it.

Nathan climbs over the roof.

Nathan: Well... here goes nothing.

He drops down into the area and takes cover behind a fallen pillar. Nathan
eliminates the soldiers in the area with Elena.

Elena: Wait, so... where's the secret entrance?

Nathan approaches the buried platform.

Nathan: It's right here. This is it.

Nathan pushes the dagger down into a triangular opening. The platform starts
rising up from the ground.

Elena: Whoa.

Nathan: Haha... I knew it.

Four wooden bars slide out of the platform.

Nathan: Here, help me push.

Elena: Okay.

Nathan and Elena start pushing the bars around the platform.

Elena: Put your back into it.

Nathan: Nag, nag, nag.

Snow starts pouring out of an opening in the rock above a statue. Nathan and
Elena run to the edge of the cliff and look down at the monastery below. In
the courtyard, a staircase with a tree at the top of it slides down into the
ground, revealing a hidden underground passage.

Elena: (gasp) Nate -

Nathan: Well, wouldya look at that - (chuckle) hidden right in plain sight.

Elena: Come on... this way! I think there might be a quick way down over here.

Nathan jumps onto a zipline.

Nathan: (efforts)

They swing over a narrow area below where several soldiers are involved in
another gunfight with the demon sasquatches.

Elena: Oh!

Nathan: Whoa!

Nathan lands on a rooftop and looks down into the area.

Nathan: Well, at least it's keeping them busy.

The sasquatches overwhelm the soldiers and climb out of sight again. Elena
lands on the rooftop next to Nathan.

Elena: (effort) You see that?

Nathan: Stay back.

Nathan and Elena climb down to the area below and eliminate the soldiers. More
soldiers rappel into the area.

Nathan: They're rappelling down that wall!

Nathan grabs hold of the rope.

Nathan: Well, thanks for the rope, boys. Hope there's nothin scary at the top.

Nathan reaches the top of the wall.

Nathan: All right, it's all clear. Come on.

Nathan and Elena run down the steps to the hidden passage in the courtyard.
Several dead bodies are scattered around. They descend the stairs underground.

Nathan: We're getting close, I know it.

They reach a large door.

Nathan: There's some doors up here. I need your help.

Elena: Okay.

Nathan: All right. Go.

Nathan and Elena push the doors open and enter the room. A large blue orb sits
in the middle of the room. A light shines down from the ceiling.

| 2.24. Chapter 24 - "The Road to Shambhala" |

Nathan: Here it is Elena. The secret entrance to Shambhala.

Elena: Nate?

Nathan: Yeah.

Elena: Don't see it.

Nathan: Neither do I.

Elena: (sigh) If I have to climb another wall...

Nathan: Keep looking around. There has to be a clue somewhere.

Elena: Are you sure this is it?

Nathan: It has to be. We're missing something.

Nathan turns the dagger objects on the wall facing downward. The hands holding
the blue orb rise up a little.

Nathan: That's it.

Elena: What?

Nathan: Watch.

Nathan approaches the orb and reaches into his pocket. He is distracted by a
voice outside.

Nathan: Son-of-a-bitch!

He pulls a gun out and runs back to the door.

Elena: Now what do we do?

Nathan: Just stay behind me.

Nathan and Elena press up against the wall as an armed soldier enters the room.
Nathan grabs the soldier and holds the gun to his head.

Nathan: Drop the gun! Do it!

Several soldiers run into the room. Nathan takes a step back.

Nathan: Stay back.

Lazarevic walks into the room.

Nathan: Ah, shit.

Lazarevic: I should have killed you myself when I had the chance. Not a mistake
I will make twice.

Lazarevic points his gun at Nathan. Elena points her gun at Lazarevic.

Elena: Back off.

Lazarevic: Oh, pull the trigger, little one - see how long you live. Now - you
will open the passage to Shambhala.

Nathan: Go to hell.

Lazarevic: Are you a student of history, Mr. Drake?

Nathan: I've read a book or two.

Lazarevic: Hmm... Genghis Khan, Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot... They were all great
men. But do you know why they prevailed?

Nathan: I'm sure you're gonna tell us.

Lazarevic: Because they had the will to do what other men would not.

Lazarevic shoots the soldier in the face and he falls to the floor.

Lazarevic: Compassion is the enemy. Mercy defeats us. Now, unless you wish to
test me still further, you will drop your weapons!

Lazarevic moves closer to Nathan and points the gun in his face. Nathan pauses
for a moment and then lowers his gun.

Nathan: Do it.

Lazarevic points the gun at Elena. They both drop their guns on the floor.

Lazarevic: Kick them away.

They kick the guns away.

Lazarevic: So - you have tested my will. Now it is my turn to test yours.

Elena: Killing us won't get you anywhere.

Lazarevic: Killing him, yes. But you...

Nathan: You hurt her, you'll get nothing from me.

Lazarevic: Well then it appears we are at a stalemate. Unless - I add another
pawn to the board. Bring her in!

Harry walks into the room with Chloe.

Nathan: Shit.

Lazarevic: Ahh...

Lazarevic tries to grab Chloe but she pulls away and walks over to Nathan.

Chloe: Get your hands off me.

Lazarevic laughs.

Lazarevic: Now, one we will use as a lesson. And the other we will use as
incentive to cooperate. You choose.

Chloe: This is bullshit, Nate.

Elena: Yeah, don't play into his game.

Nathan: You want my help - you let them go.

Lazarevic: This is not a negotiation! Who would you sacrifice? And who would
you save? Want this one? You want to save this one? Or maybe this one? Hmmm?

Nathan steps forward.

Nathan: Y'know what, enough of this shit, all right, quit the theatrics. I'll
do what you want.

Nathan approaches the blue orb and reaches into his pocket. Lazarevic, Harry
and the soldiers aim their guns at him.

Nathan: Calm down.

He holds up the box of resin and waves it at them. He drops the resin into a
stone bowl under the orb. He turns around to Harry.

Nathan: You, asswipe - gimme your lighter.

Harry looks over at Lazarevic. Lazarevic motions to him. Harry takes the
lighter out of his pocket and throws it over to Nathan. Nathan lights the
resin and a blue flame shoots up. Nathan slowly backs away. The flame
illuminates a carving of a tree on the wall. Lazarevic smiles. Nathan walks
up to the carving of the tree. He takes the dagger out of his pocket and
pushes it into a triangular opening in the wall. The wall slides into the
ground, revealing a cavern filled with platforms. Lazarevic and the soldiers
walk into the cavern.

Nathan: Holy crap...

The platforms rotate away from Lazarevic and block their advance.

Lazarevic: What is this?

Harry: How should I know?

Lazarevic: Find a way across, and fix it!

Harry starts walking away.

Lazarevic: And take him with you. Maybe this time it will get done right.

Harry pushes Nathan forward and they start to walk away.

Lazarevic: Oh, and Mr. Drake -

Nathan looks back at Lazarevic.

Lazarevic: - don't try anything clever.

Nathan and Harry climb onto a low wall.

Harry: After you.

Harry pushes Nathan down onto a rocky path in the cavern.

Nathan: You backstabbing son-of-a-bitch.

Harry: Yeah, well I learned from the best, didn't I? Get a move on. C'mon. You
first, darlin'.

Nathan: Yeah, big man with that gun aren't ya?

Nathan and Harry start following the path through the cavern.

Harry: Don't go far!

Nathan: Try to keep up.

Harry: I am keeping up, I'm letting you go first.

They reach a high wall.

Harry: Hold on. Wait for me. Daddy's got a gun.

Nathan: I can't believe Lazarevic hasn't killed you yet.

Harry: Gimme a boost, buddy.

Nathan: Huh... buddy.

Nathan boosts Harry up to the wall.

Harry: There we go. Oh, look out, it's a stone's throw.

Harry kicks a large block down for Nathan.

Nathan: Huh - hey!

Harry: Sorry. Is that blocking your path?

Nathan: Glad you find this so funny.

Nathan climbs up the wall using the block. Harry jumps across to another

Nathan: No wait for me -!

Part of the platform breaks away.

Nathan: Great.

Harry: What's wrong mate? Don't you trust me?

Nathan jumps across to the platform. Harry grabs his hand.

Harry: See, you should have more faith in me, chum.

He pulls Nathan up onto the platform.

Harry: There you go, sweetheart.

Harry kicks Nathan forward.

Harry: Get ahead of me. Go on.

Nathan and Harry climb up to another platform.

Harry: You better not be leading me into a dead end.

Nathan: It's through here.

Nathan squeezes through a narrow crack in the wall.

Harry: I don't think you're gonna get your stomach through there.

Harry follows Nathan through the crack. They reach a large boulder blocking
their path.

Nathan: Help me move this.

Harry: Aye aye.

Nathan and Harry struggle to push the large boulder down into the water below.

Harry: Okay, teamwork. Just like the good old days, eh?

Nathan and Harry reach another platform where they find a large cart on a dead
end track.

Harry: Now how did they get that cart there?

Nathan: Who cares? We just have to get up high.

Harry: It's like Stonehenge, isn't it?

Nathan: (sigh) No. Help me push this.

Nathan and Harry push the cart forward and climb up to a ledge above them.

Harry: C'mon, girlie girl. There you go.

They reach three statues on a nearby wall.

Nathan: Statue of your mom.

They climb around the statues and jump across to another platform.

Harry: Oh, look - it's a life-size statue of your ego.

Nathan jumps across to another platform.

Nathan: Hope you can make that jump on your own 'cause I'm sure as hell not
gonna help you.

Harry: If you can do it... I can. Little help, little help. Never mind. Just

They climb the stairs at the back of the cavern and approach a large door.

Nathan: All right, let's open it up.

They push the doors open and enter the room. One each side of the room is
three cells with a symbol on them.

Harry: Y'know what they say - behind a door is another door.

Nathan: Okay.

Harry: So what do you have to do? What do we have to do?

Nathan: Just wait here. As usual, I'll take care of everything.

Harry: Would you? What?

Nathan: Those symbols - I know those symbols...

Nathan climbs up to the large rotating cylinders above the cell doors.

Harry: Such a little book; such big cylinders.

Nathan rotates the cylinders to match the symbols in his diary.

Harry: As the world turns, so does my boredom - could you hurry up?

Nathan: Hold on, I'm trying to concentrate.

Nathan climbs up to the cylinders on the other side of the room. He matches
the symbols on the cylinder to the symbols in his diary.

Harry: Come on, mate, we haven't got all day.

A circular platform rises out of the floor in the middle of the room.

Nathan: That should do it.

Harry: What's that, just came out of the floor?

Nathan: C'mon, make yourself useful.

They rotate the platform.

Harry: Agh, what are we grinding wheat? What is this?

The platform sinks back into the ground.

Nathan: (breathes) Ah, there we go.

Harry: Sounds like water.

They look up to the head of a giant statue on the wall. Water rushes out of
its mouth. In the cavern outside, water rushes out of the mouths of two more
statues on the water and flows down into the cavern below. The platforms in
the middle of the cavern rotate again and connect to form a path.

Several demon sasquatches jump down into the room with Nathan and Harry.

Nathan: Oh, crap!

Harry: What the hell are these things?

The demon sasquatch roars.

Nathan: Flynn, I'm gonna need a gun!

Harry: No way!

Nathan: No time to argue!

Harry: Son-of-a - all right! Here!

Harry takes a gun out of his pocket and throws it over to Nathan.

Nathan: Thank you!

Nathan and Harry start shooting at the sasquatches. After a while of shooting,
a sasquatch runs at Nathan and lifts him up off the ground. It slams him down
on the ground and the gun is knocked out of his hand. It pins him to the floor
and roars.

Two sasquatches are suddenly eliminated with shotgun blasts. Lazarevic walks
into the room and shoots the third sasquatch dead with a shotgun. Nathan crawls
away from the dead sasquatch and reaches for his gun as Lazarevic walks over to

Lazarevic: Ah - ah - ah - ah - Hold him.

Two soldiers lift Nathan to his feet.

Harry: What the hell are those things?

Lazarevic kneels down beside the body of a sasquatch. He reaches a hand under
the face and pulls off a mask.

Lazarevic: (menacing laugh)

Nathan: What?

Lazarevic: Scarecrows... Guardians to frighten trespassers.

Harry: Yeah, well, it's bloody effective.

Harry kicks the body of the Guardian.

Nathan: Lazarevic - I've done what you asked. Let them go.

Two more soldiers lead Elena and Chloe into the room.

Lazarevic: Always bargaining... But you have played your last hand, and lost.

Harry points his gun at Nathan.

Harry: Looks like it's the end of the road, mate.

Lazarevic: No, no, no, no, not yet. I want him to see Shambhala, and die
knowing that I have taken it from him. Open the gate!

Two soldiers run up to the large door and rotate a wheel on both sides to open
it. Everyone approaches the door as it slowly opens. They step outside and see
a huge city stretching off into the distance.

Lazarevic: Now... You have been a thorn in my side for far too long.

Lazarevic takes a gun out.

Lazarevic: On your knees.

Harry: Hey, hey, uh - Zoran, we had a deal.

Lazarevic: I do not suffer traitors.

Harry: Oh, right, so I suppose you know exactly how to find the Stone, then...
won't be needing me...

Lazarevic walks up to Chloe and holds the gun to her head. He pushes her over
to Harry.

Harry: Thanks.

Lazarevic: On your knees!

One of the soldiers grabs Nathan. He turns around and tries to wrestle the
gun away from the soldier. An arrow hits him in the back and he falls to the

Lazarevic: What is this?

Lazarevic turns around. Three Guardians jump out of the trees and fire arrows
at them. Another arrow hits a soldier in the head.

Lazarevic: Fire, you fools!

Lazarevic and the soldiers open fire on the Guardians.

Nathan: Oh, shit.

Another soldier is hit with an arrow and falls. Chloe grabs Harry's gun and
elbows him in the face.

Chloe: Son-of-a -

Elena punches another soldier to the ground.

Chloe: Run!

Nathan: Go!

Nathan, Chloe and Elena run off through the city. A Guardian punches a soldier
and he flies through the air. Lazarevic shoots at the Guardians with the

Lazarevic: Onto the bridge!

Nathan, Chloe and Elena jump down into another area.

| 2.25. Chapter 25 - "Broken Paradise" |

Nathan, Elena and Chloe run through the city as the Guardians fire at them
with crossbows.

Nathan: Come on!

Chloe: You okay?!

Elena: No. I'm fine, I'm fine. Go go go!

Nathan: Look out!

Chloe: They're everywhere! Keep going! Keep going!

The three of them jump across to an isolated section of a broken bridge. Nathan
dodges to the side to avoid gunfire. Soldiers jump across to the bridge. A
soldier holds up a rocket launcher and fires at the bridge. A Guardian pounces
on him, and the rocket fires at the support beam of the bridge. The bridge
starts sliding down a hill.

Nathan: Whoa! Whoa - whoa - whoa!

Elena: Steady!

Nathan: Ahhh, crap! Crap! Crap!

Chloe: Ohh, my God.

Elena: We're gonna crash!

Nathan: Hold on!

The bridge crashes through a wall and stops. Nathan, Elena and Chloe stand up
and are disgusted by the sight of a soldier impaled on a tree branch.

Chloe: Okay... We need to get the hell out of here - now.

Elena: I couldn't sleep for days after I saw that last time.

Nathan: All right, let's go! Come on, no time to sightsee. Let's keep moving.

Chloe: Watch this Elena, he'll probably break something.

Nathan, Chloe and Elena make their way through the ruins of the city. They
reach a small courtyard. Several bodies lie around the area.

Chloe: Huh... Looks like someone else made it in here before us.

Elena: Let's hope we have better luck making it out.

Nathan and Elena throw their winter coats on to the ground.

Nathan: Yeah, these bodies look like they've been here sixty, seventy years.

Chloe: Hey - Didn't seem to do them much good, but here.

Chloe hands Elena a gun.

Elena: Thanks.

Chloe: Well, Lazarevic and his crew would have headed into the city. So, if
we can just make it back to the entrance, it should be clear by now.

Nathan: Uh, no, Chloe - we're going after the Cintamani Stone.

Chloe: What?

Elena: We have to stop Lazarevic.

Chloe: And how exactly do you plan on doing that?

Nathan: Get to the Stone first, before he does, and destroy it.

Chloe: Whoa, whoa, wait a minute - don't tell me you're buying into all that
supernatural nonsense.

Nathan: I don't know what to believe anymore.

Chloe: Okay - well just in case you missed it, that man is certifiable. He
thinks he's fulfilling some sort of prophecy - that the Stone will somehow
make him invincible.

Chloe looks over to Elena as Nathan examines an AK.

Chloe: Immortal.

Elena: We're standing in the middle of Shambhala and you're questioning what's

Nathan: Yeah, you saw how many bullets they pumped into those things. Something
strange is going on here.

Chloe: All the more reason why we should get out while we still can.

Nathan: I'm just trying to set things right.

Elena: ...and maybe save the world?

Chloe: Oh God...

Chloe walks over to Elena.

Chloe: Listen, sunshine - the world doesn't care. You stick your neck out, you
are asking to lose your head.

Nathan: You said yourself you want to take this guy down.

Chloe: Yes, and I want to see him pay more than you do. But that's not how it
will end.

Chloe motions to the bodies scattered around the area.

Chloe: This... This is how it will end.

Nathan: No... Not this time.

Elena: C'mon... Whaddya say?

Chloe: That you're crazy.

Nathan smiles.

Chloe: But let's go save your bloody world.

Nathan, Chloe and Elena start to leave the area when more Guardians arrive.
They start shooting at the Guardians.

Elena: Whoa.

Nathan: Ah, great. It's more of those freaks.

Chloe: Take cover, here.

Nathan: Stay back, don't let them near you.

Elena: What are those things?!

Nathan: Hard to kill, that's what!

Chloe: I know right! What are we supposed to do, any ideas?

Nathan: Just keep shooting!

Nathan, Chloe and Elena take out the Guardians in the courtyard.

Nathan: We're gonna need stronger weapons than this.

Elena: That's for sure.

They climb the area and jump across to the top of the ruins in the courtyard.

Nathan: Come on. You can make these jumps.

Nathan climbs up onto a wall.

Nathan: How ya doin' back there?

They reach a tree covered in blue sap.

Nathan: Hey, that's sap... it's just like the resin. That stuff is flammable -
stand back!

Nathan shoots the sap. It catches on fire and shrinks away, revealing a new

Chloe: Whoa!... What the hell?

Elena: Oh my God - what is that?!

Nathan: Ah, doesn't look too creepy...

They follow the path through the ruins. Nathan shoots another tree with blue
sap. It shrinks away again and reveals another path.

Nathan: Now we're talkin', let's go!

They enter the next area. Nathan looks up at a huge temple in the distance.

Nathan: Wait, that looks familiar. Of course. That must be where the Cintamani
Stone is.

Nathan, Chloe and Elena drop down to the temple ruins below.

Elena: It's all so beautiful.

Nathan: This place really must have been something back in the day.

Chloe: It's kinda quiet.

Nathan: Does feel kinda haunted, doesn't it?

The three of them approach a large gate at the back of the area. Several
soldiers arrive nearby.

Chloe: Whoa whoa whoa!

Nathan: We got company.

Elena: Again?!

Nathan: Shhh.

Chloe: Told you. Was too damn quiet.

Nathan: Maybe they haven't seen us yet. Elena get back. Ah, these soldiers are
crawlin' all over the place!

Nathan, Chloe and Elena eliminate the soldiers in the area. They approach the
gate again and Nathan tries to open it.

Nathan: Damn it, it's stuck! Ahh, the other counterweight is missing.

Chloe: Well you look about the right size.

Elena: (laughs)

Nathan: Ha ha - funny.

Nathan climbs across the gate to the counterweight chain and grabs hold of it.

Nathan: All right - I'm on it!

Chloe: Okay, here we go...

Chloe rotates the wheel to open the gate. Elena pushes a head of a statue under
the gate to hold it open. Elena and Chloe run under the gate. Nathan slides
under the gate as the statue crushes under its weight.

Chloe: You were cutting that a little fine...

Nathan, Chloe and Elena take out the soldiers in a flooded section of the
ruins. More soldiers arrive at the back of the area.

Nathan: Look out!

They take out the remaining soldiers.

Nathan: You guys all right?

Chloe: Yep!

They climb out of the area and continue through the ruins until they reach a
courtyard outside another temple. More soldiers run into the courtyard.

Chloe: Nate, look out!

Elena: Looks like we need to get up to that ledge.

Nathan: Let's use the cart.

Elena: Here ya go!

Nathan and Elena push the cart over to the ledge nearby.

Nathan: That'll do it.

Chloe: Nice work guys.

Nathan: Thanks for the help... Chloe.

Chloe: Don't mention it.

Nathan makes his way up the steps to the temple where the Cintamani Stone is.

Nathan: There it is.

They follow the hallways through the temple and reach a large hall.

Nathan: Oh, shit - get down!

Soldiers are involved in a gunfight with Guardians in the hall below them.
Nathan, Chloe and Elena take out the soldiers and Guardians. More Guardians
run into the room.

Nathan: Watch out for the guys with the slings!

They eliminate the last of the Guardians.

Nathan: Okay. All clear.

They enter another hallway.

Nathan: The Stone's gotta be here somewhere. Let's try headin' up.

Elena: All right!

Nathan, Chloe and Elena make their up a large stone staircase.

Nathan: C'mon, we better hurry.

They continue up the steps.

Nathan: All right, we're almost there.

They reach the room at the top of the steps. In the middle of the room is a
huge tree. A blue orb is in the middle of the trunk.

Elena: There it is - the Cintamani Stone.

Chloe: I can't believe we beat them here.

Elena: It's beautiful...

Chloe: Yeah, magnificent.

Nathan, Chloe and Elena slowly approach the tree.

Chloe picks up a

Chloe: Now let's smash it and get the hell out of here.

Nathan: Wait -

Nathan walks up the steps to the tree.

Nathan: - something's not right...

Elena and Chloe follow behind him. Chloe throws the wood onto the floor.

Elena: What do you mean?

Nathan examines the blue orb on the tree.

Nathan: Marco Polo had it wrong... This isn't a sapphire. It's amber.

Chloe: Amber.

Nathan: Yeah, y'know - fossilized resin. It's tree sap.

Nathan looks over at a carving on the wall.

Nathan: Wait a minute...

Elena: What is it?

Nathan: You gotta be shittin' me...

Chloe: Hello - Nate?

Elena: I hate it when he does this.

Chloe: Tell me about it.

Elena and Chloe follow Nathan across the room.

Nathan: How could I have missed it?

Elena: Missed what?

Nathan: There's not actually a Stone - it's the resin. The sap - from the Tree
of Life.

Chloe: Okay - hold on - now you've lost me... this tree?

Nathan: No...

Nathan turns around and points to a huge tree at the bottom of the temple steps

Nathan: That tree.

Elena: There he is - Lazarevic.

Nathan looks through his binoculars and sees Lazarevic and several soldiers on
a bridge next to the tree.

Nathan: He's headed to the Tree. Oh my God - the black teeth.

Elena: What?

Nathan: The black teeth on those Guardian things and the bodies in Borneo.
They ate the resin - and it changed them somehow.

Chloe: And you think that's what Lazarevic is planning to do?

Nathan: You really wanna wait around and find out?

Harry: Bravo, Sherlock...

Nathan pulls his gun out. He, Chloe and Elena turn around and see Harry
standing next to a pillar. He is bleeding heavily.

Harry: Well done.

Nathan: Flynn...

Nathan, Chloe and Elena step closer to Harry with their guns aimed at him.

Nathan: Jesus.

Chloe: Oh, Harry...

Harry: What s'matter, mate? Disappointed Lazarebitch beat you to it?

He slumps to the floor against the pillar.

Harry: I'm afraid you just missed him. I figured I'd stay behind and wait for
you to come join my little party.

Nathan: What are you talking about?

Harry: Maybe that's what old Zoran wanted all along, eh? He's cleverer than he

Elena: We can still stop him -

Harry: (laughs)

Nathan: Elena, don't -

Elena steps closer to Harry.

Elena: No, we can help you -

Harry: Sorry, love. This isn't a movie, and you're not the plucky girl who
reforms the villain and saves the day. It's just not done like that.

Nathan: Flynn, listen to me. You -

Harry holds up a grenade.

Harry: Parting gift from Lazarevic. Pity he took the pin.

Harry drops the grenade and pin to the floor.

Nathan: Get back!

Chloe: Elena!

The grenade explodes, throwing everyone to the floor. Nathan groans and looks
over at Elena. She is lying on the ground, covered in blood.

Nathan: No!

He and Chloe stand up.

Chloe: Oh my God...

Nathan: Elena!

Nathan and Chlooe kneel down to help Elena.

Nathan: Okay - you're gonna be okay. C'mon, we're gonna get you outta here.

Elena: No...

Nathan: C'mon...

Elena groans in pain as Nathan and Chloe try to help her up.

Elena: Just stop Lazarevic. Go.

Chloe: Not a chance. Come on.

Chloe and Nathan throw Elena's arms around their neck and help her to stand.
They start walking down the steps towards the bridge. At the bottom of the
steps, they hear voices nearby.

Nathan: Shit!

Nathan lets Elena's arm drop and takes his gun out.

Chloe: It's all right, I've got her. You cover us.

Nathan: All right, this way!

Elena: Lazarevic...

Chloe: Screw Lazarevic.

Nathan, Chloe and Elena start making their way back through the ruins.

Chloe: We have to get Elena out of here!

Nathan: I'll clear the way!

Several soldiers open fire on Nathan.

Chloe: Come on, honey, you can do it. Hang on. Wait here.

Nathan takes out the soldiers. Chloe helps Elena forward.

Nathan: C'mon, keep moving!

Chloe: Okay, we're gonna move. Come on, you can do it. Watch out. Okay, little
bit further - here we go...

More soldiers arrive.

Nathan: We got company!

Chloe: Okay, hang back...

Nathan takes out the soldiers.

Nathan: Keep going!

Chloe: Okay, we're gonna move. Come on, you can do it. There we go...

Nathan: Elena, you all right?

Chloe: Come on, let's step over this...

Nathan: Watch your step!

Chloe: You can do it, come on - one big step... Okay, here we go, let's duck
through now. There we go...

Elena: Chloe? Thanks...

They reach a large bridge leading out of the city. Nathan looks back over his

Nathan: All right, I think that's the last of them...

Chloe helps Elena sit on a nearby rock.

Nathan: Hey - Hey, Elena, how ya doin', huh?

Chloe: Not good...

Nathan: You just hang in there okay? I'm counting on you.

Nathan stands up.

Nathan: Head for the gate - go as fast as you can.

Chloe: Wait, what do you mean? No - no way.

Chloe stands up and walks over to Nathan.

Nathan: Look Chloe, I have to end this.

Chloe: No. You don't. Don't you dare take on this stupid crusade.

Elena groans in pain again.

Nathan: Just get her outta here -

Nathan starts walking away.

Chloe: Not without you.

Nathan: Look, if that stuff could really transform Lazarevic and his army...

Chloe: Please don't do this.

Nathan: If it could actually make him invincible, and I didn't try to stop

Chloe: But this is suicide, and you know it.

Nathan: Just go. Get as far away from this place as you can.

Nathan jumps down to a lower ledge.

| 2.26. Chapter 26 - "Tree of Life" |

Nathan makes his way down the stone steps.

Nathan: Ah, what the hell am I doing...?

He drops down off a rock.

Nathan: Ah, shit...

Nathan arrives at the base of the Tree of Life. He walks forward and hides
behind a neaby pillar.

Lazarevic and several soldiers are gathered around a pool of tree sap.
Lazarevic crouches down and picks up a handful of tree sap. He drinks it.
He throws his head back and groans.

Nathan watches as the scars on Lazarevic's arms and face slowly fade away.

Nathan: What the hell...?

Lazarevic: Drake. Drake!

Nathan steps out from behind cover and fires several shots at Lazarevic. He
stumbles back a little, but remains unharmed. The soldiers start firing.

Nathan: Oh, crap.

Lazarevic: Hold your fire! Hold your fire! He's mine.

Nathan: Sorry, pal - you're not my type.

Nathan fires a bullet at the tree sap. It bursts into flames and kills the

Nathan: (relieved laugh)

Nathan looks down at the burning tree sap.

Nathan: No...

Lazarevic starts to move.

Nathan: No, no, no - you have got to be kiddin' me.

Lazarevic stands up pulls a shotgun out. He smiles.

Lazarevic: (menacing laugh)

Nathan: Oh, shit...

Nathan runs around the tree, shooting the tree sap on the branches. As they
explode, they damage Lazarevic.

Lazarevic: No! You think you can stop me?

Nathan continues shooting the tree sap. Lazarevic staggers a little and cuts
start to appear on his face.

Lazarevic: You will not stand in the way of destiny!

Nathan continues shooting the tree sap. The area starts shaking as the trees
uproot themselves from the ground. Nathan finally weakens Lazarevic.

Lazarevic staggers over to the burning pool of tree sap.

Nathan: Lazarevic!

Lazarevic turns and falls over. He gets to his knees. Nathan aims his gun at

Lazarevic: You think I am a monster. But you're no different from me, Drake.
How many men have you killed? How many... just today?

Nathan steps forward.

Lazarevic: That's it, boy... No compassion. No mercy.

Lazarevic surrenders himself.

Lazarevic: Do it!

Nathan lowers his gun.

Nathan: No.

Lazarevic: You don't have the will.

Nathan: Maybe not. But they do.

Lazarevic turns around. The Guardians leap from the trees and surround him.

Lazarevic: No!

A Guardian pounces on Lazarevic. Nathan runs off as the Guardians overwhelm
Lazarevic. Nathan climbs back onto the bridge where he left Elena and Chloe.
The city starts collapsing and dragging itself underground.

Nathan: Holy shit!

Nathan starts running along the bridge as it collapses behind him. He makes
it to the end of the bridge and jumps to grab hold of it a ledge. Chloe is
waiting with Elena by the entrance.

Chloe: Nate?!

Nathan: Chloe!...

Nathan pulls himself up.

Chloe: Nate!

The bridge tilts to one side.

Chloe: Whoa! Jesus!

A Guardian stands up behind Chloe.

Nathan: Run! Behind you!

Chloe: Huh?!

Nathan: Look out!

Chloe turns around. The Guardian picks Chloe up off the ground. The bridge
collapses and Nathan and Chloe start sliding down the bridge diagonally.

Nathan: Hang on!

The Guardian starts attacking Chloe.

Chloe: Get off me!

Nathan shoots at the Guardian. Chloe kicks it away and it tumbles over the
edge of the bridge.

Nathan: No no no no!

Nathan turns and grabs hold of the edge of the bridge.

He loses his grip but Chloe grabs his hand.

Chloe: Got you. Come on!

Chloe pulls Nathan back on to the bridge.

Chloe: That's it... Come on. Let's go.

Nathan and Chloe run back to Elena, still lying injured by the entrance.

Nathan: C'mon, we gotta get her outta here. Up we go.

They both support Elena under one arm as they help her to stand up.

Chloe: C'mon, sunshine.

The city starts exploding as Nathan and Chloe lead Elena up the stone steps.

Chloe: What the hell did you do back there?

Nathan: Oh, you know... saved the world.

They reach the top of the steps.

Nathan: Okay... You got her?

Nathan stops to catch his breath.

Nathan: Damn it, we gotta move faster.

Nathan picks Elena up and carries her away from the city.

Nathan: Let's go!

Nathan and Chloe emerge from the secret staircase outside the monastery.
Nathan lies Elena down on a fallen pillar.

Nathan: Oh, no...

He holds her hand and kneels down next to her.

Nathan: Elena... Oh, God... no... Elena, hold on, all right? Just hold on.
C'mon, stay with us. You're going to be okay, all right? You're gonna be fine.
You're gonna be just fine. Elena, don't do this... Elena -

Back in the village, Nathan and Tenzin stand in front of Schäfer's grave.

Tenzin: (speaking Tibetan prayer)

Tenzin walks around the grave, holding a prayer wheel. He and Nathan both bow
in front of the grave.

Tenzin: (speaking Tibetan)

Nathan: (speaking Tibetan)

Tenzin walks away. Chloe walks over to Nathan.

Chloe: So, it's been a long strange trip, hasn't it?

Nathan: Yes, it has. Y'know, you should play the hero more often, it suits you.

Chloe: Nah. Tell me something, Nate.

Nathan: What?

Chloe: Do you love her?

Nathan: Chloe, I'm sorry. I -

Chloe: No. It's fine. Really, it's all right. Just do yourself a favour,
cowboy. Tell her.

Nathan looks over at the house behind him. Sully helps Elena down the steps

Nathan: Chloe -

Chloe: No...

She pats Nathan on the cheek.

Chloe: My turn to walk away. But admit it... You're gonna miss this ass.

Chloe walks off. Nathan chuckles.

Elena and Sully walk over to Nathan.

Nathan: Well, look who's not supposed to be out of bed.

Sully: Yeah, she's a lousy patient. Stubborn as all hell.

Elena: I'm not stubborn, I'm just restless.

Sully: So, no giant sapphire.

Nathan: Once again, no.

Sully: And you're sure of that?

Elena: Yes.

Nathan: Just a metaphor, I'm afraid.

Sully: A metaphor ain't gonna pay your bills, kid.

Nathan: Eh, something else will come along... Just gotta have faith.

Sully: Yeah, that and a quarter'll get you twenty-five cents. Uh, which way did
Chloe go?

Nathan points in the direction Chloe walked off.

Sully: See ya later.

Sully turns and starts walking away.

Elena: Oh, no...

Nathan: You're a dirty old man, Sullivan.

Sully: Uh-huh...

Nathan looks at Schäfer's medallion in his hand.

Elena: You did good, Nate.

He places the medallion on the ground in front of Schäfer's grave.

Elena: I think he'd approve.

Nathan: Yeah?

Elena: Mm-hm.

Nathan and Elena walk arm-in-arm over to the egde of the village and watch the
sun setting over the mountains.

Elena: So, where do we go from here, huh?

Nathan: I don't know...

He kisses Elena.

Nathan: I haven't thought that far ahead.

Elena: Of course not. But then again, neither have I.

Nathan: Good.

Elena: So, on a scale on one to ten - how scared were you that I was gonna die?

Nathan: Four.

Elena: Four?!

Nathan: Yeah, why?

Elena: A four?

Nathan: Yeah.

Elena: You were at least an eight.

Nathan: An eight?

Elena: You were a total eight.

Nathan: An eight? Those Guardian things were an eight.

Elena: Are you kidding me?

Nathan: Yeah, those were terrifying.

Elena: Then what's a ten?

Nathan: Clowns.

Elena: Clowns over my death?

Nathan: I, I hate clowns.

Elena: Clowns?

Nathan: I hate clowns.

Elena: Oh my word. You thought I was dead.

Nathan: No...

Elena: No, you thought I was gone.

Nathan: No...

Elena: Yes, you did.

Nathan: No, I had you all along.

Elena: I saw you shed tears. You shed a bunch of 'em.

Nathan: Tears?

Elena: Um-hmm.

Nathan: It was raining.

Elena: No it was not.

Nathan: You were unconscious and it was raining.

Elena: It was totally sunny out and you were bawling.

Nathan: It wasn't sunny and you were unconscious.

Elena: Whatever, I kept your tears in a jar. I have proof.



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