Uncharted 2: Among Thieves FAQ/Walkthrough v1.0
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: : : : Uncharted 2: Among Thieves FAQ/Walkthrough

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves FAQ/Walkthrough

by TheCrobar   Updated to v1.0 on
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Use control+F to navigate.

1. Introduction.......................(1TI)
2. Controls...........................(2CT)
3. The Basics.........................(3BA)
4. The Guide..........................(4GD)
   A. Between a Rock and A Hard Place.(BRZ)
   B. Breaking and Entering...........(BEZ)
   C. Borneo..........................(BNZ)
   D. The Dig.........................(TDZ)
   E. Urban Warfare...................(UWZ)
   F. Desperate Times.................(DTZ)
   G. They're Coming With Us..........(CWZ)
   H. The City's Secret...............(CSZ)
   I. Path of Light...................(PLZ)
   J. Only One Way Out................(OWZ)
   K. Keep Moving.....................(KMZ)
   L. A Train to Catch................(ATZ)
   M. Locomotion......................(LMZ)
   N. Tunnel Vision...................(TVZ)
   O. Train Wrecked...................(TWZ)
   P. Where am I?.....................(WMZ)
   Q. Mountaineering..................(MTZ)
   R. Heart of Ice....................(HIZ)
   S. Siege...........................(SZZ)
   T. Cat and Mouse...................(CMZ)
   U. Convoy..........................(CVZ)
   V. The Monastery...................(MNZ)
   W. Reunion.........................(RUZ)
   X. The Road to Shambala............(RSZ)
   Y. Broken Paradise.................(BPZ)
   Z. The Tree of Life................(TLZ)
5. Closing............................(5CL)

Hello, and welcome to my guide for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. The purpose of
this guide is to provide a guide for how to complete the main game, as well as
tips and general strategies for play. The guide is organized in to five 
sections: you're in the introduction, the controls section lists the game’s
controls, The Basics section provides tips for general combat and how stuff
works, and the main guide is the way through the game. The introduction and the
closing section have contact information as well as some other information
about the guide. If you have any questions, you can contact me at



Left Stick.......Move 
Right Stick......Aim/Look
Square...........Punch/Hand to Hand
D-pad............Change Guns

3...The Basics...(3BA)
This section details some of the game's basics. If you don't know how to do
what you're supposed to do then this is the place to come. There are three
basic gametypes in Uncharted 2: Stealth, Combat, and Platforming. As such, I'm
splitting this section up to talk about each one individually.

A. Platforming
Platforing seems to be the main mode of transportation in the Uncharted
universe. Everything Nathan Drake touches seems to break, collapse, or
otherwise stop working. Thankfully he has developed the ability to cope with
this. Drake can swing from, climb on, or jump off of just about everything in
the game. Here are some of the objects you'll be interacting with. Drake can
interact with most objects in the environment, but it's up to you to know which
ones can be interacted with. Look for objects that appear brighter then their
surroundings, especially bright red, yellow, or blue items in the environment.
You'll also need to look put for off color objects on walls: lighter then
normal bricks, ledges with snow on them, etc. Platforming might sound
complicated on paper but it's easy once you get into the game and actually
start doing it.

You should be on the lookout for treasures during the game. Treasures appear as
little glints in the environment that you can pick up with triangle. Each one
is unique and will add a little bit of money to your in-game account. I don't
list treasures in this FAQ- by the time I wrote it a treasure FAQ was already
up anyhow and I didn't feel like replaying the game to add a couple paragraphs.
They're mostly hidden around corners that you wouldn't normally look into, but
you'll run into a a good portion of them completely by accident.

B. Combat
You'll run into your fare share of antagonists in the game, and there are
numerous ways of dealing with them. The most obvious method for taking out
enemies is to shoot them. R1 fires your gun, but you can fire much more
accurately if you're aiming with L1. As with most games targeting specific
parts of the body results in more damage, and a head shot against most foes is
an instant kill. You should also keep an eye out for environmental factors like
propane tanks that explode when you shoot them. 

An essential part of gun fighting is cover. Taking cover is done by simply
pressing circle near something that can be used as cover. Behind cover you will
be a lot safer from enemy gunfire and you can easily pop out and shoot enemies.
The price you pay is in mobility, so be careful of enemies getting too close to

You can only carry two weapons at any time: one pistol type and one larger.
There are a few classes of weapons: rapid fire guns like the M4 carry a lot of
bullets but deal little damage, long range weapons like the Dragunov allow you
to kill enemies from afar but come with little ammo, short range shotguns deal
a lot of damage but require you to be close to your enemies to deal damage, and
rare explosive weapons deal tons of damage with little drawbacks.

When the going gets rough, you can run while firing a weapon by holding down R1
while moving. You'll be a lot less accurate, but you'll still do damage. It's
best to only do this with rapid fire weapons, as anything else will simply eat
through ammo til you have none left. 

Your final ace in the whole is grenades. Grenades effect a small area and deal
a lot of damage to anything close. This makes them great for taking out groups
of tightly packed enemies, as well as taking out more powerful foes that resist
normal bullets. You can only carry a limited number though, so save them for
when you need them. Grenades can either be thrown in an arc, which will sail
over walls, or they can be aimed at a specific spot on the ground like with a
gun. To arc a grenade hold L2, and to aim a grenade press L2 while aiming with
a gun to throw it at your reticule.

Drake is also a capable melee fighter. Melee in this game plays like a
quicktime mini-game: you initiate a punch combo with the Square button, put
enemies will often interrupt you with attacks of their own. When this happens
the game will slow down a bit. You will need to press the triangle button to
counter their move, and you can then finish your own. Attacking enemies on
different levels will effect your melee attack, as well as attack enemies with
lower health.

C. Stealth
The final game play type is stealth. Stealth often goes hand in hand with
combat, in that when you fail stealth you alert your enemies and have to fight.
Stealth combat is, obviously, about not being seen and taking out enemies so
that others in the area won't know you're there. Nathan will automatically
enter stealth mode in stealth areas and will walk quieter, but you do need to
be careful of overly loud actions like jumping up on things or rousing birds.

The big reason you want to remain hidden is stealth kills. Approaching and
enemy from behind and holding square will instantly take them out out the
fight, leaving you with one less enemy to deal with. You will need to keep 
other enemies in mind when engaging in stealth combat, as they can see you
performing kills and alert others. The best way to go completely unnoticed is
to use cover kills, which means doing a stealth kill while behind cover. Simply
wait for an enemy to get close enough and Drake will change his stance a bit to
signal you can take the enemy out. Performing a stealth kill now will pull the
enemy back behind cover where he can't be seen at all, and ensure that you
remain hidden.

4...The Guide...(4GD)
A. Between a Rock and a Hard Place...(BRZ)
Shimmy along the pole around to your left, then begin climbing up the back of
the train. You'll need to compensate for it as it rocks back and forth and
falls apart. You'll soon swing around to the front of the train and be forced
to climb the chairs inside of it. This will lead you up and back outside where
you can hoist yourself up to the top. Get into the next train car and make a
run for it when the train starts going down and make sure you jump to catch the

After the cutscene head forward and go under the leaning train. Make your way
through the next gap and grab the gun laying on the ground near the dead enemy.
Turn left and open the door of the train car. Shoot the lock at the other end
of the car and head out, but be prepared for an enemy on the other side of the
door. Head through the next train car and jump to the next one, then try to
climb up to the top of that one to see another cutscene. Afterwords, jump
across the chasm to the other train car and circle around. Head inside to “end”
the level.

B. Breaking and Entering...(BEZ)
Follow your buddy up to the top of the platform and across the the pipes on the
next wall, then jump to the platform as he does. Head down to the dead end and
press the button to look up. Jump up with his help and climb up to the hole in
the ceiling and head on through. In the next room go over to the opposite and
boost up your partner to the next ladder, which he'll drop down for you. Hop up
the next two platforms and then head left. You'll find that you need to
deactivate the pipe to cross it. The shut off switch is on a platform directly
behind and above you.

After shutting it off hop over it and swing the gap, then turn left and jump a
second gap. Drop down and shimmy to left ledge, then head towards the wall for
a cutscene. Head to the next room, where you'll need to disarm an alarm by
hitting a switch. The switch is located in an electrical box above a locker
close to the entrance of the room. Hit it and go through the now unlocked door.
Follow the prompts to take out the guard, then jump down into the courtyard 

Sneak around the left side of the planter and take down the guard. Climb the
gate in the corner to another balcony, then rush the guards to take them out
simultaneously. Jump down to the lower area and head left to take out the
guard, then drop down into the lower area to take out a second one. You'll need
to open up another fuse box for this gate, but it's right next to it. Climb the
gate and head up the stones to see it.

This next area can be a little tricky. Drop down to the right and take out the
guard leaning against the closest pillar. Then move to the one standing next to
the fountain and get him, then move to the one standing near you against the
railing. Slow;y jump up to the railing so he won't hear you, then press square
to pull him over the ledge towards you and knock him out. Wait for the guard
with the flashlight to have his back to you, then take him out and take cover.
Your partner will take out the other guard on this platform, but the guard on
the ground with the flashlight might notice you if you're out in the open. When
it's clear, head up the stairs and jump on the roof. From here jump onto the
lattice work on the window and climb it to the open window.

You'll know need to take out the guards using tranquilizer guns. Take out the
first tow whenever you feel like it, then move to cover in front of you. Aim
for the one on the left, but be ready to aim for the one on the right if your
pal misses. Afterwords move the cart to allow you to climb up to the ledge,
then take the rope up to the rafters. A guard will come in and hold up your
bud, so shoot him from the wall to knock him out. Advance along the rafters to
the opposite to end up on the roof, then follow it around to the right to
eventually end having to use the rope again. Grab onto it and swing to the
right and then climb up to the roof of the building. Pull down the guard first
though. Head across the roof and climb the ladder, then pull yourself across
the walkway above you. Take out the guard and drop to the roof, then continue
forward until you see another guard. Take him out, then head forward for a

After the cutscene head towards the single gunman, then turn right at the
corner. You should see a ledge. Vault over it and run like mad, avoiding the
enemy gun sights. You'll soon find a manhole cover. Open it and drop down, then
run forward until you get to a wide, open area. Head to the end and turn right
to see a ladder against the far wall. Take it up to end the level.

C. Borneo...(BNZ)
Head forward and activate the first bomb, then continue up the rocks to the
next area. This area is patrolled by guards, so be cautious. However, it's just
as easy to take them out with your guns. Whatever you do, head to the back of
the area when they're taken care of and climb up the steps, then swing to the
next platform and push down a boulder for Sully to climb up. The next area is
full of soldiers, so be prepared. After taking them out, move to the next area.

This area is a small camp. You'll need to arm four bombs, but you'll first have
to deal with the enemies. There are a couple waves of them, and the best place
to hunker down is in the huts near where you enter the area. After taking them
out, begin arming the bombs. There is on right near where you came in, on near
the water in the hut across from that one, one along the water on the first
hut, and one in the middle of the area where most of the enemies were shooting
from. Afterwords make your way to the far end of the area and boost sully up so
he can lower the ladder, then head through the gap to your right. You'll now
face a few enemies and get a real introduction to the hand-to-hand mechanics of
the game, pay attention and you'll be fine. Climb up after the fight for the
next chapter to start.

D. The Dig...(TDZ)
Follow the river down to find the main camp site. In here you're going to want
to sneak along the west side of the camp stealthily. There aren't many enemies,
so it shouldn't be too hard. The only one that might give you trouble is the
black suited guard, who can easily be taken down with a bullet to the head when
no more of them are left. 

After the cutscene in the hut you'll need to defend yourself. The easiest way
to do this is with the box of infinite grenades sitting next to you. The first
couple waves will come from the left, and another will eventually come from the
right. They will eventually start targeting sully too by sniping at him from
the upper levels. The easiest  way to take them out is to grab the nearby
magnum: they should go down on one hit. To finish the fight you need to arc-lob
a grenade into the tower on the left side. The easiest place to do this from is
the little bit of cover to your left. After you destroy it, climb up the
wreckage to continue.

Head up a few jumps to find yourself in front of a cave. Enter the cave and
head to the passage in the back, which will lead you to a torch. Use the torch
to find a massive bloodstain on the ground and follow it. It will lead you
through a back room to a new treasure and reveal your next location. Afterwords
head back out to the top. When you regain control, run forward as fast as you
can. When the cliff breaks you miss your jump and have to climb up a bit, but
the level is over after that.

E. Urban Warfare...(UWZ)
When you start the mission you'll be running from a killer truck. Run as fast
as you can and shoot at the trucks wheels to get through. When you regain
control, hop out and take down the three enemies and continue onward. Head
downs towards the bus to find a FAL, which has a sniper function. Since you
won't be able to go that way, turn around and find a phonebooth in the street.
Climb it, then the sighs, which will allow you to jump to a nearby building and
get inside through a window. Jump the next gap with the pipe, then climb the
bookcase and jump backwards in the next room to get to a ledge. Head up, then
kill the enemy across from you silently. Move down the pipe and follow the
enemies around the corner to find a whole mess of them.

It's pretty much impossible to avoid detection in this area, so go all out and
get used to using your FAL. If you stick to the area you entered the area in
then the enemies need to come to you, which makes them great targets. Once
they're dead head down the road to spawn a truck with a few more guys and a
turret. Thankfully, Chloe shows up to take care of them for us. 

After meeting up, climb the street sign outside of the dilapidated building.
This will lead you to the interior of the building. Cross over the platform and
along the wooden planks to see a beam that will allow you to cross to the other
street. Drop down into it and some enemies will come along. Toss a grenade
inside the small house on the left, the rest of them are easy. Open the door
for Chloe, then head to the end of the ally and boost her up so she can let
down a ladder. Climb up into the building and shoot the boards that block your
path, then lift the flaming rubble to get through. Once you pop out on the
other side, this stage is over.

F. Desperate Times...(DTZ)
Jump down to the lower area, then head right after the cutscene. Take out the
enemy facing away from the car, then jump up and take out the RPG user in the
bed of the truck. Chloe should just about now be using her grenade, which will
trigger a firefight. Stick near the truck and take out the enemies from a
distance with your FAL and grenades, or grab the RPG and use that for a couple
shots. As the enemies dwindle make your way to the center structure to prepare
for a second wave. The easiest way to take them out is to toss a grenade in the
truck, which will allow you to use the turret inside of it. 

After they're all dead, head over to where Chloe is and lift her up to the fire
escape. Hop on the nearby sign and jump to the window of the next building.
Kill the enemies that enter and take the elevator up. After you get out, head
forward and to the left out along the beam. Jump between the flag poles to the
next room, them work your way across the lattice to the next building. There
will be some enemies here, but you will most likely have alerted them when you
jumped over. Take them out and move to the upper floors, where you can cross
back to your original building. Take out the enemies, then move out and head
along the rubble like you did before. This will take you to the upper floor.
Move to the back and head right to find the room with the circuit breaker in
it. Activate it, then climb back up and meet Chloe. Get her to lower the ladder
in this room and head to the roof. (Nice pool, maybe go for a swim?)

Head to the top of the little hut and hop over the edge, then use the bricks to
climb to the roof. After the scene, slide down the line and jump up to the
yellow beam and try to cross over. Well, that didn't work now did it? Pull
yourself up and run along the roof to the next area. Shoot the enemies as you
run and jump to the next building, then drop down through the gap in the roof.
Run along this passage and take cover from the enemies. Wait a minute and the
chopper will kill them for you. Head round the corner and kill two more, then
drop through the hole in the floor. In this room you need to take cover behind
one of the desks in the back. Kill the enemies, then wait for the helicopter's
attack. As the building is collapsing you'll need to jump through the window in
the building across from you, so be prepared. 

After you've calmed down, head up the stairs and jump to the building across
from you. Some enemies will fire at you from the next building, take them out
with a grenade. Grab their grenade launcher and target the next group below
you, then jump to the next building and get ready for a boss.

The helicopter will circle around the building, firing in short bursts at you.
You'll need to shoot it 15-20 times with the grenade launcher to take it down.
Thankfully, ammo seems to respawn in this area. Stay between the two parts of
the building for the most cover, only venturing out when you need ammo. It's
easy to miss with the grenade launcher: you need to aim well above the
helicopter to get the right arc, but you should be able to get it down just
fine with enough shots thanks to all of the ammo.

After the fight lower the bridge and head to the next building. Jump down the
next couple buildings, then take the zipline. After the fall, move around to
the left and climb to telephone booth before using the pipes to head left and
clear the helicopter wreck. Drop down to finish the level.

G. They're Coming With Us...(CWZ)
Clear out the small plaza of enemies, then head to the temple door in the back
left corner. Enter, then walk down to the water. Shoot the propane tanks on the
island in the water to make half a “bridge” to the other side. Head back up the
stairs and to the left to a ladder. Boost Chloe up and she will knock down a
box for you to climb. Head up, then toss a propane tank out to the second
island. Shoot that to finish the bridge and cross over.

On the other side you'll have to take care of a turret gun. The best way to do
it is to take out the couple enemies in front, then climb the truck and up the
signs to the left ledge. This will let you fire on them without being shot, and
when the second wave of enemies comes from below you can use the gun to take
them out. Afterwords, climb the blue pipe next to the turret and then shimmy
across the ledge. Head down the stairs, then head up to the big temple to
complete the chapter.

H. The City's Secret...(CSZ)
Head into the main chamber. In this section, you'll need to align the statue's
hands in a specific pattern. (The pattern is in your journal, which the game
prompts you to open. You'll need to move each arm once, except for the trident
which is already in the right place. To move them, jump on the broken pillar on
the right side of the room and then to the pole on the wall to climb up to near
the roof. Jump left and climb up the ledges to get to the first arm. Jump
across the gap near the pole, then make your way around the other side of the
room using the poles. Move the arm with the skulls first, then climb another
ledge near the corner to get to the final arm. This will open up a spot in the
statue to insert a key into, so get down there and use that ancient artifact
you've been carrying around.

This will drain the pool and open a door inside of the drained pool. Head on
through the tunnel. You'll need to climb some rubble to get through, and when
it opens up you'll need to climb up the broken lion statue to continue. You
will soon fall through a trap door. Quickly equip your pistol and shoot the
wooden cogs that are lowering the spikes. This will destroy the mechanism and
prevent the ceiling from crashing on you. Head out the open door to the new
area to finish the level. 

I. Path of Light...(PLZ)
Yay, a mirror puzzle! Head down to the first mirror right in front of you and
aim it at the face across from you. Head over to the lighted face and activate
it with the key. This will cause one of the central “blades” to descend. You
need to climb this blade to the top of the apparatus. Once there, carefully
move along the extended blade to the demon's head statue and jump to it when
you're close enough. Head left a little to open up the head, which will release
more sunlight into the room. Using the newly opened platforms, drop down to the
lower level that has a mirror on it. (Not the the original, this one is on the
other side of the room.)

Chloe will aim the newly illuminated mirror at you, which you should then aim
at the hanging lamp...thing of the large apparatus. This will turn another
statue “on” which you should then move to and activate with your key. This will
cause another blade to lower, and you get to climb this one too. You'll have to
move between both blades to get to the top this time. As you're walking along
the extended blade, it will break. Shoot the part of the statue's head to open
the way for sunlight. This will cause you to be thrown to one of the hanging
lamps. From here, jump to the ledge and move to the mirror on the far end. Aim
it towards the hanging lamp, which will activate the final statue. Head over
and turn the key in it to lower the final blade and open a door inside of the
statue's mouth. Get back to the ground floor and head down inside, then put the
dagger into the slot to end the level.

J. Only One Way Out...(OWZ)
This level is pretty much all action. You need to fight your way out of the
temple and back into the original courtyard in front of it. Head up through
through the mouth of the statue and take out anything you see, it's impossible
to stealth through here. Watch for the sniper on the upper ledge though. Head
towards where you came in and take out the enemies. Once the sniper is down,
take his gun if you want. 

Head back through the crushing chamber, which now has a door open on the other
side. There will be plenty of enemies inside, so be careful. Continue through
the tunnel and use grenades to take out the armored or shield using enemies.
When you come out of the tunnel there will be a few enemies up above, including
one heavily armed shotgun soldier. Kill them and move out towards the
courtyard. Take out the two snipers first (One in the back and one to the
right), then concentrate on the enemies on the left side. After they're dead,
head to the right side to find Elena and end the level.

K. Keep Moving...(KMZ)
For this chapter you'll be helping carry out the injured camera man, so your
movement and gun use is limited. Head through the door on the left at the
beginning, then through to the ally. There will be some enemies here, but you
need to watch for one that will try and choke Chloe after grabbing her.
Continue forwards and you'll be intercepted by a truck, so duck through the
left door. Head through the ally to see another truck, this one with a turret.
Duck inside the right hand building, then peek out and pop a few of the guards
before continuing right. This will lead you to yet another truck duck, so head
inside of the building closest to you. Head upstairs for a few cutscenes, then
get ready to run.

Run away from the gunfire, jumping over obstacles as you go. When a truck slams
into the path in front of you, head left. At the end of the street jump to the
blue pipe and swing to the building, then help Elena up before dropping down to
finish the level.

L. A Train to Catch...(ATZ)
Move forward to see five enemies on the ground. You don't have a gun, so you're
going to have to be stealthy. Jump to the building to the left using the signs
and wait for the enemy to take up residence near the side. Jump over and
stealth kill him and take his grenade. Carefully aim right below you with the
grenade and take out the two enemies down there. This will cause the other two
to come and investigate, so drop down and stealth kill them. Collect some guns
and ammo, then climb the building again to find a fire escape. Boost Elena up
and jump to the next area. The door is locked, so you need to jump to the signs
in the middle and shoot the boards blocking it so she can get through. This
will cause a bunch of enemies to pour into the room. It might seem difficult at
first, but if you use the sing for cover it's easy to avoid most of the

Afterwords Elena will lower a bridge for you to jump to. Take it and head to
the top of the building near the water tower for a cutscene. After it take the
zipline to the left down to the train yard. Move the cart away from the door
and head inside. Jump up on the train car to the right and climb up to the top.
Head around the to the left side of the room where there is a train car
waiting. Go inside and pull a lever to make it crash through the doors with you
inside of it. You'll now have to defend the train car against a few waves of
enemies while Elena gets a car. Thankfully, there's plenty of guns in the
train-including a very useful Dragunov. Use the Dragunov to take out the
snipers that are targeting you, and constantly move around inside of the train
to avoid gunfire from new targets. Once you survive for a few minutes, Elena
shows up with a car and the level ends.

M. Locomotion...(LMZ)
Head along the side of the train until you can pull yourself up to the top.
Move to the tanker car next and move along the yellow pipe on the right side,
using the vents on top when you can't continue and further. Grab the guns on
the next car and climb to the top. You can stealth kill this enemy easily, and
he leaves behind an M4 which I'd recommend picking up. His buddies on the next
car will notice you, so it's best to either take cover and try to snipe them or
jump down to the next car where you can fight them up close.

Head into the next car and you'll be ambushed and have to fist fight an enemy.
After he's dead, hop out the window and move to the top of the car to get
around the locked door. Jump to the next car and drop down to the one after
that with the blue boxes to find an enemy you can easily stealth kill. Either
snipe or stealth kill the enemies in the next car, then jump to it and get
behind cover. To avoid the Gatling gun you'll need to hop out the window and
shimmy until you can get to the top, where you can jump to the top of the
Gatling car. The easiest way to take it out is to shoot out the skylight and
toss a grenade inside.

Continue over the next few cars like have the last couple, but you now have to
avoid signals when on top of or hanging off the side of the train. Avoid the 
ones on the side by being high enough off the ground, and avoid the overhead
ones by hanging off the sides. After a few more cars you'll hear a familiar
sound: a helicopter. The helicopter will start destroying cars behind you, so
rush through the next couple cars as fast as you can. Run and gun the enemies
down if you have to. You'll soon reach a car with lots of low boxes. The
helicopter will drop a bunch of soldiers here, use a grenade to take them out.
Jump to the next car and grab the RPG. Shoot the helicopter, which sadly won't
do much for now, then open the door on the other side. 

N. Tunnel Vision...(TVZ)
After you regain your composure, head forward This is another mostly action
level, so there isn't much in the way of platforming or puzzle solving. Shimmy
along the side of the train and pull yourself up to the top. Stealth kill the
enemy, then shoot the two on the other side of you. Grab the Dragunov next to
you and start pressing forward. You'll be able to stay on top of the train for
most of the mission, and I recommend doing so whenever you have to option. Use
your Dragunov to snipe far off enemies as they come into view on top of the

You'll eventually be forced to shoot the lock off of a door to get inside a
train car. To get back up top, climb through the skylight to reveal that you've
officially gone into ice country. Continue along the top of the train, killing
anything you meet. When you see a cutscene showing soldiers getting ready it's
best to head inside the train for protection. Soon afterwords you'll be faced
with a Gatling gunner. Instead of shooting him, shoot the metal clamps holding
the logs on his cart together. This will cause them to fall and take him
with em'. 

After him you'll face your friend the helicopter again, only this time you'll
get a little assistance from an AA turret. Hop in it and fire at the
Helicopter. The only thing you really need to watch out for are its missiles,
which can easily be shot down. Jump out of the turret and take cover from the
nearby enemies Shoot them and continue to the next car for a boss fight:

The commander is one tough cookie. Move forward to the bent over seat for cover
and blind fire at him, he can do a lot of damage if you come out from behind
cover. If you stagger him by shooting his head you do it repeatedly for a lot
more damage, but you have to be quick about aiming. After dealing enough damage
to him he will charge you. Meet him with a punch of your own, but be prepared
for quite a few counter hits. After avoiding that, take cover by the nearest
point and repeat the process all over again. After the next fist fight he
should go down for good. Sort of anyway. This ends the chapter none-the-less.

O. Train-Wrecked...(TWZ)
This chapter should seem...familiar. Work your way up the train just like you
did at the start of the game. The game will then fast forward a bit to the
point where enemies show up and start looking for you. You'll need to defend
against a few waves of enemies here. Stealth kill the one in front of you, then
hop on the train car across from you to find a grenade launcher. Take down the
enemies standing in the meddle of the area to see another wave come in from
behind you. Move down to the boxes in the rear of the area and blow them up as
they walk in. Next turn left and go a little ways to see a third wave
approaching. You should be able to find a desert eagle and a FAL in the area,
which will help you take out these last few enemies. When everything is dead,
head to the left of the burning train car and climb the rocks to end the level. 

P. Where Am I?...(WMZ)
This isn't so much a mission as it is a lengthy cutscene. Just follow Tenzen as
he leads you through the village.

Q. Mountaineering...(MTZ)
Just follow Tenzen through the early part of the level. You'll need to swing a
few gaps and slip through a few cracks, but it's nothing you can't handle.
You'll eventually come to a large open cavern. Advance to the ice bridge in the
middle for a scene. Head through the small archway and try to boost up Tenzen,
who refuses and makes you go instead. Climb up and jump to the ledge on the
wall, then drop down and shimmy to the left. Pull yourself up on the ledge,
then use the nearby rope to climb the cliff and jump to the next stone pillar.
From there jump to the outcropping from the wall and then drop down. From here
jump to the lower platform.  This will allow you to catch Tenzen when he jumps
across. Hop the rope and follow him into the next cave. 

After the cutscene, jump over a few ice blocks and climb a wall to find
yourself inside of a huge ice cavern. Hop down a hug the left wall, and you'll
eventually come to a river. Jump over it and climb up the rocks, then follow
the river down. At the end jump to the ledge across from you. You should see a
ladder on the far wall now, but you can't reach it yet. Instead, drop down into
the area below it to find a gun. Use that to shoot the icicles blocking your
exit, and get ready to fight the...

Shoot the Yeti a couple times to get its attention away from Tenzen. The Yeti
will only attack you at close range, so run away from him. If you have enough
distance stop and aim, but otherwise just blind fire at him behind you. During
the fight the Yeti will perform a couple different pounces: one of them
requires you to enter a few button presses to kick him off and for the other
you'll have access to your gun and need to repeatedly shoot in in the face.
After a couple of these Tenzen will save you and send the creature running, but
it doesn't look like it's dead.

Head back to the cavern where you got your gun and boost Tenzen up. He'll push
down a crate for you to climb up. Jump the gap and grab the ammo, then shoot
the crate on the ledge to lower a rope you can swing by. Jump to it and cross
the gap, then climb the nearby ledges to find some stairs. These will lead into
the next level.

R. Heart of Ice...(HIZ)
Head down the stairs to find a massive temple complex in the cave. In this
area, you and Tenzen will activate the items on each others side of the cave to
get through. Stand on a switch next to the pillars on the left side after you
come in to lower them on the other side, Tenzen can then do the same for you.
Jump to the ledge and climb up to the pole, which is actually a switch that
activates the idol heads on the wall. Jump to them and climb up, but be fast as
they will soon recess back into the wall and cause you to fall if you're still
there. Shimmy along the ledge to find another pole, swing to the next two poles
and drop down using the small ledges.

Head forward to see some giant bells you're going to have to climb. Head down
blow using the stairs to find a switch that will lower Tenzen's and he will do
the same for you. Cross the bells to the other side of the cliff, but be
careful of the parts overhanging the ledges on them. If you hit these overhangs
then you'll fall. In the next room jump to the outcropping, then jump off the
end of that to the wall and climb up it to the top. Jump across to the other
ledge, then ride the gear to the other side of the platform. From here jump to
the hanging beam, then swing from that to the vertical gear. This will take you
up near a spinning wheel thing. You need to jump through right after an open
spot passes by you.

Take the gear and jump to the small ledge, then to the wooden beam. Drop down
again to a lower platform and from there jump to a pole sticking out of the
wall. Jump to the top of the gear, then to the rope hanging from above and
swing to the other side. The path will collapse and you'll grab onto the gear,
ride it to the ground. Jump across the gears at the bottom, then get on the
beam to the far left of the final one. Jump up to catch the gear, then from
here grab the ledge and go outside. Pull the lever and watch the scene.

You have to take the long way around. Take the ladder down to the lower level,
then look for a chain against the right wall. Swing to the beams and drop down,
then jump across the gear to another beam. From here jump to a pole, and from
their to a weight. Move around the weight to see a whole line of them. You need
to move across the four of them, but you need to time your movements since
they're going in opposite directions. From the leftmost one you can jump to a
ledge. From here walk out on a beam and jump to a rope, which will take you to
a ledge. From the ledge you can grab onto a large gear and ride it to the
ground. Jump the gap in the ground and ride up the gear on the other side,
switching to the one next to it as you go up. Climb on to of this gear and
hoist your self up on the next one, and from here jump to a pole and finally to
a ledge. Go around the ledge and then down the stairs and hit a switch.

This will cause some pillars to rise from the water. Take the stairs next to
you down and jump across them to reach the middle platform. Standing on the two
switches will cause more platforms to rise from the water, which will allow you
to go forward and enter the temple. After the scene, head to the back to find a
switch. Activate it to lower an elevator...as well as bring some uninvited
guests. You don't need to kill the Yetis, just survive long enough for the
elevator to come down to you. When it does, jump on. You won't be out of the
woods yet: a Yeti will jump on and grab on to you. Shoot it in the head
repeatedly to shake it off and end the level.

S. Siege...(SZZ)
After the last mission, this one is definitely more action packed. Start off by
grabbing the Crossbow, then more outside to the middle of a fire fight. Take
out the enemies from long range with the crossbow, but grab a weapon with more
capacity as soon as you can. Head down the path to find another fight going on,
but this time the enemies have set up a turret. Climb up to the left at the
entrance to the area, which will put you near enough to easily toss a grenade
behind the turret. During the fight enemies will continually attempt to use it,
so be on the lookout for them. Your goal is the doorway in the back right
corner, but when you try to go through it get's blown up. Instead, turn left
and kill the enemies. Then move past where they were.

Tenzen will break open a door, but there will be enemies inside. Kill them as
you head for the roof. Outside there will be even more enemies. From the roof,
kill the ones closest to you first. Then move to where they were and shoot
enemies on the ground level. When it looks clear, jump down. There will still
be quite a few enemies in the area, but there are a few really nice weapons to
deal with them. In a hut to the left-most side of the area is a Gatling gun,
and one of the enemies will drop a grenade launcher. Head down into the lower
area with your hefty arsenal and make sure that everything moving dies. (Except
for Tenzen of course.) He will open the door to his house to find his daughter
missing, ending the level. The assault is far from over though.

T. Cat and Mouse...(CMZ)
Now you have to fight a tank. Kill the two enemies to the right, then run up
the stairs behind them and take over as Tenzen opens the door. Head through the
building and shoot any enemies you meet. Head past the tank for now when you
see it again, there's nothing much you can do right now. Duck inside the
building on the right and head through. Once outside hoist yourself on the
fence and take out the sniper and his buddies, then hop over. Your goal in this
next area is the bridge on the far side, get there before the tank comes
through the wall. Head down a ways to see some stairs on the other side of the
street and kill any enemies near them, then run up the stairs and try to cross
the bridge. The tank will blow it up, so run like hell away from it into the
newly created path.

This will lead inside a building with another enemy, kill him and then jump to
the next one through the hole in the wall. Kill the enemy, then help Tenzen
move the boards. Jump across the gap using the poles, then kill the enemies
when you land on the other side. Continue through the side alley, where you
lose Tenzen at some point. After dodging a few more tank blasts, move down some
ledges and shimmy across a narrow one to the other side. Head up to the
building and you'll meet Tenzen again.

Head inside the building and clear everyone out. It's time to take on the tank.

You're going to take out the tank using a series of RPGs located around these
buildings. The first RPG is located on top of the building you start in. Head
out into the courtyard and climb the ladder To see a lone enemy. Kill him and
take it, then shoot the tank. It's not necessary to keep the RPG shell.
Immediately turn around to see enemies coming up on a building to your left.
Snipe them (there's numerous Desert Eagles for one hit kills among the corpses
here), then jump down and make a mad dash for the house they were in. Kill he
enemies inside and climb to the top and fire off another round at the tank.
Head back inside the house and climb the stairs to the second floor, then climb
from there to the roof. Look left and up to see an enemy trying to hit you with
an RPG. Kill him and jump to the top of the building behind you, then circle
around to where he was. Take a ladder up to his location, then shoot the tank
again. Some enemies will now spawn across from you with the final RPG. Snipe
them from here, then ride the zipline down to their shack and grab the final
RPG. Shoot the tank to end it and the Level.

U. Convoy...(CVZ)
This is another action filled level. You'll be jumping from car to car here as
you make your way towards the lead car. Each vehicle has a few enemies on it,
so take them out when they pass near yours. Periodically you will need to
switch cars when yours takes too much damage. This is done by jumping to the
closest vehicle and going for a ride, simple huh? A little ways through the
chapter you'll commandeer a grenade launching truck. You'll need to help Elena
out as the other cars try to run her off the road. The turret will eventually
get destroyed, ending the mission.

V. The Monastery...(MNZ)
Begin by shimmying along the cliff until you can go up and pull the solitary
enemy over the side. Head up and wait for the other enemy to come near the
corner, then stealth kill him. You should be able to stealth kill the next
couple enemies, and you should do so whenever you can in this level. Keep
heading up the monastery steps and you'll soon run in to a ton of soldiers. You
can attempt to get a few with stealth kills, but for the most part you have to
take them down with good old fashioned guns. The best place to shoot from is the
wooden platform on the far right, it makes them have to come to you. 

Once they're all dead, move towards the opposite end of the area to see a
turret. Don't bother trying to take it out right now since another enemy will
just replace the one you kill. Instead, push the cart down the bridge towards
the other side to give yourself some cover. When it can't go any further, drop
off the side of the bridge onto a wooden platform. This will take you around to
the back of where the enemies are shooting you from and allow you to clear out
their nest. Make your way around to the turret and get ready for wave of
enemies to come from the opposite direction. After they're taken care of move
to the back of the building and open the door with Elena's help.

Look just over the ledge on the left side of the platform to see a series of
red ledges that will take you down to a lower level. From here toss the rope up
to Elena, then cross the gap. Jump to the yellow stone, then climb up a little
bit and jump backwards to the cliff. Once you're up turn around and help Elena,
then both of you need to push the statue so you can climb it. Work your way
around the ledge, then take the rope up to the higher section of the temple.
After the cutscene make your way around the top of this whole area until you
get to a locked door. 

From the door you need to jump to a pillar with red ledges on it and climb up
it. From there you need to jump to another pillar, which will allow you to
jump to and scale the large tower. The tower is full of guards, and most of
them can be taken down with stealth kills. Start from the top and work your way
down, but no matter how well you do a guy with an rpg blows a hole in the side
of the building and ruins the party. After the cutscene run forward and grab
the Dragunov, then use its few remaining bullets to snipe the RPG user in the
upper levels across from you before killing the other soldiers. Advance across
the bridge after they're dead to the second tower, which is also full of

Kill the enemies on the lower level, then begin the climb to the upper level by
having Elena lower a ladder for you. Your goal is to get to the roof, where
there's a sniper rifle you can counter all of those other snipers with. On the
top floor, exit out the side facing the other tower to see some red ledges you
can use to get to the roof of the tower where the rifle is located. Once you
have it, immediately target the RPG enemy in the central tower opposite to you.
Then move to a new spot and target one of the snipers, and repeat until they're
dead. You only need to move a few feet each time, but the snipers here are very
accurate. After the snipers are dead a bunch of soldiers will attempt to rush
you from across the bridge. Use the copious sniper rounds on the roof to take
down as many as you can before they reach the tower. Once they're dead, head
over the beam.

The bridge will start to collapse once you get on it. (Funny how it could
handle those thirty soldiers but not you two eh?) Run and jump over the bridge,
which will eventually fall against the opposite wall. Climb up the rapidly
deteriorating bridge to the top and head through the double doors. Inside
you'll be met with some serious resistance: soldiers and snipers galore. The
best course of action is to kill the enemy immediately to your left, then climb
up the rubble to the position near him. It allows the most movement and the
most places to shoot people from. Afterwords, head back down and open the door
on the other side of the area. Boost Elena to the ladder, then use the box to
jump to come poles to cross the gap. 

Climb up the wall and wait for the enemy to come close, then pull him off and
go inside. Kill the enemies inside (grenades work well here) and head out and
left to another door. Enter it to end the chapter.

W. Reunion...(RUZ)
This mission will start out in a small building. There are quite few enemies,
but they come in easy patterns and drop some really good weapons. Make your way
up through the room in a spiral and you'll eventually get a cutscene. After it,
jump to the rope hanging from the tower and swing across to the other side.
Head out on top of the roof and stealth kill the two enemies, then look for
some stairs that hang off the other side of the building. Drop down to them and
turn the corner to see a guard. Kill him and climb to where he was, then use
the stones on his left to climb up to the building and around to another area.

There are four enemies in the area below, but there are also quite a few more
off to the left side that you can't see. Carefully make your way down and head
right to stealth kill a couple of them, then fire on one and defend yourself on
this end. Head up the stairs on the other end of the area when the enemies are
dead and turn right to find a door you can open. In this area there are two
Gatling gunners on the lower level, and you don't stand much of a chance
against them in a fair fight. Head up the ladder near the entrance, then head
right and jump to the red ledges on the wall to cross over. There's an RPG up
here and if you drop down there's two more, which should be plenty to take down
the enemies here. Afterwords, head down the stairs near where you found the RPG
to enter a destroyed building.

Head through the bottom floor of the building and up the stairs on the other
side to get to a roof. Climb the stones at the end of the roof and shimmy along
the ledge to the other side. From there take some poles to a windowsill, then
climb the boxes in that room to come to the roof. Head up the final few stones
and enter the building for a scene. Inside you'll need to move four stone
weights onto the scales in front of the statues. You''l then have to rotate
some blocks to get the right symbol for each element. The correct placements
are as follows:

Sphere: Dragon: The symbol with four points on the left side
Cube: Lion: The large symbol with two parts
Half-Sphere: Tiger: The small symbol that's almost completely solid
Pyramid: Bird: The symbol with the backwards “L” inside of it.

Doing this will allow you to hit a switch that opens the way to a new area.
Head on up and take the zipline down to the next area, then jump the gap and
head up the stairs to your left. There are some ledges to the left right at the
top that will allow you to climb over the wall. Once over, wait for the enemy
to come near your position and stealth kill him when the other isn't looking,
then do the same to the second. Climb the rubble on the right side of the area
to end up behind another enemy. Take him out too. To your right is quite a few
more enemies. You can either attempt to take them out quietly or just grab the
RPG next to you and shoot them. You'll have to fight them anyway, so you might
as well get the first shot in. There are a few more enemies in the area, but
the abundance of great weapons makes this a cakewalk. 

After the fight, head to the stone circle in the middle of the area. Activate
it and turn the lever to open a door back down at the temple. Slide down the
nearby Zipline for a shortcut, then drop down into the lower area by jumping to
a ledge and heading down a ladder. Enemies will rappel down into the area from
the opposite wall, so kill them and then take their ropes up to the top and
you'll pop out right near the door. Head down inside and open the door to
finish the level.

X. The Road to Shambala...(RSZ)
To activate the central...device...you need to make sure all the daggers lining
the walls are facing downwards. After the long scene, jump across the gap and
drop down the ledges to circle around to a ledge. Boost your “pal” up to the
ledge and then follow him up after he drops a block down for you. Jump the gap
towards him and he'll catch you. Head up the path to the left, then push the
statue head out of the way at the end. Drop down to the ledge and shimmy to the
next one, where you need to push the cart up against the wall. Climb it and go
around the stone dagger statues and jump to the central beam. From here jump to
a ledge at the other end, then to the stairs. Hal yourself up and go through
the door at the top of the stairs.

In this room you'll need to rotate the bells to match some ancient writing.
Look in your book to find the correct order of symbols: on the right side of
the room arrange them according to the infinite knot and on the left side of
the room arrange them according to the Citamani stone diagram. This will open
the path for the others to come through, but you're not safe yet. Three yetis
will come into the room and you'll be forced to defend yourself against them.
This fight is timed, so just stay alive long enough and you'll be fine. After
the cutscene, it's on to the next level.

Y. Broken Paradise...(BPZ)
Head to the left as fast as you can, rolling to avoid the gun and crossbow fire
as much as possible. You'll soon need to jump to a lower area, which will break
off when you and a few enemies land on it. Surf this thing down the side of the
mountain, taking out the enemies that came along with you while doing so.
You'll crash soon enough, and afterwords there is a cutscene where you can get
some weapons. After that, it's time to take a few of these things on.

You need to either stay completely behind cover or constantly move when
fighting these guys. There guns are absolutely deadly and can easily kill you
in 2-3 shots, and they fire that many at once. Try tossing grenades onto their
perches for some serious damage. When they've taken a lot of damage they'll
jump down to your level and try to rush you. At this point, run away and and
shoot them at the same time. If they drop one of their guns, pick it up and use
it against them to kill them as fast as they kill you. After they're dead, head
to the back of the courtyard and climb the wall using the ledges, then hop
around the platforms to get to where the grenade throwing tribesmen was at. Hop
up, the shoot the resin to reveal a new path.

Continue into the next area and jump to the ledge on the opposite wall. Turn
and shoot the resin vines to open a path, then climb around to a pole that will
let you jump to it. Shoot the resin across from you here to open a path into a
wide open courtyard. Head to the far side and get ready for a very large fire
fight. Drop down to the lower level behind where the girls are taking cover. An
enemy will soon approach from around the corner, stealth kill him when he is
close enough. Another enemy will be close to him underneath the main platform,
kill him two. Take cover and look across at the wall on the side you came in to
see a third patrolling guard. Head over and take him out from behind cover to
get his Dragunov. Move back to near where you killed the first enemy: the upper
level might seem safe, but enemies can get up there easily. The lower level, to
the right of where you entered the area is the best place to shoot from, as it
allows you a lot of cover and retreat options while giving you a direct line of
sight to the enemy spawn point in the corner. Kill all the enemies and a couple
of tribesmen will appear. To make easy work of them grab the Gatling gun
dropped by one of the enemies, then take their crossbows. 

After the fight, move to the gate in the back corner. You'll need to compensate
for the lack of a counter weight by hanging from the chain, so climb the bricks
on the left which will will lead you across the top of the gate to the chain.
Pull it down to activate the door. On the other side drop down into the water
and immediately aim for the enemy standing on the platform above and back a
ways. Save your good guns for the shotgun enemies here, it's really easy to get
trapped and die by them. After the first wave is dead advance forward to see a
sniper and a new wave. The best way to take them down is to climb up the
platform a little ways down the river, which has a grenade launcher on it.
After killing the enemies, climb a few ledges on the left side of the river to
reach a platform that will allow you to jump to another platform with more
ledges. Haul yourself up and go around the corner, but have your gun ready for
a few more enemies. After they're dead, head up the stairs to the main temple.

Time for what is probably the biggest fight in the game. You'll start out by
fighting Tribesmen and Soldiers. Soldiers will CONTINUALLY pour out of the door
on the left side of the area. Seriously, there's probably at least 50 of the
guys. They're currently fighting the tribesmen. Since there's a lot more
soldiers, focus on taking them out first so that you might be able to get some
help from the tribesmen. They will be hostile too, but don't go out of your way
to shoot them for at least a minute or two. After they're dead, either by your
hand or the soldiers, take up a position opposite to the soldier spawn point.
You'll most likely need to get ammo multiple times throughout the fight, so
time when you need to rush forward so that you won't be completely defenseless.
One of the best places you can be during this fight is near the rubble on the
soldiers side of the area. It's well defended and you can get them right when
they come out of their door, but it's pretty easy to get overrun too. After all
of the soldiers are dead, some more tribesmen will appear. They shouldn't be
much of a problem after that last wave, so eliminate them and move through the
new door they opened. 

Head up the loooooooong staircase to see a cutscene at the top. Afterwords
you'll need to battle your way around the perimeter of the tree. There are a
lot of enemies, but the path is narrow and they're forced to cluster together
to come after you. Make use of grenades and the numerous Dragunovs to get
through the area with ease. After that it's on to the finale...

Z. Tree of Life...(TLZ)
This is the final showdown with Lazarovich. (I have no idea how to spell this
guy's name and I've gotten away without having to say it until now, so cut me
some slack.) He'll be hopped up on resin from the tree of life, and he'll have
his shotgun in hand. You can probably guess that it's a bad idea to take him on
at close range. It's a bad idea to take him on at any range: despite his
taunts, you need to be a bit of a coward to get through this fight. 

See all of the glowing piles of Resin hanging around in the trees? You need to
shoot it when he's close enough to damage him in this fight. This is easiest
done by blind-firing with your M4 behind you as you run from him. He'll chase
you throughout the fight and attempt to shoot you with his shotgun, which he
needs to pretty close to do much damage with. The best place to damage him is
against the wall on the opposite side you came in from: due to how the resin is
spaced you can easily shoot a bundle and then move to where he can't see you
and stay relatively protected. The easiest way to get through the fight is to
run along this path and blind fire behind you, then ditch the blindfiring and
head back to the other side to force him to come to you.

It's a bad idea to fight near the pool on the middle of the area. There are
simply too many levels that he can surprise you from and hit you, and it's too
easy to lose him in the chaos. It can be great when you need to put some
distance between the two of you, but fighting here is an easy way to get
yourself killed. The key to this fight is making him come to you and knowing
where he is so you don't get caught unaware. He will eventually start throwing
grenades at you, which is a sign he's about done for. After you finish the
fight, you're not done yet.

You need to make your way across the collapsing bridge as it falls into the
valley below. Just jump across the gaps and watch the pretty valley of
timeless treasure be destroyed in the background. Your final hurrah will come
on the other side, where you'll need to shoot one last tribesman as you all
fall towards the crater in the valley. Pump him full of enough lead to clear
the level. 

Congratulations, you've beaten the game! You'll now unlock trophies depending
on what difficulty you cleared the game on and you'll unlock new difficulty
levels if you completed the game on a high enough level. 

5. Closing...(5CL)
This guide is my property, and you are only being allowed to use it. As 
such, I must insist that you not use this guide for any personal gain 
or profit off of it in any way. You are free to use this guide as you 
see fit as long as it comes within those confines: you may print it, 
make a hat out of the pages, or create some pleasant origami. I don't 
care as long as I maintain ownership of this guide. Do not distribute 
it without my permission, but if you would like it on your website feel 
free to contact me at wcrobars@hotmail.com and I will more than likely 
allow it. I hope this guide has been useful, and I thank you for 
reading it.

This guide, like all of my guides, is dedicated to cats. 

Copyright Woody Crobar, October 16 2009.