Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Trophies

Complete the outlined tasks, and earn the Trophies.
TrophyHow to unlock
First Treasure (Bronze)Find one treasure
Apprentice Fortune Hunter (Bronze)Find ten treasures
Novice Fortune Hunter (Bronze)Find 20 Treasures
Cadet Fortune Hunter (Bronze)Find 30 treasures
Intermediate Fortune Hunter (Bronze)Find 40 treasures
Practiced Fortune Hunter (Bronze)Find 50 treasures
Proficient Fortune Hunter (Bronze)Find 60 treasures
Professional Fortune Hunter (Bronze)Find 70 treasures
Expert Fortune Hunter (Bronze)Find 80 treasures
Crack Fortune Hunter (Bronze)Find 90 treasures
Relic Finder (Bronze)Find the Strange Relic
20 Headshots (Bronze)Defeat 20 enemies with headshots
100 Headshots (Bronze)Defeat 100 enemies with headshots
Headshot Expert (Bronze)Defeat five enemies in a row with headshots
Run-and-Gunner (Bronze)Defeat 20 enemies by shooting from the hip (without aiming with L1)
Hangman (Bronze)Defeat 20 enemies with gunfire by aiming while hanging
50 Kills: 92FS - 9mm (Bronze)Defeat 50 enemies with the 92FS - 9mm
50 Kills: Micro - 9mm (Bronze)Defeat 50 enemies with the Micro - 9mm
30 Kills: Wes - 44 (Bronze)Defeat 30 enemies with the Wes - 44
30 Kills: Desert - 5 (Bronze)Defeat 30 enemies with the Desert - 5
20 Kills: Pistole (Bronze)Defeat 20 enemies with the Pistole
70 Kills: FAL (Bronze)Defeat 70 enemies with the FAL
70 Kills: M4 (Bronze)Defeat 70 enemies with the M4
50 Kills: Dragon Sniper (Bronze)Defeat 50 enemies with the Dragon Sniper
30 Kills: Moss - 12 (Bronze)Defeat 30 enemies with the Moss - 12
70 Kills: SAS - 12 (Bronze)Defeat 70 enemies with the SAS - 12
50 Kills: M32 - Hammer (Bronze)Defeat 50 enemies with the M32
30 Kills: RPG - 7 (Bronze)Defeat 30 enemies with the RPG - 7
200 Kills: GAU - 19 (Bronze)Defeat 200 enemies with the GAU - 19
30 Kills: Mk-NDI (Bronze)Defeat 30 enemies with the Mk-NDI
Triple Dyno-Might (Bronze)Defeat three enemies with one explosion
Grenade Hangman (Bronze)Defeat ten enemies with grenades by aiming while hanging
Bare-knuckle Brawler (Bronze)Defeat 20 enemies with hand-to-hand combat
Steel Fist Master (Bronze)Defeat 20 enemies with a single punch, after softening them up with gunfire
Thrillseeker (Bronze)Complete one Competitive Multiplayer game
Buddy System (Bronze)Complete one Cooperative Multiplayer game
Master Fortune Hunter (Silver)Find all 100 treasures
Survivor (Silver)Defeat 75 enemies in a row without dying
250 Headshots (Silver)Defeat 250 enemies with headshots
Bare-knuckle Slugger (Silver)Defeat 50 enemies with hand-to-hand combat
Bare-knuckle Expert (Silver)Defeat ten enemies in a row with hand-to-hand combat
Master Ninja (Silver)Defeat 50 enemies with stealth attacks
Steel Fist Expert (Silver)Defeat ten enemies in a row with a single punch, after softening them up with gunfire
Charted - Easy (Silver)Finish the game in Easy Mode
Charted - Normal (Gold)Finish the game in Normal Mode
Charted - Hard (Gold)Finish the game in Hard Mode
Charted - Crushing (Gold)Finish the game in Crushing Mode
Platinum Platinum(Platinum)Platinum
DLC TrophiesDrake's Fortune Map Pack
Sneaky... (Bronze)Get 50 Stealth Kills in Deathmatch of Elimination games
Brass Knuckles (Bronze)Get 100 Melee Kills in Deathmatch or Elimination games
Tastes Like Chicken (Bronze)Get 20 BBQ Medals in Deathmatch or Elimination games
Rapid Fire! (Bronze)Get 7 Tripled Medals in Deathmatch or Elimination games
I Told You I Was Hardcore (Bronze)Complete All 3 Co-op Objective Maps on Hard Difficulty
Made It (Bronze)Finish Wave 10 in 1 Survival Game
Gold Digger (Bronze)Finish Wave 10 in 1 Gold Rush Game
Wipe Them Out... (Bronze)Win 50 Deathmatch Games
Plays Well With Others (Bronze)Win 50 Objective Games
Still Alive (Bronze)Win 50 Elimination Games
Plundered! (Bronze)Get 200 Captured Medals
Cold Blooded (Silver)Get 2500 Kills in Deathmatch or Elimination games
DLC TrophiesSiege pack
You Can’t Break Me (Bronze)Complete all 3 co-op objective maps on Crushing
Under Siege (Bronze)Finish Wave 10 in 1 Siege game
Speedy (Bronze)Get 10 First! Medals
I’ll Cover You (Bronze)Get 50 Defender Medals
Fallen Angel (Bronze)Get 50 Afterlife Medals
Not So Fast (Bronze)Get 20 Shut’em Down Medals
Jack of All Trades (Bronze)Get 15 Triple Threat Medals
You Run, I’ll Shoot (Bronze)Get 10 Protectorate Medals
Back At Ya (Bronze)Get 50 Retaliation Medals
Kneel Before Z… (Bronze)Get 5 Put-em Down Medals
Rock a Rhyme (Silver)Get 100 Tricky Medals