[edit] Background

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is the second game in the Uncharted series; it follows Nathan Drake and his friends as they search for the mythical Cintamani Stone and Shangri-La. They are not the only group looking for the hidden valley of Shangri-La or the wish-fulfilling Cintamani Stone; there are ruthless Serbian Mercenaries hunting for them also.

Like other games in the Uncharted series, the game is a PlayStation exclusive; it is available for the PS3 and PS4. It was developed by Naughty Dog and was first published by Sony in 2009.

[edit] Gameplay

This third person action game blends stealth, platforming, and shooter elements together; the player can travel through the world in various ways to swim, climb, swing and jump to new ledges or areas. Each location in the game have unique hazards, and there are also more generic dangers. There are many puzzle segments in the game where the player needs to modify the environment to progress through the game.

The game has over 100 unique treasures throughout which are located in difficult-to-reach places or are hidden; collecting these is tracked by a rewards system that grants the play in-game currency to purchase extra content on the game disc such as concept art.

Combat is an important feature in the game and stealth is used to approach enemies to use a silent take-down; using stealth to kill all the enemies in an area does not cause more to spawn however a frontal approach will generate more enemies.

The player can use various firearms and a limited number of grenades; new weapons can be collected throughout the game which will replace the current firearm. When in a firearms fight, the player needs to take cover behind objects to avoid taking damage and can attack by peering over the object to aim or by blindly firing at the enemies. Ammo in the game is limited, and it's possible to collect more by picking additional ammo from dead enemies.

[edit] What's new

The biggest new addition to the game is the multiplayer which was not in the first game; players battle in 4v4 competitive PvP battles or work together in several co-op modes. Players can vote between two maps to play on and earn money by leveling up. The money can be spent in the multiplayer store to purchase items for this section of the game.

Players have a large number of PvP modes to select from including Ranked, King of the Hill, Team Deathmatch and also Plunder which is a capture the flag style game type. These modes are played a Heroes v Villains where the protagonists of the Uncharted 2 game fight the antagonists who are also controlled by other players.

There are four main co-op modes in the game: Co-op Objective, Co-op Arena, Survival and Gold Rush. The objective mode sends players on a mission similar to the main campaign; there are three potential stories to complete in this mode. The Arena and Survival modes are very similar; Arena has players fight ten waves of villains while Survival has the players fight ten waves of NPC enemies. Gold Rush is different to the other co-op modes; players just need to bring the treasure to a chest while enemies try to kill them.

[edit] Features

Stealth – Approach enemies carefully to kill them quickly and quietly

Platforming – Jump, swing and climb to reach new areas for hidden secrets or to progress through the game

Cover based shooter – Fight enemies while avoiding fire and blind-fire in their directions

Extra content – Collect special treasures and complete achievements to earn some bonus content

Competitive PvP – Fight other players in 4v4 combat

Various gamemodes – Compete in varied modes with unique objectives

Co-op – Play with a group and complete the different co-op modes

[edit] Players liked:

  • Nice story
  • Stunning graphics
  • Strong voice acting
  • The Platforming

[edit] Players didn't like:

  • Repetitive gameplay
  • Weak mission design
  • Bad enemy AI
  • Puzzles are too easy

This game is also known as Uncharted: Ougontou to Kieta Sendan in Japan.


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  • Publisher: SCEA
  • Developer: Naughty Dog
  • Genre: Action/Adventure (PS3)
  • Perspective(s): Third Person
Release Dates
  • North America: Oct 13, 2009
  • Japan: Oct 15, 2009
  • Europe: Oct 16, 2009
  • Australia: Oct 15, 2009
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