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Ultimate Spider-man Good and bad

The good:

The good thing with the new spidey game is that you get to play as both good and bad, which is far better then the movie games (yes i know in spider-man 1 you could play as green goblin but you had to complete game on had) another good feature is the way it play yes it is still like spider-man 2 with its free roaming capabilities even thought this is a smaller NY the designers have added queens which in the story is used in alot of the game. Another good point is its more humorous and its done well (spoiler)Iv played story twice and i still laugh at the point were he sees rino and says ' i am so scared i can't finish my lame joke ' and i will until they make another

The bad:

However, aside from the good points there was also some bad points that i found roming around these can be inclused in the fact this game could take you a realy sort 6hrs to finish the story and in queens you get this anoying message that can lead you to getting traped, yes i know your saying without that you could go all over america im not saying it shouldnt be therre im just saying that if they removed the fact that you bounce off in to a wall and get stuck it would be fine.


Yes I think this game is the best so far in the sipdey series but if they decide to bring out another one I think it would run much better if you still had a story line to it but it change depending on what you did yes i now most of you are thinking like fable yes a little like fable just if you decide to save a falling person you can either save or watch him die sort of thing and you slowly turn in to either venom or carnage.
With that in mind i still believe that this is an outstanding game with the comic book style cut scenes and graphics that are to true to the comic, but I'd be happy to...

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