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Note: This involves editing some files, make sure you make backups before continuing!!! Enabling cheats may also prevent you from the finishing the game as normal.

Open the game folder, and locate the file called "default.kmp". Make a backup of this file (save it to another folder, or copy and rename it somewhere). Now open the file with a text editor (Notepad.exe or wordpad.exe), and add the following lines below the "[Cheat Commands]" heading:

alt+shift+a = toggle_avatar_invulnerable
alt+shift+b = pass_one_hour
alt+shift+c = unpass_one_hour
alt+shift+d = sunrise_sunset
alt+shift+e = pass_one_minute
alt+shift+f = unpass_one_minute
alt+shift+g = toggle_sun
alt+shift+h = toggle_wind
alt+shift+i = toggle_storms
alt+shift+j = toggle_avatar_fast
alt+shift+k = toggle_avatar_fly

Save and close the file. When you next load a game, cheats should be activated. When the cheats have been activated as above, press any of the following key combos to activate a cheat:

Faster Avatar[Alt] + [Shift] + J
Flight mode[Alt] + [Shift] + K
God mode[Alt] + [Shift] + A
Time advances one hour[Alt] + [Shift] + B
Time advances one minute[Alt] + [Shift] + E
Time retreats one hour[Alt] + [Shift] + C
Time retreats one minute[Alt] + [Shift] + F
Toggle storms[Alt] + [Shift] + I
Toggle sun[Alt] + [Shift] + G
Toggle sunrise and sunset[Alt] + [Shift] + D
Toggle wind[Alt] + [Shift] + H


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Extra Reagents
Fed up of running out of Reagents? Especially Mandrake Root. Here's a little trick I found by accident...

Place the scroll and reagents onto the binding pentogram. Then select the flame spell (Level 0 spell), release the cursor (The Q key) and click on the pentogram to light the candles. When the box asking you to type in the chant for the spell, use the mouse to drag the reagents off the pentogram and into your backpack. Then type in the chant and watch it take the scroll away with no reagents, and bind it to your spellbook.

I am not sure, but you may be able to take the scroll aswell.
Over The Gate Without The Fly Cheat
Okay, Start a new game.
Pick up all the stuff you need and go outside.
Go to the gypsey and pick a class.
Go back to your house.
Pick up the 2-h sword and Long Bow.
Use C and climb up on the training dummy.
Jump with Space Bar tword the bigger tree behind the gate with the Stopsign behind it.
When you get behind the gate look for the bush.
Press X and move it around the bush.
It should say Lever at some point.
Click the lever and all of these teleports come up.
Move tword the starting 4 near the gate.
It gives you Blackrock Armor, Raven's Choice, Artifact, and Bone Armor.
Save after this.
Go tword the gate again where the tree with the lever was and jump up on the mountain where the small indentation is.
Keep jumping up on it and get out to the house again.
Go tword the water fall and advance up the mountain.
Keep moving down the other side untill you get off the level.
Move in the glitch under the place where the teleports was and you will find all the runes!
Then pick them up and go to the mountain side get where it is sky under you and jump straight up.
You will float up until you get off the sky terrain.
Do this intil you get out onto the level again.
Go to the gate and jump over it again.
You can expirement with the teleports but, I reccomend to look tward the back of the road.
Move tword the back and go into the second teleport from the right.
Drop all of you stuff and you'll appear in the front of the castle.
Go tward the place where you first appear if you went through the portal.
this you will need levetate scroll to get to the top of the tower go through the oportal there and go through the portal you were supposted to go through get to the castle and all of your stuff will be there!
Real Working Cheats!
Go to default.kmp and go undear cheats and paste these:

alt+shift+b = pass_one_hour
alt+shift+d = sunrise_sunset
alt+shift+e = pass_one_minute
alt+shift+f = unpass_one_minute
alt+shift+k = toggle_avatar_fly
alt+shift+a = toggle_avatar_invulnerable
alt+shift+g = toggle_sun
alt+shift+h = toggle_wind
alt+shift+i = toggle_storms
alt+shift+c = unpass_one_hour
alt+shift+j = toggle_avatar_fast
alt+shift+l = recharge_mana
alt+shift+m = fill_spellbook
alt+shift+n = spells_0-2
alt+shift+o = spells_3-5
alt+shift+p = spells_6-8
alt+shift+z = max_gold
alt+shift+x = weapons_1-50

Also you can go behind the avatars house and use the fly cheat to go over the fence and pull the lever by the tree. You'll get these tellies the ones closest to the gate give you armor blackrock bone ravens choice and artifact. The other takes you to different places but before you go to another place use fly cheat and go undear the tellies and you'll find all the runes!!!