Ultimate Fighting Championship: Throwdown User Reviews


Don't even steal this game.

The good:

▪ Good in-ring graphics
▪ Lots of moves
▪ Lots of fighters

The bad:

▪ Can get borinh
▪ Creating a player lacks effort
▪ Game modes all seem to be to alike


Main Menu
Well, you get a big build up with a pretty cool video of UFC fights and knockouts, then you get to the menu, well lets just say 'Old' sums it all up, a graphic and a scroll down menu. Sums the game up in my opinion.

Arcade - Choose a fighter and fight 10 computer selected fighters which you have to defeat to win Arcade mode.

UFC - Start by selecting a weight, then a fighter then you fight 5 computer slected fighter with your health going down abit after each fight (depending on how much effort was in the fight before) At the end if you win all 5, you'll get a little shiny belt g...


UFC Throwdown

The good:

Stand up Fighting is 100% better. Plenty of combos and every fighter has their unique style.

The bad:

Can get repetitive


All the fighters look very nice, some faces almost resembling their real UFC counterparts. Entrances are not that special and are very long. U will probably only watch it once for every fighter (if that). UFC fans will appreciate the different styles in stand up fighting and the amount of punches and kicks available. Ground Fighting is not too much different from previous UFC's. The Ground Fighting can get boring as there is a lack of submissions and punch combos on the ground. It would have been nice to see a better system of ground fighting. Playing UFC against a friend is much funner tha...

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