Ultimate Fighting Championship: Sudden Impact review
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GOOD<br>- There are more fighters than in any previous UFC video game.<br>- All the tournements preveously in UFC games<br>- New fence fighting is fun<br>- All the different fighting styles<br><br>BAD<br>- The New Story mode is not great or even good for that matter. I have been through 2 years so far and it is boringer than Hell. I think they should have just let you create a fighter and let you pick his attributes instead of going threw 3 years of the same thing over and over again.<br>- All fighters come out to the same entrance <br><br>DECENT<br>- Graphics are decent not great but good <br><br>Overall I think this game is a good buy if.......<br>- You are a fan of the UFC<br>- You plan on playing with friends (this game is awsome for tourny's)<br><br>- Do not buy this game if you are looking for a fighter and do not watch UFC.<br><br>- Best part is it is only $19.99 so buy it if you want a UFC game or Already have a previous one. The price is the same as 2 rentals. And you will play it more than that.

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