Ultimate Doom Cheats

Ultimate Doom cheats, Passwords, Unlockables, and Codes for PC.


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In-game Passwords
these cheats are God and ammo cheats i will aslo put in the walk through wall cheat
PasswordWhat it does
idkfaall weps and ammo
iddqdgod mode
idclipwalk through walls


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Hidden Levels
UnlockableHow to unlock
E1M9, Military BaseLocate the secret exit across a pit of slime near the level entrance of E1M3 - Toxin Refinery
E2M9, Fortress of MysteryLocate the secret exit in E2M5 - Command Center
E3M9, WarrensLocate the secret exit in E3M6 - Mt. Erebus
E4M9, FearLocate the secret exit north of the Cyberdemon in E4M2 - Perfect Hatred