Tzar: The Burden of the Crown

  • Released on Apr 1, 2000
  • By Talonsoft for PC

Tzar: The Burden of the Crown User Reviews


wonderful RTS

The good:

Three *totally* different civilizations, each with VERY unique units. No two civilizations have exactly the same unit. The Guilds are great. In limited-resource maps, they pretty much decide how you're going to play a map. Magic, War, Religion, Economy. The best part is, all the Guilds are pretty much equal (okay, Economy sucks, but it often paves the way for another Guild!). No unit or civilization is the "best." It is completely equal. There is no "best" unit - they ALL have foils. Magic > Religion > War > Magic. The AI plays incredibly hard. BUT if you need help, turn on your own personal AI assistance! The campaign is very cool. Map editor is incredible. You can build your maps the same way the original editors built the Custom Maps and Campaigns. You can even edit the Campaign, or build your own! I love map editors. They're often the deciding factor of whether I should buy a game. I would buy this game for the map editor, and I would pay $40 for it. (I ended up paying $5 for the whole game though!) There are items too! You can CREATE your own items! (Arabians can, anyway) Potions, scrolls, weapons, and shields. Scrolls can have any spells on them, potions raise a different stat for each color, weapons and shields raise Attack and Defense respectively.

I dedicate a special section of this Review just for the music. It's just that good. Avid Final Fantasy players might recognize some of this music. I believe one of the pieces was used in a Final Fantasy game, possibly 7.

The bad:

Some parts of the Campaign are VERY hard. But is this really a disadvantage? To the "average" gamer of today, I suppose it would be. Be warned, this game is a challenge!

The map editor can sometimes be confusing at first, especially the advanced programming. It gets easier as time goes on, and it helps to have experience with simpler editors, like Age of Empires 2.


Well, in case you haven't already noticed, I love a challenge. Old games like Tzar are often much, much harder than newer games. This is certainly no exception. It's the first RTS I ever played, and it still manages to be the most challenging one I've played. I sometimes have trouble beating the AI on easy mode. If you can beat two or three AI on Hard mode in this game, you can *master* any newer RTS games (Warcraft 3 being a possible exception). I love the Guilds, as I already said. Not only do guilds foil each other, but the civilizations' guilds are all totally different. An example:

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