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Worlds away from a good game; Two Worlds promises much yet fails to deliver in any regard

The good:

-Nice environments, i guess. Nothing new or different, but the rolling hills and lakes are nice to look at (so long as they're in your minute draw distance)

The bad:

-Even though the world is huge, dungeons and places to explore are so few and far between that the scope of the world ends up being a negative point.
-Laughable story
-Terrible inventory system
-Confusing UI
-Easily the worst voice acting in any game on the planet
-an abundance of wolves, boars, bandits, and goblins, but not many other enemies
-Boring drops
-Atrocious character models, stiff movement
-Graphics worthy of the PS2
-Unbalanced progression in difficulty
-Plenty of useless skills
-useless map
-button mashing combat
-awful animations
-the list goes on and on


Two Worlds was a game that had alot going for it. Before it was released, Southpeak Games promised to make a game that would put oblivion to shame, a game that would be the defining RPG on the market. This game was very highly anticipated, with an ungodly amount of interviews with the developers, leaks, and information being spread about it. Everybody was excited about it; unfortunately, picking up two worlds and putting it into your Xbox was like opening a huge box on chistmas and it being filled with used gym socks.

Two Worlds' mediocrity is apparent from the get-go. The title screen is bl...


Two Worlds

The good:

Interesting features
Wide variety of swords and armor
Large environment
Multiplayer inclusion

The bad:

Medicore graphics
Low frame rate
Terrible voice acting
Quests can be hard at times


Two Worlds is a game with bags of potential yet it fails to deliver. This is South Peak's answer to the Elder Scrolls series however it's hardly the answer gamers are looking for. At first it'll seem a average buy but sooner or later it's going to come back to haunt you. And you will regret it.

From the very start you can see Two World's faults. The voice acting is enough to make you cringe and it is all out of sync. You also notice how technologically behind the graphics are. It looks like it's more suited to a Nintendo 64 then an Xbox 360. It's a real shame as Two World's environment is hu...


This should never be compared to Oblivion

The good:

A new way of recycling Fable in my opinion

You can dual wield properly without the use of mods

You can do horse combat properly without the use mods

The bad:

Lifeless Voice Acting

MMORPG style graphics

Laggy and Glitchy

Characters look constipated when talking

Combat is simple, even more simplified than Morrowind's hack and slash approach

No crosshair so you don't know where you are aiming

Uses Untold Legends style for inventory

Assuming to be unmoddable unlike Oblivion

It is Fable all over again

Even uses the "looking for my sister" storyline same as Fable


I am sorry to those that love Two Worlds or are Oblivion gamers converted to the game but this should never be compared to the likes of Oblivion.

I played the demo for an hour and my jaw dropped from shock. Not from awe but from anger, yes I heard the claims for this game to be the next "oblivion" or even smash oblivion off the top spot of RPG's and so I decided to put it to the test.

In the first 5 minutes I was stumped what to do. There was nothing to help to me and so I trekked down the road admiring the laggy MMORPG style countryside only to find a "young grom" camp. I was forced to use f...

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