Now iPhone has a new exciting game called Twister, a game of rotating 6 cells by tapping one cell. Gain more score by just tapping a cells and rotating them in clockwise and anticlockwise direction.
Twister is a fun and challenging game with 10 levels.

Game Play

Objective of the game is to arrange the cells in the right image according to the displayed left image. Twister begins with sweet background tune and start the game.

1. In this game there are two images with many cells, one image is on right sight side and the other is on the left side.
2. Arrange the cells in the right image according to the left image.
3. Tap the cell that is surounded by 6 cells (that look like a flower) and rotate the cells as you required. You are not allowed to tap the cell which is not surrounded by 6 cells. If in case you tap that cell it wont rotate.
4. There is an option for rotation: clockwise and anticlockwise. By default rotation will be clockwise. You can opt either clokwise, anticlockwise or both in the setting page. Or you can adjust according to your need on the main page by cliking clockwise or anticlockwies direction symbol.


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Sep 11, 09 12:50pm
7/10 i found it a cool film when i was 11 since i had a fascination with tornados and storms and stuff for sum reason Twister
lil nudistgirl
Jul 01, 08 1:12am
Watched Twister
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Release Dates
  • North America:
    • Feb 7, 2010 (iPhone)
    • May 10, 1996 (Movie)
  • Japan: Jul 6, 1996
  • Europe: Jul 26, 1996
  • Australia: May 30, 1996
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