Twisted Metal: Small Brawl Cheats

Twisted Metal: Small Brawl cheats, and Codes for PSX.


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When you are in the kitchen there will be a mousetrap. Touch but don't move while you are in the air. If you have a napalm shoot it at the kids butt. He will fart when you shoot his butt. Then go back down and enter a place where the kid is. You will find Darkside inside, get him and you will unlock Darkside. You could only do this in one-player tournament
Unlock characters
AXEL: One player tournament mode. in playground peril Face the swings and shoot a missile at the middle swing then you should see a figure of axel on the ground pick it up now you have axel

DARKSIDE: one player tournament. in easy death oven get on the middle Island or counter in the center,face the plumber drive off and shoot a napalm or power missile, the plumber will fart and blow a hole in the middle counter and you will see the figure of darkside

PIECEMEAL: to get piecemeal beat the game on hard with Trapper
Unlock Levels and Guys
Axel: In Playground peril shoot the middle swing in the background. A little figure of axel should fall onto the field. Collect it and you have Axel. Only in one player tournament.

Darkside: In Easy Death Oven, should a napalm and the kid's butt. He should fart and blow a hole in the wall. Enter the hole and pick up the figure of Darkside. You now have Darkside as a playable character. Only in one player tournament.

Holiday Havoc Level: Kill thirty guys in an endurance match.

Mime: Go to the Holiday Havoc Level. Destroy the christmas tree then get on top of the fireplace. go backwards until you fall off the edge. Shoot all four stockings to find a little picture of Mime. Get it and you unlocked Mime