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Twin Mouse FAQ/Walkthrough

by IceQueenZer0   Updated on
---------------------------------- [ TWIN MOUSE ] -----------------------------
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Twin Mouse is a game made in Korea that was also released in Australia as part
of a 4-in-1 pack for the Sega Master System. It seems to borrow elements from
Tiny Toon Adventures. You are a boy mouse and you can transform into a girl
mouse with the added ability to float down from a jump.


Twin Mouse and its characters are trademarks of Open Corp. and all copyrights
belong to them.

This FAQ/Walkthrough is the sole copyright of Andrea "Azul Fria" Castillo aka 
IceQueenZer0 and can't be put on other sites or posted without given permission
nor can it be reproduced w/o proper consent. 


D-pad = Move left or right. Press down to slide down a slope.
Button 1 = Start game
Button 2 = Jump (press again when female to float down from a jump).


~Level 1~

Gather the berries you see because getting 100 of them nets you an extra life.
Stomp on the mice walking back and forth so they won't be a nuisance. The 1st
red ball you come across contains a heart. You will be able to take a hit w/o
dying with that in place. The second one will be the sex change ball where you
can switch between the male or female mouse. The female is good for slowing down
your jump. Stay along the top and be careful in this game. Physics are atrocious
in this game where you will almost always end up overstepping when you don't try
to. Keep this in mind when try to get the berries bunch at the top. Head to the
end and you will see a bear toting a gun. Let him get his first shot in before
dropping down to fight him then stomp him. He'll be invincible momentarily. Wait
for him to stop flashing then stomp him again. Repeat once more and he dies on
the 3rd stomp. Gather the key but watch out for the mouse. Go back around to the
door to end the level.

~Level 2~

You collect crystals here. I will warn you right now. Never, and I mean never
touch those spikes. It leads to an instant death regardless of whether or not
you have a heart in reserve. In fact, if you do have a heart then your death
sprite will be a deep red instead of the normal orange (it will stay orange if
you fell down a pit instead). Avoid falling down those pits as you jump on the
mice. You'll meet ones that jump. Careful not to stomp on one near the ceiling
spikes. Also beware of the spikes over the crystals you don't want to jump up
and kill yourself here. Soon you will have two choices. First one is to kill
the mouse and gather the crystals or the other choice is to ignore that part
altogether and hop over the wall. Avoid a few more spikes and you will see two
sets of crystal bunches. The first one has two mice walking back and forth and
the other has the bear enemy you need to stomp 3 times to get the key and exit
the level. You can ignore that jumping mouse.

~Level 3~

Now you got mushrooms to collect towards lives. The first red ball has a health
item. Get to the top level of ground and time a good jump to kill the bird that
is hovering up and down to get over the pit and land on the mouse afterwards to
get rid of it. Get past several mice and pits and face off against the bear once
again. The key is up top, jump on the platforms to get around to the key and go
for the door. Watch out for the pits and the mouse near the exit.

~Level 4~

Collect the carrots as you get past the mice. Once you manage to get inside the
cave, get rid of the mouse coming at you then hop over to the pit to the right.
You cannot get all those carrots up there so ignore those for now so to get them
you can hop over the pit like I said earlier and jump into the brown blocks on
the upper left and use them as a hidden passage to get the remaining carrots.
That door is a fake so once you get the key, don't bother heading all the way
back to it. Kill the mouse and stay high up to get over the wall and back out of
the cave. You can even hop into the brown wall to get those carrots up there.
Carefully hop over the pits as you got a jumping mouse to deal with. Defeat the
bear and get the key and wait for the mouse to go away before making your way
back to the door.

~Level 5~

You are in a red castle and you got falling spikes to deal with. Move fast or
they'll fall on you. Stay on the high road and time a jump to land on the upper
area and you can easily avoid the falling spikes. Soon you will be able to get
on the top of the level and jump over the spikes. Stay up there as the boss bear
is at the end of the ceiling in an area that you drop down. Similar to going to
a warp pipe in Super Mario Bros. Defeat it then you get the key. Now you got to
go all the away around to the door. This is where the falling spikes are tricky
to get past. If you have health, sacrifice it to get in the exit.

~Level 6~

Collect the carrots as you hop along the pits. Get past the birds and mice and 
you will notice a 1-up below you. To get it, jump over the bird hoveing over the
pit then hop to the left into the fake wall. To get the health and 1-up. You can
hop back up to get back on track. There are several fake doors so pay them no
mind as the real door is the last one you see. For now, worry about advancing to
the end of the level. To get past the bird and pit, jump from the second level
from the top. Head to the end and kill the boss bear for the final time.

~Level 7~

When walking on the logs, don't land on the sharp ones. You can collect both
strawberries and fish here. Careful where you leap in the water. You want to
stomp on the fish to get them out of your hair. You can also stomp on the ducks
to get to more fish or move on. Some ducks swim and some run on land. Don't jump
too high where there are thorns in the ceiling. Kill the little fish before you
get the 1-up. Carefully stay away from the pits and at the end you will see a
dog that moves back and forth while jumping. Get 3 good timed stomps in to kill
him for the key. Drop down to get the key then make your way around to the green
walls and stand on it and you want to move along the hidden parts of the wall to
reach the exit.

~Final Level~

Gather the corn in the fields and leap across two pits. Watch out for monkeys
throwing bananas. Time a good jump to stomp on the monkeys and get rid of them.
Stomp on the swimmer in the water and you can gather the fish and strawberries
if you like. Stay on higher ground as much as possible. When you see a big bunch
of strawberries, there is a monkey below. Don't let its banana hit you. Get rid
of it and gather all the strawberries you want. There is also a strawberry trap
to look out for. They are hanging over a pit and it's not a good idea to get
them. There is a false section of the next wall that leads to a 1-up but you
can't get straight to it.You will have to hop up and make your way to the top
then zigzag back to the bottom to get it. Once you are standing on the logs,
stomp on the swimmer three times to get the key. Rather than go all the way
around to get the key, you can actually jump through the floor on the left to
save you some time and get the key then repeat the process to get to the exit


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