TV Superstars Cheats

TV Superstars cheats, Trophys, and Codes for PS3.


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Complete the outlined tasks, and earn the Trophies.
TrophyHow to unlock
Trio (Bronze)Three single players complete one show against each other
Quartet (Bronze)Four single players compelte one show against each other
Outnumbered! (Bronze)One team completes a show against one player
Dream Team! (Bronze)A team completes every show twice
Competition (Bronze)Two single players complete one show against each other
Two By Two (Bronze)Two teams complete one show against each other
Team Players! (Bronze)A team completes one show
Famous for 60 Minutes! (Bronze)A team plays for one hour
Teamwork! (Bronze)A team plays every show
Killer Combination! (Bronze)A team plays for three hours
Perfect Partners! (Bronze)A team plays on two consecutive days
Let's Get Physical: Airhead Ace! (Bronze)30 perfect Airheads windows
Let's Get Physical: Wheely Good! (Bronze)Great score for Wheel Heroes
LGP Reloaded: Celebrity Hotshot! (Bronze)50 Starstruck targets hit in one game
LGP Reloaded: Quite the Artist! (Bronze)A painting scored at 90% or higher
Frockstar: Fantastique, Darling (Bronze)Great score for makeup and costume in Paris
Frockstar: That's Awesome! (Bronze)Great score for makeup and costume in New York
Frockstar: Konnichiwa, Tokyo! (Bronze)Great score for makeup and costume in Tokyo
Big Beat Kitchen: Rapalicious! (Bronze)Great score for rapping
Big Beat Kitchen: Pancake Powerhouse! (Bronze)50 gold medals earned for pancakes
Big Beat Kitchen: Hot Stuff! (Bronze)50 gold medals earned for fajitas
Big Beat Kitchen: Nice and Spicy! (Bronze)50 gold medals earned for curry
Big Beat Kitchen: Maximum Meatballs (Bronze)50 gold medals earned for meatballs
DIY RAW: That's Nice, Dear! (Bronze)Great score for decorating and furnishing Old Lady's house
DIY RAW: Far Out... (Bronze)Great score for decorating and furnishing New Age house
DIY RAW: Yeah, Man! (Bronze)Great score for decorating and furnishing Rock 'n' Roll house
DIY RAW: Simply Exquisite (Bronze)Great score for decorating and furnishing Modern house
S.T.A.A.: Oh No You Don't! (Bronze)A character fails to take a commercial's top score
S.T.A.A.: Fight for the Top! (Bronze)A commercial's top score has been beaten by another character
S.T.A.A.: Commercial Success (Bronze)Great score on 3 commercials
Hotshot! (Bronze)TV Superstars has been played for three hours
A New Face (Bronze)One new avatar created
Fabulous Four! (Bronze)Four new avatars created
Eight's Great! (Bronze)Eight new avatars created
Three Days of Stardom (Bronze)TV Superstars played for three consecutive days
C is for Celebrity (Bronze)C-List reached
Getting Started in the Fame Game (Bronze)Z-list reached
Five Days of Fame (Bronze)TV Superstars played for five consecutive days
Team Tremendous! (Bronze)A team plays for five hours
Fame Fantastico! (Silver)Every show completed three times
B is for Big Shot (Silver)B-list reached
In Your Faces! (Silver)One team beats another team twice in a row
Let's Get Physical: Physically Fit! (Silver)Great score for Wheel Heroes and Airheads
LGP Reloaded: Paintball Power! (Silver)10 paintings scored at 80% or higher
Frockstar (Silver)Great scores for all three locations
Big Beat Kitchen: Super Chef! (Silver)Great scores for all four recipes
DIY RAW: DIY Dynamo! (Silver)Great scores for all four apartments
STAA: Publicity Machine! (Silver)Great scores for all commercials
Ultimate TV Superstar! (Gold)Top of the A-List
A is for Amazing! (Gold)A-list reached
True TV Superstar! (Platinum)All trophies collected