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Turok 2, Seeds of Evil is one of those "Must Have" items. This is a video game with a rather interesting plot. The graphics when you first start playing Turok (when Adon tells you your task) are outstanding. When playing Turok, it is difficult to find your way around, but eventually you will find your way and a road of interesting events will come toward your path.

To play, push "Z" to shoot. The yellow arrow key to walk, and the analog stick to view in different directions. To jump, press the grey arrow keys. To switch your weapons, press "A". And last but not least, do the objective!

There are a variety of weapons to find and discover. Weapons that are given to you when you first play the game are Bows, Flares, and Talon. As you go along the maps and explore, you can get varieties of other weapons. When you first start playing, I would recommend using the weapon Bow and Arrow. It might not shoot at a reasonable distance, but when you a shoot a bow and arrow, you can pick them back up, just in case you accidentally shot it at a wall or pushed to shoot it on accident.

Watch out for those enemies! Enemies include the Humaniod Endtrails, the Blind Ones, large spiders, and the Primagen's semi-robotic Troopers. The enemy artificial intelligence has been significantly enhanced, and some enemies will will run away if the player is brandishing a particularly powerful weapon. But sometimes in other situations, the enemies can get into fights with each other and die. In Turok 2, Seeds of Evil, it is possible that the enemies body parts can be removed depending on where you aim when you shoot.

Now it's time to discuss about Adventure. Exploring the map that you start off in (the first map) is a great a idea. It is hard to get around on the first map, but here is a hint to getting to the second map: There is a barrel somewhere on the map, shoot it, it will explode in your face, you will lose health, but it reveals a entrance that you can crawl through to go to level 2. I encourage you to explore on all maps, you never know what surprises that you can find!

Now let's start with the plot, or the story (spoiler warning):
Plot (copied by wikipedia, if you don't mind):

quote Wikipedia
The game begins with the new Turok, Joshua Fireseed, appearing through a portal to face a blue-skinned woman named Adon. She explains he has been called by the Elders of the Lost Lands, the Lazarus Concordance, to defeat a powerful alien entity called the Primagen, which was awakened when Tal'Set destroyed the Chronoscepter in the previous game.
The Primagen is a creature imprisoned long ago in the wreckage of his spacecraft after attempting to conquer a place called the Lost Lands; a bizarre and barbarian world where "Time has no meaning". Sealed in the ruined craft with five devices called Energy Totems, the Primagen has mobilized several races of creatures in an attempt to destroy these objects. Turok's task is thus clear; he must locate the Energy Totems and destroy all forces mobilized to attack them, and then destroy the Primagen himself to end the threat he poses to the Lost Land once and for all. In the process, he must defeat the Primagen's armies and acquire ancient magical powers from the Talisman chambers.Eventually, Turok faces the Primagen himself. How the Primagen dies and the game's ending depends on what the player did during the game. If not all of the objectives are completed, the Primagen will collapse from his fatal injuries. When talking to Adon, she thanks Joshua for his efforts, but states that although the Primagen's body was fatally injured, traces of his psychic powers seem to remain, causing her to wonder if he's really dead. If all of the objectives are completed, the Primagen will be obliterated by a series of energy blasts from the totems. Adon will give a greater thanks to Joshua and state the Primagen's body is destroyed and no traces of his powers remain. Once the credits have finished rolling, the player will hear Oblivion say "It is inevitable." Throughout the game, a mysterious entity calling itself "Oblivion" attempts to thwart Turok's quest by creating false copies of the Talisman chamber portals that lead to areas populated by its servants, the Flesh Eaters. This sets up the plot for the sequel, in which two new Turoks must take on Oblivion itself.
I hope this review helps you decide whether or not to buy this video game! It would help if you give me some feedback!

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BIRO Sep 10, 13
Fantastic review, Keymoshy !! I own the game, and have completed it two times. The bosses are extremely hard later on in the game, and it reminded me a lot of the older Zelda games - the way you have to figure the bosses out.
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