Turok: Dinosaur Hunter review
Turok Dinosaur Hunter for N64: Good shooter or not?


Turok Dinosaur Hunter for Nintendo 64. The first in the series for the Nintendo 64. The game is an open-world first person shooter, which takes full advantage of the sometimes-uncomfortable Nintendo 64 controller. In the game you have to kill other hunters, and dinosaurs, all of whom are out to kill you. The rule is “Eat/Kill, or be eaten/killed”.

The controls in the game are pretty simple, and can be used if you’re left handed or right handed, as the in-game options let you decide what style of control is best for you. You jump with one of the triggers, move with either the D-Pad or C buttons, and shoot with the Z button on the back of the middle stick.

The weapons in the game aren’t somewhat plentiful, but you can get better weapons as you progress in the game. You can get a pistol, a shotgun, a machine gun, and a few other guns. You can also get arrow upgrades, including one that will make your arrows explode in a blue mist-like flame, killing all enemies within a small radius. You also have a backup dagger, which allows you to go right up to an enemy if you have run out of ammo.

The animations when you kill an enemy hunter are very funny, they generally scream, or make another funny noise, and amusingly fall to the ground in a very funny way. Dinosaurs take more shots to kill than humans, and there is usually some random boss-like things, a lot like big rock gorillas, which are quite hard to kill, but mostly can’t hurt you unless you are near them. There are also some little animals, like monkeys and hippos, etc, and if you shoot these animals, you will get either some health or some ammo.

The game also allows you to climb up some walls, the climbable walls are defined with a certain texture, and as soon as you walk into them, you start climbing them. You can also jump into these walls. You sometimes have to swim to places to get there, along with sometimes having to go in underwater caves.

The music in the game is very prehistoric; it’s not the best and can sometimes fool you into thinking enemies are near. The animal sounds even continue in the pause menu.

The options and customizability in the game is plentiful. You can choose whether enemies have red or green blood, you can choose your hand control configuration, whether you are left or right handed (left handed puts your right thumb in charge of the thumbstick, and you move Turok with the left D-Pad, whereas on right handed mode does the vice-versa, and you move Turok with the four C Buttons.

It’s always funny when Turok falls off a cliff edge or something, and plummets to the hard floor beneath him. It’s so Looney Tunes, it will remind you of roadrunner and Wiley Coyote.

You can save the game at certain points, and you really need this feature. The reason for this is because although this is an open world, first person shooter (along with mist when you reach certain heights), you spend most of your time looking for keys to the next level. It can get quite boring, and unless you like just killing lots of enemies over and over again, if you just want a good story mode, the game’s story really isn’t that interesting. There’s also no multiplayer mode, and there could have been, just like Goldeneye. But if you want an online first person shooter, choose one for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

Turok is a very good game on the N64, the slightly boring search for keys lets it down a bit. Just be in the knowledge that the real reason you’d go out and buy it is to waste some dinosaurs and dinosaur hunters.
It can be very cheap to buy nowadays; places like eBay and Amazon are your best place to buy the cartridge. Pick up your copy today, and enjoy some Turok. There are also some sequels to the game, and they are all on lots of different platforms, like Turok 3: Seeds of Evil is available for Gameboy Color.

If you like this game I recommend: Goldeneye 007 (N64), Doom (multi-platform), Wolfenstein 3D (multi-platform).

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