Turok: Rage Wars Tips

Impossible medal and other medals
One medal you CANNOT get on certain games is the CO-OP two player medal. You have to beat the 2-Player trials. Unfortunately, those of you who have the Black cartridges cannot get it. Others probably could. Beat Tai Set on 2 player and its yours. Some other medals you might like to get are relatively simple. There are the four boss medals, Symbiont, Syra, Tal-Set, and Bastille. Simple enough. Beat them. There is the TOTAL KILL award. Get 1000 frags on multiplayer. The TOTAL DEATH award is similar. Die 1000 times in multiplayer (Start jumping). There are the 30 achievements on the levels. There is the 15 FRAGS IN 5 MINUTES and the 25 FRAGS IN 10 MINUTES. Multiplayer, set frag limit to 15 OR 25, set time to 5 OR 10, respectively. LAST PLACE IN FOUR PLAYER MATCH. Four controllers, one level, try for last place. Co-op completion. See begining. SNIPE 10 PEOPLE IN ONE ROUND. Equip the Tek bow or the Plasma rifle and use the secondary function to snipe people. Not getting killed in a round, pretty self explanatory. Set frags at 25 or time at 20 Minutes and don't get killed. Using the rubber band trick for the 25 in 10 can get both of these medals. Not getting any frags. Simple enough. Don't kill any one for the entire match. WILL POWER. COME ON, U CAN DO IT. Kill your self 5 times. If I have to explain this one to you, you just need some SERIOUS help. No not in real life either. That's 45 medals down. 5 to go. I cant think of these right now. I shall get back to you again Later on. It is important to have the person NOT getting the medals to be constantly firing. The game was designed so you couldn't cheat and get the medals while the one person wasn't firing at all. RUBBER BANDS WORK WELL.