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Turok: Rage Wars Tips

Easier "Achievement" Medals
This trick requires two controllers for all modes except tag the monkey, which requires four, and a rubber band. Start by going to multiplayer. Pick any two characters. Make sure the one going for the medal can carry YOUR choice of guns (don't use Tal Set, Mites, or Raptor) set frag limit on about 13. This leaves room for mistakes. Time needs to be enough to make required kills. Suggested weapons would be Mag 60, Assault Rifle, Flare Gun/Tek Bow, Plasma Rifle, and grenades. Go to a level. Place rubber band on extra controller so the Z button is always depressed. Start with your hammer. Kill opponent with ALL weapons with BOTH functions. Hammer included. Complete once and repeat on the same level. Second will get you the medal. Note: If you get the required kills but don't hit the frag limit in time, thats ok. As long as you have the required kills. Same setting for Flag and team as well. Tag the monkey requires the same format, just four controllers. Another medal is the GET LAST PLACE IN A FOUR PLAYER MATCH. requires again four controllers. None of these requires bots. Tag and Get last place need four HUMAN players, not bots.