True Crime: Streets Of L.A. review
True Crime: The Ultimate Game!

The good:

Ugrades as in - Cars - Moves - Weapons
The ability to frisk, show badge and fire into the air
Ability to fight, shoot, or take down enemies
Regular crimes happen on street ranging from street races to rooster fights
Multiple endings
Great fight physics
Slow-mo precision shooting
Slow-mo diving and shooting
Loads of cars ranging from street racers to Escalades.
Peds watch fights, run from gun fire, and fight
Car explosions are realisitic....
Good/Bad cop status

The bad:

Some glitches


Well, this game can be described as the ultimate street crime sim.

Random crimes happen and its your duty to solve them. They range from a low profile street fight to a large scale armed robberys.

The cars range from fast paced farrari look-a-likes to Street racers and Escalades.

The action is fast with fights with 3 or more people in some case and weapons of all sorts including broken bottles, knives, machetes, automatic weapons, pistols, uzis etc.

You have the ability to upgrade weapons at an time by visiting a shooting range. You can also practice driving and fighting at the driving courses and dojos.

When completing an episode 100% you get an opotunity to upgrade a gun, upgrade a different starting car, or upgrade your fighting.

What i really think is good is the ability to solve the random street crimes and some of them are pretty challenging. Of course, you dont have to do these random crimes, you can leave them to the rest of the LAPD but whats more fun. Letting the cops deal with it or stepping into a raging gang war before the all turn on you and having to shoot your way outa an alley.

Nearly everything can be destroyed. Smash through metal fences, trees, letterboxes, pedestrians (although this is not the point of the game) and cars. Destroy a cars tires with a well placed shot and watch them screetch to a halt.

Overall, get this game! If you love high speed chases, large scale shootouts, fights, pile-ups etc. Then get it!

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