True Crime: New York City Tips

Marcus becomes god-like
This make you run through walls, not affected by gunshots but on the otherhand this won't allow you to hit enemies with your hand or melee weapon although you can shoot them.
To do this you must hit a guy with a stun gun once and then do a radial attack wait for a few seconds get in a car(if your timing is right he'll zap you just before you sit down, the camera view will get stuck at the car and you won't be able to move so press the jump button and marcus will look like he's flying and then suddenly drop.) When your up and running again try diving into a wall. You will know if you've done it right because marcus will go inside a hollow building. another way to check is to shoot down cops, if you're not affected by their bullets congrats you've done it.

This glitch will reset when you enter a vehicle or a building.