Tropico (PC) Cheats

Tropico cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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Follow these steps to double your money.
rely works
1. Make sure you dont have rapido cheat enacted.
2. Build a diplmoatic minestry.
3. Issue the blueprint edict for us or russia (russia is best if you have a choice.)
4. Build as many of the buildings you get half off (DO NOT LET THEM GET CONSTRUCTED ANY.)
5. Cancel the edict.
6. Stop the construction of the buildings for a refund.
7. Since you get double the refund you get double the money back


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Cheat Codes
hold down Control and type these

pesos -- gives you $12000

contento -- makes your people 10 happier

rapido -- builds buildings as soon as order is given


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Complete List of cheats
hold ctrl anf enter these cheats
pesos- adds 20,000 pesos
contento- makes your people 10 happier on a scale of 100 after it hits 90 the increase gets less and less
exacto- decide how much money you get up to about 2,143,000,000 pesos to as low as
rapido- makes buildings come as build right when you pay for them
muerte- kills selected unit instantaly
removepeople- Removes all people
politicaldifficulty- Change political difficulty
economicdifficulty- Change economic difficulty
rateddifficulty- Change what's shown in the map setup screen as the map's difficulty
importmap Allows you to import map geography from an external image
onemonth- Advance one month
sixmonths- Advance six months
oneyear- Advance one year
fiveyears- Advance five years
tenyears- Advance ten years
twentyyears- Advance twenty years
thirtyyears- Advance thirty years
editor- allows the editor to work(followint cheats)
F- Fill- terrain tool
P- Paint- terrain tool
I- Shows- the grid coordinates of your mouse
Ctrl+Left- Mouse Button Paint shallower water
Shift+Left- Mouse Button Paint deeper water
R- aise/lower ground tool
Shift+Left- Mouse Button Creates plateau
S- Regenerate and save map
U- add unit mode for adding people
Left Shift+Left Mouse Button-Place female unit
Right Shift+Left Mouse Button-Place male unit
V-Vegetation tool
Shift+Left Mouse Button-Leave stumps with vegetation cutting tool
Z-Bulldozer tool
Shift+M-Paint minerals tool. (Ignore the last message screen that pops up)
Shift+O-Alternate add buildings tool allows adding shacks and palace in addition to normal buildings. Scroll down list for buildings It wont allow you to all of the buildings there.
Money Cheat
Hold down the Control key and type in "Exacto". A window will pop up showing the amount of money you currently have in your treasury. You can backspace to start fresh or begin typing in more numerals. You are now able to give yourself any sum that you choose.