[edit] Background

According to Egyptian legend, Horus, son of the light, outwitted the evil God Set and imprisoned him in a secret tomb. Five thousand years later, Lara Croft discovers the lost tomb and unwittingly unleashes the evil God Set, fulfilling the ancient prophecy of his return to plunge mankind into darkness! In a race against time, Lara must use all her wit and skill to reimprison Set and save the world from Armageddon. Pursued at every turn by her arch-rival, the unscrupulous archaeologist Werner Von Croy, Lara embarks on a journey of discovery across Egypt, where she must overcome the most ingenious puzzles and infernal traps ever devised, and face terrifying evil from beyond the grave...

With more twists and turns than an Egyptian labyrinth, this is heart stopping action-adventure; a Tomb Raider that truly offers...

The Last Revelation.

[edit] Features

  • Epic Storyline: Go back in time and discover Lara's roots as an adventurer.
  • All-new smooth single skin technology for both you and adult Lara Croft.
  • New inventory system: allowing Lara to combine items to make tools, enhance weapons and solve puzzles during her adventuring!
  • Interactive environments: Lara can shoot switches, read inscriptions, light torches, kick down doors, etc.
  • More new moves than ever before: including climbing and swing from ropes.
  • New weapons and tools: including the revolver, crossbow, binoculars, flashlight and various types of ammo.
  • Highly evolved A.I.: enemies mimic, counter and dodge Lara's moves.

[edit] Hardware Requirements

Pentium II 266MHz Processor or equivalent without hardware 3D acceleration
Pentium II 233MHz Processor or equivalent with hardware 3D acceleration
Windows 95/98 compatible computer system with 16MB of RAM (32MB recommended)
DirectX 6.1 or higher (included)
4MB Video Card
100% DirectX 6.1 or higher compliant sound card
Keyboard and mouse

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New Rise of the Tomb Raider trailer celebrates 20 years of an icon

Twenty years of tomb raiding

Jul 20 at 11:58am, by Philip Moody | 0 comments
Tombraider: The Last Revelation Demo

Gamespot has posted the newly released demo for Tombraider: The Last Revelation. Pick it up at the download page here along with the movies.

Oct 22, 1999, by Austin Bailey | 0 comments
Tombraider: The Last Revelation Movie

Eidos Interactive has released two movies displaying their latest Tombraider title: The Last Revelation. It contains cinematic rendered sequences of Lara in action, but no in-game, game scenes. Larger versions (13.5 & 37.7MB) available at Avault, here or there are mirrors of smaller versions (12.7 & 17.9MB) at 3DFiles, here.

Oct 14, 1999, by Austin Bailey | 0 comments

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Apr 13, 11 2:18pm
Tomb raider 4 is set in egypt with more tombs and more secrets to find TombRaiderTheLastRevelation
Sep 23, 10 5:45pm
Jul 31, 07 1:34pm
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Jul 23, 06 7:18am
Millennium Edition, with extras disc. TombRaiderTheLastRevelation
Dan the pain
Feb 8, 06 3:31am
Not Bad. TombRaiderTheLastRevelation
Jun 12, 03 4:26am

Lara is back. Only that this time she is trying to save the world from an old egyptian...

mike tru
Sep 12, 01 4:30pm

The fourth installment of a stable for a million sales game came out for young Lara...

en WyCe
Jun 8, 01 11:20pm

This installment of Tomb Raider is pretty much the same as all the others. It seems...

Feb 18, 01 12:44am

I was never a big fan of TR but I got this game because I found it for $7.99. Not only...

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  • Publisher: Eidos
  • Developer: Core Design
  • Genre: Adventure (PC)
  • Perspective(s): Third Person
Release Dates
  • North America: Oct 31, 1999
  • Europe: Nov 26, 1999
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