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200 page sleeping pill


Trinity: Souls Of Zill O'll is the third instalment of some series nobody gives a shit about, probably because this is the first in said series to be released outside of Japan. Was it because the games were what only the Japanese could appreciate, or because they kept on selling like shit? If this game is anything to go by, I'm going for the latter, and I'll also say that they released it outside just to ask us why that may be. Further going by this game, the problem is that it's a steaming pile of shit that's living in the past! I swear, this game might've been considered half decent back ...


Trinity: Souls Of BORING


So yeah, Trinity: Souls Of Zill O'll is the latest instalment of a series most of us haven't even heard of because this series was released only in Japan. Thankfully, this is a prequel to Zill O'll and Zill O'll Infinite, so at least it's not like we have to learn Japanese and import those games to understand this. However, if this is the best the series can do, I'll have no interest in doing those two tasks, because this game is just a really basic dungeon crawler with a basic storyline and.. well, it's so basic that it's not even exciting. Not to mention, with Dragon Age 2 and Dynasty War...




After a decade of making the same game over and over again, Omega Force decided to try and make a dungeon crawler with some RPG elements. That's nice of them, I guess, to try something different by their standards, but the problem is that they got really carried away with the amount of quests and shit. It starts off okay, but then it ends up feeling like shit. The only reason this got any playtime was because the PSN was down, and I don't have much to do with my life outside of going to work. Seriously. *bleep* this game.

The story is that there's some prophecy where the emperor will die by ...


Too much soul food


Mind waking me up when the game gets to the point? Thanks.
Alright Koei/Omega Force, let's see what you guys got here... ah, I see, a dungeon crawler with some RPG elements. Not bad. I mean, at least it isn't a rehash of Dynasty Warriors. Sure, half the stuff I see here is soo 2004, but I guess I'll let it slide, because it seems like a concept that'll work out for you guys, and I hope some outdated crap doesn't hurt the experience. Hopefully, it won't get snubbed in favor of Dragon Age 2, your arch rival. Perhaps your Japanese dungeon crawler will outdo Bioware's American dungeon crawler on...


Mistakes are rewards for good deeds in this soul


Not that there's much to expect, but please at least try.

Ahh, Omega Force... the land of Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, Warriors Orochi, and anything else that plays exactly like the second Dynasty Warriors (for those not in the know, the first Dynasty Warriors was a fighting game not unlike Street Fighter - the second Dynasty Warriors was when they turned you into a one man army). Yeah, they've definitely got their own style that they're not at all willing to change... until now, with this game known as Trinity: Souls Of Zill O'll... the first Zill O'll game to be released in English....

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