Velocity: Trickstyle (DC) Cheats

Velocity: Trickstyle cheats, and Codes for DC.

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Trickstyle Cheats

Cheat codes
Enter the Options screen and choose the Cheats selection, then enter any of the following codes to get the corresponding effect:

Win everythingCITYBEACONS
Always winTEAROUND
Power-up movesTRAVOLTA
Unlimited timeIWISH
Big head modeINFLATEDEGO

Bonus Boards
Tp get each board, you must complete the corresponding task:

Combat board defeat the Boss on the U.K. track
Speed boarddefeat the Boss on the U.S. track
Trick boarddefeat the Boss on the Japan track

Quick Start
Press the R button when Go! comes up. If done correctly you will go into a spin similar to the Y-button trick, allowing you to start more quickly than walking for 3 steps before getting on the board.
submitted by fonzo

Access Japan Early
Go into the UK area and there will be a hill right before a wall blocking you from the area where Japan is. In order to do this trick, you must hit the hill fast and jump from it then do a spin. If done correctly you will end up jumping over the wall and into the Japan area.
submitted by fonzo

Location of Globe in Japan 1
When you are play Japan 1 there is a globe pretty close to the beginning of the level. Once you go through the figure eight track in the beginning, there is a part going up a wall and down the other side. If you keep to the right and don't go up the wall you can see a loop-de-loop. Go straight and don't try and turn while in the loop or you will fall. It's right at the top. This is also an easier way to go. Be careful. Other trickers can take your globe away by touching you.
submitted by fonzo

Japan 5 Trick
Here's a way to bypass the first loop. When going down the hill right before the loop, go into the luge position and steer yourself right of the loop. Go off it at around a 20 - 40 degree incline and you'll end up on the next platform. You'll shave off a few seconds with this trick. Note: This tricks works in the standing position as well, but is a big harder.
submitted by fonzo

UK Shortcut
At the end of UK stage one (before you pass the Big Ben clock), there is a ramp off to the right. Hit the ramp, jump and Boogiedrill and you will crash through Big Ben. Once you come out the other side, the finish line is right there. Then, at the very beginning of UK stage 2, go up to your right at the very start and you can Boogiedrill through Big Ben again for another shortcut.
submitted by fonzo