Trauma Center: Under the Knife Tips

Tips On Savato
Ooh, yes, the hardest GUILT in the game. Did it kill your patient again? Well, I'll help you learn some tricks for defeating it.

1) In the first (web) phase, DON'T destroy the little bugs. It'll take you too long, and you really need to focus on your patient's vitals and the web. Destroy the web in these steps: Slice web, inject vitals until the scalpel reappears, repeat. The reward for all of that? The bugs vanish when Savato loses the web.

2) The stupidest mistake you can make is using the Healing Touch too early. You're actually going to be using it twice, so you must wait for the game to activate it, THEN activate it when it becomes available. Failure to do so will result in death.

3) Leave the lacerations alone UNLESS they're eating your vitals OR if your laser needs to recharge and you have nothing else to do. Don't just sit there and wait for the laser. Inject vitals or suture the lacerations.

There you are! Hopefully, Savato will be just a bit easier.