Trauma Center: Under the Knife Cheats

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Okay, I know some things Dr. Myyers says are the things you're supposed to do, but, she didn't tell you everything you're supposed to do. Okay, I'll tell you how to do the whole thing. Make a "c" with the magnifying glass on the water tanks. Use the drain to suck the water from the right (your right) tank. Then, move the drain to the left tank and make a line down where the glass is. Then, draw another "c" to zoom out from the tanks. Then, make another "c" on the meters and detonators. Use the forceps to take out the little yellow detonators. When you pulled out the detonator, it should say "okay". Don't pull out another one. If you do, it will make the meters start to force the temperature to MAX. If the temperature reaches MAX, The bomb will explode, however, if you use the antibiotic gel on the meters, it will cool down for a while. Now, zoom out and zoom in on the chips (the south side of the bomb). Use the the laser to destroy the chips to dismantle part of the bomb. But, before I tell you which ones to use the laser on, Dr. Myers will say, "You're cutting it too close-- transfer water between the tanks!". Do the first step I told you to do. Then, zoom in on the chips again. If necessary, use the antibiotic again on the meters. zoom in on the chips again and use the laser on the chips that are connected to the wires which are connected to the meters. I'll be more specific. Use the laser on the chips that are connected to the wires in the order in the game is the order I'll make them in that exact order. The color that is bolded is the wire connected to the the chip is the one to use the laser on. blue, yellow, green, green, red, blue, red, green, yellow. Now that you've destroyed the chips, you will now be able to use the forceps on the detonators. After this is done, you will zoom in on the clock. the clock will go crazy and then go to a minimum of time (14 seconds). Use the scalpel to cut the red wires. Don't cut the white wires. If you do, the bomb will explode. So, be careful. After this is done, you've completed the mission! Congratulations! (you will have to transfer water and use the antibiotic gel sometimes)