Trauma Center: Second Opinion Cheats

Trauma Center: Second Opinion cheats, Tips, and Codes for Wii.


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Defusing the Bomb
In Episode 3, there is a conference going on. There will be a bomb you must defuse. To unscrew the top, take your scalpel and turn the top left to the right, the top right to the left, the bottom left to the left, and the bottom right to the right. To level the power, take a peg and insert it into the first hole on the left side. Take the other peg and insert it into the third hole on the right side.

When using the laser on the core walls, save your Healing Touch. Be patient and use up your time. It will automatically degrade to 30 seconds if you successfully destroy the walls. Do not shoot the red walls. You are allowed on error, unless you shoot a red wall.
Healing Touch
In order to perform a Healing Touch, hold Z and B and draw a star. The better you draw the star, the more time that you're in the Healing Touch.
Super stitch
Okay, when stitching up a pationt(I know I spelt it wrong) or stitching up an opening, draw a PERFECT star on it. This will get you an instant "Cool" grade!

NOTE: In order to always get an instant "Cool", you have to draw the star depending on the cuts size.

EX: A large cut= a medium star
A medium cut=a small star
A small cut= Antibiotic Gel (duh!)


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Unlock Episode 6
To unlock episode 6, complete al the operations in episodes 1-5 and Z.
X Missions for both doctors
Once unlocked, the first X mission will be available to both doctors. If you complete an X mission with one doctor, the next mission will be available to both doctors.