Trapt Cheats

Trapt cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Death trap set
UnlockableHow to unlock
Death HammerOn chapter 14 choose the answer 'yes' when the Question say 'Fight with rachel?'
Death Iron On chapter 15 sacrifice yourself on the 'seal of eternity'.
Death PillarOn chapter 15 Malphas must be the one who hits the 'seal of eternity'.


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99 hit combos
First you must have Maiden Hug (wall trap), Mega Yo-Yo (ceiling trap) and Vacuum Floor (floor trap). Put the Maiden hug anywhere you like, and then put the vaccum floor next to the wall where maiden hug trap is facing (the 1st block) and thirdly put the mega yo-yo 2 block away from the wall but facing toward it.

1- use the vacuum floor on the enemy. 3 sec right after that..(follow
this timing whenever the enemy reach 0 hp)
2- the maiden hug.(use it right away when the enemy reach 0 hp)
3- right after the maiden hug threw out its victim use Mega Yo-yo,wait
0.55 sec (or when the wall has 4 red dots or half near 4 dots) quickly push vacuum floor.